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Hey, guys.

My name is Brave Tomato, or BT. I am now a part of this blog.

I would like to to thank Hijuyo for asking me and putting me here along with you guys. I will have a great time here.

To those of you who know me at Super Thunder’s Blog, don’t worry, I’ll post there too along with here.

Well, I gotta get finishing with this post for now. Look for me posting in the future.

BT out!

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In da HOWOOSS!!!!!!!

Tyrian’s here! =D Yep, I’m here to take over for Gazek while he’s away, and I hope I can do a great job! I send thanks to many people, Cool Wing, Hijuyo, Coderkid, Smockers, Seph, Codien, CyberGeek, and several others, for believing in… naw, no speeches.

Parties. We have a party now. YES, PARTY!!!!!! W00T!!! I’m out for now! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! *runs into party room*

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Meet Neat Whale

Hey guys, it’s Neat Whale. Most of you know me, I think… I’m an administrator on the PTB (Poptropical Thunder’s Blog), and administrator on The Zone. I’m ten, born on April 23, and I live in the USA, which led to my often used nickname ‘The Unknown American Tween’. (Fun fact: This name is also used by me when I feel like my B-Ball mates are ingoring me… which happens a lot, unfortunally)

I’m obsessed with Poptropica, of course. I’ve been on the PHB for about a year now, on December 11th (I think). Not many of you know this, I’m sure, but I just want to put it out there, that for about four months my parents kept me from the PHB, which was not a fun time. 😦

But, hey, I’m back now…. and before I close this post, I just want to say thank-you to ALL of the people that were there for me and were my friend, you should know who you are by now, but if you don’t… you’re Poptropical Thunder, Golden Eagle, Cool Wing, Green Seal, Cheerful Claw, Storm, Raven, The Boot, Winter Moonbeam, Sana, Super Grape, Jes, Golden Sky, Zuzu, and of course, Hijuyo.

And anyone thanks to those who stood up for me that time when I was accused of making Grumpy Wolf leave, of course. You mean a whole bunch to me, and I am never about to go off and forget you for that.

I hope you all enjoy me on the staff here. 😀

Neat Whale out!

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Golden Eagle

It’s me, Golden Eagle! Scary Tomato kindly invited me to work here at this awesome blog! I’ll be posting Creator’s Blog updates and other stuff that even I don’t know about. I live for Soupwords and that’s the only game I play, and I’m always looking for a challenge. I’ve beat all the islands, too.  I also have a bunch of Poptropicans, about eight of them (was seven, but Sanzulines on the PHF convinced me to have an even number). I usually check on all my Poptropicans once a day, and pick a random one to play with. All my Poptropicans have at least four stars.

I live in the USA, but in the East, so I live in Eastern Standard time (EST). Those of you who live in America will see me more often than some of the other blog staff that live across the world. But anyway, I’m on summer vacation until August 26. When I start school I promise I’ll check up when I can.

I’m 12 as of right now, and my birthday is on April 14. I also work on one more blog, Poptropical Thunder’s Blog, and I am a active member of the PHF.

I hope you will like me!

Hellos & Goodbyes

It’s Smockers!

Hey all! It’s me Smockers! You might be thinking, “OMG! He hacked Scary Tomato’s blog, and now he’s posting on it!” Well, rest assured; everything’s cool because Scary Tomato made me an Author on this blog! This means that not only Scary Tomato posts awesome Poptropica news– I will, too!

I am extremely excited to have this opportunity. I hope you all welcome me. 🙂 I look forward to posting in the nearby future! Thanks so much Scary Tomato! See all of you around! Poptropica FTW!