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Party Clubhouse Tour: Dizzy Feather 🍿

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Dizzy FeatherEnjoy!

Hello everyone, Dizzy Feather here, with a tour of my party clubhouse. (You can also check out my other clubhouse tours here and here for my castle room.) Let’s get started!

Now this clubhouse is designed as a movie theater and museum. Like many movie theaters, there are concessions, popcorn, soda, and six flavors of ice cream: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mint, fudge swirl, and bubblegum. I’ll just get a chocolate ice cream and a purple soda. 

While we wait for the movie to start, we can sit by the fire over on the left — sorry there isn’t room for all of us. Not to worry though, the rest of use can wait in one of the two rooms on the second level.

Up on the left, we have a trampoline. You can jump on it, if you would like. However, you should probably wait till after the movie if you have already eaten your snacks. Anyway, over to the right, there’s a water cooler with two comfy cushions to sit on.

Oh, the movie is about to start. Don’t worry, I chose the Mighty Action Force movie. It’s rated PG and is entertaining. 

*yawn* That was a good movie, don’t you agree?

Anyway, let’s start the tour of the museum. First up on the left is a wooden chest, salvaged from the library on Astro-Knights Island. Next to it is yet another chest from the Fairytale Island treasury. The last thing in this room is the ancient charcoal holder, donated by the Museum of Really Old Things on Goofball Island.

Over here, there are a few artifacts from various islands. The model fishes are from Mission Atlantis, the bags of candy are from Great Pumpkin, and the phoenix sculpture is from Back Lot. 

Up here, there is a stuffed model of a camel, also donated by the Museum of Really Old Things. Then there’s a crystal skull resembling the one in the old Pathfinders common room, plus a wooden barrel mug salvaged from a shipwreck on Skullduggery. 

But what about that thing over there, with a yellow balloon on it? Let’s see here, it says “Remembering Balloon Boy, may he safely return to the ground.” I think the balloon should be green, just saying. 

Over here, we have some vintage toys, a tennis racket and ball, a stuffed toy vampire bat, a case full of figurines of villains, and a skateboard locked in place.

Finally, we have a golden statue from the Fairytale Island treasury, which used to be a statue of the king, but now, well… I imagine you can guess. We have a sandstone bust of a cat and a sarcophagus to hold a mummy, both also donated by the Museum of Really Old Things. Finally, there is a bust of Goofball Island’s founder, Emperor Thirsty Flame III. 

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed the tour! I’ll be back again soon! 

-Dizzy Feather  

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Dizzy Feather. If you did, you might also enjoy other clubhouse tours we’ve featured. Consider sharing yours, too!

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