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A PHB Special: the Ongoing Story Creation

8mil ongoing story creation
In celebration of this Poptropica Help Blog recently reaching 8 million hits (thanks everyone!), we’re going to do something fun! In the comments section, ANYONE is welcome to join in as we weave an ongoing story, a Poptropica fan-fiction of sorts, told in second-person narrative. It begins here…

“Um, hello. I’m here to register for something called, uh, ‘Poptropica’?” Amidst the realm of blue vines in front of you, a crate, small and wooden, bounces out, shaking blue dust and spitting out a question of your gender. You stare incredulously before you finally manage to respond. “I’m a boy,” you tell the little box, and then it erupts a circle of numbers in individual bubbles as it asks you the next question. This is a very strange sign-up process, you think to yourself, as you decide to tell the box etched with a curious question mark that you are 9 years old.

“Your name is Jumpy Jumper. When you are ready, hop into the blimp and travel to any island.” You ponder the map for a while, but decide none of the islands suit you. “There’s got to be something better…” you mutter to yourself. Just then, you see it. Out of the corner of your eye, there’s another island, shrouded in mystery by layers of smog and unidentifiable smells. Island X.

“But no one’s ever been there before,” the voice warns, the voice of the box that had guided your creation earlier. “Jumpy Jumper, JJ, you can’t… how did that even get on the map anyway? It’s not safe… please no… JJ!!” But it’s too late. You’re gone.

What happens next? Will JJ survive the unknown dangers of the mysterious Island X? What is the island’s secret, its true name, the people, the villain(s), the setting? You and your fellow PHB readers get to decide what items he collects and uses, other places he visits, and the adventures that await…

RULES: Make sure it follows what others have written before you, makes sense, and if you wish to add a comment that is not part of the story itself, use parentheses, for example: (I think we should…) Your comment can be as long or short as you like and you are definitely welcome to contribute as many times as you like. Be creative!

Where will these words take us? Continue the story in the comments!


1,819 thoughts on “A PHB Special: the Ongoing Story Creation”

  1. (Continued by some guy)
    Meanwhile with Super and Hopper they wake up in another area of the room.
    ”Well this is like weird” Hopper said.
    They spy the fortune teller but she was out cold.
    ”We might want to get some water” Super says to hopper.
    Meanwhile back with JJ.
    (To be continued)

      1. fine but put in this suddenly you see someone but not short feather not nearly as handsome my name is nervous fire

  2. look over there says nervous fire you notice a strange portal you jump in teleporting through and now you notice a computer and nervous fire comes out we had adventures in there you ask hey is that a plush of that horrible villain bunny what is this world you ask and what kind of creature is that bark bark to be continued ( fwi they teleported to are world)

    1. what is your name says yourself #2 he says my name is jumper jumpy wait is this a parrel universe

  3. (Continued from short feather)
    Your second self says ”Well yeah sort of, you see in this dimension Dr.Hare is the ruler” Your second self replies.
    ”Well that would explain the posters of him everywhere” You say looking around the parallel dimension.
    ”Also I need your help” Your second dimensional self says.
    ”On what?” You ask.
    (To be continued)

    1. well it cant all be bad whos running for ruler black widow director d and binary bard we have to run to restore stings have to

  4. (Continued from some guy)
    Super nods and gets it out.
    ”I wonder where jj went?” Super asks.
    Hopper shrugs.
    The fortune teller wakes.
    ”Can you tells us our future?” Super asks the fortune teller.
    (To be continued)

  5. “Wait a second..”,the fortune teller asks,”Where did you get that?” “What,this?I found this lying on the ground and I picked it up and put it in my bag.” “Wait..that’s the weapon that person attacked me with!” Suddenly Hopper speaks. “Wait,Super. Who stole the Ultimate Weapon again?” “What? Oh,that’s easy,it was Dr.Shad-oh.”


