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Island Flash-back: Counterfeit ๐Ÿ–ผ

We are halfway through the year, and this series! I probably should get this post finished ASAP because I finished a workout earlier and will probably be sore in the morning.

One thing that helps many people get through the long, hot summer months is doing art! And it just so happens that there’s a Poptropica Island centered around that–along with a mystery that only you can solve. July’s Island is…


Counterfeit Island is one that a lot of people from the pre-Haxe days loved and remembered. The story revolved around a museum in an idyllic French city, and the thief who planned to ruin it all. (Plus, check out our Pop Places IRL take on the setting!) Of course, I think we can all agree that the Black Widow is the most remembered aspect of this island, like many other villains. ๐Ÿ•ท

Sadly, there was little concept art to be found this time. I scoured the Daily Pop archives, but as Counterfeit was released before its creation and they never uploaded past art for it later, I only managed to find this sketch from an old Creators’ Blog post.

Concept art for the design of the secret puzzle to the museum

That doesn’t take away from the impressive design work though! While simplistic, it’s also chic with a lovely bright color palette and great designs of the locations such as the museum and the Black Widow’s lair.

This island should be brought back for those cool spider designs on the bunker walls alone.

Unlike its more fantastical and less educational predecessor Astro-Knights, Counterfeit includes many famous paintings with information on art history, as well as the art forgery that collectors and museums have to deal with.

(Small reminder that using the name “Inspector Veuvre Noire” in a FRENCH TOWN should prove that we would be a lot safer from these villains if only the all the other NPCs didn’t have a single shared brain cell.)

Before I say my closing words, I would also like to showcase this Skullduggery fanart for our previous Island Flash-back made by Dangerous Dragon! Thank you so much for your participation in this, DD! ๐Ÿ˜

Now comes your turn, Poptropicans! Let’s remind the Creators why this island became so memorable, and why the efforts that went to create it should not go to waste! Encourage them to preserve their past stories and the potential they held!

Until August! (Hint: Olympics)

Castori honorem ~ Maryann/Smart Bubbles


12 thoughts on “Island Flash-back: Counterfeit ๐Ÿ–ผ”

  1. Great Flash-back! When I first played Counterfeit, I remember being mind-blown at the inter-island travel โ€” there’s a part where we take the blimp to Early Poptropica’s Pop Art Museum. And of course, we can’t forget that this is where the legendary Balloon Boy began his ascent. ๐ŸŽˆ

  2. This is definitely one of my favorite islands! I speak French, so I figured out the Black Widow was the inspector, but yeah, why couldn’t the people make some sort of assumption?
    Anyway, in case this island gets brought back, here’s a tip for players who haven’t played it yet. When you get captured by the Black Widow, after you get out of the chair, climb on top of some stolen paintings and there will be a “Go Up” option. Click on that, and you will lift a board in her house. You realize her lair is under her house. This is mandatory. A couple of times, I left the island while I was still underground and I hadn’t opened up the board in her floor, and I couldn’t get back down. I had to restart the island over and over before I figured this out. However, if you open up the floorboard, then when you leave the island and then come back, you just go back to her house and go through the lifted floorboard.

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