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Call me Instagram—I mean, Ishmael 🐳

Hey Poptropicans! In this post, we’ve got Instagram highlights of fan art and more, plus a guest writer looking into a Poptropica character with history. Let’s pop in!

First up, on Instagram this week, the Pop Creators shared an IGTV video showing off the brand new Baron’s airship. And as usual, it’s followed by lots of fantastic fan art, including costume contest entries, OCs, and even the PHB’s 2021 Poppies, where nominations are currently open! 🏆

Also on Instagram, the Creators shared a new graphic to celebrate the 4th of July, aka US Independence Day last weekend. It’s a little ironic that Dr. Hare, Poptropica’s resident carrot slave owner, is out here proclaiming freedom. But hey, villains do love a good fireworks show! 🎆

In other news, the Creators’ Blog recently shared a guest post from a new guest writer, Happy Starfish, who gave a deep dive into an old Poptropica character that’s been making a few comebacks: Ishmael, the boy in blue winter clothes.

You may remember the guy from Fairytale Island when you were carrying Cinderella to the ball, or sometimes spot him in ad spaces promoting the Arcade. But if you’re a real Pop veteran, you may recognize him as the whale lover you saved on the now-gone SOS Island.

Although the post doesn’t mention the kid’s name, it does have significance: Ishmael is a nod to the first-person narrator in the classic 1851 novel Moby-Dick by Herman Melville, on which the story of SOS Island draws inspiration. Anyway, you can read more about this beloved blue character on the Creators’ Blog!

Call me, Ishmael.

That wraps up this post! Hope you enjoyed the fan art and archival look into the iconic Ishmael, and be sure to catch up below on all things Red Baron. Stay cool, Poptropicans!


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