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Launch thyself by birthday rocket ๐Ÿš€

Hey Poptropicans! Poptropica’s birthday month festivities continue to make a bang with the new 13th Birthday Flying Rocket, which gets added to your items when you log in to the Flash version of the game. (Update: It’s now on Haxe, too!)

The rocket works much like the magic carpet, gliding you through the air with pops of “13” fireworks trailing behind (in fact, you may also notice the magic carpet’s glittery gold dust accompanying your rocket). We’re not sure if the Creators will add this flying vessel to Haxe, but pro tip: you can use idk’s Format Loader to switch between Flash and Haxe.

And that’s not all that’s new in the soon-to-be-obsolete Flash version of Poptropica! In case you missed it, we’ve been visited by none other than the great Dr. Beev himself, and he’s still hanging around! Catch up on the Beev Day festivities in our recap post.

Update: As of Thursday, Dr. Beev has left the chat game. ๐Ÿ˜ข Weโ€™ll miss you, Beev!

Joining the chorus of rockets is Poptropica music composer Jeff Heim, who recently dropped a new unreleased game track on Soundcloud called “Astro-Knights.” (Thanks for the tip, MaryannTheConqueror!) Does this mean the return of the fan favorite Astro-Knights Island?! At once majestic and soothing, this track is a definite mood. Hear it here!

Mr. Heim’s “Poptropica” playlist on Soundcloud includes over 50 soundtracks composed for Poptropica, so it’s a real treat to listen to! Other hits on the playlist include “Super Power” (which is heard on Poptropolis Games, although who knows if it’ll show up in a remake of Super Power Island?), and more recently for the times we’re in, “Virus Hunter Main Theme” and “Deadly Virus.” Which jam’s your fave?

Last but not least, check out this cool 3D rendered model of Survival Island icon Myron Van Buren created by @kidwhom on Instagram, which the Poptropica Creators featured in their story!

Not to be confused with another one of her creations, the Myron Van…

For more strangely delightful Poptropica memes, fan art, and more, join our PHC Discord community! Tally HONK!!



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