A PHB Special: the Ongoing Story Creation

8mil ongoing story creation
In celebration of this Poptropica Help Blog recently reaching 8 million hits (thanks everyone!), we’re going to do something fun! In the comments section, ANYONE is welcome to join in as we weave an ongoing story, a Poptropica fan-fiction of sorts, told in second-person narrative. It begins here…

“Um, hello. I’m here to register for something called, uh, ‘Poptropica’?” Amidst the realm of blue vines in front of you, a crate, small and wooden, bounces out, shaking blue dust and spitting out a question of your gender. You stare incredulously before you finally manage to respond. “I’m a boy,” you tell the little box, and then it erupts a circle of numbers in individual bubbles as it asks you the next question. This is a very strange sign-up process, you think to yourself, as you decide to tell the box etched with a curious question mark that you are 9 years old.

“Your name is Jumpy Jumper. When you are ready, hop into the blimp and travel to any island.” You ponder the map for a while, but decide none of the islands suit you. “There’s got to be something better…” you mutter to yourself. Just then, you see it. Out of the corner of your eye, there’s another island, shrouded in mystery by layers of smog and unidentifiable smells. Island X.

“But no one’s ever been there before,” the voice warns, the voice of the box that had guided your creation earlier. “Jumpy Jumper, JJ, you can’t… how did that even get on the map anyway? It’s not safe… please no… JJ!!” But it’s too late. You’re gone.

What happens next? Will JJ survive the unknown dangers of the mysterious Island X? What is the island’s secret, its true name, the people, the villain(s), the setting? You and your fellow PHB readers get to decide what items he collects and uses, other places he visits, and the adventures that await…

RULES: Make sure it follows what others have written before you, makes sense, and if you wish to add a comment that is not part of the story itself, use parentheses, for example: (I think we should…) Your comment can be as long or short as you like and you are definitely welcome to contribute as many times as you like. Be creative!

Where will these words take us? Continue the story in the comments!


1,796 thoughts on “A PHB Special: the Ongoing Story Creation

  1. Fast Fire says:

    You look inside the crate. You see lot of food inside. You take out the food. Then you see some thing strange inside. It’s a horn! You blow into it, and it makes a ram’s sound.
    You awkwardly put it away. You see other things which one would need to survive. You look up and you realize the ram is gone! You turn around and see that the ram has golden fleece. “Okaii..” you say to your self. You start thinking about life on Poptropica now.
    You walk to the edge of the island and think about jumping into Poptropica.
    You hear a rustle of leaves, then a roar and then a thump.
    You look around, and you see the ram is a golden horse!
    You blow into the horn once again, and it makes no sound at all. The golden horse is wearing some armor, and you think why a horse is wearing armor. You see a sword along with some bow and arrows, and you see some armor for yourself.
    You realize time went on very fast, and you look into the pond.
    You didn’t change! You’re still nine! (Ten, to be exact. remember that in one of the chapters it was his birthday? huh?)
    You see a figure on the apple tree.
    He drops onto the ground. “I’m Poppus Tropicana.” he says.

  2. Sticky Clown,Poptropical Explorer and Strange Cat says:

    He transforms into the box that gave you birth! “Uh…Miss Tropicana,what do you need?” “I think you discovered the horn too early.But you got a sneak peek of what will happen in ten years.Except the Zlatos will still be a ram.He is only enchanted a bit.But JJ,now is too early.I will erase your memory for now.Goodbye,JJ.My food and supplies shall last you till then.”

    When you wake up,you have no memory of what happened,and Zlatos is back to normal.So you look around in the box and see that there are a few materials for you to survive with.You can even build a house for you and Zlatos!So,you start to work,ready to build on your new home-for ten years.

  3. Young Flame says:

    You look at the crate. You forget something about it, you know it. You look inside and see the horn again. You blow it and the ram comes. You somehow know to hop on his back and you tumble down to Poptropica. The ram dies, but he leaves his golden fleece behind. You pick it up and put it on a tree. The tree grows and grows. It turns into a pine tree. You turn around and see a barn. You walk over and what you see is very weird. It’s a white horse, but where it’s neck should be is a man’s torso.
    “Percy Jackson. You have returned the fleece and restores Thalia’s tree. We all thank you,” the man-horse says.
    (Yes, I know in the book, Clarissa brings back the Golden Fleece, but I changed it a little so it would make sense that the mist makes JJ Percy. Or maybe JJ is really Percy Jackson, son of Posiden. I don’t know. You have to leave him in Camp Half-Blood and this can’t be a dream.)

  4. Super Grape says:

    (continued from young)
    So you stay in camp half blood for the next few days.
    You begin to miss your friends on poptropica.
    But you do make some new friends.
    But still you wonder what’s going on in poptropica.

    meanwhile back in poptropica.
    Super was whipping Clean who was now a slave.
    “Ouch! that hurts!” Clean said.
    Super chuckles.
    “Get back to work slave!” Super said.
    Clean goes back to work.
    “If only jj were here” Clean said.
    E.vile was in his throne room smiling evilly.
    (to be continued)

  5. Sticky Clown,Poptropical Explorer and Strange Cat says:

    10 Years later,when you are singing a silly campfire song along with your friends,you see that something else seems to be reforming near Thalia’s tree!You see that Zlato (can anyone PLEASE remember his name?)has reformed,along with his golden fleece (don’t worry,the original one is still near her tree) !He comes and picks you up,and flies up into the air!

    He lands near Popular’s fortress.Enemies gasp and run towards you.But Zlato becomes enchanted! He regenerates whenever he takes a fatal blow,his headbutts are disorienting and temporarily stun them.In no time,they are defeated.Meanwhile,back in Red Raccoon’s Super Secret Lair…

  6. Sticky Clown,Poptropical Explorer and Strange Cat says:

    A few minions rush to RR. “What?”,asks RR. “Sir,Jumpy Jumper has returned with an enchanted ram!” “He must have come from Camp Half Blood!You must capture him!” “Sir,the ram has already stunned us.How-” RR removes his Red Panda mask and shows his true face.His minions gasp.He puts the mask back on.”If you don’t want to see this again,get him!” “Yes,sir.” The minions rush back to you and Zlato.

  7. super grape says:

    (continued from strange)
    They start attacking.
    but Zlato once again stuns them.
    and again they are defeated.
    “Is that all you got?” You say.
    Just then a big blast hits you and Zlato.
    You and him fell on the ground.
    You look up to see Super with the weapon.
    “Hello brother” Super said.
    “Super something is different about you” You say.
    Super was wearing a black outfit.
    “Oh E.vile gave me this to wear now your coming with me and your little goat friend too” Super said.
    (to be continued)

  8. super grape says:

    (Continued from strange)
    “Hello Jumper long time no see” E.vile said.
    “What have you done with the tribe leaders?” You say.
    “Oh don’t worry I haven’t done anything to them yet and you will be joining them” E.vile said.
    “Super lock him up and his goat friend in the cell that the tribe leaders are in” E.vile said.
    “Yes, Father” Super said.
    So Super leads You and Zlato to the tribe leaders cell and locks you and Zlato in it and leaves.
    “Jumper!” Clean said.
    “Clean!” You say.
    You and Clean hug.
    “We all thought you were dead! Where have you’ve been? And who’s the goat?” Clean said.
    You explain everything.
    Clean stood speechless.
    “Clean what happened while I was gone?” You say.
    Clean sighs.
    Clean begins with “It started when me and the other tribe leaders were captured and you disappeared-
    (to be continued)

  9. Young Flame says:

    Than the door busts open. Five demigods and a wild goat man (I know what they’re called, it’s from JJ’s point of view and he doesn’t know what they are…) are standing there. E. Vile growls.
    “Jason Grace, Piper McLean, Frank Zhang, Leo Valdaz, Hazel (I don’t know her last name), and Coach. Where’s poor Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase?” he taunts.
    Leo’s face pales. “They fell into the Underworld. We’ll help them after we save Poptropica. I’m not sure how we’re related, but, um, I don’t know…”
    “Without you powerful demigod, you can’t do much,” Little says. Then another demigod comes.
    “Maybe not, but we have another son of the Big Three. Meet Nico, son of Hades,” Hazel smirks.
    They battle it out. The outcome is surprising, but not as surprising as the fact that the goat man used a bat and yelled “KILL!!!”.

    • renaldiinfernus says:

      (You’re using the Heroes of Olympus arc?? Then surely you realize that things will get gory…and that they have more important things to deal with – like the freaking earth god Gaea??

      Also, you’ve never defined the link or relationship Poptropica has to Percy Jackson’s world. That would be immensely helpful…)

  10. Young Flame says:

    You battle it out. You’re about to lose when something happens. The ground starts shaking. the fortress crumbles. A figure of a sleeping woman appears.
    “I am Gaia. I am the REAL Mother Nature, and now I will make you all my slaves!!” she says.
    Then the demigods and goat man appear for real. The flying ship takes forever to get there, but it does. They defeat Gaia.
    “Take the black clad people too! But spare my sister! I want to change her back to good,” you say. They defeat E. Vile and leave to close the Doors of Death in the House of Hades. You know for a fact that this is not a dream. You change Super back to good and…..

    • renaldiinfernus says:

      (If it was that easy to defeat Gaea, why haven’t they done so already??? Didn’t the novels talk about “titans and gods unite” or something to defeat Gaea’s sons, or something like that?

      BTW, I’m sorry if my comments are annoying. I mean no offense, it’s just that it makes it that much harder to get a handle on the story and where it’s going when they’re so many plotholes…
      And it’s especially not helpful when I’m compiling a revised edition of the OSC as a side project.)

  11. Sticky Clown,Poptropical Explorer and Strange Cat says:

    Popular sneaks behind and tries to make Super bad. However,Zlato notices and stuns him. Popular finds it hard to balance with his broken leg,so he falls and faints.Red Raccoon comes and takes E.Vile and him and flee. Suddenly,you look around to see a mind-controlled Strange leading mind-controlled mannequins to you. You now know that they are undefeatable,so you flee too.

  12. Young Flame says:

    Then you flash back to the time you and clean were getting archery lessons from Young and Red (before you knew they were your sisters). It floods you with hope and power. You see that Piper also dropped her horn of plenty (but she has a spare for some reason so she still has one somehow….). You turn and spray the dummies with Diet Pepsi (FOR YOU BACCHUS!). It ruins them and Strange becomes un-mind controlled. He collapses and turns back into Sticky and flees for some Strange reason.

  13. Young Flame says:

    “Why?” you ask.
    “Um, you’ll have to see yourself,” Sticky says. He keeps looking at you like you’ll disappear any second now. You go to a tribe leader meeting and are shocked by what you see.

  14. super grape says:

    (Continued from strange)
    “Well you see E.vile took over and he made us his slaves and he put Strange under mind control and he held us captive and well it’s been that way for ten years!” Clean said.
    You stood speechless.
    “So what do we do now?” Super said.
    You shrug.
    “Wait a minute I almost forgot while I was evil I found this” Super said.
    Super gets out a scroll.
    It read: …….
    (To be continued)

  15. Sticky Clown,Poptropical Explorer and Strange Cat says:

    “Mister CN,

    I have an excellent idea.You are a minor villain.But you can use your old thieving suit,’The Red Raccoon’ to be anonymous and work for E.Vile by making him robots.If you want to threaten his minions if they disobey,show them your true face.People faint at the sight of it.No one will ever recognize you at this rate!

    Remember the good old times,back before you made CNC?The time you impersonated Zeus and pretended that HE was a villain?Now everyone’s against him!And you affected a lot of villain’s history-you did what you did with Zeus to that Silva,CJ’s Science Teacher,you put evil thoughts into Gretchen Grimlock,Black Widow,Dr.Hare,and oh so much more!

    Please reply.

    -Bendy Hero aka Joe Bucko.”

    “Well,that certainly gives out a lot of information.So Red Raccoon’s a minor villain,but he has a huge role in Poptropica’s villains!Who could he possibly be?And that explains why the old fortune teller fainted,she saw his true face.But what could CNC stand for?”,you ask.
    “Well,that’s a mighty lot of questions.” You turn around and see Red Raccoon.

    “CNC,has finally reached you,like Athena said.And what does it stand for?” “Just answer that already!Enough with the suspense!”,Super shouts.”Sigh,fine,little girl.” “I’m NOT a little girl!”,Super shouts again.”Fine,fine.I’ll get along with it,young lady.CNC is the abbreviated form of my company,which is interestingly named-”

    He takes out his mask,and everyone gasps. “Cumulo Nimbus’s Clouds.” Everyone stays quiet,except you.”Nice plan my uncle gave you ,Dr.Cumulo Nimus,villain in the Blimp Minigame,Zeus’s copycat,The Red Raccoon,the Abbreviated Ex-Art Art Thief.”,you say quietly.

  16. super grape says:

    (continued from strange)
    “Well were out of hare come on guys you can spend the night at my place” Clean said.
    “Wait a second I’m not finished with you yet!” Red raccoon said.
    But you and your friends ignore him and walk away.
    Yell go to Clean’s place.
    Soon night fell.
    “Good night Super” You say.
    “Good night Jumper” Super said.
    You fell asleep and have a dream.
    In the dream You see Two police officers outside Clean’s cabin. But when you look closely you see that It’s Director D and the briny brad in disguise!
    You and Super come out of the cabin.
    “Jumpy jumper your under arrest” Director D said in a police like accent.
    They start taking you away.
    But Then Super shouts “Wait!
    “Take me instead it’s my fault for whatever it is your arresting him for” Super said.
    You could not believe she was sacrificing herself for you.
    “Deal” Brainy brad says in a police like accent.
    “Super no!” You say.
    “When your family is in danger you will do whatever it takes to save them even if it means death” Super said.
    Super hugs you.
    “I love you bro” Super said.
    “I love you too sis” You say.
    Briny brad and Director D take her away.
    You start crying.
    You wake up.
    (to be continued)

  17. Young Flame says:

    You look around and the dream becomes a reality. Then Young Flame walks out of the woods. She looks a little better than she did when you last saw her.
    “Um. They have all of the family except me, you, and Lucky,” she says, but her hand flies to her mouth.
    “Who’s Lucky? And they got Red? Mighty? I thought Mighty was being protected my Mews!!!” you say.
    “Yes, they somehow bypasses Mews. I don’t know where Red Rock was hiding, but I know they’ve got her,” Young Flame says sadly.
    “WHAT!!!” you shout. Then you realize she left one question unanswered. “Who’s Lucky?” you ask quietly.
    Young hangs her head. “Lucky Snowball is our older brother,” she mutters.
    “What! And you felt the need to keep this from me!!!! How many children did Mom have?” you say and count them. Super, you, Red, Mighty, Young, and Lucky equals 6. Wow.
    “JJ, I’m sorry,” Young pleads.
    “No, Young. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I ever trusted you. If you keep the fact I have a brother that I need to protect, than I’m not sure if I can trust you!” you say. You don’t feel as angry as you feel let down.
    “JJ-” Young pleads and looks at you.
    “Forget it. I have people to save,” and with that, you march off.

  18. Sticky Clown,Poptropical Explorer and Strange Cat says:

    Then you tell Super what happened in your dream. “Oh,you just had a nightmare,JJ.What we really have to worry about is E.Vile,Popular,and Cumulo Nimbus.” “Speaking of the latter…”,another voice says. You look around and see Cumulo holding Hopper,whom you haven’t seen since you came in the temple.

    “Anyone moves,and he’ll feel my thunderbolts.” “You sent us that tornado when we were trying to reach Thinknoodles earlier!”,you suddenly recall. “Quite marvellous,wasn’t it?”,Nimbus says.”Now,I’m taking him hostage to my fortress.No one move.” And a gigantic air balloon comes and he jumps into it with Hopper,and sails away.”We’ve got to rescue him!”,you say.

    So you jump in your blimp and follow them.

  19. super grape says:

    (continued from strange)
    You reach the fortress.
    But it’s surrounded by Cumulo’s minions.
    “JJ I’ll get them to chase me meanwhile you rescue Hopper” Super said.
    “Super no it’s too-” You say.
    But Super goes up to the minions.
    “Hey freaks come and get me!” Super said.
    Super runs away.
    The minions chase after her.
    You go inside the fortress.
    (to be continued)

  20. Sticky Clown,Poptropical Explorer and Strange Cat says:

    You go into the ship and find Cumulo holding Hopper and a person you guess must be Lucky Snowball,your brother. “Let them go,Dr.Nincompoop.” “Never!I,Dr.Cumulo Nimbus have finally captured these two and I won’t let them go!You’ll feel my thunder if you don’t leave now!” “You pretended to be Zeus whenever I saw you as him.RJ is actually working for you!”,you say.

    Cumulo looks frustrated,then he thinks. “Of course,of course.Why didn’t I think of it before?The boy still hasn’t the weapon….AHA!RJ!” RJ hops out of nowhere.”Sir,we have found Super Grape outside the fortress.” “Ah,yes.Now,take Jumper here,along with Hopper and Snowball too to the dungeons.” You meet Super in the dungeons.For some reason,Zlato is also there.

    “JJ!Hopper!There you are.But who’s this boy?” You tell her about what Young told you. Super gasps.She turns to Lucky.”Why didn’t Young tell us about you earlier?And is anyone else in the family?” His eyes gleam. “Yes,there are two more children.One is my twin sister,Rough Lion,or as she likes to call herself,Nameless Undefined.Currently she is elsewhere in Spy Island.”

    “But who’s the second one?!”,you ask.”It is the twin of Mighty Tornado,”,he says,with a desire to show who it is.”Little Hopper.” Everyone except Zlato gasps. “That means you’re my brother!”,you say.”And Clean’s my cousin!’ There is a short silence. “Are you sure that’s it?Eight siblings in all?” “Well,no actually.Our mother had ten siblings,but I’m not sure who they were.”

