S.O.S. Island

Do de do…

TV: “Don’t let go!” “I will never let go!”

Brave Tomato: … *stares at the tv*

Mom Tomato: Brave? Are you ready for dinner yet?

Brave Tomato: Not yet, Mom. Titanic’s almost over.

Mom Tomato: *smiles* You’re watching that AGAIN? That movie’s about 3 hours long!

Brave Tomato: Yes. Well, SOS island is coming soon and I gotta get prepared.

Mom Tomato: *bends down and shows creators post* Here’s a creator’s post that I think you’ll hopefully enjoy:

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

And we are back! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are ready for a terrific 2012. We’ll do our part to make sure it’s a great new year. To start it off right, we’ll have some exciting new details about S.O.S. Island… well, just a few days from now.
Happy New Year!
avatar image
Brave Tomato: Oh, yay! The Creators are back from winter break!
Mom Tomato: *nods*
Brave Tomato: But… well… exciting details on S.O.S. Island? Whaddasthat mean?
Mom Tomato: I guess you’ll have to find out.
Brave Tomato: *waits*
Mom Tomato: … you know, dinner is still there, getting cold.
Brave Tomato: No problem…
Hmm… wonder what this is going to be all about. Can’t wait to find out.

26 thoughts on “Do de do…”

  1. I’m sure S.O.S. Island will be brilliant! I wonder if there will be another talking character voice again.. XD I’ll be prepared this time if there is..

    1. oh please no if so i will add the creators to my list of people to sue unless i`m also prepared cause last time after asking i had to watch tv in my room and if i do it again i won`t be able to play poptropica or post on this blog for as long as i live

      1. no of course not the only 2 things i`m scared of the black widow and wandering spiders their both poisonous did you know that only girl black widows are fatal or the wandering spider`s bite is poisonous enough to kill a person

      1. rolling on the floor laughing. As ML said, keep your abbreviations down to something other people can understand.

  2. Hmm… I guess its about Titanic which is now disappearing slowy..
    There was another place the iceberg hit the 3rd boiler room…
    ( Secrets of Titanic before it sank )
    But they are trying to bring figure out how to take it out of the water before
    it disappears forever…
    In the movie Titanic the old lady telling the story was actly on the titanic!!!!
    But the new island is like the Titanic Iceberg… Sinking…. Lifeboats….
    and such like Titanic.


  3. You know me, I’m almost always honest, except when I lie (what if I’m lieing right NOW?! DUN DUN DUN!!!) I’m not exactly stoked for this S.O.S. island. To me, it doesn’t sound like theres a lot of depth to it. Granted, the creators always find a way to turn a seemingly small island idea into a masterpiece, and I always play every poptropica island, but I still won’t be looking forward to this one.

    Also, I just realised that if I referred to my mom as you refer to yours, her name would be “Mom Lord.” Har har.

  4. go on information page third image it says pequod and the ship in moby dick is also called pequod and on the daily pop one image is a giant ugly whale.you think it might also have something to do with moby dick too.

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