  6. (Continued from some guy)
    The fortune teller revels herself to be Dr.Shadow.
    ”Well this is unexpected” Super said.
    Hopper knocks Dr.Shadow out.
    ”We need to find JJ” Hopper said.
    Meanwhile back with JJ
    (To be continued)

    1. continued from super grape how do we get out of this place? look a fortune cookie seller opens fortunes nervous fire I got this fortune cookie is in happited by a family of ants you? whoever wields the sacred shirld shall have the power of all what the heck is that to be contiued

  7. (Continued from some guy)
    “Err I forget what the items are but they are very important” You say.
    (To Be continued)

    1. (Continued from Some Guy)
      None other than Slanted Fish’s scream!
      You go to check it out, only to run into some Poptropican in a cloak.
      “HAHA! You are too late to save your friends!” Came the voice from the cloaked Poptropican. “What the who are you?!” You ask the cloaked Poptropican.
      ”I am the ringmaster of Monster Carnival Island!” The cloaked Poptropican replied.
      “WHAT?! I thought Little Hopper was the ringmaster!” You say shocked in confusion.
      “Oh yeah, he quit, and I took his place! I am known as-” The cloaked Poptropican said taking off the cloak to reveal their true identity and you gasp in shock.
      (To Be Continued!)

  8. “Ringmaster Raven!”

    There is a silence for what seems like eternity,then you say,”Um…who?”

    He stomps in anger. “Ringmaster Raven! Have you never heard of me?!”

    “Er…should I?”

    “Grrr,this shall not do! Get him,boys!”

    Suddenly,large crows fly towards you,pick you up,and fly off!


  9. (Continued from Some Guy)

    The crows carry you off to a circus tent and drop you off.
    it’s dark for a moment but then the lights turn on and you see your friends along with Super Grape and Little Hopper locked up in cages! “JJ!” Super shouts.
    “What happened?” You asked confused.
    “We were looking for you when we got ambushed and got taken by monsters!” Super replied. “Same thing happened to us” Slanted Fish added.
    You turn around to see Ringmaster Raven again.
    “Why have you captured my friends?” You ask him.
    (To Be Continued!)

  10. (Continued from myself)
    ”I’m going to turn them into my monster army, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!” Ringmaster Raven said laughing evilly.
    (To be continued)

  11. (continued from starving cereal) …the ORIGINAL order of the stone minus Magnus “wont Jessie be mad about you stealing the Attless” asked Gabriel “nah he’ll be too busy with Emm anyways” said Ivor

  12. (continued from super party guy aka myself) then a massive hammer came down and out of it came a random karete fighting girl who fought them off long enough to escape (continued by poptropicasosship455

  13. (continued from poptropicasosship455) the mysterious girl killed Ivor and took all his stuff including the enchanted flint and steel “you’ll pay for that” said Soren

    1. (this is in the wrong spot it should be below poptropicasosship4556’s comment please fix this slanted fish)

    2. (poptropicasosship455 completed 3 islands found none of suited her thenfound the island
      and the start box told to help them

    3. (actually poptropicasosships comment isn’t needed for the story and it kind of clashes with my comment anyway so……..)

  14. then she teloported them to a small railway with the engine silver bullet who told them they could go to the island of sodor through a magic railroad but first they would need to find some silver dust to make some new magic buffers out of ordinary buffers (silver bullet is a tender engine by the way)

  15. “are you sure we cant just leave some other way” asked Soren “No we are stuck in an unmade series waiting for diesels and tender engines as well as new colors for My Custom engine Keekre hasn’t even named this railway or even specified it’s location yet if you walk away 10 yards of this railway you will disappear forever in a matter of seconds” said the Silver Bullet “we can only leave through the magic buffers without a series to exist in” and so they tried to explore but without a series or layout they got seperated all walking in the exact same direction

  16. you met a red (no wait he was green no he’s red or is he) tank engine “who are you?” you ask “I am [insert his name here (I forgot is If you know from keekres my custom engine review please put in the reply)] and you are…” but before you could reply the guard blew his whistle and he puffed away pulling an unknown train and you were left out by an unused mine “wasn’t I just at a station” you asked and then you found the silver dust but without any rails nearby you had to carry it all by hand (i know jumpy was just talking to an engine but remember anywhere is everywhere)

  17. you picked up all the silver dust when you suddenly hear silver bullets whistle he stopped just in time “why are you on the main line” asked Silver Bullet you told him how you were just in an unused mine when you were suddenly about to be ran over “sorry we’d better find the rest of your friends and a good good pair of buffers hop on I know this railway like the pack of my… ummmmmmmmmmmm” said the silver bullet so you got on his freight train (or was it a passenger train no it was freight or was it) and puffed out of the staition (I know it was the mainline but anywhere is everywhere remember “yes I do but am I red or green” what????????? I hope you leave soon this place is creepy)