  21. Super Grape says:

    (continued from strange)
    “Guys can we just focus on finding a way out of hare?” Hopper said.
    You notice Super is feeling the well.
    “Super what are you doing?” You say.
    “Feeling for a secret passage” Super said.
    You shake your head.
    “Super that’s ridiculous” You say.
    Then Super touches a stone and it fells out.
    The wall opens.
    “Well I stand corrected” You say.
    “Come on let’s see where it leads” Hopper said.
    (to be continued)

  22. super grape says:

    (Continued from myself)
    Yell walk down the secret passage.
    It takes yell out of the fortress.
    “Glad were out of there ” Hopper said.
    “Let’s go back to Clean’s place” You say.
    So yell go back to Clean’s place but E.vile is standing in front of the door.
    “What do you want?” You say.
    “I want to talk to your sister alone” E.vile said.
    So you go inside the house.

    Meanwhile outside
    “Why can’t you just leave us alone?” Super said.
    “Now Super I just came to give you an offer join me!” E.vile said.
    “Why should I join you?” Super said.
    “Oh super don’t you remember that earlier hopper wished you away he never even apologized” E.vile said.
    Super stood frozen.
    “Think about it Super” E.vile said.
    E.vile leaves.
    (to be continued)

  23. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    You enter the passage along with Hopper,Zlato,Super and Lucky.But when you come out,you know you’ve gone from the frying pan into the fire,because you know where you are.At the Batfang’s castle in Vampire’s Curse Island.You hear a low murmur,”Ah,there you are,my old friends.” You look around and see Bruce Batfang! “Uh-hmm…what a lovely surprise for us.Jumpy Jumper,your siblings and a goat.”

    “Uh….Zlato’s actually a ram.” “WHATEVER! I DON’T CARE!” “Uh….then what,Mr.Batfang?” “The point is,I want revenge! Revenge for you stealing Vampire blood from me!My bats and my assistant will kill you all,then Bathilda and I shall feast on your delicious,delicious blood.”He turns around. “Igor!Where are you!We have some guests for dinner here!” “How tasty will they be,master?”,a voice comes.

    “Never you mind!”,Bruce snaps. “Get my bats and kill these fools here.” A hunchback with a horrible smell comes. He goes towards Zlato and runs his finger through him. “Mmm…goat meat….how tasty would he be-OW!” You realize that Zlato has bit Igor! Igor slouches,and suddenly,his legs,arms and face seem to get hairy. Horns seem to grow on him.Bruce wails.

    “Igor,what has that foolish goat done to you!You’re turning into-” “What on earth is that!”,Hopper shouts. Now Igor had the torso and hands of a human,but the rest looks just like a ram! “He’s a were-ram!What have you done to him,you fools?!” You try hard not to laugh.A were-ram? Then Bruce snaps his fingers and Zlato is thrown across the room.You gasp and run to him and check his pulse.He seems okay,but a little too damaged.

    Suddenly,you hear bleat that seems to weaken you-and it’s not from Zlato.Igor the were-ram seems to get and bleat.While it weakens you,it seems to strengthen him. He picks your sibling,one by one,and throws them down. “Now…who shall we feast on?” He looks towards you. Bruce nods.Igor charges towards you his fist in midair motion,his horns ready to rupture,and by now Zlato and your siblings are too weak to help you.

  24. Clean Shark, News Reporter says:

    (Continued from Sticky/Strange) Clean suddenly throws his glasses at Igor! “YOOWW!!” he screams with broken glass stuck right in his heart. Bruce yells, “You id- Ooh! Blood! Yum!” then he starts feasting on Igor. While he’s doing that, you all escape. While in the blimp, you ask Clean, “Are you going to be okay without glasses?” “Oh, don’t worry, that was just my old pair.” Clean says, then he pulls out a pair of dark blue glasses. Suddenly, you find he fortress of CNN. (To be Continued)

  25. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    You enter the fortress and come into the main place. You come in and see a lot of news reporters. There is a camera crew focusing on a man who’s holding some notes. He starts to say,”Welcome to CNN,we are back with some more news about the Bert Goldberg conspiracy…” “Oh no!”,you groan. “This isn’t CNC,Cumulo Nimbus’s lair,this is CNN,the news channel!” (And yeah,Clean,I know what you really meant,I just had to put this x3 )

    You all groan and get back to the blimp.There you see Bathilda Batfang waiting with a bandaged Igor! “ah,there they are,Igor!”,she says,her eyes gleaming with fury. “Get them!” Igor charges,his fists ready to batter,and horns ready to rupture.Clean throws his glasses again at his chest,and Igor groans.You all run into the blimp and take off,but not before hearing Bathilda shout,”Regenerate,Igor,regenerate!”

    While flying,you hear a weakening bleat that gets stronger by the moment.But the thing which bleats isn’t weakened,it’s bleat is weakening you instead. “Clean,we’ve got to get you some glasses from Strange’s shop.” “Okay.”,he says. You stop at Strange’s shop. When you get there,he says,”Ah,JJ!What do you want” “I need some glasses for Clean,please.” “Okay then.Now,where are they…?”

    You suddenly realize that Zlato is missing. “Er…Super,please purchase the glasses for me,will you?” And you jump in the blimp and head over to where Igor and Bathilda are.

  26. super grape says:

    (Continued from strange)
    You find Zlato.
    “Not so fast” Bathilda said,
    Zalto stuns Igor and Bathilda.
    They fell uncounius.
    You go back to strange’s shop but it’s a mess and Super and strange are missing!

    Meanwhile in E.vile’s top secret lair.
    “Let us go!” Strange said.
    Guards hold Strange and Super.
    E.vile comes in with a ray,
    “What is that?” Strange said.
    “It’s my evil ray one blast and you’ll turn evil” E.vile said.
    E.vile shoots them with the ray.
    E.vile gives strange the ray.
    “Now find Jumper and shoot him with it” E.vile said.
    (to be continued)

  27. Clean Shark, News Reporter says:

    (This story has gotten super repetitive lately, Super gets kidnapped by E. Vile, he tells her to defeat Jumpy, she turns good, then all over again.)

  28. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    Suddenly,Strange trips and hits all the mind-controlling equipment E.Vile has,and un-mindcontrols him and Super! Strange simply teleports away,but forgets Super on the way.E.Vile’s robots crowd her and imprison her. “No!No!NO!You’re not getting away with this!”,she shouts,but no one hears her.

    Meanwhile,you look through Strange’s shop.Suddenly you find Clean and your siblings tied up!When you untie them,Hopper says,”E.Vile’s robots invaded the place and took Strange and Super!” “Not all,though,”,a familiar voice says.You look behind and see Strange! Her simply looks behind and gasps. “Oh,no,they broke all my glasses!”

    Clean groans. “Well,no glasses for me for now.”

  29. super grape says:

    (Continued from strange)
    “Uh Strange where’s Super?” You say.
    “Oh no! I left her back at E.vile’s lair!” Strange said.
    “What! come on we got to rescue her!” You say.
    So Yell teleport to E.vile’s lair.
    You find Super in a cage.
    “Super are you alright?” You say.
    “Yeah Popular has the key you need to find a way to get it from him” Super said.
    (to be continued)

  30. Young Flame says:

    You get the find Popular. You’re about to free Super when E. Vile stops you. Long story short, you fight him and get trapped in a cage. Then the walls burst open. Lucky, Young, Red, Mighty, and three other kids come in.
    “Lucky! You’ve come to save us! Wait. Who are those three kids?” you ask.
    “You know how I said you had unknown siblings? Well, here they are,” Lucky says.
    There’s a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. He’s wearing a simple grey t-shirt and jeans and his neat/messy hair is covered with a cap. He introduces himself as White Dragon. There’s also a girl with wavy brown hair and sharp green eyes. She’s wearing her hair in a ponytail and she has on a blue and white dress with blue leggings. She topped it off with silver bangles on her wrist, a gold locket and matching gold headband. She introduced herself as Fearless Shadow. The last sibling was hiding in the shadows. You can’t see her very well, and she doesn’t introduce herself. Another long story short, they fight, they free you, and your huge family flees to a Charlie and the Chocolate Island.

  31. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    Suddenly,a wind blows you away from the island!You try to control it,but the blimp explodes and you fall unconscious.When you wake up,you are on an abandoned island,with no one else.You guess that your siblings and Zlato must have landed on another island.And what’s more,you think,Strange and Clean seem to have disappeared!You see a small hut southwest.By the signs of it,it seems abandoned.

    You realize you may have to spend your time gathering materials for your new hut.You look inside.There seem to be some food there,a bed,a chair and table,some water containers,a locked casket on top of an empty cupboard,and a wine barrel.It still seems pretty empty,though.It seems as if the person who lived here died about a month ago.You wonder what to do next.

    Meanwhile,in another uninhabited island,your siblings and Zlato wake up.They look around.There seems no sign of anything. “Look!”,White shouts. They look and see the remains of the blimp. “We should go and get some survival things which made it through the crash!” They all swim towards it,and with all their might,they manage to take out most of the things which made it.

    They come back to shore and see the materials. “Hmm…”,Fearless Shadow says,”There’s food and water for us,a cloth a few pieces of furniture and…this?” She pulls out a book. She gasps. “This is mom’s super secret other journal!” Everyone gasps.Zlato bleats. They all look into the book.They scroll through most of it. Suddenly,the unnamed girl looks grim. “You may want to see this.” “What is it?”,Lucky asks. Young takes it and reads.It says…

  32. super grape says:

    (continued from strange)
    September 15th 1999
    dear journal today I sneaked into a witch’s garden I was trying to get some cabbage because I was broke and I know the witch would not share it because she was selfish.
    However it was a decision that I now regret.
    I got caught and the witch got angry.
    The witch said that on the 15th of September of 2013 She would turn one of my kids evil.
    She didn’t say witch one but she said it would be the one who was pure of heart that she would turn evil.
    But I don’t know what pure of heart means.
    She also said that the only way to brake the spell was to have the oldest kid dunk them in water.
    After reading your siblings gasp.
    “Wait I hared that pure of heart means one who is heroic and risks there life’s for others are any of us like that?” Super said.
    They think for a minute and then gasp.
    “Come on we got to find jumper!” Hopper said.

    Meanwhile you wonder what to do.
    Then suddenly a witch appears!
    “Who are you?” You say.
    “My name is Marline and a long time ago I told your mother I would turn the kid who was pure of heart evil but I didn’t say that I would also make them my servant and clearly you must be the one who’s pure of heart” Marline said.
    Marline points her finger at you.
    “Rain of darkness! Ravens of black! Make him evil and my servant!” Marline said.
    You fall under her spell.
    “Command, mistress?” You say.
    (To be continued)

  33. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    She suddenly realizes that it HAS happened! “I wish we could rescue him.”,she thinks.She and her siblings are in distress.Meanwhile,Marline replies,”Fetch me these ingredients.I need these for my potions.” She gives you a list.

  34. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    Suddenly,something in your mind malfunctions,and you tear the list. Marline scowls. “Disobey me,will you,minion?Then die!” She puts a spell on you. “Now,grimness of the graveyard and seagull of the sea,vaporize this person for me!” Suddenly,she vaporizes into dust. “Jumpy Jumper,”a new voice says.

    You look behind and see Poppus Tropicana! The unnamed girl sibling of yours comes out of nowhere and dunks you in water,then disappears. “I’m sorry that I couldn’t let your siblings be with you,but…well,it is as fate decided it to be.That is all I will say about that.Now,about what happened just now.”,PT says.

    “Meaning?” “The way you resisted Marline. You just have obtained the greatest thing a hero can have.A Heroism Aura.You are now invulnerable to fire,poison,mind-control,and chilliness.Use this weapon well for my test,Jumpy.” “Test?What test?” “This island is a test,JJ.Do not worry,your siblings and Zlato are fine.I provided them shelter.

    This is the island of survival ,JJ. I have put quite a dangerous island here.If you were in a similar situation after this,you would be quite prepared. So,JJ,stay here on this island for a month.Show me how you survive.There is lush beauty and basic things on this island.Yes,I admit it. But,in the night,the dangerous creatures come out of their caves.

    You will have to defend yourself against them until you put defending machines.Aftet a month.I will come and take you to your siblings and Zlato,and open the box for you.Till then,goodbye,JJ.”,and she disappears.So you think of a way of survivng.

    (Okay guys,please do as instructed.For the next 30 days,JJ will survive here till PT comes and picks him up. Till then,the next few parts will be describing how he survives on the island and defends himself,and possibly comes across a few interesting finds.Thank you very much.Oh,and Strange asks if you could put a cameo for a minor character.


  35. Young Flame says:

    Meanwhile, back where your sibling are…..
    Young Flame is worried. She’s scared, and to be honest, a little freaked out. That unnamed sibling of hers isn’t talking. Like, at all. She just sits there, reading some book. One night, when everyone else is asleep, Young is keeping watch and the sibling (S for short) is reading. She catches Young staring at her.
    “I’m sorry. Am I freaking you out? At my house, mother used to tell me to ‘interact with more people’ and ‘stop creeping people out'”, she said using air quotes. She had a normal voice, but it was very forgettable. Young studied her face very hard. She looked away and right away she realized that she couldn’t remember a single feature. Not her hair color, nor skin color. She couldn’t even remember what clothes she was wearing! Young turned back. She decided that S was something she had always wanted to be. A chameleon. Not the lizard. A chameleon is someone with forgettable features that can easily get lost in a crowd, or an empty place. They blend into shadows better than the shadows!
    “Um, what’s that book your reading?” Young asked.
    S looked at her book and hugged it to her chest. “My name is Bronze Comet,” she said like she was trying to change the subject.
    “I know, but I want to know what book your reading,” Young pressed, even though she didn’t know.
    Reluctantly, Bronze Comet turned her book and showed the cover. Young gasped. It was a book she knew well. The cover read….

  36. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    It was PopTopics- Mythology! “Wow!” Bronze nodded. “It’s just that…you know…”,her voice faltered.”What?” “The gods….not just the Olympians,Young.They are….well,immortal.” “So?” “Well….this reminds me of heroes.” “What about them?” “They keep….dieing,trying to save the world.And villains…they are more powerful.Every dead hero so far,I think,has been killed by a villain.Will…JJ…”,he voice faltered again.

    Young patted her. “There,there,Bronze.I’m sure they are only myths.” Bronze closed the book,lay down,and looked into the stars. “I hope so…” She closed her eyes,and soon Young did the same.

    (This reminds me so much of Lion King!)

  37. Young Flame says:

    Meanwhile, back with JJ-
    You realize that you are in Minecraft. You made yourself a diamond sword but you are close to being exploded by Creepers and shot by skeletons. A skeleton come up on a spider and [ulls back to bow for the final shot…

  38. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    It misses.You take the arrow and pierce in the spider’s eyes. It hisses and it runs all over the place and falls off. You suddenly portal out of Minecraft (And now,let’s concentrate on JJ’s island of survival.Please,no teleporting elsewhere) and land in the cottage.You start and look for materials to help hold down your house before night.

  39. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    You start to sleep,then you hear a thudding noise.You see a vulture tapping on your window.And outside,there is a pack of them.Suddenly,you have a brainwave.You take a cup,fill it with wine from the barrel,and throw it outside. The vultures smell it,and drink it,until they become drunk and fall asleep.You also go to bed.

    The next morning.You wake up and decide to explore.You put on an explorer outfit that Strange gave you,and start to explore the island.

  40. super grape says:

    (Continued from strange)
    You explore for a while and find a cave.
    You remember that Poppus Tropicana said something about creatures being in the caves.
    You wonder what kind of creatures cloud be in them.
    So you go into the cave.
    (to be continued)

  41. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    You hear snoring as you go deep into the cave.You see skulls and skeletons of dead humans and animals around.A sign stays above saying,”DO NOT ENTER:Lion inside is heavily dangerous and almost invulnerable.It is the ___ lion.” You can’t see what tpe it says there.But you enter anyway. There you see the most ferocious looking lion ever seen on earth.

    It’s nose suddenly sniffs,and it wakes up.Suddenly the sign lights up as bit more and you realize you shouldn’t have gone in.

    This is the cave of the Nemean lion.

  42. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    The Nemean Lion comes closer towards you.You start to slowly back away.Then you start to run. The lion chases after you,not wanting to give up pursuit. You take a bow and shoot and arrow at it’s thigh,but it seems to be immune. It suddenly roars ferociously,a roar that sends a chill up your spine.You look and see a a wooden arrow.It’s hanging upon a tree.

    You go in it’s direction,nearly petrified with fright,as if Medusa gazed into you.You see a palace in ruins. You enter it. It seems as if there might be something important here.You only have to get rid of the ferocious feline behind you.Only problem-it seems immune to everything. You run into the darkness of the ruined palace,hoping to hide somewhere.

  43. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    Or you hope that would happen,but the lion seems to be immune in every body part. It sees you in the distance. It runs towards you.You regret even going to the cave. It pounces on you and starts to tear off your flesh,when you kick it it in the stomach. The lion moves back slightly,but you have only minorly hurt it. It roars angrily and chases you.

    You run up some stairs,and accidentally trip. The lion comes towards you,but suddenly it stops and sniffs the air. It seems as if it feels as if there is an even more evil presence in the room. It suddenly whimpers and runs back down the stairs. You wonder what that was about,but you start to explore the palace.

  44. Young Flame says:

    A girl comes out. She looks like a ragamuffin (Look it up).
    “Please. Help me. That lion. He keeps trying to kill me. I’m only just defending myself. Kill him for me and bring me back his skin,” she says with puppy dog eyes.
    You nod and run out. You find the lion just outside the house. You use your cornucopia that you got earlier to conjure raw meat for the lion. While he’s distracted, you cut off one of his claws. When he turns to you, he opens his mouth to bite. Before he gets a chance, you stab him in the mouth. He disintegrates. All that’s left is his skin and the claw. You run back to the girl and give her your spoils of war.
    “Thank you, JJ. By the way, my name is Icy Comet,” she says.
    “Wait. How do you know my name?” you ask.

  45. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from young)
    “Oh everyone has pretty much hared of you see you later” Icy said.
    Icy leaves.
    You go back to your hut.
    You look in your backpack and find Young’s journal!.
    How did that get in there? You wonder.
    You open the journal it reads:
    (To be continued)

  46. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    Dear Journal,

    The ground started shaking this evening. I was sure it was just an earthquake, so when the girls started to wake up, I just made them lie down again. I waited for it to pass, but it didn’t. I looked up and saw…

    A girl?

