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Creating the perfect Poptropica name

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Dangerous Dragon, who’ll be sharing how to find the perfect combo of a Poptropica player name. Enjoy!

Hi there Poptropicans, it’s Dangerous Dragon! That’s my name, and I’m going to keep it the same, but what about yours? Let me show you how to change your Poptropica name. To start, open the friends menu!

It will take you to your Pop-Profile. Easy, now what? Let’s see… you’ve got your avatar name and your membership status. Below, you will see your friends list. Eek! I need more friends. Maybe later! Right now, we’ve got a job to do. Click on the pencil next to your name to change it!

You’ll get a screen that lets you pick a new Pop name! Choose by moving the arrows in both sections. Let me demonstrate…

Hmm…. maybe… no… hmm… aha! Yes! Here’s an interesting one: Perfect Panda. Do you like it?

I like my own name, so I won’t be keeping this, but you can! Speaking of you Poptropicans, want to be my friend? Leave your username in the comments and I will send you a friend request!

Let’s talk about what makes a strong Poptropica character name. Here are my tips for picking a good one:

  1. Try alliteration, which is when words placed together start with the same letter. A name like Perfect Panda starts with P in both the first and last name, which makes it sound striking!
  2. A name should be ​quirky in some way — it could be mysterious, or cute, or convey some other feeling you like. I like mine bold, so I’m Dangerous Dragon!
  3. It should be pop-tastic! In other words, as long as you like it, it’s golden.

Here are some names I created with the name generator that I think sound pretty cool: Perfect Penguin, Hyper Raptor, Dizzy Cactus, Loud Paw, Shy Sky, Scary Flame, Zippy Lightning, Brave Bug, Dizzy Leopard, and Super Singer. What do you think?

Did you know? The options you get on the name generator vary among players. The PHB has a whole list of Poptropica Names that have been seen over the years, sorted by first and last names!


Thank you for reading, and share in the comments what cool names you’ve seen on Poptropica, as well as your username if you’d like to add more friends to your list! This is Dangerous Dragon signing off. Bye!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Dangerous Dragon. If you did, you might also enjoy their My Place in Poptropica story!

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Sneak Peeks, Zomberry Island

Spinning with sneak peeks for friends and Zomberries

Hey, friends! Gentle Dolphin here with the latest Poptropica news! Today, we’ll be taking a look behind the curtains and seeing some future updates as well as what goes into the making of an island experience.

Back in May 2019, the Creators asked players for feedback on how to improve Poptropica’s friends feature. Now, in October 2020, we finally get a sneak peek of the new friends feature coming soon to Haxe!

The one feature fans requested the most was the ability to find and add their friends via usernames, which was part of the original friends feature back in 2012. It looks like the Creators will be implementing this small but handy feature back to the Poptropica Friends experience. One interesting thing to note is that it looks like you can either accept or deny friend requests from other players, similar to Facebook.

Seeing the username feature return makes us wonder if any other old features such as pop quizzes and medallions will also return to Poptropica Friends, whether immediately with the update or later down the line. We’ll have to wait and see if that’s the case.

Hopping over to Instagram, the Creators posted another sneak peek. This one is a short video showing a few kids inside a large spinning device, and the caption doesn’t give any more information. The design reminds me of a nut and bolt, so maybe it’s a hardware-themed fair attraction or observation tower? Judging by how fast it’s going, something may have gone wrong. What do you guys think?

With the Zomberry Hero special event going strong, the Creators posted a special behind-the-scenes look at the making of this event. We’ll only be covering the bare essentials, but you can read the original post for a more in-depth look of their creative process.

First, the Creators shared some concept art for the opening comic page. The artists start with a rough storyboard, then create a formal sketch closer to the game’s art style. Once the sketch is approved, the artists can then create the final piece.

Several artists also help design the various levels that players will explore, following a similar process to the comic artists. They also play a role in helping the developers understand how certain elements will work in the game.

After the art is complete, the developers can move on to animation and coding! As you can see below, the game’s assets are animated in Adobe Animate, and everything is coded in Haxe Javascript (the game’s current engine).

Last but not least, there’s the factor of sound. Not only is Jeff Heim’s music a big part of the experience, there are also the sound effects, such as the eerie moaning of the zombies. This audio sample here was made by an anonymous Pop Creator with the help of blankets!

What do you guys think of these sneak peeks? What other fan-favorite features do you wish to see return in the future, and what do you think that Instagram video is about?

There’s one week left to enter our annual PHB Halloween costume contest so make sure to submit your entries before October 30! Also, don’t forget about Poptober and Community Creations, which are ongoing until the end of this month. We love what you guys have been sharing so far, and we can’t wait so see what else you have in store!

Thank you for reading, and have a good day! 

—Gentle Dolphin 🐬

Web Development

Meet Neat Whale

Hey guys, it’s Neat Whale. Most of you know me, I think… I’m an administrator on the PTB (Poptropical Thunder’s Blog), and administrator on The Zone. I’m ten, born on April 23, and I live in the USA, which led to my often used nickname ‘The Unknown American Tween’. (Fun fact: This name is also used by me when I feel like my B-Ball mates are ingoring me… which happens a lot, unfortunally)

I’m obsessed with Poptropica, of course. I’ve been on the PHB for about a year now, on December 11th (I think). Not many of you know this, I’m sure, but I just want to put it out there, that for about four months my parents kept me from the PHB, which was not a fun time. 😦

But, hey, I’m back now…. and before I close this post, I just want to say thank-you to ALL of the people that were there for me and were my friend, you should know who you are by now, but if you don’t… you’re Poptropical Thunder, Golden Eagle, Cool Wing, Green Seal, Cheerful Claw, Storm, Raven, The Boot, Winter Moonbeam, Sana, Super Grape, Jes, Golden Sky, Zuzu, and of course, Hijuyo.

And anyone thanks to those who stood up for me that time when I was accused of making Grumpy Wolf leave, of course. You mean a whole bunch to me, and I am never about to go off and forget you for that.

I hope you all enjoy me on the staff here. 😀

Neat Whale out!