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Hey, guys.

My name is Brave Tomato, or BT. I am now a part of this blog.

I would like to to thank Hijuyo for asking me and putting me here along with you guys. I will have a great time here.

To those of you who know me at Super Thunder’s Blog, don’t worry, I’ll post there too along with here.

Well, I gotta get finishing with this post for now. Look for me posting in the future.

BT out!

35 thoughts on “Hey, guys.”

      1. That’s the term ST uses because she’s a mythology fan. Well, so am I, but I usually use oh my gosh or oh my goodness. I use those other terms when I role play.

      1. well what else do i say zeus dominsrator

        Brave Tomato: Woah guys, calm down. Serious Singer, sometimes, it’s okay to call someone a geek; I even call myself a geek sometimes *laughs*. And Lazy Moon, please don’t make this a big deal just because someone likes something. I’m just trying to help.

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