Pop Merch Review: Shark Boy Plush 🦈

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Noisy Snowball (Inking 5). Enjoy!

Hello there, everyone! It’s me again, Noisy Snowball. And I would like to introduce a new post series here on the PHB: Merch Reviews! As the name suggests, it’s about reviewing all kinds of Poptropica merchandise, so if you have some items of your own, consider sharing about them here! More about writing for the PHB below.

To start off the series, let me share with you: the Shark Boy Plush!

I am a huge plush collector, from FNAF to Animal Crossing. So when I heard Poptropica had plush toys as well, I knew I had to get one! 

Poptropica has two other plush toys: Dr. Hare and Cool Boy. But I decided on Shark Boy, because he looked pretty cool, and was the cheapest of the three. Now, onto the official review! Here’s a 360° view of my new friend:

He looks really cool to me! I love how the shark eyeballs pop out of his shark costume, but his actual eyes pop out as well. The suit also has teeth surrounding the open part of his head, and a shark fin popping out of his back. He is also holding a dead fish in his left arm (our right side), which is a very nice touch. It fits with him wearing a shark costume.

I’m no expert at judging plush quality, but it feels nice to me! A lot of areas like his head are filled with stuffing, but his body also has beads in it as well. He has also passed my hug test, and the quality of the fabric looks nice to me. This is an awesome plush!

But that’s not all: He also came with a few tags and a credit coin! These are really from the bygone days of Poptropica, when you could redeem prizes with your toys through promo codes. That’s no longer around, but I thought it’d be worth mentioning here.

One of the tags is fairly simple, just stating the name of the plush. But the other two items are pretty interesting!

The plastic credit coin has a sticker with a code on the back of it, which was meant to be redeemed on the Poptropica website. The prizes for this particular toy were a special “Jump the Shark” power and your own in-game Shark Boy Plush! I don’t think I can enter the code anymore, but at least the credit looks cool!

The other tag is actually kinda interesting. It held the credit coin, and inside, there were instructions on how to redeem the code! But the most interesting thing is that the tag is dated from 2011. Wow, that is old, especially since I really only joined Poptropica in January 2021. Makes me curious about what Poptropica was like back then, and what I’ve missed out on!

As for how I got this discontinued toy, the plush was actually listed on a couple websites. One site was Toywiz, and the seller was Jazwares (the company that made Poptropica’s plush toys), still selling them in mint condition! They only had five left. But I didn’t buy it off that website — I ended up getting it on the Walmart website for $14.94, with free shipping as well!

That wraps up the first post on Poptropica Merch Reviews. Hope you all enjoyed it! This might not become a regular post series, but at least the idea is out there. If you have any Poptropica merch and want to write about it, go for it — I would love to read posts about all kinds of merch!

By the way, Poptropica has tons of merch from over the years, from toys to T-shirts! You can discover more of them on this PHB page under the Pop Plus tab: Merchandise: a guide to Poptropica shopping.

And don’t worry, Shark Boy will fit in perfectly with all of my other plush toys. This is Noisy Snowball, signing off!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Noisy Snowball (Inking 5). If you did, you might also enjoy their other post, My Dream Island: Opposites Island.

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Good luck in store for customers and creators 🍀💵

Top of the morning, Poptropicans! Today, we will be looking at a few store updates as well as a recent message from a special someone. Let’s take a gander now, shall we?

Let’s start things off with a long-awaited clubhouse update. Here is the current clubhouse store lineup which includes four new furniture items: a star wall decoration, a gaming PC, a sound speaker, and a cat-shaped cactus pot.

After decorating your clubhouse, why not gift your pets some St. Patrick’s Day costumes? Sure March 17th has already come and gone, but you can still dress your pets in festive green gear. Lucky pets can wear a Leprechaun Hat, a Clover Face, and a Green Backpack. 🍀

Moving on from the game to the real world, the official Poptropica Zazzle store has gone through some changes. There are some interesting new(ish?) items, like this Poptropica 8-bit Pixel Mug ($15.95) of Drs. Beev and Hare with a heart between them, a Poptropica Dr. Hare Button ($2.25) and even Dr. Hare Poptropica Wrapping Paper ($20.95).

