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Creating the perfect Poptropica name

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Dangerous Dragon, who’ll be sharing how to find the perfect combo of a Poptropica player name. Enjoy!

Hi there Poptropicans, it’s Dangerous Dragon! That’s my name, and I’m going to keep it the same, but what about yours? Let me show you how to change your Poptropica name. To start, open the friends menu!

It will take you to your Pop-Profile. Easy, now what? Let’s see… you’ve got your avatar name and your membership status. Below, you will see your friends list. Eek! I need more friends. Maybe later! Right now, we’ve got a job to do. Click on the pencil next to your name to change it!

You’ll get a screen that lets you pick a new Pop name! Choose by moving the arrows in both sections. Let me demonstrate…

Hmm…. maybe… no… hmm… aha! Yes! Here’s an interesting one: Perfect Panda. Do you like it?

I like my own name, so I won’t be keeping this, but you can! Speaking of you Poptropicans, want to be my friend? Leave your username in the comments and I will send you a friend request!

Let’s talk about what makes a strong Poptropica character name. Here are my tips for picking a good one:

  1. Try alliteration, which is when words placed together start with the same letter. A name like Perfect Panda starts with P in both the first and last name, which makes it sound striking!
  2. A name should be ​quirky in some way — it could be mysterious, or cute, or convey some other feeling you like. I like mine bold, so I’m Dangerous Dragon!
  3. It should be pop-tastic! In other words, as long as you like it, it’s golden.

Here are some names I created with the name generator that I think sound pretty cool: Perfect Penguin, Hyper Raptor, Dizzy Cactus, Loud Paw, Shy Sky, Scary Flame, Zippy Lightning, Brave Bug, Dizzy Leopard, and Super Singer. What do you think?

Did you know? The options you get on the name generator vary among players. The PHB has a whole list of Poptropica Names that have been seen over the years, sorted by first and last names!


Thank you for reading, and share in the comments what cool names you’ve seen on Poptropica, as well as your username if you’d like to add more friends to your list! This is Dangerous Dragon signing off. Bye!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Dangerous Dragon. If you did, you might also enjoy their My Place in Poptropica story!

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PHB Specials

A PHB Special: the Ongoing Story Creation

8mil ongoing story creation
In celebration of this Poptropica Help Blog recently reaching 8 million hits (thanks everyone!), we’re going to do something fun! In the comments section, ANYONE is welcome to join in as we weave an ongoing story, a Poptropica fan-fiction of sorts, told in second-person narrative. It begins here…

“Um, hello. I’m here to register for something called, uh, ‘Poptropica’?” Amidst the realm of blue vines in front of you, a crate, small and wooden, bounces out, shaking blue dust and spitting out a question of your gender. You stare incredulously before you finally manage to respond. “I’m a boy,” you tell the little box, and then it erupts a circle of numbers in individual bubbles as it asks you the next question. This is a very strange sign-up process, you think to yourself, as you decide to tell the box etched with a curious question mark that you are 9 years old.

“Your name is Jumpy Jumper. When you are ready, hop into the blimp and travel to any island.” You ponder the map for a while, but decide none of the islands suit you. “There’s got to be something better…” you mutter to yourself. Just then, you see it. Out of the corner of your eye, there’s another island, shrouded in mystery by layers of smog and unidentifiable smells. Island X.

“But no one’s ever been there before,” the voice warns, the voice of the box that had guided your creation earlier. “Jumpy Jumper, JJ, you can’t… how did that even get on the map anyway? It’s not safe… please no… JJ!!” But it’s too late. You’re gone.

What happens next? Will JJ survive the unknown dangers of the mysterious Island X? What is the island’s secret, its true name, the people, the villain(s), the setting? You and your fellow PHB readers get to decide what items he collects and uses, other places he visits, and the adventures that await…

RULES: Make sure it follows what others have written before you, makes sense, and if you wish to add a comment that is not part of the story itself, use parentheses, for example: (I think we should…) Your comment can be as long or short as you like and you are definitely welcome to contribute as many times as you like. Be creative!

Where will these words take us? Continue the story in the comments!

LEGO Poptropica, Merchandise

Potential for LEGO Poptropica – starting with Dr. Hare’s Lair

You like LEGO. You like Poptropica. Mix them together (and I don’t mean just your average ad building) and now you’ve got something extraordinarily creative! Poptropica’s Creators have unveiled their idea for a Poptropica LEGO set, featuring Dr. Hare’s lair from 24 Carrot Island:

So cool, la! But before you get too excited, they need our help. To get LEGO to consider the project, it needs 10,000 supporters. If you like what you see, or you just want bragging rights to be able to say “I helped Lego Poptropica! They’d be nowhere without me! Mwahahaha!” – then visit the LEGO CUUSOO site and vote for their project!

All you need to do is be logged in (you can either sign up or connect to Facebook or Twitter) and click the big green “Support” button. If you’re under 13, you’ll need to get someone older to vote for you. While you’re there, you can also read about the design, see more pictures, and post a comment.

The entrance to Dr. Hare’s Lab features a security camera and sliding door to ensure that only authorized bunny drones can enter Dr. Hare’s Lair. The Command Console includes satellite antenna, swivel chair, supercomputer, and, of course, extra carrots for those mid-afternoon snack attacks.

The Giant Rabbot is a massive, space-faring attack bunny that is just crying out to enslave the minds of 24 Carrot Island’s citizens. The Giant Rabbot includes flick-fire missiles, movable head, arms and ears, and even space for a passenger – perhaps one wearing a pink bunny suit…

I was the 154th supporter! Let’s bring this idea to reality! 😀