Astro-Knights Island, Sneak Peeks

Cyborg Jesters and Nabooti Museums!

Three things to report! We get a sneak peek of… a robotic joker? What island could this be a sneak peek of? Reality TV Island? The new mechanical island recently announced? Who knows? Also, if you head over to the Poptropica Creators’ Blog, you might be entertained by the jokes in their post. Blog picture below:


The second sneak peek presented is of the Nabooti Island museum! I predict that this will be Nabooti Island’s equivalent of the Pop Art Museum on Early Poptropica Island. However, I don’t really recognize any sculptures. Hmm. Maybe my theory could be totally wrong and they were just made-up artifacts, but if you recognize any, feel free to comment! =)


Finally, a new poll is on the Creators’ Blog! It questions, “How many stars does your character have?” So far, I am shocked by the results! Apparently, more people have FIVE stars than three stars. o_o Go figure. I personally only have 3 stars. Also, thanks everybody for the overflowing views! I didn’t mention it before, but we have 110k hits! Crispy cookies to you all! =) Keep telling all of your friends who like Poptropica about us! =D


20 thoughts on “Cyborg Jesters and Nabooti Museums!”

  1. 1st comment woo hoo! i really want the robotic jesters outfit.I HAVE MY OWN THEORIES! i think that there is like maybe a new robotic island they haven’t old us about, OR theres like a robotic challenge in Reality TV island. Theres so many possibilities

  2. Alot of people are probably lying about their stars

    Smockers: LOL! You’re probably right; I hadn’t thought about that!

  3. Its probably he same island as the spacecraft meets castle!
    Spacecraft= cyborg!
    Castle= jester!
    It all fits!

  4. Argrees with them. Firstly they are lying about their stars(I have 1.5). Secondly, the jester is in the mechanical island(maybe fix it Island?). And finallly, the scuptures aren’t quite familiar with me. And Maddy, don’t worry you can get his outfit by costimizing him remember?

  5. In other news, those artifacts are just made up ones from the book ‘The lost jewels of nabooti’ in the choose your own adventure book series.

  6. I want Nabooti, Big Nate and Reality Tv islands to come.

    Nevous lizard is right about:
    Spacecraft= cyborg!
    Castle= jester!

  7. Nervous Lizard, did the book of “The lost jewels of Nabooti” feature ghosts? Because in the Poptropica Tour Video, it had a ghost at about 2:24.

  8. No Joke is the Cyborg Jester’s name.

    Scary Tomato: That may have been the Creators’ Blog post title, but they never said that was the jester’s name… so we can’t be sure yet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. i think that jesters half face was probably damaged

    Scary Tomato: The robot part of his face is supposed to show that he’s part cyborg, which is why he’s the cyborg jester. What you said is possible but we don’t know for sure yet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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