  18. (Continued from SC) Sorry other dude but what you posted was confusing.
    It was Clean Shark making an unexpected rescue!
    “Clean!” You said hugging him.
    Together you and clean free your friends and defeat Ringmaster Raven.
    “The PHB is throwing a Christmas party, we should go” Clean said.
    (To Be continued)

    1. (this is a vision in my story but it actually happens just to keep the order of the stone and mysterious girl canon as well as your story as well sorry I just wanted to include Keekre24 in this series)

  19. (continued from super grape) “Woah a christmas PARTY” you said “WHAT PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!” asked Soren “We are about to reach the buffers throw the dust or we’ll crash” so you throw the silver dust and make the buffers magical just as you pass through them then you pass through. You arrive in Ulfstead Castle “This is as far as I will go, Good luck” said the silver bullet so you went around the castle and into the mine (sorry if what I wrote was confusing hope this isn’t)

  20. In the mine you find both the portal out and the lost treasure of Captain Callas. In it was a portal key so you light the portal and go back to your world and find clean shark “I defeated ringmaster raven lets go to the Christmas party

  21. the mysterious girl comes and Soren recognizes her as Petra “Petra why are you doing this?” he asked “I’m not Petra I am PAMA” then it randomly begins to rain and Petra changes back to normal “PETRA YOU’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “and so is PAMA shes already killed the old order” “Then we’d better stop her before It’s to late”

  22. “I just defeated Pama again and ripped her apart so this can’t happen again” said Jesse (the boy) “I also found all the dead characters including Reuben and Ivor and Magnes”

    1. (Continued from Super Party Guy)
      You stop her with the help of your friends, but something wasn’t right.
      (To be continued!)

  23. (Sheesh,been a while,huh?)
    You finally ask,’Who the heck are you all anyway? You look so…blocky? You from Early Poptropica?’ ‘No JJ,we’re from the new rendition of Minecraft Story Mode™ Here to help you out!’

    ‘Really? Is this some sort of ad?’


    ‘….get out.’


    ‘I hate forced advertisements above all else. So get out of my sight before I make you do so.’

    ‘Well,that’s rude. Hmph,maybe we won’t help you after all. I’m outta here!’ And then they all leave. You then turn to Clean. ‘What happened to you anyway,Clean?’

    2 bee con tin ued lol

  24. (Continued from starving cereal)
    Clean Shark sighed for a moment.
    “I had to fake my death JJ, you see it turns out E.Vile isn’t dead, what we thought was the dead E.Vile was actually his hologram, and he saw me, and well I basically faked my own death to avoid being captured” Clean explained.
    “Well that explains a lot” Super said standing next to you.
    “Do you have any idea what he is planning clean?” You ask him.
    (To Be Continued!)

  25. (I make my surprise return after forgetting about this for over a year! Hello, everybody! Or at least, SG anyway.)

    “E. Vile?!”, you shout, “Why are you even here?”

    “Because, JJ. I need you.”, your father grins evilly. “I need you…to fulfill my plan.”

    “What plan?”, you ask confusedly.

    “Oh, you’ll see”, he says, and tries to take hold of your hand.

    (TBC hopefully)

  26. (continuing) suddenly he grabs hold of your hand and you appear in front of a dormant volcano.he pushes you in.” what do you want to do with me?!” you shout. he pauses before replying,”to kill you, of course. there is power in killing the innocent, especially all
    I need to do is wait until the volcano erupts and my plan will be complete!” he turns and walks away, but suddenly he collapsed, with a silver arrow in his back.behind him, you see an adolescent girl holding a silver bow with a silver sheath of arrows in her back.”hello,” the girl says,”I am Artemis, goddess of the hunt.”
    (to be continued….)

