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Potential for LEGO Poptropica – starting with Dr. Hare’s Lair

You like LEGO. You like Poptropica. Mix them together (and I don’t mean just your average ad building) and now you’ve got something extraordinarily creative! Poptropica’s Creators have unveiled their idea for a Poptropica LEGO set, featuring Dr. Hare’s lair from 24 Carrot Island:

So cool, la! But before you get too excited, they need our help. To get LEGO to consider the project, it needs 10,000 supporters. If you like what you see, or you just want bragging rights to be able to say “I helped Lego Poptropica! They’d be nowhere without me! Mwahahaha!” – then visit the LEGO CUUSOO site and vote for their project!

All you need to do is be logged in (you can either sign up or connect to Facebook or Twitter) and click the big green “Support” button. If you’re under 13, you’ll need to get someone older to vote for you. While you’re there, you can also read about the design, see more pictures, and post a comment.

The entrance to Dr. Hare’s Lab features a security camera and sliding door to ensure that only authorized bunny drones can enter Dr. Hare’s Lair. The Command Console includes satellite antenna, swivel chair, supercomputer, and, of course, extra carrots for those mid-afternoon snack attacks.

The Giant Rabbot is a massive, space-faring attack bunny that is just crying out to enslave the minds of 24 Carrot Island’s citizens. The Giant Rabbot includes flick-fire missiles, movable head, arms and ears, and even space for a passenger – perhaps one wearing a pink bunny suit…

I was the 154th supporter! Let’s bring this idea to reality! 😀

29 thoughts on “Potential for LEGO Poptropica – starting with Dr. Hare’s Lair”

      1. From how it sounds, yes. But I think it’s hilarious! “The legoless do.” Say that in a funny accent and bam! Betcha Legoless himself would laugh at that! 😀

  1. The Creators have done so much for us… may as well repay the favor. I supported (forgot what number I was) and commented. 😀

  2. My little brother’s two life passions are Poptropica and Legos, so he was REALLY happy about the Creator’s Blog post

    1. They can’t update the Merchandise page just yet. Dr. Hare’s Lair needs 10,000 supports, then it will be considered. That doesn’t mean that it WILL get to become Poptropica Merchandise.

  3. I was the 72nd supporter! However, I am a little mixed about it. Dr. Hare need a more rounded figure, more like what you would see in Poptropica.

      1. Definitly Astro Knights! And also Skullduggery and, um… Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! I just hope they don’t need 10000 votes to make those a reality! 🙂

  4. Yes, I should have mentioned Counterfeit! Oh! And Twisted Thicket, S. O. S, Vampire’s Curse, Game Show, and well, all of the Islands!

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