    “Um, hi,” I said. “Who are you?”

    “Oh, I’m sorry. My name is Icy Comet. I stumbled on this island. I was just roaming, hoping to find someone. I’m just so lonely and I needed someone to be with. Can I join your little group?” the girl asked with an innocent smile. Her smile was a little too phony, but I decided to put that aside.

    “Um. Well, we are having a hard time coping. We can’t find a lot of food and water,” I replied.

    “Oh, I’m great in the wild. I know all the little secrets!’ Icy said.

    “Great! You’re in! These are my sisters, Red Rock and Mighty Tornado,” I said, pointing to them. “I have first watch. You get some rest.”

    “Ok. Thanks!” she said with an icy smile that I didn’t think of until now.

    Icy Comet??You suddenly remember that you’ve seen the girl before-at Hopper’s cabin,untying you.She was actually evil. And the same one-at the palace…you hear a rustling in the bushes,and look around,but there’s no one there.You start to feel paranoid.

  47. Young Flame says:

    Then you black out. When you come to, you are in a dark room. There’s food (though not much), dirty water, and a calendar. You look at the date circled and realize it’s been a month. You wait and finally fall asleep you have a dream that you can tell is in real time. You see Poppus Tropicana talking to someone. You look closer and realize it’s the unnamed sibling (remember, JJ never heard her name, so he doesn’t know).
    “I’m sorry! I looked everywhere for him. I’m really worried! I thought he would be able to overcome Icy,” PT says.
    “The girl’s name is ICY! I don’t know if you know, but ice FREEZES everything in it’s path when the power is in the wrong hands. I’ve been in the girl’s path before and I just barely escaped. I could sense some sort of deep power in her, like someone had given her a gift over ice. I don’t know. i just know that Young met her and things didn’t end well for either of them, I met her and I’m still traumatized, and now JJ’s meeting her. I don’t want to think of the possible outcome,” S said half shouting with more than a little stress in her voice. You wonder why she’s so protective over you. You’ve never seen her before in you life (besides when JJ saw her with E. Vile).
    “Why are you so protecive of him?” PT asks.
    That’s when you get your answer.

  48. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    But you don’t get to hear it,because you wake up suddenly. “Wake up,Young Fool.” You see Icy Comet. “My master,the owner of the palace you hid in,wants to see you.” “Where are we?” “In his home.” “The palace?” “No,his true home.” You don’t get more information out of her,so you follow.She takes you to her master’s room.

    A smirk comes and a figure appears.He wears a turban on his head,and where is legs should be,there is mist.The necklace he wears seems to possess a burning power,and in his four hands there are golden swords. You realize who he is. “You’re…you’re…a genie!” He smirks. “That I am,Young and foolish one.I found Icy here seeking a path of greater evil,and I gave her that.”

    “The power of controlling Ice.” His eyes lower. “How do you know that?” “I had a dream.” “Oh.” “Anyway,you were trespassing on my wonderful palace without permission.Not only that,Icy has met you before.” “What about the other Icy Comet?” “Oh,she?She’s still exploring that island,for all I care.And now,I shall punish you.” “Wait,wait,who are you?”

    He seems to sneer. “I am the king of genies.” “Your name?” “I am the great Shaitan. I shall provide freedom to all genies by making the foolish humankind work for us,instead of them asking us for some silly wishes of their own desires in their small,small brain. And now,fool,look into my necklace bead.. Icy is holding you tight. Do not try to escape,otherwise you shall be killed.”

    So you look into the immolating eye-beam of Shaitan’s necklace,and suddenly,in the very home (or is it a genie lamp?) of Shaitan,a Fortune Reversal occurs.

  49. super grape says:

    (Continued from young)
    “I’m worried that something bad is goona happen to him” S said.
    “That’s ridicules why would something bad happen to jj?” Pt. asks.
    Then Super comes in the dream.
    “Guys I just had a dream that jj was captured by Icy comet!”-Super said.
    “Say what?” Pt. asks.
    “I’ve been having a lot of dreams lately in one of them I found out that Icy comet is working for E.vile!” Super said.
    “This is bad you got to take us that island JJ cloud be in trouble” S said.
    You wake up.
    (To be continued)

  50. Young Flame says:

    The next day, you just wait for something to happen. Nothing does. The next night, you have another dream. You see S again, but she seems to know that you’re there. You explain that you saw what happened the last night via dream. She understands,
    “JJ, can we talk?” she asks after you’re done talking.
    “Sure but first, I want to ask you something. Last night, you never really answered PT. Why are you so protective of me?” you ask.
    “JJ, really-” she starts.
    “No. Tell me!” you interrupt, your voice rising.
    “Fine, but promise you won’t tell anyone. Especially Icy,” S says urgently.
    “Tell me!” you plead.
    “JJ, promise!” S pleads, half shouting half crying.
    “Fine, I promise.”
    “Thank you. A long time ago I met up with Icy. She told me that she had the power over ice. She could tell that I could control just about anything else. She said we could make a good team. She said we could work together to fight E. Vile. I was stupid. I din’t see the signs. Looking back, I can tell she was lying. I see the E on her forearm, but back then, I was ignorant. We did everything together. We were like sisters. Finally, I told her about my mom. Our mom. Her face darkened and she said I had to come with her. She led me to dad. He had a bone to pick with me because on Mom. Icy betrayed me because of my mother and my powers. I can tell you have the same powers. I don’t want her betraying you, or E. Vile will become all powerful,” S said sadly.
    “Wow,” you mutter.
    “JJ, I have something I want to tell you,” she says. She opens her mouth to start talking when something happens. She starts shrieking. Blood spatters where her face used to be. You wake up.
    Icy walks in.
    “I’ve heard what you did to my sister,” you growl despite what S said.
    “Oh, Bronze Comet finally came clean with her brother, did she? Dad’s not going to be happy,” Icy says coldly.
    “Dad. Who’s your dad?”
    “Little Jumper?”
    “WHAT!” you shriek?
    “Surprise, JJ! I’m your sister!”

  51. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    “How many siblings can a woman have?!” “Oh,who knows?She had,what,twenty? Anyway,my master wants to see you.My other master,whose palace you invaded.” “Your what?!You betrayed-” “Treachery.Get used to it.” She takes you to her master’s room.

    A smirk comes and a figure appears.He wears a turban on his head,and where is legs should be,there is mist.The necklace he wears seems to possess a burning power,and in his four hands there are golden swords. You realize who he is. “You’re…you’re…a genie!” He smirks. “That I am,Young and foolish one.I found Icy here seeking a path of greater evil,and I gave her that.”

    “The power of controlling Ice.” His eyes lower. “How do you know that?” “I had a dream.” “Oh.” “Anyway,you were trespassing on my wonderful palace without permission.Not only that,Icy has met you before.” “What about the other Icy Comet?” “Oh,she?She’s still exploring that island,for all I care.And now,I shall punish you.” “Wait,wait,who are you?”

    He seems to sneer. “I am the king of genies.” “Your name?” “I am the great Shaitan. I shall provide freedom to all genies by making the foolish humankind work for us,instead of them asking us for some silly wishes of their own desires in their small,small brain. And now,fool,look into my necklace bead.. Icy is holding you tight. Do not try to escape,otherwise you shall be killed.”

    So you look into the immolating eye-beam of Shaitan’s necklace,and suddenly,in the very home (or is it a genie lamp?) of Shaitan,a Fortune Reversal occurs.

  52. Young Flame says:

    Then you wake up after your horrible nightmare. You look at you Ongoing Story book. You read Young Flame’s last entry (besides the one she’s typing now) and think it;s interesting how accurate it is. Then it happens in real life.
    “Surprise, JJ! I’m your sister!”
    (Strange, please let go of the genie thing-a-majig, please. It’s confusing me.)

  53. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    Before you can do anything,a portal sucks you up! You wake up in an island,which seems like nothing you have ever seen before.It’s not in idea mode,that is for sure. Suddenly,a voice from near the shore shouts, “Hey,you there! Who are you and why are you here?!” “Uh…I’m Jumpy Jumper…and I washed up here on this-”

    “Ha!Washed up indeed! You aren’t on the shore!” A Poptropican comes up from near a structure. You can’t exactly describe him,so you draw a picture of him to yourself. (http://poptropicanawesomeness.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/chiefoftheislandshaggycrown.jpg for you guys). He suddenly looks at you in a curious way. “You said your name was Jumpy Jumper?”

    “Uh,yes sir.” “Then come with me. My name’s Shaggy Crown. Call me SC for short.” “Uh,yes sir.” His initials seem familiar. Where have you heard it last,you can’t remember. “Come with me.” “Yes,Mr.Crown.” He takes you to a small house. “This is my home. Neat,eh?” “Uh,yes sir. Are we in Poptropica sir?Poptropica,the online internet game?”

    “Yes and no.” “Uh…” “Yes,you are in Poptropica.No,we aren’t in the online internet game.” “Then…” “We are in Poptropica:Forgotten Islands-the iOS app.” “iOS? But I was playing-” “Ah,that explains it,then. You see,there is an ancient race of Poptropicans. They are the Mabaya.They detest us modern mainland Poptropicans.” Shaggy takes a casket.

    “In this casket,Jumpy,are the six ancient artifacts. The Mabaya claim to own them. Some people have managed to get them somehow. They are the ones archaeologists try to track. Some of them are tribal chieftains,some are mayors of minor towns,and some artifacts are buried with nature in her brightest forms. I have managed to track these and store them here.”

    “So,the Mabaya are angry with me. They claim to own the artifacts. I am going to sell these to the museum,far away,where they truly belong two days later. But Mzimuni,the leader of the Mabaya,has an excellent plan. She plans to bring you young fellows to me or nearby islands,using her rift powers. The Mabaya can easily sniff modern Poptropicans,so they can track me down.

    “You wouldn’t believe how many fellows I had to take away to some other island so that Mzimuni wouldn’t get me.” “Uh,huh.”,you say. You look around. Something seems familiar about Shaggy Crown,and his personality. He seems to have recognized you by your name. You wonder what to do. “So now what?”

    “Well,for starters,JJ,I have good news for you.” “What?” “That you do not have to worry about me. This is only me,JJ,in my Poptropica:Forgotten Islands account. I am different looking here,but I can temporarily show you my true form.” Then for a moment you see a different person in Shaggy’s face-someone with lighter glasses,a green jacket,lighter skin,orangish hair,and a pair of scissors instead of a spear.

    Then you see Shaggy Crown. “So,no worries now,eh,JJ?”,he says. “No,I don’t think I’m going to have too much suspicion about you,Strange.”

  54. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from Strange)
    “Well I do admit this place is nice but I have to get out of hare Isn’t there a way out of hare?” You say.
    “Not that I can think of right now but you can stay in my home until I figure out how to send you back” Shaggy said.
    So you go into his house.
    You get out photos of your siblings.
    Then you look at Super’s photo then suddenly the photo started to glow!
    “Strange you might want to see this!” You see.
    Shaggy comes in.
    “What is it?” Shaggy said.
    “Why is the photo glowing like that?” You say.
    (To be continued)

  55. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    Suddenly the photo burns! “What was that?!” “I have no idea myself,JJ.” SC says. You sit on a wooden chair,not knowing what to do. “Anyway,Shaggy/Strange,how did you escape E.Vile in his super secret lair along with Clean?” Hie frowns. “We didn’t.” “Then how are you here?!” “This is in another gaming platform,JJ.I am free here-for now.”

    Suddenly the door opens,revealing 2 identical girl Poptropicans. “Ah,here they are.”,Shaggy/Strange says. He turns to you. “My friends,the twins,Blue Tooth and Angry Bird. I knew they would come as soon as I found you.” He turns to the twins. “He’s here. I’ll leave you to him.” He gets up and walks away. The twins approach you.

    “Well,hello,JJ. It’s been quite some time.”,one says. “Yes. Glad to see you again.”,the other says. “Had some candy lately?” “Blue!”,says the one you think is Angry Bird. “What?”,Blue Tooth asks. “Nothing,”,Angry sighs. “The point is,JJ,that the Mabaya have traced you here. They’ll be arriving shortly.” “We have to rescue you from them.” Suddenly they join together for a moment,forming one Poptropican.

    “Aunt Slanted Fish?!” “Yes,JJ,it’s us.I mean me. I have a lot of trouble keeping track of 2 of my iOS accounts.” Then she forms back into Blue Tooth and Angry Bird “Well,you see JJ,I have learnt something important.It’s about Super.You see-” Suddenly an ancient,rustic voice shouts, “Come out there,fools!I have finally captured you! I have the house surrounded,so give me that casket!”

    Shaggy/Strange suddenly comes. “It’s Mzimuni! She herself is leading the Mabaya! The casket! She wants the artifacts! Run! Hurry to the blimp!” He rushes outside a back door,with you and the twins/Fishy following. He runs into a blimp,and takes hold of a navigation wheel. “Hurry!” You see Poptropicans with dark skins dressed in leopard skin and holding spears dash towards you.

    You guess those are the Mabaya. Mzimuni is easy to spot. She is the only one with any hair at all.She wears a mysterious brown cloak. She also wears lipstick. But this is no time for appearances,so your run to Shaggy’s blimp. But the blimp is lifting,and you aren’t in it! The twins look at you with despair,while Shaggy is navigating the blimp southwest.

    You try and catch hold of the blimp,but you fail. The Mabaya hold you. Mzimuni comes. “Where are the artifacts?”,she growls. “In the blimp,”you confidentially say. “You’re the only one captured,and the artifacts are with them?Ugh.I pay my minions far more than they deserve.” But then she smiles. “But never mind. I have plans with you,at least.”

  56. Fast Fire says:

    You touch the picture, and your finger starts glowing! You try to wipe it of on a handkerchief, but even that starts glowing!
    “Oh, dear..” Shaggy says.
    (SC, if you don’t talk like this, I’m sorry.)

  57. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from strange)
    The Mabaya take you to their lair.
    They put you in a cage.
    You wonder what Slanted fish was about to say about Super.
    I hope she’s alright You thought.
    You set down not knowing what to do.
    (To be continued)

  58. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    A Mabaya comes and throws a bowl of food near your cage.You take it and eat it.Meanwhile,back in the island that your siblings and Zlato are in…

    Poppus Tropicana appears! “Have a lead yet,Poppy?”,asks White Dragon. “Yes,I do.” Suddenly the siblings stand up. Zlato bleats. “I have been able to sense his presence on an island far away.” “Where is it?!” “You can’t reach it.” “What do you mean?Of course we can!” “Then you must have an iOS device.” There is silence. No one has one.But back at E.Vile’s lair…

    Clean and Strange are imprisoned in separate cages. “Strange,”,Clean sighs,”do you have to keep playing on that iOS of yours all the time,with that account of yours,Shaggy Crown?” “Look,Clean.I have news.” He narrates about the fact that he has found you to about the visit from Slanted Fish’s accounts,to the attack by the Mabaya. “What?Really?”

    “Really.We have reached one of the Flotsam Islands.Mayor Eastman and I know each other.He is sure to offer us protection there from the Mabaya. Till then…oh look,I have a mail today!” And he stops talking.Clean sighs and continues to look out of his cage.But while they are distracted with their own things,they barely noticed they are being overheard by Bionic Hopper…

  59. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from strange)
    Bionic goes over to E.vile.
    “Sir I have interesting news” Bionic said.
    Bionic whispers what her overheard.
    E.vile smiles.
    “At the right moment snatch that IOS from strange” E.vile said.

    Meanwhile You think of some ways to escape.
    You decide to rest.
    You fall asleep.
    When you wake up the cage is open.
    Someone must have unlocked it when I was asleep you think.
    You see a note.
    You pick it up.
    It reads: Enjoy your freedom – The Avenger.
    You decide to make a run for it.
    (To be continued)

  60. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from myself)
    You run out of the Mabaya lair.
    But the Mabaya chase you.
    Just when you were about to get caught again a rope is thrown to you.
    You climb it and enter a blimp.
    You see a figure.
    “Greetings JJ I’m the Avenger” Avenger said.
    “How do you know my name?” You say.
    “I’ve been reading that ongoing story thing now just sit tight and I’ll take you to strange” Avenger said.
    So the avenger takes you to strange.
    “Who are you really?” You say.
    “My identity is a secret” Avenger said.
    The Avenger leaves.
    Shaggy comes to you just as he is about to you for some reason he freezes.
    (To be continued)

  61. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    But then you realize that you are just seeing things.You ask Shaggy,”Where is my aunt?” “Oh,she’s in my blimp.Come,I’ll take you there.” Shaggy takes to to his blimp.”They’re in that room over there-you know,the place with those costumes.You can talk to them there. I’ll be steering the blimp to my home till then.Have a good time.Call me if you need anything.” So you go into the room where Blue Tooth and Angry Bird are.

  62. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    Meanwhile,in E.Vile’s fortress,Bionic comes closer to Strange and Clean’s cages. He comes to Strange. “Give me that iPad of yours there buddy!” “You’ll have to take it from me first,”,says Strange,who’s reading his mail. Clean knows that nothing,absolutely nothing can stop Strange from checking his mail,but he keeps quiet.

    Bionic tries to take away the iPad,but it’s as if Strange’s hands are part of the iPad herself! (yes,my iPad is a she) He gets angry,and he launches his weapon (the boxing glove on a string from the chest),but right then Strange puts his iPad down (he finished reading his mail) and holds his boxing glove. Bionic tries to pull himself back from him,but Strange is holding it too tight.

    Clean gets a idea. He takes a knife from his inventory and throws it and the string,which cuts it. Bionic falls back suddenly and explodes. Strange looks into Bionic’s boxing glove,and uses it to open the cage. He then opens Clean’s. “I’ll go to my shop in Zomberry now,and deal with a few costumers,along with using my iOS to find out more about Mzimuni’s plans,while you,Clean,look around here and try to find something interesting.”

    Strange disappears.