Sticker prices have been lowered with most going from $4.95 to $2.15! Also, a Zomberry Clown Postcard is now available for purchase for just $1.10 (now the cheapest item in the store!).

To cap off this post, we a have a special update coming from the creator of Poptropica himself, Jeff Kinney! Yesterday, Jeff tweeted a photo of himself visiting three other OG Pop Creators during his recent book tour. It’s nice to see Jeff acknowledge Poptropica, even if he’s already moved on the greener (and richer 🤑) pastures.

That’s all for now. What store items (real or digital) are you looking to buy? If you were to meet Jeff Kinney or any Pop Creator, what would you ask them? Leave your comments below!

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

—Gentle Dolphin 🐬

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Jump for joy, Hoptropica is here 🐰☁️

Good day Poptropicans! Hope you’re staying safe and cozy as the holiday season arrives. Speaking of arrivals, the retro-style minigame event we’ve been waiting for is here, and it’s finally got a name: Hoptropica!

Screenshot 2020-12-08 at 1.59.24 PM.png

Hoptropica leaps onto the first page of the island map and is free for all to play. But it’s only here for a limited time, so you’d better hop to it!

As you can see on the title screen above, the first step is to choose your furry doctor: classic Dr. Hare or—what’s this?—the delightful Dr. Beev is here too as a playable character. What a welcomed surprise! Once you have selected your character, it’s time to hop into the game.

The game’s premise and controls are pretty simple: just click above your character in the direction you want to hop (or use the left and right arrow keys), and try to go as high as you can before time runs out!

Of course, simple doesn’t always mean easy. Along the way, you’ll encounter both tricky platforms and helpful items. Here’s a guide:

Helpful items to pick up

  • 🕐 Clock – Grants additional time
  • ⭐️ Star – Grants even more time! (more than the clock)

Know your platforms

  • Pink/Green – Disappears and reappears (time your jumps!)
  • Ridged – Think fast, this platform falls if you stand on it for too long!
  • Clear – Can’t jump on this platform, it’s technically invisible
  • Spiked – Avoid jumping on this platform or you’ll get spiked!

Turn up the volume for a jaunty tune as you hop through the colorful pixel heavens! Hoptropica is visually appealing, fairly addictive, and fun to play, so enjoy it while it’s here. And if you’re really good, you might want to post your high score on social media with the hashtag #hoptropica for a chance to be featured by the Poptropica Creators!

Can’t get enough 8-bit Beev and Hare? The Creators also announced brand new stickers on their Zazzle merch store! Joining the handful of stickers from before are our new 8-bit buddies as well as the icons of islands already ported to Haxe, plus fan favorite Monster Carnival and under-the-radar Mission Atlantis.

They’re available for US$4.95 each, and Zazzle is also offering 15% off right now with the code ZHURRY4GIFTS. Browse Poptropica stickers here!

All right, I’m off to play some more Hoptropica. Stay safe and stay awesome!

—Sporty Boa 🐍

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Deck your IRL avatar with not-so-crude Poptropica merch! 🧢👕

Hey Poptropicans, big Pop drop: the official Poptropica merch store, teased about a month ago, is here!

And there’s plenty to choose from: clothes, stickers, notebooks, phone cases… 54 items now and more to come, say the Pop Creators. (You can also send your ideas!) Take a look at these beauties, for starters:

The official Pop merch store is hosted on Zazzle, which means “they make and ship all the products for [Poptropica].” Right now, there’s a discount of 20% off if you use the code BESTZAZGIFTS at checkout. That’ll probably come in handy, as the items can cost quite a bit, ranging from US$4.95 for the lowest-priced sticker to $91.90 for Dr. Beev pattern high tops (our beloved Beev has quite a bit of merch here!).

Items are sorted as Apparel and Accessories (hoodies, T-shirts, party glasses, socks, tank tops, hats), Stickers (blimp, Herc’s Hero Hut logo, Zomberry clown, Poptropica logo), and Vintage Distressed Pattern (with a jigsaw puzzle, face mask, and more — also, you might recognize this as the background the PHB uses!). Browse the Pop shop now!