  27. “Ar-Artemis?!” You stutter. “What are you doing here?”
    “Saving you,” she says, rolling her eyes. “Now do you want to get out of here or not?” Suddenly she sprints down the slope of the volcano, an expression of fear on her face.
    “The volcano!” You shout as the earth beneath you rumbles and shudders. “We have to go!”
    Dark, smoky ash spews out of the volcano, with huge blobs of fiery lava in tow. The wave of hot destruction is quickly advancing to you and Artemis. You break out into a cold sweat. Whether it is from the heat or the fear, you don’t know. Looking up, you see a bright crimson coloured rock, burning as it comes toward you like a meteor entering the Earth’s atmosphere. It hits you square in the forehead. Your vision blurs; you hear Artemis shout as if from a long way away. But she is beside you, tears in her eyes. You see a ball of flaming lava flying towards you both. Artemis pushes you away and you fall down the volcano, screaming. The last thing you see is her tear-stained face as the rock hits her.
    And then it all goes black.

  28. Continued from- heh, from me, I guess:
    You wake up. “Where am I?”
    “Shut up,” says a girl sitting next to you. She is wearing a a blue and green shirt with a brown hoodie, and a large blue beret. Her long teal hair sways as she shakes her head and mutters to herself, “It’s a miracle he survived that.”
    “Quit moving your head! I’m TRYING to get that rock off your head, by the way, and you’re making it difficult.” She groaned as she try’s pulling it off. “You don’t want to get infected, do you?”
    “Um. No. What?” You ask, discombobulated.
    “Okay. A long time ago, which is pretty much when any mystical fantasy takes place, there were three planets. Poptropica, some new one, just discovered, lot’s of weirdos with fingers and toes and necks too! And we can’t go there, for some reason. Weird, right? Guess it’s cause there was this disease going around, called Bleachy-“
    “Get to the point!”
    “Oh, right. So, Poptropica, other planet, and Aciport-Pop. So, Aciport-Pop is like a blazing inferno the size of our planet, and it’s got creepy rocks on it too. Why creepy? Because they are alive, and they can take control of your brain if they are on your head for a whole day. But, they have to get to your head, right? So, long time ago, Aciport-Pop shot a flaming fireball on the inside of our planet, complete with creepy rocks. So now they come out of volcanoes. And once it’s been on your head for a whole week, your teleport there and become an Aciportian. Got it? By the way, if you want a cure, I DON’T HAVE ONE AND NEITHER DOES THE REST OF THE WORLD, SO YOU GOTTA FIND IT, INSTEAD OF ME TRYING TO GET THIS STUPID THING OFF!!” She grunts and prys a piece off.
    “Gah,” you groan. “If the only piece you can get off is that size, I’m in serious trouble.”
    “Well..” she hesitates. “I do have a friend named Strange Dolphin. She’s a scientist studying that creepy rock and she’s looking for a cure. She could help…”
    “How do I find her?”
    “Oh, she lives on Arabian Nights. Loves the scenery, and apparently some of the best scientists in history were Arabian! She’s got dark blue hair, blue glasses, a blue jacket, a blue cardigan (in the desert, too!), and a blue skirt. Yeah, she does like blue. Hmm, let me text her that your coming… what’s your name, by the way?”
    “Jumpy Jumper, but call me JJ.”
    “Hi JJ, I’m Mighty Claw. More like bye, JJ, because if you want enough time to get the cure, you have to go now. But I am not sending you empty handed. Take this backpack, it has all the essentials,” she smiles. “And more.”
    “Bye!” You wave. She disappears behind a few trees. You look around. You see great red cedar trees reaching toward the sunlight, which barely leaks through the thick canopy of green leaves. Dropping your backpack, you take in the sight, then open up the backpack. Inside you see…

    (Okay, continue this for me!)

  29. “A watch!? What am I supposed to do with this!” You yell. Sadly no one is around to hear. You plop the seemingly useless time telling device back into the bag, trying to bury it from your sight. Muttering something of unknown contents under your breath, you throw the backpack onto your shoulder and trudge off to start your quest for the blue-loving geologist.