  63. PoptropicaLover says:

    (anyway this is mine:)
    however, Bionic regenerates as Strange leaves, and Clean yells.
    Clean is left in a cold, dark room with no air. or windows, while the door is locked.
    But when he almost dies, the Avenger arrives and and escapes with Clean.
    “Who are you?” he asks.
    the Avenger sighs. “I cannot hide it anymore….”
    “I AM THE BIONIC. I live two lives, and when a friend of JJ or JJ himself is in danger, I save him or her and transform.”
    But a light flashes and the Avenger disappears.
    (hope you liked it!)

  64. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    Clean wonders what that was all about. Suddenly Bionic Hopper shouts from behind,”There you are! How’d you escape!” Clean immediately runs. However,a big voice booms like a loudspeaker:

    “Robots,Clean Shark has escaped! Look out for this Mews Reporter!”

    This is obviously Bionic’s voice. But Clean manages to escape,and he sees a bottle with a letter in it. He takes it and hops into a blimp.Meanwhile,in Strange’s shop,Wild Monster comes. “Hi,Wild Monster? What can I do for you? Is it something the Pop Squad wants?” “Yes and no.” He whispers something to Strange. Strange replies…

  65. Young Flame says:

    Meanwhile, back where JJ the siblings are…
    “Ugh! Is there any way we can get off this island!!!!” Bronze Comet shouts.
    Everyone else is just sitting around. White Dragon looks like he wants to say something to Young Flame, but he just can’t bring himself to.
    “Doesn’t anyone else want to save JJ?” BC shouts.
    Everyone looks at her like she’s crazy.
    “Fine. I’ll save him myself. You are just a bunch of loons,” she shouts and stomps off.
    Finally, White walks over to Young.
    “Young, I’m sorry for what I did. That was years ago! I mean, come on. You’re mom had just died! You were stranded on an island! What else could I’ve done!” he says.
    “White, I know we really liked each other. I trusted you, though, and you broke that trust. We’ve already been over this. I’m sorry,” Young replies, her eyes filling with tears.
    “No, White. I already told you, it’s over,” she says and turns to everyone else. “JJ needs my help. You guys can can come with or stay here.”
    No one moves. Young Flame shrugs and sprints after Bronze.
    Later, after what seemed like hours of searching, Young and Bronze think they see something. They walk up, and get trapped!
    “HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP!” they shout, but it’s too late. No one can hear them.

    • Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

      (Hey Young? Can you tell me which comment I would have to start from to understand everyone that’s currently in the story? I read some of the first few, but I started getting SUPER confused… Actually, I know that you’re at school, so can anyone please tell me?

      ~~Nameless UnDEFiNed)

  66. super grape says:

    (continued from young)
    meanwhile Strange replies “Are you sure?” Wild nods.
    “Okay if your sure” Strange said.
    Strange gets a package and gives it to wild.
    Wild leaves.

    Meanwhile You talk to blue and angry.
    “Wait remember what you were about to tell me about Super?” You say.
    “Oh yeah you see she started glowing and then she vanished! I have no idea what happened to her but I have a feeling that it was bad” Blue said.
    “Well I hope you can find her” You say.
    (To be continued)

  67. PoptropicaLover says:

    Young wakes up in a cage in E. Vile’s lair. But the watchman is asleep and Young gets the key from his pocket. She creeps out, and frees Bronze.
    But the Bronze she freed was E. Vile’s minion in disguise! She screams, but the Avenger saves her again. He also frees JJ and the others and brings them to Clean and Strange.
    Meanwhile, Bronze was in the torture chamber, all tied up.
    There were only two things in there, a whip and a diary.
    She grasped for the diary, ’till her chains broke.
    She got the diary and there it said:
    Others-Water (Ice, Flood, Rain, dew, etc.)
    Bronze was amazed. They had powers! She quickly escaped and informed the others.
    But this was only E. Vile’s bait, who made the chains light.
    Back in his lair, he’s working out on a secret plan…

  68. PoptropicaLover says:

    But Bronze is also smart, and discovered E. Vile’s bait.
    She comes to him while he’s asleep, and grabs a jar of magic water that’ll make her and the others have powers.
    But she discovers they REALLY have powers.
    The next day…
    They all team up and wait outside the minions’ door.
    The minions come out, all ready to fight.
    The Poptropicans yell, “E.VILE, YOU’RE DOWN!!!”
    But you, JJ, faces a minion with the power of robbing powers. But you have thought of a plan how to keep all your powers safe. But it doesn’t work out, and your power is stolen…
    You go unconscious.

  69. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    But the other Poptropicans manage to face the robbing Poptropican and pin him down. Strange covers him in dirt. Suddenly,Young notices something,”Strange….I have two questions to ask you.” “Number one-do you know where JJ was?” Strange tells about the adventure in his iOS. “Oh.And a portal put him back here?” “Right,I guess.”

    “Number two.Where is the Pop Squad?” “Oh,that. Sorry I can’t tell you that,Young.They swore me to secrecy.It’s confidential.” Suddenly Zlato bleats angrily. “Look!”,someone says. “They’re getting away!” Young looks around. E.Vile,Popular,Cumulo Nimbus in his Red Panda Suit and 5 of E.Vile’s robots seem to be escaping! And they seem to-

    “They have JJ hostage!Along with a girl!Hey,wait a minute,that’s Super Grape,no?” Suddenly the Poptropicans,along with Young run. “And look there!”,Bronze shouts! A hunchback is running towards them in a different direction! He seems to have really good speed,and his legs and face seem strange! It’s as if they’re horns or something!” But Young knows who it is.

    It’s Igor.

  70. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from strange)
    Young and the other poptropican’s jump before Igor runs into them.
    Igor runs into a brink wall!
    “Come on we got to rescue JJ and Super!” Young said.

    Meanwhile in E.vile’s secret lair.
    Popular throws you and Super into separate cages.
    Popular leaves.
    “So where have you been?” Super said.
    “I’ve been in the IOS poptropica lost islands game” You say.
    “Your kidding! what was it like?” Super said.
    “Well let’s see I was captured by the Mabaya, and I met a guy who calls himself the Avenger” You say.
    “That sounds cool but who’s this Avenger guy?” Super said.
    “He comes whenever me or my friends are in trouble” You say.
    Super smiles.
    ‘You think he’ll come and save us?” Super said.
    You shrug.
    “Guess well just have to wait and see” You say.
    (to be continued)

  71. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    Meanwhile,Igor suddenly wakes up,and sees the brick wall. It has collapsed,but he fell unconscious because it sapped most of his strength. He continues through the wall and on and on. He soon comes to E.Vile’s lair and recognizes it.Unfortunately,he notices two other people in the distance so he hurries.

    Meanwhile,at E.Vile’s lair,you and Super get restless. Suddenly Super shouts,”Look there!” You look and see three old enemies: Igor,A Mabaya who is somehow in your online Poptropica,and the BAD agent that escaped with Director D that night you wanted to get a necklace for the scientist with the obsidian dust,all heading towards you.

    Suddenly your cages are unlocked. You look and see the Avenger. “Come,there’s no time!” You grab his hand and run out of the cage along with Super “Who are you anyway?” “It’s a secret,JJ.Now come along.” He turns and runs into a familiar shape. “Ah,there you are,”,Igor says. “Hey! My boss wants that guy!”,shouts the BAD agent.

    “Fools,”the Mabaya says,”this idiotic juvenile recently escaped our lair at the Wild Islands.My mistress wants him now.This mysterious person helped.” The BAD agent and Igor look towards the Avenger. “Who are you,now,pal?”, the BAD agent asks. “It’s a secret,”,the Avenger replies,his voice sounding familiarly female now.

    “That voice…it is familiar to me.”,Igor says. “I agree with you,goat person. I know I have heard it somewhere too.” “Yeah,it seems awfully close to a female,too.” You wonder how these villains,barely associated with each other,suddenly notice the familiarity in the Avenger’s voice. “Well,I think we should remove that cloak on him-or her.”,Igor says. The BAD agent removes it immediately. You shudder at what you see.

    The avenger is Icy Comet.

  72. Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

    Young Flame walks forward with hatred in her eyes, and flames spread around Icy Comet. Young turns around to see you, but just then? Icy Comet walks through the flames and tackles her.
    (You don’t have to use this if you don’t want… I’m still pretty new to this…

    ~~Nameless UnDEFiNed)

  73. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    “Aren’t you one of those people who was in my master’s castle?”,Igor says. “Yes,”she says. “Now move,or I’ll burn you!” The Mabaya resists and jumps on to Young. He suddenly turns into ashes. “Now,”Young says to Igor and the BAD agent,”Keep your distance.” Igor snorts. “But we don’t actually have to touch you,eh,girl?” He suddenly pulls out a spectral blade and throws it at Young.

    Young winces,but the spectral blade suddenly burns! Igor immediately turns back and runs.The BAD agent does the same. “Now,what happened-hey,wait a minute,where’s Icy?” “She must have escaped during the chaos!” “Oh well.Anyway,what happened,Super?” Super explains everything. Young blinks. “Icy was the avenger,yet she froze you two when I came?” “Seems like it.”

    So you all get out of E.Vile’s lair without being seen. Suddenly,you hear a bleat. Zlatos! The golden ram seems to snort to someone. You look closely and see that it is bleating to Justin,Red Ice’s dog! Zlatos seems to bleat angrily,and Justin growls. “Are they having a fight?”,Young asks.The animals suddenly notice you. They seem to want you to ride on them to somewhere.

    “Me and Super will ride Justin,while you,JJ,shall ride the ram.” You agree and jump on the ram while Super and Young jump on Justin. They suddenly seem to zoom,and in no time you three are in a familiar place,indeed,but you have no idea why the animals took you here.

    Why would they take you to the Monster Carnival graveyard?

  74. Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

    The gravyard has a small amount of light given from the oh-so-dark moon. You get off of Zlatos (I don’t know if that’s its name or not O_O I don’t understand all of the story as well as everyone else… ), and walk straight. You don’t look at the others, you walk alone.

    “Hey, where are you going!?” Young asks gently, as she begins to walk up behind you. “Hold back, give him some space…” Says JJ. You hear the footsteps recede and keep walking until you reach the grave… The one you’d seen so long ago… Then, Icy Comet’s boot kicks some dirt off of the grave. (HOW RUDE!!) You don’t look up at her, you simply stare at the stone / stones broken apart.

    (Okay, I’m not sure who the grave should belong to… But, if we could keep that part a mystery for a tiny bit, I’d REALLY appreciate it. Hope this is good! ~~Nameless )

  75. Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

    ( Continued from Nameless UnDEFiNed )
    Things begin to freeze over. Stones all around you, the dead grass about two feet away from you. You hear all of your friends struggling, and ice cracking. Ice covers everything except a small circle around you, and you yourself. Icy Comet cackles like the wiked witch and pulls an ice dagger out of her coat pocket. “I knew I should’ve broken your ice when I had the chance… Tsk tsk tsk… Looks like I’ll have to test it first.” She hasn’t taken her eyes away from the ice dagger, and she throws it.

    You don’t duck, you simply stand there, praying it isn’t doing what you think. You turn around to see IC walking over in the direction she through the dagger. Zlatos is missing. **Maybe he got away ** You think. She picks it up, and throws it beside you. Breaking a tombstone about 4 yards away, into nothing but ice. You look over to see your friends, all frozen where they stood. IC pokes Young Flame and a crack appears in YF’s frozen state. You don’t have much aim, but you dive, grab the ice dagger and let IC feel her own wrath.

    You hear the dagger land, but you don’t see Icy Comet, and the dagger is missing. You run over and think of everything that’s happening, and then your thoughts switch to how to unfreeze Young Flame so she can unfreeze the others. You look around, and Zlatos comes from behind a dark tree. He taps his head into Young, over and over. “No Zlatos! Stop! You’ll destroy her! Stop!”. Zlatos keeps going and I hear a giant crack amongst Young Flame’s ice. You turn away, fearing what the ram has done, but when you look again, Young Flame is standing there, as normal as ever. Fire appears on her hands, and then the others ice melts away.

    They stand there shivering, and you begin to contemplate, knowing it will be on everyone’s mind soon. **Why did Zlatos and Justin bring us here? Why did they lead us into a trap? Why did they betray us? **

    ( ~~Nameless Hope you like it! )

  76. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    Suddenly,Zlatos and Justin come,but they act normal. “Wait,”,you say,”Don’t tell me they were mind-controlled!” “Yes,Jumpy Jumper,they were,by me.” You look behind and see a showed figure with wings holding a scythe in midair flying. “Who are you?Why did you made them bring us here?!” The mysterious figure chuckles darkly.

    “I am Grim.R. Call me Mr.Grim.I was forced by Queen Cobra so long ago to suck your souls to your graves.” “That was you?!” “Believe me,it was not my own will,”,he says sadly. “She made me do it.Hades is a similar case.” “He stole Poseidon’s trident from Clean!” “That was so he could return that to his venerable brother only.She how he is overestimated to be evil.I am,too.”

    “Some call me by my lesser known form,Thanatos.But in my Grim form,they form speculations about me.You may have heard of me before.” “Grim…”,Young mutters.”Grim.R.” Her face suddenly lights up,frightened! “You…you’re Grim Reaper!” “Ah,see there?Your sister has heard of me,JJ. They think I kill people because-well,you know the whole thing,don’t you?”

    “Yes?” “Ah,good,then.But I only kill away people by swiping them off my list of people-to-kill-“-he takes out a long scroll-“-with my poison quill-“-he also takes out a quill with poison instead of ink-“-because it is scheduled for them to die.Death is inevitable,so why prolong your death day?”,I ask myself. “So what’s the whole point,Grim?” “I’ll tell you if you promise not to scream or try to escape.”

    You all swear on the river Styx that they will not scream,escape,or do anything foolish.”Good,good. So here is why I brought you you here. One of you is scheduled to die today.” “Whom? You mean me,Young,or Super?”,you ask. “Ah,if I tell you,I hope you will not try to protect her.” (So JJ is not going to die) “Okay,then.”

    “The person among you three who is scheduled to be killed-and I unfortunately have to kill now is…”

    (To Be Continued!)

    • Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

      (You didn’t carry on from my graveyard scene even after I told you my next part was in moderation, did you 😦 ?)


      Sent from my iPhone


  77. Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

    (Continued from Strange)

    He stops… He looks baffeled… His posioned ink (In hand) falls to his side. You notice about 10 other people hiding behind larger tombstones. **They aren’t hidden very well… Young?** You walk forward slowly. “Thanotos? You mind controlled Justin and Zlatos to bring us here?” You ask, putting the current puzzle together. “Why yes. Have I not already explained this young Poptropican?” “It’s just that… Did anyone tell you that here would be the place that Poptropican would die?” “Of course, I can’t think of everything you know!” “Well, Thanotos? You just got tricked.”

    He stands there, dumbfounded by what you’ve said. “You let the Poptropican you came to kill live until her real time, and we’ll help you get away. Because these guys aren’t letting YOU go”. He turns, only to see a dozen B.A.D. agents coming towards you all, pulling out their weapons. “Haha, dear little Poptropican… You see, you can’t kill death! Hah! Why would I make a deal with you to live, when they can’t kill me!? HAH!” Thanotos begins to crack up, meanwhile the B.A.D. agents are coming closer. You turn around, and jump on Zlatos. The others follow your lead and jump on Justin, Young with you on Zlatos. “Tanny controlled their minds once, you REALLY want him to, again? While we’re ON THEM!?!??!” Young shouts into your ear as you all make your getaway. “Tanny?” “Thanotos! Whatever!” “We have to get away! Find some way to keep one of you alive! Something that not even death can penetrate…”

    You ride on, but turn Zlatos in another direction… Back to the graveyard. “What are you doing, JJ??!??” Young screams to make sure you can hear her. “We;re going to make a deal with the devil”
    (To be coninued) (~~Nameless UnDEFiNed)

  78. super grape says:

    (Continued from strange)
    “Young Flame” Grim reaper said. (Sorry Young but it had to be you I don’t wanna die and well nether do you, So no hard feelings right?)
    Grim reaper checks something off his list.
    Young dies.
    “Well that will be all, You have a good day” Grim reaper said.
    Grim leaves.
    You start crying.
    “I’m sorry JJ” Super said.
    “Super just go I need some time alone” You say.
    “Okay” Super said.
    So Super leaves.
    (to be continued)

  79. PopAwesomeness (Nameless) says:

    (Continued from Strange)

    He stops… He looks baffeled… His posioned ink (In hand) falls to his side. You notice about 10 other people hiding behind larger tombstones. **They aren’t hidden very well… Young?** You walk forward slowly. “Thanotos? You mind controlled Justin and Zlatos to bring us here?” You ask, putting the current puzzle together. “Why yes. Have I not already explained this young Poptropican?” “It’s just that… Did anyone tell you that here would be the place that Poptropican would die?” “Of course, I can’t think of everything you know!” “Well, Thanotos? You just got tricked.”

