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Ramble Review: Twisted Thicket Island 🌳

Welcome to a new PHB series called Ramble Reviews! This will be a collection of thoughts and opinions from rambling Poptropicans from our PHC Discord community taking a look back at past islands. We hope these posts (and more are coming!) can be a space for fellow fans to read and discuss.

Please welcome the first writer for the series, Purple Paw.

I’ll start by saying, Twisted Thicket is one of the most important islands Poptropica has ever made. It’s not often you see environmentalism portrayed in a kid’s’ game, especially not in this setting, where the message is clear, and yet it is incredibly fun and enjoyable all the same, without being too harsh. I knew right from the start I had to talk about it!

Twisted Thicket is one of the shorter islands, although most times, it’ll take one longer to complete, due to all of the slightly more challenging puzzles hidden within. Your task appears simple at first: rid the forest of the horrible creatures that are terrorizing the town, and help Burt Diamond and his Lumberjerks destroy the magical terrain and build his casino. But the story of the forest goes deeper than that!

The first time I played this, I hoped very much that the island would not end with the forest being bulldozed and the magic destroyed. And as soon as I reached the Sacred Tree Hollow, I saw how kind and innocent these animals actually were, and that they had only acted hostile in defense of their home. What a twist, right?

Twisted Thicket is simply enchanting in every way possible, from the glowing blue mushrooms to the lit-up flowers to the tangled clusters of dark green leaves. And yes, the Tree Hollow is one of my absolute favorite places in all of Poptropica. The Creators aced the setting, characters, and plot, and I will never tire of replaying this island.

The story highlights the misunderstanding between nature and human settlements, and shines an entirely new light on how to fix it. But that certainly doesn’t mean it’s a solemn island; there’s the perfect amount of tension, action, beauty, and storytelling to keep you engaged and having fun the entire time.

This island is a perfect example of the Creators’ old heart and caring, an island that showed they cared about making a true story, and sending a real message (unlike the nonsensical fetch quests we’ve been seeing more recently…).

Troll, from Twisted Thicket

Because of this, Twisted Thicket has got true potential, a meaningful plot line, and is a real gem on the map. I don’t believe the Creators would let something like this go so easily, and if they’ve got half the heart they used to, they’d be working as hard to preserve the Twisted Thicket like we did all those years ago when we first played.

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Purple Paw. If you did, be sure to check out the PHB’s own quickie review of Twisted Thicket by Lucky Joker! Stay tuned for more Ramble Reviews from Purple Paw, Incredible Fire, Magic Flipper, MaryannTheConqueror… and maybe more! And of course, join in on the rambling fun on the PHC Discord.

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41 thoughts on “Ramble Review: Twisted Thicket Island 🌳”

  1. “What a t w i s t, right?”

    …right. 😒

    Nice review though. Twisted Thicket is such a cool island.

    What I find the coolest about the island is how after you complete the bonus quest, you get to permently keep the amulate. Which means you can replay the island with the amulate like a little fun new game plus.

  2. Not on Discord, Twitter, heck not even Tumblr?

    I mean, yeah if you don’t have a lot of places to go around, but out of all places you could go to talk about Lady Gaga’s make up products..

    (I know you said you know it was irrelevant, but still…)

    1. Ok, I think this what I’m about to say is relevant. Can you make the Fuzzy Monster #2 wings into action and the tail will move too? This can include other fuzzy monsters. It’ll express a cool and creepy vibe to the outfit/s

  3. Lol there’s many prizes tho which is good the headphones only have one music I heard the same one from 2 people.

  4. What’s sad about Animal Jam is that it targets children at the age of 6-8 I bet teens play it too lol. I gotta uninstall the app from my mom’s phone. I gtg I have school tmrw.

      1. I guess I’m better without my Coco guitar. I got my zombie outfit on (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿) ¯\(°_o)/¯

      2. We’ve always allowed for multiple submissions. Why don’t you wait till the contest details are officially announced? In the meantime, you can look at our past contests to see how we’ve run things.

      3. Ok, but for my costume when the costume party is announced, can I send staff.poptropica my outfit photo?

  5. I already mentioned this before, but I just want to point out the fact there’s a toilet at the top left side of the construction site of which if you click on it, it will flush and then it’ll fade black taking you to the beginning of the area. It’s super bizzare.

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