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Batter up! Summer’s here with paper cheer

Hey, everyone, Gentle Dolphin here with a fresh batch of updates! Let’s take a look at what’s in store for Poptropica this week.

We have a new array of old costumes available to everyone! This week, we have: Baseball Fielder (boys and girls), Baseball Batter (boys and girls), Shady Pockets, Cool Green, Spring Fling, and Cheesy Slice.

Looks like the Bobblehead sale didn’t last long. The Bobblehead power went back to being a members-only item that costs 350 credits. On a lighter note, the Atom Power now costs an affordable 75 credits, so you can save money and show off your radiant looks (or is that just radiation?). 🤨

The Miscellaneous section still features the Cinnamon Fire PopGum and Balloons, but the Flash version of Poptropica added a printable Arabian Nights poster and the Avatar Studio. Interesting, they added the Avatar Studio though it won’t be functional after the Flash shutdown later this year. Are the Creators working on a way to port it to a new platform like Haxe Javascript? Only time will tell.

While the Haxe version of Home Island seems to be stuck in a perpetual autumn, the Flash version finally welcomed summer after a six-month long winter. The trees regrew their lush green leaves, barnacles made their homes on the rocks, and there seems to be a rise in seagull droppings. 🤢

On the platform where ads are typically present, you can see a billboard promoting the newest sponsor island— American Girl: Joss’s Island. Check out our post on Joss’s Island if you want a quick tour of this interesting little AD-venture.


Looking at Home Island makes us long for the great outdoors. While we can’t leave home yet because of quarantine, the Creators have been giving us fun boredom busters to pass the time. They gave us coloring pages and word searches, and now they’re inviting us to get crafty with these Dr. Hare and Rabbot paper crafts!

These templates were originally released as rewards for the Dr. Hare’s Lair LEGO CUUSOO project, which was a pitch for a potential Poptropica LEGO set. Although the toy never came to be, we can still have fun and build with paper! All you have to do is print the templates then cut, fold, and paste as needed to build your own mini Dr. Hare and Rabbot!

That’s all for now, folks! What do you think of Home Island’s summer update? Will you take a crack at crafting a miniature mad scientist? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

—Gentle Dolphin 🐬

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It’s the End of Time for Poptropica Books!

Hey Poptropicans, guess what time it is…

It’s time for the adventures of Jorge, Mya, and Oliver – our heroes in the Poptropica graphic novels – to come to an end, because Book 4, The End of Time, is here at last. And – in case you hadn’t caught on yet – it’s the finale of this series. 😱

photo credit: Daniel Lazar, @DanLazarAgent on Twitter

The book has started shipping for those who pre-ordered it, and is now available in many bookstores across North America! For those who aren’t able to get to a store, fear not: you can still order from Amazon, which ships worldwide (though shipping fees will vary) – or you can even get it on a mobile device (no shipping necessary!).

Plus, on Amazon, it’s still 25% off. So now’s a great time to place an order! 📙

As with any book birthday, it’s quite something to see the book ready at last, so congratulations to Mitch Krpata (the author), Kory Merritt (illustrator), and all the other people who helped make this possible! Knowing that it’s the last book in the series is bittersweet, but Poptropica fans everywhere are sure to enjoy the entire quartet of graphic novels for years to come.

Here at the PHB, we hope to have the chance to read it soon, and we’ll be sure to post a book review sometime in the not-too-distant future for you guys. In the meantime, you can check out our reviews for Book 2 and Book 3. (We also reviewed the island that Book 1 is based on here.)

photo credit: Mitch Krpata, @mkrpata on Twitter

Captain Crawfish – who is most likely Mitch Krpata himself – even made a return to the Creators’ Blog to talk a bit more about the plot of the book:

When The End of Time begins, Mya, Oliver, and Jorge are stranded in the ruins of Poptropica. After causing a cataclysm at the end of the previous book (uh, spoiler alert?), they’re alone and seemingly out of options.

The kids may have one chance to return home. If they can reach the legendary “Nexus,” a place through which all time flows, then it’s possible that they can return home to the instant they left — or even further back.

Faced with the opportunity to rewrite their own histories, our heroes will have to make the most difficult decisions of their lives. And so will Octavian…

Well, it’s nice to see a familiar face on the Creators’ Blog again! We’re still hoping for the day when Ye Current Mystery Blogger makes an introduction.

And now we’ve reached the end of our time here, so Poptropicans, be sure to get your copy of The End of Time, as well as all the earlier books if you haven’t already! (Pro tip: You can read Mystery of the Map on our Comics page.) 📘📕📗📙

Thoughts on The End of Time? 👻🕕 Share in the comments below! 😁


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Winter lore and headquarter tours

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato and I’m here with another poppin’ post for you all!

Yesterday, on the Creator’s Blog, Skinny Moon thought it would be cool to make a post about the inside of PopHQ itself, located in Boston, Massachusetts!

Although it’s nothing absolutely spectacular, Jessica went out of the way to show us all the merchandise toys that they have within the office as well as the never-before-seen wall clings that take up wall portions around the HQ. Some of these clings have been seen before in the Periscope livestream that Jessica hosted just last March, but it’s still cool to see the uniqueness of the locale anyway!