    He stands there, dumbfounded by what you’ve said. “You let the Poptropican you came to kill live until her real time, and we’ll help you get away. Because these guys aren’t letting YOU go”. He turns, only to see a dozen B.A.D. agents coming towards you all, pulling out their weapons. “Haha, dear little Poptropican… You see, you can’t kill death! Hah! Why would I make a deal with you to live, when they can’t kill me!? HAH!” Thanotos begins to crack up, meanwhile the B.A.D. agents are coming closer. You turn around, and jump on Zlatos. The others follow your lead and jump on Justin, Young with you on Zlatos. “Tanny controlled their minds once, you REALLY want him to, again? While we’re ON THEM!?!??!” Young shouts into your ear as you all make your getaway. “Tanny?” “Thanotos! Whatever!” “We have to get away! Find some way to keep one of you alive! Something that not even death can penetrate…”

    You ride on, but turn Zlatos in another direction… Back to the graveyard. “What are you doing, JJ??!??” Young screams to make sure you can hear her. “We;re going to make a deal with the devil”
    (To be coninued) (~~Nameless UnDEFiNed)

    • Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

      (This was supposed to be about 4 entries ago. Please don’t pay attention)


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  80. super grape says:

    (Continued from strange)
    “I’ve been meaning to tell you that I found a latter in a bottle” Clean said.
    Clean gives you the bottle.
    You open it and get the letter out.
    A crystal was taped to the letter.
    The letter read:
    (to be continued)

  81. Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

    (Continued from Super Grape, about to read a letter)
    The letter read:
    **If you can manage to bring this crystal to the Underworld without the sligtest crack, it may be traded for your friend’s life. This must be done by Hallow’s Eve, when the Underworld is strongest. Hurry though, the closer we get to Hallow’s Eve, the more dangerous it gets. Young deserves this, hurry Poptropicans. Hurry JJ.**

    (To be continued) (~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

  82. Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

    (Continued from me)

    “When did you find this?” You ask Clean, but he only stands there breathing deeply. “When did you find this!?” You turn around and throw the bottle with the note in hand. “I… I found it a few months ago… Right after the last time Young died. Since she came back…. I thought… I thought it was a trick.” Clean confesses, tears gathering in his eyes. “Then why do you still have it!?” “Because… I… I was going to sell the crystal once we got back to Night Watch Island…”

    You stand there, and then walk to Justin… He has a “Saddlebag” of sorts lying across his back. You put the note and the crystal in a pocket. And climb on. “Pack up. We need to get to the Underworld now.” “So, to Mythology?” Clean asks, tears leaving his eyes and giving off a sense of hope. “No,” You tell him, “We need to get there faster. We’re going to Back Lot.” “I thought that… That entrence was closed.” “Well, we’re about to find out.” Clean and Super get on Zlatos and you head for Back Lot Island.

    (Please make sure they get to Back Lot if you continue this… I have a big plan O_O ~~Nameless UnDEFiNed)

  83. Young Flame says:

    You go to Back Lot. Red Rock is waiting there. She has a crystal in her hands that looks just like yours. She pulls out a note it looks just like yours! She turns around, her face streaked with tears.
    “You guys! I found this note! I’m trying to get to the Underworld to save YF!” she says.
    “Um, wow. We got the same thing! Wow. Double the chance to get Young!” Clean shouts.
    “Or, it could be a trap,” you say slowly.
    “Why would it be a trap? They sent us a note telling us exactly how to get Young back,” he says not getting it.
    “Or, they could’ve made it up to trick us in coming here!” you say starting to get annoyed.
    “You mean, I won’t get my sister back?” Red says, starting to cry again.
    “No, no. We’ll get her back!” you say.
    “AHA! I knew it was real!” Clean exclaims.
    “No! it’s a trap! I mean, it will work. I mean-” you stutter but are saved by the bell. There is a sound of a bell. But then cages fall on you and a shadowy figure.
    “I see you fell for my trap!” they say. You can’t tell whether they’re a boy or a girl.
    “Dang it!” RR says.
    “I knew it!” Clean declares at the same time.
    “Hey, guys! I found this note with a crystal! It says-oh!” Mighty says.
    “All the better. I get all three! Plus JJ and Clean!” the figure says.

  84. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    The mysterious figure takes away the bottle. “Yes,I have them now! Young Flame shall never be fre-AAAAAHHHHHHHhHHH!” Suddenly,he glows in the dark. You look away and when the glowing stops,you look back and all there is are the bottles and a pile of ashes. “This kill him?!” “How?”,Super asks.Suddenly Clean takes a shovel and digs out of the cage.You follow him.

    You end out of the cage and take the bottles. “Wait,look there!” You see Mighty Tornado’s bottle with a crystal being played with by a vicious rottweiler! It growls. “Now how are we supposed to get it now on Hallow’s Eve?”,you say.

    (BTW,I have an idea.Let’s actually continue this storyline till October 31st.)

  85. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    Suddenly a boy comes. “Oi! Victor! There you are! Come over here,boy!” Victor,the rottweiler rushes to him forgeting the bottle. “Sorry about that. Victor’s usually like that. Did he hurt you?”,the boy asks.”Er,not too much.Thanks for calling him though.” “You’re welcome,bye!” And he and Victor walk off. You take Mighty’s bottle and give it to her,and walk out.

    “Now,where was the underworld entrance again?” There is silence,till Clean says,”I think it was in a stereo shop…?” Suddenly you see Super! She also holds the same bottle! “JJ! I got a bottle which-” “I know,I know,Supper (What?Grapes are tasty,you know,). We got it too.” “Okay,then.” “So where is the underworld entrance again?”

    Super seems to think and look around. “Perhaps,”,she suddenly whispers,”,it is where that person over there is going to.” You look where she is pointing.You see a showed figure with wings holding a scythe in midair flying.However,no one notices him. “It’s Mr.Grim!”,you suddenly say. “Who?”,RR,MT,and CS ask. You explain everything in detail that happened in the graveyard.

    “And now,if we follow him,”you say,”,we might find Back Lot’s underworld entrance!” So you all try to follow Mr.Grim without being seen.Finally,you see him enter what may be the entrance to sunless realm. He is entering…

    • Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

      The back lot Hollywood sign? “Why would it be there?!” Clean asks. “I knew it!” “Clean, stop shouting!” “Okay, okay geez”. You see some sort of door in the 1st “L”. Red rock begins to walk towards it, eager to get young back. “RR! Wait.

      “Why? You see the entrance. We have to go in. Come on.” “It could be a trap to get us all killed? Then how would we save your sister??” RR holds back, and we begin our game plan of the underworld. How we’re going to use the crystals to change what happened at the graveyard. We’re gonna go back in time to the graveyard and keep him from killing young.


      Sent from my iPhone; please let this happen?! If you continue, please?)


  86. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    You use the crystals to back in time.But it is too late. Grim has already crossed out Young’s name from the list. He seems to leave the graveyard.You follow him. After some time,he stops and looks around. “You may all come out now.” You don’t know how he knows you are here,but you all come out. “Mr.Grim-” “I know what you are here for.I guessed as much you would be here.”

    “You do.” “Yes.You want your sister back. And unfortunately,I cannot bring her alive again?” “Why not?!” “Because I didn’t actually kill her.” “You didn’t?! She’s still alive?” “At the moment,yes.” “But then why did you pretend to kill her?” “You see,I had orders to fake Young’s death in the underworld.She is very important in your quest,you see.” “To?” “I cannot reveal what.”

    “Why not?!” “It is confidential.If you really want the news,go talk to the Pop Squad.They may not tell you about their package acquired from your fashioned friend Strange Cat,but…ah,I must not reveal too much. So anyway,I faked it with my substitute quill,of fake poison.Now I shall snap you back in your present time in Back Lot. There you may come and wake up Young in the graveyard.”

    “Okay then.” “Just beware….of the creatures of the night. Vampires,especially.” He snaps his fingers,and you’re back in Back Lot. You all use the crystals to teleport to the graveyard.And wake up Young. She wakes up and for the next 2 minutes and 4 seconds,there is a drama scene in the home of the dead.

    Then you all tell Young what happened. “Hmm….JJ,I think we should go question the Pop Squad. I wonder what exactly they acquired from Strange,and what was so confidential. And Grim said at the end,’Just beware….of the creatures of the night. Vampires,especially.’ Was he referring to-” Suddenly there is a loud bleat. “Master.He’s on to us!”

    You all look behind and see Igor! Bruce Batfang suddenly emerges. “Bats! We must acquire these people. I must acquire their blood.” Bats suddenly fly towards you from all directions,Suddenly Zlatos and Justin come! “Hurry!”,you say. “Young,Red,and Mighty,you go on Justin. Me,Super and Clean will go on Zlatos. We’ve got to reach the Pop Squad HQ! Don’t let the bats catch up,or we’re doomed!”

    So you all jump on Justin and Zlatos and they’re off. But will you escape the bats,or will you fall under the Batfangs’ mouth?

    (To Be Continued!)

  87. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    (I think we’re forgetting two things-

    1.JJ’s Heroism Aura-This was granted to him by Poppus Tropicana when JJ was resisting Marline the witch on PT’s survival island.It makes him invulnerable to fire,poison,mind-control,and chilliness.Yet Icy Comet has frozen him once after this.

    2.Icy Comet’s attitude towards JJ and the other Icy Comet-She was the Avenger-yet she froze JJ after she was unveiled and also in the graveyard. If she attacked him so much,then why has she saved him before? And whatever happened to the Icy Comet (PHB staff member) so long ago,freeing JJ from the evil Icy? She said that she wanted to explore the island and ran off,but what happened to her after that?

    ~SC1,2,3,4,5,7,and -2.)

    • Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

      (Oops,forgot one more thing-

      3.The casket in PT’s Island of Survival-In the cabin at PT’s Survival Island,a locked casket on top of an empty cupboard was there.When PT granted him the Heroism Aura, one of the things she said was,”After a month.I will come and take you to your siblings and Zlato,and open the box for you.” Now JJ is back,but PT hasn’t got any contact with him.What is in the mysterious casket?)

      • Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

        (And one last thing-

        Does E.Vile still have the Ultimate Weapon and Shield? Where are they,then?He could have used them to Whomp,Crush,Vanquish,Destroy,Decimate,Obliterate and Annihilate every Poptropican who were fighting him!)

      • Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

        (1. What’s PT? 2. I didn’t know Icy had an attitude, I just started LOL 3. Is IC’s attitude like a tennager attitude? 4. I have no idea what you’re talking about in 1 and 3. or your 4th… And, I didn’t have IC freeze JJ O_O And I didn’t know he was invulnerable)

      • Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

        (1.Poppus Tropicana,or the ‘Curious Sign-Up Box’,as Young Flame puts it.To understand this,read a little back into the story.

        2,That is not what I meant.
        3.Read back a Little.
        4.Read way way back to understand.

      • Fast Fire says:


        Poppus Tropicana the Box here.I saved you from Super for a reason.Conditions are too harsh back on Poptropica,and no one can reach you here. The tribe leaders are captured,and all of them are important people.E.Vile has officially taken over.

        You must survive on your own here.This is all I can send you.For 10 Years,you should survive on this sky island until the time is ripe.I know you are impatient,but trust me,when you come back after ten years,you will see what I mean.

        The ram on this island is important.When you need it most,it will come to you with a special upgrade.It’s fleece will be golden.It can heavily headbutt people with a disorienting stun,and can regenerate itself.It’s name is Zlato,by the way.

        Take care,and survive.

        Poppus Tropicana.

        P.S.You might want to see the crate a little bit more.

      • Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

        (Lol,no one can remember names,so it doesn’t matter.I once mistook YF as ‘Incredible Flame.’ She mistook Clarisse as Clarrisa.Super mistook YOU for Fast FLAME.Zlato is really its official name though.)

  88. Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

    You’re riding faster than Zlatos can run… O_O Why? Then you look back, the Bats are gaining. You reach your hand into the saddle bag, and you find the bottle. **But I threw that out into the graveyard… What the?** No matter as to how it got there, it’s there. You pick it up and throw it at some of the bats. They retreat, but you continue to run. You’re approaching Spy Island, and the Headquaters as well. So close, passing Time Tangled and-

    “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!” Young screams and you turn so fast you could catch whiplash. You try to turn Zlatos around, but he continues to go forward. You don’t see Young anymore, and you do one of the craziest things yet.

    You jump.

    (To be continued… And SC! I was going to make it where I could write in my part of the story that was scratched out because it had gotten stuck in moderation :-/ anyone feel like going back in time?) (~~Nameless)

    • poptropicasosship455 says:

      [conteued from massive hammer} the mysteruios girl defeats all the villans but jj fights back. then comical bird comes in and helps. bang! the walls burst open and a figre comes in. “who are you ?” says comical bird. ” i am poptropicasosship455″. ” i completed three islands and then i found that no other island suts me”. “then i found this island and the curious sign-up box told me to go there and help you”.

  89. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    The bats carry you over to the Batfang’s castle in Vampire’s Curse.

    Meanwhile,Justin and Mighty have managed to avoided the bats,but Red and Young have been captured! They reach the headquarters of the Pop Squad. A trap door suddenly opens beneath them,and they fall into it! The trapdoor immediately closes shut as the Pop Squad HQ’s door opens. “Hello,anyone?”,asks Silver Wolf,who opened the door.”That was Mighty Tornado.I swear I saw her!”,Smart Gamer says. “You must have been dreaming,Gamer.”,Cuddly Flame says.

    Suddenly Clean and Super come riding on Zlatos.”What happened?”,Clean asks,looking droopy. “I thought I heard Mighty knocking at the door,but when I opened it,no one was there.”,Smart Gamer says. “Why are YOU so droopy,now?”,Cuddly Flame asks. “JJ jumped off Zlatos to the bats.We don’t know why.And can you tell us what was the package you acquired from Strange?” “Wait,wait,wait here,Clean Shark.”

    “What?’,Super asks.”What bats?And how do you know about the secret package?”,Silver Wolf says. “Maybe we should discuss it inside.” So they go in.Clean and Super tell their tales while the Pop Squad listen to it. “Very interesting.”,Comical Bird,the leader,speaks for the first time.

    “So maybe we CAN tell you about the package from Strange.”,Wild Monster says,and suddenly picks up a package and opens it. Inside is Super’s necklace! “My necklace!”,shouts Super,realizing that she hadn’t had it on for quite a while. “You see,not too long ago,you accidentally dropped this at Strange’s shop.Strange fortunately noticed it and stored it,waiting for the right moment to return it to you.”

    “What’s wrong,Super?”,Clean suddenly says. Everyone notices suddenly that Super is at a loss for words. “I….I-I promised…..JJ-J that I-I wo-would never take this necklace off.” She suddenly bursts into tears. “There,there,Super.”,Clean says,tapping Super’s back gently.Even Zlatos is gently nuzzling her. “So,anyway,speaking of JJ”,Clean Shadow says,eager to change the subject,”Didn’t you say he and Young were kidnapped by vampire bats?”

    Clean nods.”Well,I think we can save them.” Clean Shadow goes for a minute and comes back with a crossbow with something familiar on it. “It’s the vampire cure!” ” Exactly.We are going rid of the Batfangs and their Cultist-Igor,I assume his name was-of their eternal curse!”

  90. Super Grape says:

    (continued from Strange)
    Super puts her necklace back on.
    “Let’s do this thing!” Super said.

    Meanwhile at the Batfang’s castle
    Bruce puts you in a cage.
    “I’ll be back I’m going to get my drinking straw” Bruce said.
    Bruce leaves for a minute and then comes back.
    Sunndenly your friends burst though the door.
    “Hey vampire freak! prepare to get slayed!” Clean said.
    “Igor get them!” Bruce said.
    (To be continued)

  91. super grape says:

    (continued from myself)
    “Wait a minute I just remembered I still have the weapon” Super said.
    Super gets the weapon out.
    Super shoots Igor with it freezing him.
    “You had it this whole time!” Clean said.
    “Sorry I guess I forgot” Super said.
    “Never mind that Super you get JJ out of that cage meanwhile well deal with the vampire” Wild said.
    (To be continued)

  92. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    Super frees you while the Pop Squad chase Bruce. You and Super follow them after she frees you. Bruce gets outside the castle and turns into a bat (is this Bruce or Popular?lol) and flies up.Cuddly looks up. “He’s out of sight,but I think he’s bite us if we move outside.” Suddenly you hear a cry from the courtyard. You all rush there. You see Silver Wolf,lying on the ground.

    “What happened?!” “A female…one…came…bit…me..” Bathilda,you think.You immediately take a bottle of vampire’s blood. “Drink this!” She drinks it. “Ah,thanks JJ.I’m much better now.Wait,she’s right behind you!” You immediately move just before Bathilda bites you. She hisses furiously. “Cure her!” Gamer howls. Someone’s crossbow triggers and the cure hits her. “No! I’m cured! AHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh……” She slowly seems to disappear.

    “Vampire Mistress,cured!”, Silver Wolf shouts. Suddenly a shriek come. “That’s….Popular? What’s he doing here?” You all rush to the main hall,and you see Popular being held by Igor. “I do not care if you unfroze me! I know what you want! It is not here! You shall never have it!” Popular manages to stagger onto his feet,turn into his bat form,and flies away.

    “What was that all about?” “I don’t know,but one thing is clear.Igor may be more important than we thought.” Suddenly,Igor looks towards you. “You all! You may not survive here!” He stomps his hoof in fury,takes out his spectral blade,and charges.

  93. PoptropicaLover says:

    You’re hit, but you discover you can heal yourself.
    You charge at it, but he goes invisible, and you scream in fear.
    A poisonous liquid enters your mouth. It has an antidote, but you do not know what it is.
    You black out, and cloners are sent to clone you. Different lookalikes of you scatter.
    You have amnesia, curiously looking at the world. E. Vile rises. He persuades you to be evil.
    to be cont.

  94. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from poptropicalover)
    You go to Popular’s lair were you start rebuilding your dads robots.
    When sunndenly someone burst through the wall!
    It was Super with the weapon.
    Super grabs you and runs off.
    Super takes you to Dr.lange.
    “Hmm looks like a case of amnesia how did you find him?” Dr.lange said.
    “Well you see I sort of witnessed everything that happened and saw him go with E.vile to Popular’s lair” Super explained.
    “So what are we going to do?” Super asks.
    “Hmm the only way to restore his memory is for you to go inside his mind and find what’s containing his memories” Dr.lange said.
    Super gets in the dream machine and is teleported inside your mind.
    Dr.lange turn to her follow members,
    “Make sure he does not leave until Super has completed her mission” Dr.lange said.
    (to be continued)

  95. PoptropicaLover says:

    But after a while, Super sleeps, and a crate lands on the ground. you had amnesia so you forgot it was the Poppus Tropicana (slanted fish, please edit this if i’m wrong with the name!)
    A letter is released, and the crate disappears. You read:
    ‘Jumpy Jumper,
    you have to restore your memories and find the antidote in 24 hours, or else you will be permanently gone. I cannot tell you how to do it or else I will be the one who will be gone forever. JJ, please cure yourself!’
    But midnight comes, and it was almost morning. The crate looks at you with deep sorrow, and chooses to sacrifice himself. He restores your memory and cures you. But after you’re cured, he disappears forever. He leaves you his Ultimate Power, which is the heart. It will help you to control anyone’s mind.
    You cry all night, but suddenly a roar shook the ground.
    (to be cont.)