By the way, this isn’t Poptropica’s first time on Zazzle! For a few years starting in 2009, they used to sell different T-shirts, wall stickers, and posters there, but they haven’t been available for a while. To see what else Poptropica sells IRL (or used to sell), check out our page on Poptropica Merchandise: A Guide to Poptropica Shopping. 🛍

Whether or not you’re getting the real-life gear, you can still treat yourself to a shopping spree on Poptropica: The Actual Game!

The in-game store has gotten a few updates since last week, with new costumes like the Pumpkin Pleasure and Aqua Rebel, and a couple new powers: the Levitation Spell Book (which has you shout out “Volantem Levitatio!”) and Spark Shower Wand (check out our gif below):

While you’re in Poptropica, you may notice a new ad for The Croods: A New Age, a Dreamworks animated movie which will be in theaters in time for Thanksgiving. Check out the Pop Creators’ video of the mini-game, where you ride a creature named Chunky to collect bones and avoid baddies, in the end winning your very own Chunky Follower!

The Pop Creators also recently released a video for another ad, which you may recognize as it’s been around for about two months now: it’s for American Girl: Courtney’s Island, and contains plenty of prizes!

Also on Pop, you may notice something a little different from the bottom left corner: instead of the usual video ads, this space is now playing a slideshow of some recent Poptropica fan art!

Part of the fan art slideshow includes this piece featuring Gentle Dolphin with the Jersey Devil, by the PHB staffer herself!

You may have seen some of them spotlighted on the Creators’ Instagram stories, which we’ve also shared on the PHB. Pretty cool to see it within the game browser, too — and an improvement compared to ads. 🙂

In other news, Poptropica has disabled the Avatar Studio, the much-loved tool that allowed us to view player characters by entering their username. It’s not too surprising, given that Poptropica hasn’t linked to it on their site for a while now. However, the ASG still works.

Fortunately, you can still access the AS via this link on idk’s website, which simply loads the Shockwave Flash (SWF) from Poptropica’s files. But with Flash’s end coming up, it’s not guaranteed to last.

That’s it for this post! So, will you be getting any Poptropica merch? Or just sticking to the virtual store? What items do you want most? Share with us in the comments!

👋 Want to dive deeper into the Poptropica fandom? Connect with Poptropicans on our Poptropica Help Chat (PHC) Discord server!

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New merch coming to boys and ghouls! 👕🎃

Hey, everybody! Yesterday, we received some exciting news from the Poptropica Creators: a new line of Poptropica merch is coming soon!!!

As we’ve seen from their wide variety of products, Poptropica is no stranger to merchandise. Long-time players may remember that Poptropica once offered certain items such as clothing and wall decals, and it looks like this new merch line will provide that and then some.

The announcement post teased a few items that will be available for purchase. We have a sweatshirt with the Poptropica logo, a puzzle of one of the game’s wallpaper, and a blue and white ballcap with the iconic golden blimp. The designs of these items are simple yet recognizable.

Are there any particular products or designs that you would like to see in this new store? The Creators will be taking suggestions until November 4th, so let your ideas be heard!

With Halloween on our front doorstep, many dedicated celebrators are making their costumes. In the holiday spirit, the Creators asked Instagram users to share their in-game Halloween costumes with the hashtag #popghouls for a chance to be featured on the Creators’ Blog! Don’t miss out on this scary cool opportunity!

Whenever we talk about Poptropica and Instagram, we also need to share the cool fan content they highlight on their stories. The Creators featured some spooky and groovy artwork as well as Lucky Joker’s Golden Guerilla costume!

Speaking of costumes, tomorrow is the last day to submit your entries to the PHB Halloween costume contest! Make sure you submit before October 30th 11:59 pm EST for a chance to win a Poptropica membership! Also, feel free to make some spooky stuff for Poptober and Community Creations, which are ongoing until the end of October.

Good luck to everyone submitting, and have a happy Halloween!

Gentle Dolphin Violet Vamp 😈🦇