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Pop Places IRL: Astro-Knights 🚀

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Welcome back to “Pop Places IRL,” Poptropicans! Today, we’re visiting ye olde times and heading to Astro-Knights Island. Enjoying the series? Be sure to check out other Pop Places IRL posts.

Astro-Knights Island takes place in Medieval Europe, but obviously includes a sci-fi twist. Though its exact location is never specified, we’ll assume the kingdom of Arturus has British roots, given its repeated connections to Arthurian legend.

Before we launch our rocket and start soaring through the stars, we get to explore the kingdom a bit to kick off the mysterious story of this island. The Castle is definitely the largest structure in town, and an iconic element of Medieval Europe to say the least.

Besides the castle, however, we get to see a medieval aesthetic all throughout Arturus, particularly when looking at Main Street. Er… save for those sci-fi elements we talked about earlier. I don’t think we would be able to find a glowing rocket statue in the Middle Ages…

The Ye Olde Rumour Mille is another major location in town. The name might be a bit of a joke, but the actual structure is pretty similar to its IRL counterpart!

General town aside, let’s step back inside the castle. That’s why we’re here, aren’t we? Cool castles!!! Though many castles in Europe have been refurbished in one way or another, it’s nonetheless interesting to still see them standing at all. You can even tour some!

Continuing inside the castle, I think the most important room to talk about is the Throne Room. Gotta have a center piece for the whole castle! The room we have pictured is from France, but you get the idea. Quite ornate!

On the opposite side of things, however, we have the Dungeon. These sorts of cells, including “oubliettes,” are often associated with with the Medieval era (though its correlation with torture more accurately pairs with the Renaissance period). Too bad there weren’t any mysterious robots IRL to keep prisoners company!

The last room in the castle is the Library. Art history buffs will certainly be familiar with some illuminated manuscripts from this era, though we don’t have much time to stop and study anything in Poptropica. Gotta love that Old English, right? Unfortunately the library in Poptropica is, er, in a bit disarray…

While in the castle library, we could also glance at some references Poptropica makes to Arthurian legend (as I mentioned earlier). Though the legend primary features King Arthur, we learn from the Astro-Knights novel that the King of Arturus is actually named Richard. As in Richard the Lionheart!

Similarly, the knights have ties to legend: Pelasus (named similarly to Pelleas, a knight of the round table), Gawain (another knight of the round table with the same name), and Cador (Duke of Cornwall, related to Arthur). Cador may not be a knight of the round table like his comrades, but the ties are there nonetheless! So… have a photo of Sir Lancelot in his place.

Another good comparison to legend: Merlin! Other than sharing the name with a wizard, our “feathered” friend also shares his name with a type of falcon.

Last but not least… Binary Bard! Or Mordred, to be clear. There are various depictions of him in legend, but as Modredus, he is Arthur’s traitorous nephew.

Alright, I know we strayed away from “places” for a bit there, leaning more towards “people,” so let’s get back on track! Other than Medieval Europe, the other dominant setting of Astro-Knights is, of course, space! The real moon may not have an AstroZone like the Pewter Moon in Poptropica, but maybe we’ll get to that point someday.

If you recall, the three main planets we visit on our space adventure include the Ice Planet, Fire Planet, and Jungle Planet. Wellllll, those planets may not be in our solar system, but we can still compare them to what we have IRL! Based on their distance from the sun and atmosphere characteristics, Uranus is our coldest planet while Venus is our hottest. Does that make Earth our Jungle Planet then?

Phew, now that was a long trip! I guess space is a pretty far off flight, huh? But anyway, it’s no wonder that Astro-Knights won “OG Island We’ll Miss Most” in the 2020 Poppies. It’s quite the adventure!

Aside from the sci-fi elements, how well do you think this island holds up to IRL Medieval Europe? How much do you know about Arthurian legend? And what other islands would you like to see in this series? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in a comment below!

Until next time, Poptropicans, I’m blasting off for now!


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Ramble Review: Astro-Knights Island 🚀

Welcome to another Ramble Review! This guest post comes from MaryannTheConqueror, who will be rambling about Astro-Knights Island.

It’s no secret that I love Astro-Knights Island, and from what I’ve seen, many others feel the same. There is an abundance of fanart of all its major characters, and even some minor ones! Despite this, it is strangely ignored by the Creators, a trend I’ve noticed over the past few years.

“Lost in the Stars” by MaryannTheConqueror

Again, Astro-Knights was a big deal during its heyday. It was so difficult that it was the first and only island to have a built-in official guide. The villain (who I shall get to) won the Villain Showdown hosted by the Creators’ Blog back in 2011, against the likes of Zeus and Dr. Hare.