  96. PoptropicaLover says:

    The others are captured by an enormous cyborg while E.Vile holds your hand fiercely. He gets ready to hit you, but a mysterious, pretty, curly brown haired girl with blue pearly eyes and a cape saves you and the others.
    ‘Vanessa! My goodness, little daughter, why be with your evil stepbrother!’ He says.
    The girl shakes her head. She yells, ‘You killed my good father and my mother! You made me feel like i was ignored! My adoptive mother was good, but she left me also! I have realized your evil ways!’E. vile is carried far away by her powerful voice. (looks so hilarious as i see him being thrown away. haha.)
    she turns to you. ‘Big Hero is only my adoptive mother.’ she whispers.
    You nod. However, a blue-haired, hetochromia eyed girl with silver lashes, equally pretty, nears you. ‘I’m Vaness. Her sister.’
    You instantly like them, but Young Flame, still loving you even if she’s your sister, works on a secret plan to undo the family DNA between you and her using E. Vile’s Wish Machine.
    (to be continued.)

  97. super grape says:

    (Continued from poptropicalover)
    You and the others go to Hooper’s cabin.
    Super wakes up from her long nap.
    “Hi JJ who are those two girls?” Super said.
    “This is Vanessa and Vaness” You say.
    “Hi I’m Super Grape” Super said.
    “Nice to meet you” Vanessa said.
    Super notices that Young was acting weird.
    “JJ I think we need to keep an eye on Young” Super said.
    (To be continued)

  98. PoptropicaLover says:

    Super hides behind the door as Young is curled up on the sofa. Super is fooled and thinks she’s only sick.
    As Super leaves, Young puts a piece of wet cloth on the dummy, while she escapes to JJ’s room. She sees in his diary that he cannot choose between Vanessa or Vaness. He also writes that Young is not his type anymore.
    Young cries and lifts up her golden sword, but the two girls come to the rescue. V1(Vanessa’s good secret agent name) holds a shiny black sword, while V2(Vaness’s good secret agent name) holds a diamond one.
    They point it at Young, but JJ comes to the rescue, his feelings coming again to Young. But he is hospitalized, and paralyzed, but Young’s life depended on a single thing:her DNA with JJ. If their family ties are broken, Young will never survive.
    But the Wish Machine churns and makes Young’s wish about not becoming JJ’s sister come true…
    (to be cont.)

  99. PoptropicaLover says:

    (oops, I forgot the 2nd person thingy. Slanted Fish, do you mind to fix it up? I could make a new comment again for you)
    (anyway, continuation)
    they are sunk into a big black hole, while you end up in a hexagon room, with five rooms on each corner and one extra room on the floor.
    ROOM1- A beady, dizzying curtain door with an odd drawing on it.
    ROOM2- A plain white door with green ivy draped on it.
    ROOM3- A mysterious mirror door.
    ROOM4- The middle door, is blank except for a small hole with an eye peeking out.
    ROOM5- A futuristic door, automatic.
    ROOM6- A dark black door with hints of scarlet surrounding it, and sounds of dogs barking.
    ROOM ON THE FLOOR- A door on the floor saying “YOU WILL NEVER SURVIVE” scribbled in blood.
    You choose the…
    (to be cont.)

  100. PoptropicaLover says:

    You take a deep sigh,boldly opening the seventh door.
    Sweat was dripping from your face, your hazel eyes gazing at the door, frightened.
    You decisively force it open, jumping in swiftly, with the door slamming behind you.
    A spine-chilling laugh from an invisible source greets you. You shove your sword out of your pocket, ready to pick up the source’s location.
    “You have been warned.” The mysterious, cold but familiar voice tells you. It’s a girl. Not Young Flame, but is one of your friends.
    She walks out from the shadows, and takes her sword out. She slashes your chest with it, and you drop down, your face dripping with blood.
    Your sight blurs, but you finally remember who it it. She’s only one. You figure it out all. E. Vile is not the real mastermind.
    It is Vanessa, adoptive daughter of E. Vile, real mastermind. You have found some evidence lately that she really is the real one, but you cannot talk nor stand.
    All you did was close your eyes and black out, maybe surviving, maybe dying.
    (actually I made some backstory. I’ll reveal it soon!) (to be cont.)
    (P.S. am i talking to anybody or am i the only one online?)

  101. PoptropicaLover says:

    (Flashback) (it’s a backstory!)
    You once saw a diary of E. Vile, and it had showed that E.Vile was a good man, only killed by Vanessa, his adoptive daughter, before you were even born because Vanessa was an old woman in disguise,E.Vile’s aunt who didn’t like his mother.
    But E.Vile was rescued by Vaness, Vanessa’s secret twin and cloned him. She used the clone to rule Poptropica. The real E.Vile today is actually Vanessa and Vaness’s self-made clone cyborg, designed like a human who can only be destroyed by saving the real E. Vile from the torture stake, right on October 15.
    And that was today. You lie on the floor gasping for breath, while Vanessa shows you the almost dead body of the real E.Vile.
    But hope rises.
    Your heart power is released and surrounds E.Vile. He goes strong.
    But you now learn that the heart power is only released when the one using the power is dying.

    (to be cont.) (Hey, actually, it’s such a dramatic tearjerker scene in my imagination. Can’t help it! but pleeaase find a way to make JJ live without being too repetitve or removing the drama. Pleasssee. 😀 )

  102. PoptropicaLover says:

    meanwhile, the others are saved from the black hole and argue and think that young flame did it. young flame is now cured, because she destroyed the wish machine. but everyone doesn’t know what’s happening to you.
    Young Flame shouts, “WHY ALWAYS ME!?!?!?” and shoots out fire balls accidentally at strange.
    Strange is furious and fires dirtballs, sand waves, and big rock tornadoes at Young. Clean tries to stop them by making huge wind cyclones, while the others get new arguments and create floods.
    The tribes also fight, and it became a huge problem all over Poptropica. All of JJ’s friends are imprisoned, then that’s only when they realize that they’re wrong and that you’re in danger. They help each other to escape and they save you just in time.
    But you were taken to the hospital while V1 and V2 were already dead.
    But you are still in a coma for 150 years…
    and it’s now year 2266.
    You wake up, while all of your friends are super old but everything goes back to normal after you all enter a time machine.
    But everything has changed unexpectedly in a good way.
    the real E.Vile is now ruling over Poptropica!
    but sooner or later, YOU will have a very serious problem…
    you will be falsely blamed as a traitor.
    (to be cont. anyone, please..)

  103. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from Poptropicalover)
    All of you go back to Hopper’s cabin.
    Super comes in crying.
    “What’s wrong?” Strange said.
    “It’s terrible my necklace was stolen! and I know who took it!” Super said.
    Super bounces on you.
    “Give it back JJ!” Super shouts.
    “What? why would I want with your necklace?” You say.
    “Oh don’t play dumb I saw you take it!” Super shouts
    “I don’t know what your talking about” You say.
    Super reaches into your pocket and gets out her necklace!
    “What! I sewer I have no idea how that got in there!” You say.
    “Traitor! you stole it when I wasn’t looking, and you were planning to sale it to the red raccoon!” Super said.
    The cops come in.
    “Jumpy jumper your under arrest!” the cops said.
    The cops take you away.
    Super rubs the necklace
    “My precious!” Super said.
    (to be continued)

  104. Young Flame says:

    You go back to the scene of the fight. There is one body that lies there. (No, I don’t know why it didn’t decay yet). You go over and look at the face. It’s Bronze Comet! You remember in your dreams how much she longed to save you, even though you barely knew her. You never found out why she so longed to save you, you just know she isn’t with you anymore. You look over and see two doors. Each door has something wonderful in it. One has the choice to bring Bronze back to life, but with a terrible price. The other has something almost better, but it also has a price. You try to find out what each thing is before you choose which door. The things you come up with are…

  105. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    But you can’t think of it properly,so you choose the second door. There is a genie lamp.You rub it,and a Jinn comes out. He says,”What is your wish?” You wish that everything would go back to normal,and E.Vile becomes good again,and Bronze coming back,and so on. “You will have to pay a price for that,Jumper.”,he says. You say that you will give anything for that to happen.

    “Very well,”,the Jinn says,”,for you wish to come true,you will have to give me your head,Jumper.”

  106. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from strange)
    You give the genie a fake dummy head and hide your real head behind your back.
    The genie grants your wish.
    You teleport to strange’s shop.
    You put your head back on.
    You see that Super is in the shop.
    Super whispers something into Strange’s ear.
    Strange gives her a box.
    Super leaves.
    “What did she ask for?” You say.
    “Your not going to believe this but she asked for a…..
    (To be continued)

  107. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from Strange)
    “Super stop!, what do you think your doing?” You say.
    “What has to be done” Super replies.
    Super opens the package and gets out the knife.
    “I’m tired of this E.vile thing and I’m going to put an end to it!” Super said.
    Super pushes you out of the way.
    But you stand in her way.
    “Super it’s okay E.vile is good now so drop the knife” You say.
    “What do you mean?” Super said.
    You explain everything.
    Super drops the knife.
    “Let’s go get a smoothie” You say.
    (To be continued)

  108. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    So you two go to Early Poptropica and there in the Soda Pop Shop you seem to see a guy hiding in the shadows. Whenever you come to him,he disappears. You two have a smoothie and go out.There,a Poptropican comes. He seems to be gaping at something in his. “Amazing! Autological!Astonishing!” “Uh…sir…what are you gaping at?”

    “Ah,young man. I am a historian,and I got this at an auction.Behold! A lost page of the Necronominon!” “Uh….a Necro-what?” “This is a page of the Necronomicon! A page of the so-called fictional grimoire appearing in the stories by horror writer H. P. Lovecraft and his followers!” “If it’s a fictional horror book,then how-” “I do not know how,but I got it in an auction that I was invited to in a secret area!”

    “Oh.Uh,what does it say?” “Lovecraft created an account of the Old Ones,things rumoured to have lived before man,and even how to summon them!” “Summon?” “I do not believe in witchcraft,but unfortunately,some evil ones do. Necromancers are rumoured to be hiding in the city! And for your information,Necromancers have control to the mysteries of death,though few believe in them.”

    Suddenly the place seems to turn darker. “What the-” “Do not utter a word,old man. Hand us the page.” You look and see two figures dressed in dark robes,holding a knife that bears a resemblance to the spectral blade Igor tried to kill Young with once,and wearing a skull. “Ne-Nec-Necro-Necromancers!”,Super whispers hoarsely. “Indeed.”,the other one says.”Do you really think we were foolish legends?

    “Now give us the page.We must resummon the Old Ones!” “Never!”,the historian shouts. “So be it.”,the first one says. His voice seems familiar. They seem to concentrate,and suddenly skeletons sprout! “That page shall be ours!”,shouts the other Necromancer. You see suddenly that the bones of the skeleton are rattling. Suddenly you grab out one of his bones on the legs,and he falls down,as his bones separate.

    The two Necromancers growl angrily. One of them runs towards the historians and tries to grab the page,but he only tears half of it. Suddenly everything turns black,and when it’s bright again,the Necromancers are gone. “Scandalous! It’s witchcraft!”,shouts the historian,and faints. You call the hospital and they take him there. You notice something is wrong with Super.You ask her what’s wrong.

    “JJ,for just a moment,I could see their faces.” “Who were they?” “One….one was the shadowy guy back in the Soda Pop Shop…and….JJ,the second one was Igor!” You gasp and your bones shiver. You look behind yourself,as if the were-ram-necromancer-vampire-cultist is still there.

  109. Super Grape says:

    (continued from strange)
    “Wait they only toke half of the page” Super said.
    “Your right let’s go to the hospital” You say.
    You and Super go to the hospital.
    “How’s he doing?” You say.
    “He’s doing fine ,you can see him” The doctor said.
    You go into the historians room.
    The historian gives you the other half of the paper.
    “Take it to Doris, he’s a friend of mine he lives on game-” was all the historian said before he blocked out again.
    You look behind you and see the shadow guy from the soda pop.
    “Run!” Super said.
    (To be continued)

  110. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    You make it to the blimp just before the shadowy necromancer reaches you,and you fly. “But where do we go? The historian said that Doris lives on game-and then he blacked out.” “JJ,isn’t it obvious? He wanted to say- Game Show Island!” “Oh,you’re right.” So you fly there,and since Holmes is good now,all the robots are too,and everything is normal again.

    You ask someone,” Does a Mr.Doris live around this place?” “There are 3 different Dorises. One lives on a cottage up in the hills. One lives around here in the apartments. Don’t know what he does,but very noisy sometimes. And the last one is the owner of the Club Boveau Riche over there. Don’t know where he lives,but he’s very quiet.”

    “Thank you.” You turn to Super. “Which one of these do you think would be the right Doris?” “The best bet is probably…”

  111. super grape says:

    (Continued from strange)
    “The one who lives in the apartment” Super said.
    So you and Super go to the apartment place.
    “Excuse me what room is Doris in?” You ask.
    “Room 66” The Clark said.
    So you go to room 66.
    You knock on the door.
    A guy answers it.
    “Your historian friend sent us” You say.
    “Oh yes Sidney, why didn’t you say so? Come in” Doris said.
    You go into the room.
    (To be continued)

  112. super grape says:

    (continued from strange)
    The guy holding the gun grins.
    “That was a warning” the guy said.

    Meanwhile on Game show island.
    “So why have you come to see me?” Doris said.
    “Well you see Sidney told us to give you this” you say.
    You give him the other half of the turn up page.
    Doris looks at it for a minute,
    “Well this talks about the Necronominon” Doris said.
    “”Any idea why he told us to give it to you?” Super asked.
    (To be continued)

  113. super grape says:

    (Continued from Strange)
    Igor and the shadowy guy had kidnapped the historian for questioning.
    “Alright where did those two kids you saw go ?” Igor said.
    “I won’t tell you and there’s no way your going to make me” Sidney said.
    The shadowy guy gets out a gun.
    “Tell us or you die!” The shadowy guy said.
    “Alright! they went to game show island to see a friend of mine he lives in room 66 at the apartment place!” Sidney said.
    They let the historian go.

    Meanwhile You and Super say goodbye but just as your about to leave the lights deem.
    “Oh great not again!” Super said.
    Igor and The shadowy guy appear.
    “Give us that pice of paper you have!” Igor said to Doris.
    Super quickly gets the paper.
    “You’ll have to catch us first!” Super said.
    You and Super start running.
    (To be continued)

  114. Sticky Clown,Poptropical Explorer and Strange Cat says:

    But back below the Pop Squad HQ,Mighty and Justin have been held prisoners for days by a mysterious figure. Justin is in a separate room,but he has secretly escaped when no one was watching. No one knows that though. Mighty unfortunately is in a worse situation. Her room is covered surrounded by lava. Occasionally a trap door opens above her and and drops her some food. She doesn’t know why she is being held.

    Her room only has the lava,a spoon for her to eat her food with,a bed,and a miniature bathroom. But she soon found out a way to escape. It was very easy.

  115. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    But back at Game Show, you and Super hold on to the blimp. However,the page falls.Super fortunately manages to tear just one letter out of the page,before the shadowy guy gets in and hides it. The shadowy guy looks at the page. “One letter! *%&@(%&^(#*! (Necromancer swear words best not used) It isn’t fair! For the most important part too@ It must have blown away!”

    But you and Super jump into the blimp and fly off. “What was the letter,Super?” Super takes out the word. “Q.” “Great. That makes it even harder.”

  116. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from strange)
    “So what do we do now?” Super said.
    You shrug.
    “We cloud go to this Halloween party I was invited to” Super said.
    Super shows you the invitation.
    “Okay but well have to get costumes” You say.
    So you go to Strange’s shop.
    You get a vampire costume.
    Super gets a witch costume.
    “So where exactly is this party Super?” You say.
    “It’s on-
    (To be continued)

  117. Fast Fire says:

    Something- or someone comes and grabs Super.
    “No!!” you shout.
    You run after the mysterious figure, but your vampire cape gets caught on a branch.
    “Good that I have clothes under my costume.” you mutter. You rip of the costume and look at your clothes. “Heh.” you run after the figure, but it’s gone. But you hear Super’s voice faraway to the west. You run that way.

  118. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from fast fire)
    You come across an abandoned building.
    You go inside.
    You saw that Super was talking to the mysterious figure who was in a clock.
    “Just who the heck are you?” Super asked.
    The mysterious figure pulls down their hood to reveal Popular!
    Super looked in shock.
    “Wait a second I thought you worked for E.vile!” Super said.
    “I did but somehow he turned good and I quit I work for someone else now” Popular explains.
    “Who?” Super asked.
    “That’s one secret I’ll never tell!” Popular said.
    “Not so fast!” You say.
    “Uh, JJ I was hoping you would show up” Popular says with a grin.

  119. Fast Fire says:

    “YOLO!” you say, and start hitting Popular with an old, rusty rod near his feet.
    “YAAGH!” Popular says. He takes out a blaster and shoots at you, but another person electrifies him. “I shot first!” the person says.
    (This guy is NOT associated with me, or Starwars. He’s just a Starwars fanatic, who I hope, will become an Important character.)
    “Helloo!” he says. “Sneaky Paw at your service!”
    “What do you want?” Super asks.
    “Well, some gratitude. I did save you there” he replies as .he electrifies Popular again.
    “Well, Thank You.” you say.
    “You’re welcome. Can I come with you?” he asks.
    “Why, yes.” you and Super say.

