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Hey, guys.

My name is Brave Tomato, or BT. I am now a part of this blog.

I would like to to thank Hijuyo for asking me and putting me here along with you guys. I will have a great time here.

To those of you who know me at Super Thunder’s Blog, don’t worry, I’ll post there too along with here.

Well, I gotta get finishing with this post for now. Look for me posting in the future.

BT out!

35 thoughts on “Hey, guys.”

      1. That’s the term ST uses because she’s a mythology fan. Well, so am I, but I usually use oh my gosh or oh my goodness. I use those other terms when I role play.

      1. well what else do i say zeus dominsrator

        Brave Tomato: Woah guys, calm down. Serious Singer, sometimes, it’s okay to call someone a geek; I even call myself a geek sometimes *laughs*. And Lazy Moon, please don’t make this a big deal just because someone likes something. I’m just trying to help.

  1. Good job on getting the spot, BT. Can’t wait to see what kind of posts you’ll be making in the near future. :B

  2. w’lc’m’ i c’n’t sp”k w’th v’w’ls l”k’ng f’w’rd t’ s”’ng y”r p’sts h’r’

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