In addition, in the Creator’s post, Jessica says that the in-office Berry Delicious Smoothie area (based off the infamous beverage franchise from Zomberry Island) is more so used for getting work done and meeting with other Creators as opposed to actually selling smoothies. Well, good thing we don’t have to worry about having the Creators turn into blue zombies any time soon! ;P

As a side note, just in time for the holiday season, the official 2016 holiday graphic has officially been shown!

falalalala is it new pop.jpg

It might look like just like any other graphic, but there is a chance that this is a glance at the look of New Poptropica! After all, one of the things promised was a newly updated look for Poptropicans, and these two kids look like they could possibly visualize this. From their eye colors to the sleeves and mittens, and even down to the shoes, there is a different vibe as compared to a typical Poptropican. Then again, it could always just be my wishful thinking taking over and that this is just a stylized piece, yet it still looks cool either way!

Anyway, since the end of the year is fast approaching, the question of the hour is: will New Poptropica actually make its rounds this year as promised? If we hear of or see anything, we can promise to you that the Poptropica Help Blog will be here to share it!

BT out!

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A Poptropica Package!

Hey Poptropicans! Check out what recently came through the mail!

Somewhat recently, I won third place in the official #PoptropicaArt contest, with the prize being a 1-month membership and “a bunch of Poptropica swag.” Well, my membership is running out soon, but the swag has arrived – and I thought perhaps you might be interested in seeing what’s inside!


As you can see, the small cardboard box that arrived contained: a Dr. Hare plush toy (see below for a little giveaway of the redeemable code!), copies of the two Poptropica graphic novels currently in print (#1: Mystery of the Map and #2: The Lost Expedition), plus Zomberry DJ decals!

The decals of Zomberry-fied DJ Saturday Nite munching away are stickers made for laptops (one made for Apple, one for other types) – as seen in this pic from Jen MacLean, a Poptropica Creator. They were nested in a page spread inside the Mystery of the Map book. Very cool.

There was another surprise waiting inside the second book, The Lost Expedition – one of the opening pages was signed! I’m assuming the signature is that of the author, Pop Creator Mitch Krpata (unless that K is for Kory Merritt, the illustrator?) (update: Poptropica clarified in a comment on this post that it’s Mitch’s signature!). Either way, pretty awesome!

And as I mentioned earlier, I’ll be giving away the redeemable code that comes with the Dr. Hare toy! Redeeming the code will give you two exclusive in-game items: the Hare Club power and Dr. Hare Plush handheld. (Learn how to redeem promo codes here.)

To enter this little giveaway, simply comment below on this post with your favorite Poptropica store item and why you like it. I’ll pick one random Poptropican from the comments to give this one-time code to! Entries will be taken up until next next Tuesday, November 15 (my birthday!).


Of all the Poptropica toys out there, the Dr. Hare plush is honestly the one I’d have wanted the most – so it’s a great coincidence to have received one as part of this awesome Poptropica package! The other items are fantastic too, of course.

Thanks to the Poptropica Creators for the prize package, for hosting the art contest, and many other fun events besides! 😀 ❤ Be sure to enter the mini giveaway too (you never know if you’ll win!).

Stay popping, Poptropicans!

slantedfish 🐠

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When Robinson Crusoe appears beyond Monkey Wrench Island

Hey Poptropicans, what’s popping?

Crusoe’s on Home Island! Okay, it’s not the Crusoe of Monkey Wrench Island – it’s Robinson Crusoe from the new animated movie, The Wild Life (but titled Robinson Crusoe outside the US). There’s an advertisement for it on Poptropica, but only on the mobile app (which you can get here – looks like they’ve updated the promo page for that as well!). (Thanks to Friendly Foot for the tip.)

Anyway, I personally found trying to enter the ad room a bit glitchy – you should be able to enter just by tapping the door entrance, but it took me a few tries of logging out. Sometimes an “Action” button would appear in the bottom corner that you could also tap to enter the room.


Once you enter, you can head up to the top left corner of the room to play a game where you have 30 seconds to tap on fruit before they get too close (as indicated by their size). If you experience the glitchiness of some fruit not appearing and causing you to lose like I did, try exiting the game and going back to it – that fix worked for me. The prizes for winning are a Carmello Follower (floating chameleon; pressing the Action button makes him camouflage) and Pirate Costume.

In other news, RedRiderYT recently pointed out to us that the online Poptropica Shop is no longer selling the custom Poptropican t-shirts and hoodies. Searching for “Poptropica” on the third party website that made the clothing, TV’s Toy Box, results in a “forbidden” error.

If you have one of these shirts or hoodies, that means it’s now a (real life) rare item! Treasure it, keep it, and wear it proudly. You’ll be missed, Poptropica shirt shop.

Oh and by the way, there’s a new Poptropica tool for customization around, no download required… those who are interested can check it out on the PHB’s Glitching page. 🙂

Don’t forget, this weekend is the Closing Ceremony for the PHB Tribal Tournament! It’s going to be a lot of fun, so try to make it if you can! Check out this post for all the details.

poptribe closing

That’s all for now – thanks for popping in, Poptropicans!