And yet, hardly any content related to it gets released anymore. Most ads for Poptropica featuring many classic villains leave Mordred/Binary Bard out of them, and we’re lucky to see any Astro-Knights references at all, despite its continuing popularity, even after it was among the many classic islands removed then brought back but locked behind the membership paywall.

The story of this Island had potential. Serious potential. I’m saying right here, right now, that it could have easily been turned into a book series, game series, or even a TV series that expanded on it, and with the right writers, it could have been one of the most unique ideas in decades. This isn’t just my inner fangirl speaking (though I can’t deny that my 14-year old self is influencing the writing of this article) — this is from what I’ve observed in the creative world.

Astro-Knights is a clever blend of historical medieval fantasy and futuristic technology (sometimes referred to as “clock punk”). There’s space travel, epic boss fights, a lore connected to one of the most famous Western legends, the legends of King Arthur. Of course, now I’m just stepping around what I consider to be the best character not just from the island, but from the entire game, and one of my greatest examples of Poptropica’s squandered potential.

But first, let me give you a little bit of, as TV Tropes calls it, “fridge horror.” A couple times during Astro-Knights, it is mentioned that Mordred made his near-fatal ascent into space twenty years ago. Meaning he was trapped in space for that long, without any human contact that we know of. Imagine going through quarantine but for two decades, with no contact from family members or friends of any kind.

Binary Bard is what is known as a tragic villain, similar to Azula (from Avatar: The Last Airbender) or Sweeney Todd (from the Sondheim musical). He’s a character who, through a mix of his own bad decisions and circumstances beyond his control, was sent down a path with little hope of him ever turning back, except maybe through a very carefully written redemption arc (I might talk about my mixed feelings with a certain sequel island another time).

I was very disappointed that the Astro-Knights book (anyone remember those?) did little to expand on him or the lore of this island. These are the characters and stories that can go very far if allowed to do so, and I am sad to say that, just like its villain, the fate of Astro-Knights is tragic.

Less is Mordred.
Less is Mordred.

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by MaryannTheConqueror. If you did, be sure to check out the first Ramble Review on Twisted Thicket Island, and stay tuned for more! And of course, join in on the fun on the PHC Discord.

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Launch thyself by birthday rocket 🚀

Hey Poptropicans! Poptropica’s birthday month festivities continue to make a bang with the new 13th Birthday Flying Rocket, which gets added to your items when you log in to the Flash version of the game. (Update: It’s now on Haxe, too!)

The rocket works much like the magic carpet, gliding you through the air with pops of “13” fireworks trailing behind (in fact, you may also notice the magic carpet’s glittery gold dust accompanying your rocket). We’re not sure if the Creators will add this flying vessel to Haxe, but pro tip: you can use idk’s Format Loader to switch between Flash and Haxe.

And that’s not all that’s new in the soon-to-be-obsolete Flash version of Poptropica! In case you missed it, we’ve been visited by none other than the great Dr. Beev himself, and he’s still hanging around! Catch up on the Beev Day festivities in our recap post.

Update: As of Thursday, Dr. Beev has left the chat game. 😢 We’ll miss you, Beev!

Joining the chorus of rockets is Poptropica music composer Jeff Heim, who recently dropped a new unreleased game track on Soundcloud called “Astro-Knights.” (Thanks for the tip, MaryannTheConqueror!) Does this mean the return of the fan favorite Astro-Knights Island?! At once majestic and soothing, this track is a definite mood. Hear it here!

Mr. Heim’s “Poptropica” playlist on Soundcloud includes over 50 soundtracks composed for Poptropica, so it’s a real treat to listen to! Other hits on the playlist include “Super Power” (which is heard on Poptropolis Games, although who knows if it’ll show up in a remake of Super Power Island?), and more recently for the times we’re in, “Virus Hunter Main Theme” and “Deadly Virus.” Which jam’s your fave?

Last but not least, check out this cool 3D rendered model of Survival Island icon Myron Van Buren created by @kidwhom on Instagram, which the Poptropica Creators featured in their story!

Not to be confused with another one of her creations, the Myron Van…

For more strangely delightful Poptropica memes, fan art, and more, join our PHC Discord community! Tally HONK!!


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Replaying Astro-Knights Island: A Commentary

This post originally appeared on Indigo Sky’s Blog and is being shared on the PHB courtesy of the author, Maroon Popper. See the bottom of this post for how you, too, can write for the PHB!

astro replay

Hey Poptropicans!