    1. (scene change!)
      You slump into the hole-in-the-wall diner and slump down into an old booth that smelt of mold and rotting french fries.
      You mutter. Since JJ left you no money, you were forced to pick up odd jobs and start a fund towards a blimp, so you had no extra money for 𝒈𝒐𝒐𝒅 food, nor extra time.
      “Helloooooo. Hello? Waiter?”
      You peer into the kitchen, but no one is inside. So you decide to give yourself a private tour, and it looks like there hasn’t been anyone for months, even years.
      “*Sniff sniff* Ugh, what is that smell?”
      You smell more expired food and smoke. You glance out the back window and gasp, as loud as one could gasp. There stood about a dozen Poptropicans, and they all looked just like you, huge gaping rocks all over there foreheads. Apparently, they heard your gasp, as they were all sitting around a campfire, fueled by expired beef.
      “Eh, look! It’s one uh us! Bobby come out! Ye wown believe yer eyes!”
      (What is your next step? Pls continue)

  30. There is a boy with an Aztec mask and Hades’s crown, with the trident of Poseidon. “Who are you?” You ask. “My name is Serious Heart.” Says the boy. “And I will help you.” Please continue.

    1. (Not related to story!) Wow. Ten years. Ten years since Jumpy Jumper first went to Island X. Wow. Just WOW.

  31. You and Serious Heart continue your quest to find Strange Dolphin. Serious allows you to use his blimp to go to Arabian Nights. You finally arrive there. When you get there someone cries “Come here quick!” When you and Serious get there you two are shocked to see…

  32. It is Zeus! “Zeus, what are you doing here?” You ask. He gives you a smirk. “Because, it is time.”

  33. “Why?” You ask. He gives you a sinister smile. “Your friend, Grim Reaper surely would have attacked you by now. His wife Ivy is delaying it for as long as she could, but soon he will overcome and attack you, Jumpy Jumper. You have your Heroism Aura. It will help you at times. Use it.” Then he teleports away.

  34. (Thanks Serious Heart)
    (Continued by MAGIC KID)
    You stand there, stunned, confused, trying to organize your thoughts.
    “What the heck is a Heroism Aura?” You say out loud.
    With a popping noise and a puff of smoke Serious Heart starts coughing by the blimp engine
    “What happened?” You ask, surprised.
    “NO! The motor’s out! We’re going to have to stay on Arabian Nights for a while,” Serious Heart says, “Also I HAVE to explain Heroism Aura to you, genius, because it seems that your life will depend on it so…”
    Suddenly, Serious Heart rolls a chalkboard over to you, with words written on it.
    “A chalkboard? Where did you get that?” You ask, pointing at it.
    “Hush! A Heroism Aura is basically a thing that someone has for saving other people, and always doing the “right” thing in a heroic way,” Serious Heart explains pointing at some of the words on the chalkboard.
    You have become very interested in a camel walking by the blimp.
    “Hey! Are you paying attention to my fascinating explanation?”
    “Maybe…” You say…
    But before Serious Heart can say anything else, a loud BOOM sounds in the distance and you turn your head around to see…


  35. Also, just to be clear, the Heroism Aura protects him
    1. Poison
    2. Fire
    3. Freezing
    And 4. Mind Control.

    1. Also, sorry that I posted like a million times. There was something weird going on and I couldn’t see anything recent in the comments,

  36. (Continued from Magic Kid.)

    There is a smoke bomb! There is some salt on a dais and two thieves use the smoke bombs, therefore temporarily blinding you, Serious Heart, and an Old Man nearby. When you get your vision back, the salt is gone.


  37. “What happened?”You ask. Someone curses behind you. “Darn, I lost them!” A girl rushes up to retrieve the bomb. She wears headphones, a purple jacket, something grey around her neck-your mind can’t process it right now- and carries a sword with a gold handle with a dagger strapped to her. Serious Heart asks her, “Who are you?” She looks at the two of you suspiciously. “Well, who are YOU?” “My name is Serious Heart,” explains Serious, “And this is Jumpy Jumper, although call him JJ. We’re adventurers.” At that word, the girl seems to relax. “My name is Bashful Sword. What are you doing on Arabian Nights?” You suddenly become interested in a bazaar. “We’re going to visit Strange Dolphin… Are you even paying attention JJ?” You suddenly snap out of your trance. Bashful and Serious are glaring at you. “Oh, sorry.” You mumble. “I can help you find Strange Dolphin if you want.” Bashful offers.

  38. “That could be helpful,” Serious says. You agree. You eventually find Strange Dolphin. She is pacing around. Traces of the blue rock is being examined. She looks up to you, eyes bright. “Good news! I found a way to counteract the rock!” You feel a spark of hope. “What is it?” You ask. She turns her eyes on you. “The Temple of Artemis on Mythology Island.”

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