10 thoughts on “What will happen to our accounts post-Flash? 💥”

  1. I hope that they do somehow convert our accounts. I’m going to miss my poptropican so much. Wild Crumb and I have been trhough so much together!

  2. I was gonna make an Endgame reference until I read the rest of it.

    “Gone, reduced to atoms.”

  3. I actually know a way to convert your account and it works like a charm but I am not really shure if I should post it here it is more of a glitch that I created but it works perfectly you can convert a haxe to flash and a flash to haxe! All it does is trys to load your account into different version now maybe you have an item from the flash version but is not available in the haxe version well don’t get worried I have a lot of stuff that aren’t in the haxe version but when I tried converting success it loaded all my items that weren’t available in haxe and only in the flash into haxe and they still worked properly so success for me.

  4. Also I didn’t create it I typed it wrong I just found out that you could use this as a glitch to convert your account.

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