  120. super grape says:

    (continued from fast flame)
    “So Super you were saying about that Halloween party?” You ask.
    “Oh yeah I was just about to say that it was on ghost story island” Super said.
    “Great but I lost my costume” You say.
    “You can broow my vampire costume” Sneaky said.
    You put the vampire costume on.
    Sneaky gets a werewolf costume on.
    You, Super and Sneaky go to ghost story island.
    You go into the common room.
    “JJ, Super so glad you cloud make it, nice costumes by the way” Clean said.
    “Let’s get this party started!” Strange said.
    (To be continued)

  121. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from myself)
    You and Super are having a good time when sunndenly the lights go out!
    A moment later the lights come back on.
    Everyone was gone.
    Igor and the shadow guy appear.
    “Great you two again” You say.
    The shadow guy grabs Super.
    Igor mutters something.
    The lights go out again.
    When they come back on Everyone was back.
    But Igor and the shadow guy were gone along with Super.
    (To be continued)

  122. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    Meanwhile,back at the abandoned building,Popular wakes up. A mysterious shadow comes. “Master…” “Why did you fail me,Popular? I asked you to a simple thing-kill Jumper and Grape.” “Sneaky Paw was there,master.” “Him? Not him again!He’s foiled my plans once too much!” “What about Mighty Tornado and the dog,master?” “The dog unfortunately has escaped. Tornado however is still there.I checked before I left.”

    However,back in Mighty’s cell. She has already escaped by…

  123. Fast Fire says:

    “Go, get Sneaky Paw, and this time, do NOT fail!” the mysterious master 😆 says.
    “Yes, master.” Popular replies.

    (back at the disturbed party..)

    “Who was that?” Sneaky says. “And where is Super?
    “Igor and.. the ‘Shadowy Guy’, you say.
    “Who’s Igor? and the Shadowy Guy?”
    “Here, take this book.” you say, and toss the Ongoing Story Book to him.
    “Okay. But what do we do now?”
    “We could save Super.”
    “But why did they want her?”
    “Wait.. She had the paper!” you exclaim. “They wanted the paper, not her!”
    “Wait.” Sneaky flips through the book. “Ah, I see.”
    Just a second later, Popular bursts in!
    “You know you won’t get him, Popular.” you say.
    “My electrobolt!” Sneaky suddenly exclaims.
    Popular smirks.
    “You’re all coming with me. All of you.” he says, taking out the blaster.
    “Save it ,Popular.” Strange says. “Never underestimate the power of JJ.”
    You wham Popular on the side of his head (ouch!) and pin him to the ground.

  124. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from fast fire)
    You switch popular off because he’s part robot.
    “Come on we need to rescue super” You say.
    “But we don’t know where they took her” Strange said.
    “Guys super is writing right now” Sneaky said.
    You look and see he’s right.

    Meanwhile at vampire’s curse….
    Igor throws Super into a cage.
    Igor had the last letter in his hand.
    “My friends will come for me and then you’ll be sorry!” Super said.
    (To be continued)

  125. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    The shadowy figure that Popular works for comes and switches him on again. “Go to Vampire’s Curse. I have a task for you there.” They teleport to Vampire’s Curse. “Ah,there you are,friend”,Igor says. “I have gotten the last letter. It’s Q! And this is your new…” He frowns when he sees Popular. “I thought you had a better taste of assistants than HIM,friend!”

    “Oh,he will be useful for us,brother,you will see.” Suddenly you all burst in. “Give us Super back!”

    (So yeah,the guy who Popular works for now is that shadowy necromancer. And he and Igor are brothers.)

  126. super grape says:

    (Continued from Strange)
    “Ah! I told you they would come your going to get your bad guy butts kicked!” Super says smiling.
    “Don’t be so sure about that Grape” The shadow figure says grinning.
    The shadow figure turns to Popular.
    “Popular destroy them!” The shadow figure said.
    “Yes, master” Popular said.
    (To be continued)

  127. PoptropicaLover says:

    Meanwhile at E.Vile’s mansion…
    A cloaked girl sneaks inside, hiding from E.Vile. She grabs a gold necklace, which is E.Vile’s necklace of powers.
    Once outside, she removes her cloak, revealing her to be…
    Big Hero’s youngest daughter of all, Prickly Starfish.

  128. PoptropicaLover says:

    She has to get that necklace to control E.Vile’s powers and make him evil again,to destroy the mysterious cape master, who is her father and Big Hero’s other husband. She has rebelled against her father because he divorced Big Hero. Prickly, though, has to make E.Vile bad forever because if he becomes good again, the cape will regenerate, who is actually Bionic/Avenger/cape.
    Meanwhile, she first has to save JJ and his friends, which she succeeds in. Next, they all go to Poptropolis, which is the location of E.Vile.
    She makes E.Vile evil, then they scamper away to Prickly’s house. They all sleep there. JJ and Prickly fall in love.
    “JJ, take care of this necklace for me. I can only live up to one year.” Prickly cries.
    “Why?” JJ asks.
    “My disease is terrible. This is my last day. At exactly 12:00, I will disappear forever. Good bye, JJ.”(let’s pretend it’s already december 31.) She hugs JJ, then it becomes 12. “Goodbye,” Prickly disappears.
    JJ cries so much, then looks at the golden necklace. “I love you, Prickly…”

  129. PoptropicaLover says:

    (hey, what about this!? maybe one of us can make this story for the Dream Island Contest and include everyone in it! um, is it a good idea? if yes, i just recommend the one who should submit it is Slanted Fish, IF IT’S POSSIBLE…well, just a suggestion…*feels awkward and clumsy.*)

    (Slanted Fish: I’m not eligible for the Dream Island contest, but another contributor to the story can submit it if they want!)

  130. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    (I just realized the irony.

    No one has actually said anything about the actual ‘Island X’ in a long time. But here’s my part.)

    Back at Vampire’s Curse,Prickly has beaten Popular and Igor and the shadowy guy. The shadowy guy wakes up and wakes Igor and Popular up. “This has gone too far! Enough with Sneaky Paw and silly random heroines from nowhere! We are going to take this like real necromancers,Igor!” “Brother,do you mean-” “Yes,we are going to summon legions of the undead!”

    “An undead army,master?”,Popular says,still feeling a little woozy. “Yes! Generals,foot soldiers,sergeants,archers,pyromancers (one who can control fire.example:Young Flame),brutes (big guys with big weapons),spear-men,imperial captains,all from the dead!” Igor gives out a shrill cry. There,legions of the undead are there,some zombies,some skeletons.

    “Legions!”,the shadowy guy shouts.”We have a command before you. This is your duty after death!” “Duty after death,”,the army moan together. “Your command,”,shouts Igor,”Is to give us blood!” The blood of Jumpy Jumper! Do not fail us,else you shall fall back into the Underworld. If you succeed,we shall give you life!” The army cheers,and they go out to find you.

  131. Super Grape says:

    (continued from strange)
    Meanwhile You and your friends go to Super’s house.
    You all decide to rest for a few minutes.
    But before you can fell asleep you hear Super talking in her sleep.
    You wake her up.
    “Their coming, JJ we need to get out of hare” Super says.
    “Who’s coming?” You ask.
    Suddenly the undead army bursts in.
    Super gives you the weapon.
    You get ready to fight the undead army.
    (To be continued)

  132. ThePoptropicaFanficStoryteller says:

    (gosh, it’s a suuperrr great story! i’d love to join it!!! here’s mine! =)
    Meanwhile, Vanessa stares at Blue Octopus. “How does he know you?”
    Blue Octopus lies, saying:”He only knows me because I battled with him before!”
    Vanessa is convinced, while Blue winks at you without V looking.
    Vanessa was about to slash you with a sword, but she trips and rolls down the hill. The others surrender.
    Blue is left while the others run away. “Are you ok?’ he asks you, and takes you to his house.
    “yeah..” you ask him, “what are you here for, exactly?”
    he swallows. “I’m here as a secret agent for you, a spy for e.vile. but i secretly turned traitor on him.” he mutters.
    Then you sleep there (because your house is wrecked, of course.) , but you feel being dragged away, then you open your eyes.
    everyone in the room is arguing, then they see you.
    Prickly jumps in front of you. “I thought you were kind and good!” She furiously slapped you. “But you would actually..” She breaks down. “Blue Octopus…Blue…”
    You’re puzzled. “What about him?”
    She looks at you in intense fury, and shows Blue’s cape dripping with blood.
    You gasp. “Where is he?”
    She cries angrily. “In e.vile’s lair! and your fingerprints are on this cape! He’s really injured, he’s tortured there!”
    “I didn’t do it!” You exclaim.
    Everyone looks at you like you’re lying a big lie. But only one is looking at you like you’re the kindest person on earth, and knows who hurt Blue.. But you don’t know him.
    He goes beside you in front of them. He’s very familiar, smoking a pipe, slightly forty-five years old, and acts eccentric. Suddenly it hits you.
    Sherllacck Halmmes, the famous detective.
    (well, in case it’s not allowed, i changed Sherlock’s name. hope you liked my part!)

    • Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

      (No offense,but your post has a lot of mistakes,and it raises a question who you’re continuing from.One,I don’t remember a Blue Octopus in this story. Two,Vanessa and Vaness are dead.And three,who are the others?

      Please understand the story a little bit more and then continue. It’s hard not to make mistakes,but you can proof read a few posts before actually posting it. And please tell who you’re continuing from.)

      • ThePoptropicaFanficStoryteller says:

        (sorry about that. i stand corrected. sorry if i made some readers here confused. i apologize and promise to understand it more. sorry!)

  133. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    You freeze an archer and destroy him. You freeze a foot soldier,but then a pyromancer comes. He unfreezes the soldier. Flames surround you. However you realize something. You have the Heroism Aura. You are invulnerable to fire,poison,mind-control,and chilliness.So you simply jump out of the flames. The flames surround your body,but it doesn’t burn.

    However,Super doesn’t know about this and when she sees you she screams and faints, You immediately take her to the bed and put her there,then you go back. The archers start to barrage you constantly. However you seem to be slightly armoured,along with the immunities. So you shoot them with the weapon and they all fall. You continue fighting,and soon only you and a pyromancer remain.

    You realize you have to destroy him. Then you get an idea and freeze him. He perishes too.Then the two necromancers arrive. “Ah,JJ. Finished slaughtering the army of the dead?” “Everyone else in the battlefield.” “Not everyone. You haven’t met the captain of the army yet,have you?” He waves his hand. Suddenly a figure appears. He seems very misty,you can only see his eyes. His body,however,seems to be wrapped in something.

    Then you hit on the truth. “Ah,figured it out,JJ?”,Igor says. “Oh,yes,you’re right,of course.”,the shadowy guy says. “The Mummy Returns.”

  134. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from strange)
    Not panicking you fight the mummy for what seems like hours.
    Finally you defeat the mummy.
    You frezz Igor and Popular.
    But the shadowy guy runs off.
    Super wakes up.
    “I see your still wearing that necklace” You say.
    Super smiles.
    “Let’s get out of hare before something else happens” Super said.
    (To be continued)

  135. Young Flame says:

    Somehow, you guys get separated. While you are trying to find Super, you hear a voice that you think is hers. It leads you into a cave. You find a girl, but its not Super. She’s trapped and you free her.
    “Thank you. My name is Rough Lion, but most people call me Nameless Undefined. And you must be…”
    “JJ,” you reply. You can’t take your eyes off of her, but you don’t know weather you like her or hate her.

    Meanwhile, back with Super…..
    “Young, Red, Mighty what are you doing here?” Super asks.
    “We came to save you. JJ told us that you were in trouble,” Mighty says (BTW, when she was introduced, she was 9, now she’s 13. Do the math).
    “But I don’t need saving!!!” Super complains. Just as she says that, a splash potion a poison splashes on her. She falls to the ground. She’s not dead yet, but she’s close.
    “No!!” Mighty screams. She runs to Super and chants in some weird language. Super sits up, but Mighty falls to the ground, lifeless.
    “NO!” the three remaining girls scream together.
    Super starts to recreate the chant, but her two sisters shove her out of the way. They say the chant, but instead of revivng the girl, they recieve the same fate. They all die. Super just cries.

    (I have a reason for killing myself. Just react as you normally would, and I’ll see what happens)

  136. ThePoptropicaFanficStoryteller says:

    (continued from young flame)
    You are led by Rough Lion to a secret place, and she asks you some questions.
    “Who are your parents?” Rough Lion asks.
    “E.Vile and Big Hero.” You grudgingly answer.
    Rough Lion is puzzled. “E.Vile!?” You nod.
    “Gosh, are you really a hero or not? Actually I remember just yesterday, I heard the bad JJ, son of E.Vile, came to attack my fellow neighbors. I survived. He looks exactly like you.” She remarks.
    Your jaw drops. “Clone…” you mumble.
    “Clone? You’re cloned?” Rough asks. But she’s way suspicious. “That’s most villains’ excuses..” She shows a golden sword. “From the evil JJ, a golden sword. And a long lost necklace of mine…” She shows the GOLDEN NECKLACE!
    “That’s Prickly Starfish’s necklace!” You grab it.
    “I knew it! You’re a robber!” She gasps.
    You shout, “I’ve had ENOUGH!” You break the necklace into pieces. “From now on, I’ll destroy this!”
    She gasps, breaking down. “That’s my mother’s necklace…Big Hero’s necklace..”
    “I DONT CARE!!!” you accidentally yells. He gasps, but then police suddenly chase you as soon as you get out.
    (to be cont.)

    • HannaH Blank says:

      (Woah woah woah… Everyone knows that rough lion is dead… She doesn’t exist anymore… She’s just a character in apt……. What the heck¿)


      Sent from my iPhone


  137. PoptropicaLover says:

    (cont. from ThePoptropicaFanficStoryteller)
    But because of your power of speed, you hide safely in the bushes, and taking your cape off, putting it in the opposite way to mislead the police.
    After a few minutes, you slowly run away to the forest.
    Suddenly something hits you. Prickly gave that necklace to you, but you lost it and it’s with e.vile. So how did Rough get it?
    Then you notice a paper in your pocket. It read:
    “Dearest Daughter,
    I shall be waiting for you outside the gate, but make sure you are in a red cloak, and put this note away. I’ll give you something very important to me, a golden necklace. Rough Lion, take care of it. Please, never allow Prickly Starfish, Young Flame, or Jumpy Jumper to have it.
    Your mom Big Hero”
    You gasp in horror. Just then, the police surround you…
    (to be cont.)

  138. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    The police take you to jail. However,you have an idea,and you take out your Ongoing Story book,you flip through the pages and suddenly see a part of the story.

    “JJ!Hopper!There you are.But who’s this boy?” You tell her about what Young told you. Super gasps.She turns to Lucky.”Why didn’t Young tell us about you earlier?And is anyone else in the family?” His eyes gleam. “Yes,there are two more children.One is my twin sister,Rough Lion,or as she likes to call herself,Nameless Undefined.Currently she is elsewhere in Spy Island.”

    You gasp and start writing for help telling what happened along the way.

    Meanwhile,in Hopper’s cabin,Hopper takes out his Ongoing Story book to see what he’s missed. Then he sees what you’re writing,and gasps. He goes out and informs the others.

  139. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from Strange)
    Hopper tells everyone including Super what happened.
    ”So let me get this straight someone made an evil clone of JJ?” Super said.
    Hopper nods.
    “The plan is to capture the evil clone and prove JJ innocent” Hopper said.
    “How are we going to catch this evil clone?” Strange said.
    “Simple bait” Hopper said.
    Everyone looks at Super.
    “Why is everyone looking at me?” Super said.

    Meanwhile You make another mark on the prison wall.
    You wonder how your friends are doing.
    (To be continued)

    • Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

      (I’ll continue in a minute, I just want everyone to know that Rough Lion / Nameless UnDEFiNed, she can control some dead… Kinda like Nico in book three of Precy Jackson, but a little more confident looking…)

  140. Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

    You fell asleep, though you don’t know how long you’ve been out. This, causing your marks on the wall to mean nothing, as far as time goes. You walk aruond your prison for a moment, in the tiny space you have. Out of nowhere, a skeleton breaks your door down, and then it collapses, disappearing into the ground.

    A gothic girl walks up, and she just stands there looking at you for a minute until you reailze you’re drooling. **GIANT THUD!** She grabs your arm and you try to keep up as you run away. You begin to look behind you to see why you’re running so fast, but the girl knows what you’re thinking. “Don’t look back! If you do, it’s hopeless. You’ll be too scared to keep moving, and then we’ll both be stuck down here,” she says. After a few minutes, you and this girl slow down.

    You hear a bleat, none other than Zlato’s. Then you see him running towards you. The girl stops, and stands there, again just looking at you until you realize: you’ve yet to let go of her hand… You let go, and see some of your friends. “I have to go. Look, tell them it was ‘The Extraction’ from the Rejection Squad… They’ll know what you mean, and remember to look out for bones and ice soon.” The girl runs away, her Silver Star Necklace flailing and getting tangled in her hair. Super hugs you, and you just continue to stare into the distance, in the direction of the girl, wondering who she was…

  141. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    So you go back to Super’s house.

    Meanwhile,back at the now evil E.Vile’s lair…

    Dr.Cumulonimbus welcomes E.Vile back. “So,Nimbo,what happened while I was away.?” “Sir,when you were good,Popular left and joined someone else.”

  142. super grape says:

    (Continued from Strange)
    “Well let’s go look for him then and see if we can convince him to come back” E.vile said.
    “Yes, sir” Dr. Cumulonimbus said.
    They go looking for Popular.