My name is Maroon Popper, and today I’m going to be re-playing
one of my old favourite islands: Astro-Knights Island. Not only that, but I’m simultaneously going to blog about it! Why? I thought it was a good idea, okay? (I’m probably gonna regret this later…)

First, let me introduce you to my Poptropican alter-ego, Maroon Popper. Maroon
Popper has been in existence since November 2009 and we have been though a lot
together, solving quests… ahem. She also happens to look awesome:


I’ve started replaying Astro-Knights Island a few times but I’ve only finished it I think
once, because some of the battles you have to pass at the end are super-hard and I
normally give up. But not this time. I will not be defeated this time…

Okay, let me just get to the island. I’ll hop onto my blimp…


Made it!

A sign tells me I’m somewhere called Arturus. There seems to be something burning
on the ground. Suspicious.

I click on a guy standing nearby and he says, “The kingdom has been attacked!” Like, that’s it. No actual explanation.

There’s a building called the House of Mordred nearby, and I enter. Next to the door is
a guy who says this:



However, he does give me a pamphlet that explains a bit about this so-called Mordred.
Apparently, he brought technology to a medieval village. Ohhh-kay…

The rude door guy doesn’t let me investigate the museum without paying a gold coin,
so I leave. I jump into a fountain (don’t you just love how you can do that kinda thing
on Poptropica?) and oh hey, what’s this? A gold coin! Wow, that was lucky.

I go back to the museum and give the guy the coin I found, and he lets me enter.

There’s not really much to do here… it’s just someone’s house. A medieval house, only
there’s a computer. I think there’s something you have to do here later on, but nothing
to do yet, so I exit.

I enter the next building along, which is a planetarium, with a monk inside it who
looks super out of place.


He tells me, with that depressed look on his face, that nothing works in the
planetarium because there’s no power. How terribly sad. The only thing that works is the telescope, and I get to look thought it but there’s nothing much to see – just a few

I leave the place and keep going right, passing a few villagers who all say ominous-
sounding stuff like, “This place isn’t safe anymore!” and “We were attacked by people
who came from the sky!”

I keep on going and– gasp! There’s a crashed spaceship!


Like, what the actual heck.

I get to the palace, and some lady standing in front of its doors tells me that “The
princess has been kidnapped!” Shock, horror. I enter the castle, hoping to get some
answers for heaven’s sake.

I go inside the castle library, and pick up two books. One of them is called The Life of
Mordred: A Cautionary Tale. I’m just gonna post screenshots of it:

So, that’s the story of the famous Mordred. But it still doesn’t explain what the heck
has happened around here, so I leave the library.

I enter another room, which looks like someone’s bedroom, and a lady tells me that the
princess was kidnapped and it might have been her fault. She says that the princess
was giving her messages to pass along to a secret society. Interesting, but it still
doesn’t help me much. Why is everyone so unhelpful around this place, jeez.

I go into the throne room, and I meet the king and queen, where they kind of explain
things. Apparently some attackers came from the sky in spaceships and kidnapped the
princess. They ask me to help bring her back.

Sigh. It always has to be me who helps people, doesn’t it? Apparently some knights set out to find her, but they haven’t come back.

So – now, to find the princess. Um. What do I do?

And that’s all I’ve got time for, unfortunately! I hope you enjoyed this!

I don’t have a Poptropica blog, but I do have a personal blog, so if you enjoyed this
post, maybe you could check it out…? *looks hopeful* Here’s the link.

*runs away before someone tells me off for shameless self-advertising* Byeeee!!

–Maroon Popper

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Maroon Popper! If you did, be sure check out her site, Indigo Sky’s Blog.

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Going left of Main Street

Some of you may have seen the Roman soldier on top of the tourist center on Shark Tooth Island, as mentioned in Sam’s post last week – but in case you missed the updates in that post, there’s more to the Shark Tooth shenanigans. If you go left of Main Street, you’ll find yourself on a small island with a wrecked ship in the background that definitely wasn’t there before. And that’s not all! Check out some of these other new places on other islands, also to the left of Main Street:

There’s a floating car on Night Watch, a smoldering crop circle on Astro-Knights, a barbed wire fence and some PASE boxes on Lunar Colony, and a plain wooden fence on Vampire’s Curse. Those seem to be all the ones so far, but do comment if you find another. 😛

All of these areas are pretty small, and they seem to serve no purpose as of now – my guess is that they might be used as ad spaces in the future, but who knows? Leave your thoughts in the comments!