    Meanwhile You and Super were looking at your photo album.
    Clean comes in with ice cream in his left hand.
    “JJ I got good news and bad news” Clean said.
    “What’s the good news?” You ask.
    “I got free ice cream!” Clean said.
    “Okay then what’s the bad news?” You ask.
    “Well it took a while but I have confirmed the rumor that E.vile is back!” Clean said.
    You stare in disbelief.
    Strange comes in and says “Dun! Dun! Dun!” and then disappears.
    (To be continued)

  143. super grape says:

    (Continued from myself)
    Meanwhile E.vile and Dr . Cumulonimbus find Popular and unfreeze him.
    The shadow figure appears.
    “Hold it he works for me now” The shadow figure said.
    E.vile brings Bionic out.
    “How about a trade?” E.vile said.
    The shadow figure looks at bionic for a minute.
    “Deal” The Shadow figure said.
    They trade.
    “Now Popular destroy Jumper and Grape” E.vile said.
    “Yes, master” Popular said.
    (To be continued)

  144. Fast Fire says:

    You hear a thud on the door. Then another thud. And another. You open the door, and who should it be, but Popular himself!
    “NOW you’re going to die.” he says.
    Super comes out and sees Popular.
    “Yipe.” she says.
    You suddenly hear a huge yell and then a WHAM. Popular is on the floor, knocked out.
    “What?” you say.
    “Haha, what do you think would happen if a rock hit you at high speed?” Strange jumps from the roof.
    “You would die?”
    “So Popular’s dead?”
    “Well, no. Not exactly. But he has to go to a hospital.” Clean appears.
    “Oh, so we should take him to the hospital, right?” Super sympathetically says.
    “Eh- no.” Sneaky Paw says.
    “Why n-” “E.Vile is evil now and Popular works for him and Hopper is with the Necromancer!” Sneaky, Strange and Clean exclaim.
    “WHAT?!” you shout.
    “I don’t think we SHOULD take Popular now.” Super says.
    “How about we tie him up?” Strange suggests.
    “With this nylon rope?” Clean holds up a rope.
    “With these chains.” you smirk.
    “Wow. Popular is not going anywhere with that blaster NOT in his belt.” Sneaky removes the weapon (not THE ULTIMATE WEAPON, the BLASTER.) from the belt and keeps it on a shelf.

    Meanwhile, at E.Vile’s lair…

  145. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    “I hope Popular is doing good.”,E.Vile says. “Else I would have traded Bionic Hopper (actually the robot version of Little Hopper,not really him) for nothing.” But back in Game Show Island…

  146. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from strange)
    The shadowy necromancer along with Igor and Bionic tape the pieces of the page together.
    “Now brother let’s say the spell to summon the old ones” The shadow figure said.
    But just as their about to say the spell Sidney the historian bursts in.
    “Stop! I won’t let you get away with this!” Sidney said,
    “Bionic seize him!” The shadow figure said.
    “Yes, master” Bionic said.
    (To be continued)

  147. Fast Fire says:

    “OH MY GOD, SIDNEY IS TRYING TO STOP THE NECROMANCERS FROM SUMMONING THE OLD ONES!” Clean suddenly exclaims. “How do you know?” Strange says. “Come ON, I have the power of wind!” Clean replies. “So what?” “LET’S JUST GO AND HELP SIDNEY!”
    “Wait.” you say. “How do you guys know SIDNEY?”
    “The Ongoing Story book.” Strange says. “Oh, then I understand.”
    “Can we go?” Super says uneasily. “Yes, since I found my Electro bolt.” Sneaky say.
    “Let’s go. yeah.”

  148. Fast Fire says:

    (How old is JJ? He was nine. Then his birthday came. He was 10. Then on the sky island where he discovered Zlato, he was 20. (10+10=20) Then he was in a coma for 150 years. He was 160. Then he went through the time machine. Now how old is he?)

  149. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    You all go to Game Show Island and to where the Necromancers are. “Stop right there!” “Bionic,take care of the nuisance! We don’t have time for this!” Bionic comes,but you shoot him and he explodes. But then Igor is also starting to say the spell,but Sneaky electrocutes him. “Master! Help us succumb this petty nuisance!”,the shadowy guy shouts to the sky.

    You snort. “Who’s your master,shadowy guy? Grim Reaper?” “Of course,I am,JJ. I control them. They have the power to rise up the dead,but they have to take my permission,won’t they?” “Grim? What is this?”,Super asks. “Ah,I would love to see the Old Ones rise again-” “Stop this!”,shouts Clean. “You trickster! You fraud!” “Clean,what-” “JJ,don’t you understand?”

    “Understand what?” Clean sighs.

    • ThePoptropicaFanficStoryteller says:

      (um, who were talking to each other? JJ and Clean? and was Clean saying “Understand what?” and sighed after saying it? Or was JJ saying that and Clean sighed after he talked? sorry if i can’t understand!)

      • Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

        (BTW here’s the second part:)

        “Okay,Thanatos is pretty decent,since he’s the god of peaceful death. Anubis is okay. But Grim-Grim is different. The foreboding specter knows no compassion,no pity,no hope. He swallows souls for supper,and drinks despair for dinner. He’s tricked you,JJ. Everything he said in the graveyard were lies. And since he is death itself,in it’s worst form,he is immune to everything-”

        “And now,”,Grim finishes,”I shall dispose of you. His scythe seems to glow,and with a piercing scream,he heads towards you.

  150. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    “Okay,Thanatos is pretty decent,since he’s the god of peaceful death.But Grim is different. The foreboding specter knows no compassion,no pity,no hope.He’s tricked you,JJ. Everything he said in the graveyard were lies. And since he is death itself,in it’s worst form,he is immune to everything-” “And now,”,Grim finishes,”I shall dispose of you.”

    His scythe seems to glow,and with a piercing scream,he flies towards you.

  151. super grape says:

    (continued from strange)
    You get hit and fall to the ground.
    But then Super chants a spell and you get up unharmed.
    You freeze the shadowy Necromancer with the weapon.
    “Alright what’s it going to take for you to leave us alone?” You say.
    “That necklace your wearing give it to me” Grim says to Super.
    “What! never I promised JJ that I would never take it off” Super said.
    “You don’t understand you see that’s my necklace I lost it years ago” Grim said.
    Super gives Grim the necklace.
    “Bye for now” Grim said.
    Grim disappears.
    Super gets the page from Igor.
    You all go back to Super’s house but E.vile is there!
    “Hello Jumper” E.vile says with a grin.
    “(Gulp) Hello father” You say.
    (To be continued)

  152. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from myself)
    “What are you doing hare?” Strange said.
    “Simple I’m hare to destroy you” E.vile said.
    “That is it!” Super shouts.
    Super gets a knife out.
    Super jumps onto E.vile.
    Super is about to strike when Dr.Cumulonimbus shows up and grabs her.
    E.vile gets up.
    “Foolish girl how dare you try to do that?” E.vile said.
    E.vile get the knife and is about to stab Super when sunndenly….
    (To be continued)

  153. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    Suddenly something hits you on the head and you black out. When you wake up,you’re on Strange’s ship. Strange is sitting next to you. “Wha-what happened? Where am I?” “You’re on my ship,JJ.Come,let us go get some fresh air.” You go out. “So,what happened to Super?” “Oh,that. You see,JJ-” “Ship ahead,captain!”,you hear the navigator shout.

    Strange looks towards the direction of the ship. It has the Jolly Roger symbol. “Pirates! Attack!” However the ship turns towards you and crashes into the Phoenix Warbird. The cabin boy looks towards the captain of the pirates. “It’s him! It’s the dreaded pirate Jean-Luc the Vengeful!” Suddenly the captain jumps on to the ship. However the cannoneer shoots gracefully to Jean-Luc’s ship and it sinks.

    Strange smiles. “Well,Jean-Luc,you’re trapped now. ” “Not yet,ye fool.Not yet.” He takes out a sword and holds it out. “Ye want some of this?Get it!” “Well,unfortunately,I’m tired now. Fortunately,I have a new swashbuckler. His name is Jumpy Jumper.He’ll take care of ye.”

  154. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    Suddenly someone throws you a sword. You take it and battle JL till he’s nearly defeated. However,he starts one of the cannons and the cannonball falls into the ship,where it starts to sink. JL smirks,”I ain’t defeated yet,mateys!” And he jumps overboard. “Navigator! I see an island that way! Steer there!” The navigator manages to steer there and just before the ship sinks.

    The crew manages to get out of the ship and taking everything inside it to the island. “So now what?”,you ask.

  155. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from Strange)
    “Guess we should take shelter” Strange said.
    “Wait Strange what about Super?” You say.
    “Well the good news is Clean was able to knock the knife out of E.vile’s hand and save her, The bad news is we kind of lost her and we don’t know where she is” Strange said.
    You sigh and help Strange and his crew make a shelter.
    Afterword’s you lie down on the sand and fall asleep.
    (To be continued)

  156. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    When you wake up,you see that Strange and his crew are busy,so you explore the island.Soon you come across a marvelous spot,palm trees surrounding it,and a good view of the ocean. Suddenly you hear a squeal. You look behind and see a wild boar,with tusks and those ring thingies on it’s nose. You decide that the boar is not friendly.

    But you also somehow manage to see the strength in it,the strength to trample you down without even trying. You realize that it is none other than the href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calydonian_Boar”>
    Calydonian Boar

  157. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    You run into a cave.There you see an inscription in the walls of it.

    ຈະເປີດນ້ໍາຂອງໄວຫນຸ່ມ, ຫມູແມ່ນຈະຕ້ອງຖືກທໍາລາຍ.

    ‘To open the river of youth,the pig must be destroyed.’,you translate. That means you have to kill the Calydonian boar,you think.But what is the river of youth. But the familiar squeal is heard,as the boar wanders into the caves.

  158. super grape says:

    (Continued from strange)
    You get out an ax and get ready to take the pig down.
    The pig charges at you but you jump.
    After a few minutes you are able to catch the pig and kill it.
    A mirror comes from the sky.
    You pick it up , the tag on it reads: You have defeated the boar pig take this magic mirror as your reward, it will show you anything you wish to see.
    Then a river appears a sign did too it read: lake of youth.
    (To be continued)

    • happy poptropican :D says:

      continued from super)
      You look at the river thinking how to get across,just then someone on a boat swam to you.
      Hi,im hyper dragon!..at your service!
      you look at her,a blonde girl with a bow and arrow looking at you,you fall in love with her.
      So are you coming?? she asked.
      Yes im coming.. you say ,looking at her smile while jumping in the boat.
      So..I heard you killed the boar. she said looking at the river.
      Yes…wait! how do you know?? you ask her.
      Oh,well…i was watching you….she said with a smile.
      Umm ok,where are we going?? you ask her
      We are close to counterfiet…maybe we can stay and rest there and then head to early poptropica..she said.
      You and her arrive at the island and walk to the nearest hotel.
      Room for 2 please. you say
      You take the keys and you both walk into the room…
      The next day you wake up and yawn,getting of the bed.
      Where’s hyper!?!
      You hear a scream outside…its hyper!!
      You look out the window to see black widow!!
      BLACK WIDOW!!You shout.
      You run out and chase after her,but she steals a car and drives away!!
      No!!!!!! Hyper!!!
      you run inside and take her bow and arrows and run back outside
      Hmmm… you look around
      There it is!! rent a car!
      you run fast and rent a car
      Hyper here i come!!
      you drive to see widow driving fast with hyper knocking the window
      You take the bow and arrows and aim at the tyres.
      After you shoot all of the tyres you run to the car.
      Ok give me the girl. you aim at her.
      Ok ok ok!!! have her.. she runs off
      thank you for saving me!! she smiled
      lets go… you give her the bow and arrows
      You run into your boat and set sail for early poptropica..safely….until you see a speeding boat after you.
      black widow!!! you both scream.
      haha you think i just ran off afraid!?! she said laughing.. you ruin everything,now you pay!!!!! she takes a gun.
      run hyper!! ill take care of this!you shout
      aww how sweet..black widow smiles..now..any last words??no? ok ! and she shoots.
      no!!!!shouted hyper!!
      you close your eyes standing still.
      (please continue)

      • happy poptropican :D says:

        (Well i decided to continue from myself)
        You open your eyes,why am i not dead??
        you look,black widows gone?
        you look on the floor.Oh no!! hyper!
        what happened :
        while you closed your eyes,hyper decided to shield you,and .. to make a long story short…she died…
        a tear shed from your face..no hyper.
        Then a voice said, hey i never got to know your name..
        hyper!!your alive!!!!
        you jumped in joy.
        you hug her tight.Oh how i missed you!!. but how did you survive,you looked at her stomach.
        I dont know. but it still hurts..
        you put a bandage on her stomach,its gonna be ok,you smile
        and what was the question?,oh yeah! im jumpy jumper,jj for short
        we reached early poptropica ,she smiled
        we have a big story to tell,you said smiling
        but our adventure never ends ,she said
        you walk out,holding her hand
        a crowd cheered and sang songs.
        put your hands up !!someone from the crowd shouted
        who is it NOW?? you asked.
        Dr hare !
        (continue please

  159. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    (Lol I like the new guy. It’s just like Super but with longer parts.)

    Suddenly you hear a lot of fighting noises. You open your eyes and see Strange and his crew fighting with Black Widow. The cannoneer throws her gun away,but she jumps into the water and swims off. You look and see Strange’s Phoenix Warbird nearby,as good as new. You ask how he got it back. “Well,JJ,it’s a long story,but first tell me yours.” He turns to HD,then gasps.

    “Hyper! What are you doing here?! You’re supposed to be at your mother’s-” “I’m tired of being there,Strange. I wanted to explore-” “Wait,how do you two know each other?” “Obviously,she’s my cousin,as well as Popular’s.” For a second at the word Popular he glares at Hyper. Then he looks at you. “She was born 6 years after me,really. But what were you doing,JJ?”

    You explain everything. He gasps. “The river of youth! You found it,JJ!” Suddenly Hyper gapes. “That was THE river I rescued you on? Good Grief!” “Whoa,whoa,whoa,you know about the river too?” Strange sighs. “When we were younger,me,Hyper and Popular-” Again he glares at her. Seriously,what is it with Hyper with Popular? “Discussed about it. It was a myth at the time-”

    Suddenly you hear explosions. You black out suddenly.

  160. PhineasIzzy says:

    (What happened to my characters? I’m not trying to be rude…but have they died? It’s okay if you forgot them, though. :-))

  161. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from Strange)
    You wake up in a building Strange is there along with his crew.
    “What happened?” You ask.
    “Pirates attacked’ Strange replies.
    Then you remember something.
    “I forgot to tell you that I also found a magic mirror’ You say.
    You take the mirror out.
    “What does it do?” Strange asks.
    “It shows you anything you want to see” You said.
    “We need to make sure it works go ahead and test it out” Strange said.
    “I would like to see where my sister Super is” You say.
    An image appears on the mirror the image showed…
    (To be continued)

    • happy poptropican :D says:

      Super in a tent .
      suddenly hd comes out of no where.
      show me that mirror!!! she shouts.
      you give it to her.She gasps.
      whats wrong?? you and strange ask.
      take a closer look at what’s behind super!!
      E.VILE !!!!!!!!
      Well im not surprised, you say.
      We have to save Super!! hd said
      Get up JJ !!shouts strange
      Ok ok im coming!!!! you shout back taking your gun.
      When will you give me some rest ? you whisper to yourself.
      Where’s the car keys?? asks strange.
      I thought you had them.you say,confused
      Hd,do you have the car keys?? you ask.
      No,i thought you had them,your car,your keys.she says looking at you like your crazy.
      Thats not helping!! you shout running to your room.
      Ofcourse its not , she laughs.
      I found them!! shouts strange from another room
      What are we waiting for?? lets go!! you say running to the car.
      Strange starts the car…
      Well,were low on fuel.strange says.
      everyone look at you.
      Ok ok ok!! ill get some fuel!you say looking at hd’s face.
      Lets go! you shout getting in the car after filling it up.
      You drive to the blimp..and all of you get on it.
      Soon you arrive at island X
      This looks creepy. Hd says looking at spiderwebs.
      But cool!! you say.
      Guys i think were lost!We better find shelter. strange says while looking side by side.
      Theres a good cave!! Hd points at a good dry cave.
      Good job hyper! you look at her.
      I hope there are no animals hiding inside.strange whispers to the others.
      Did you hear that!?! squeeked Hd .
      Whats that!! shouted strange pointing at a huge dragon-like creature with huge golden wings,gliding to the cave.
      Hide!! you shout running away.
      Hmm looks friendly.Hyper looks and says.
      Here ill show you.she says as she pets it.
      Maybe he can help us! strange said smiling.
      OFCOURSE!Hp said climbing up.
      Grab my hand,JJ!
      Ok ok ok,you say climbing up.
      This is fun!! you say.
      (To be continued)

  162. super grape says:

    (Continued from happy poptropican)
    The rest of your friends get on the winged creature.
    “Mr. winged creature could you give us a ride please?” You ask.
    The creature nods and glides into the air.
    “Hey I can see one of my shops from hare” Strange said.
    “Hey there’s the tent” You say pointing to it on the ground.
    “Mr. creature could you take us down there please?” You ask.
    The creature nods and lands near the tent.
    “Alright now let’s rescue Super” You say.
    You get off the creature and go into the tent.
    You see E.vile holding super and he had a knife.
    “No one move or the Grape gets it” E.vile says.
    “JJ help!” Super said.
    “Let her go! what do you want?” You say.
    (To be continued)

    • PhineasIzzy says:

      “First of all, she’s not a grape,” you say. “Second, in a dream no one has ever known about, I was told that all who have been forgotten will come to reality!” Suddenly, all the people you forgot about rush to your side. They are all ready, armed for battle. “Now, does anyone have some last words?” one forgotten person (call the forgotten people Hopeople) says.

  163. Young Flame says:

    One of the Hopeople was Red Rock.
    “Red, you’re a Hoperson?” you ask.
    “Yes. Nobody cares about me. The only person who even writes about me is Young Flame!” she replies harshly.
    “No, Red! I’m sure other people have written about you!” you say and grab your book. For the last 50 posts, nobody mentions Red rock. But you do see that Young Flame and Mighty Tornado have died, and you didn’t even know about it.
    “Super! Why didn’t you tell me!” you cry.
    “I-“ Super starts.
    “Hey! The battle has been prolonged long enough! BEGIN!” one of your enemies shout.
    The battle rages on. All seems well. Hyper is doing extremely well for a new girl. Her skills with a bow were almost as good at Young’s. Then, the sword appears. It’s aimed toword your heart.
    “NOOOOOOO!” Red shouts in the really deep, slow voice that you see when there’s a dramatic moment like this on T.V. She runs in slo-mo, dives in slo-mo, and takes the slice in slo-mo, just like you see in T.V. She looks up at you.
    “JJ, this is what I wanted. Nobody cares about me anymore. Nobody except you. That’s why I saved you. Don’t try to change what happened,” Red Rock says softly. Then she closes her eyes and takes one last breath.
    You want to collapse. Yo want to run and cry, but you channel you grief into anger. You defeat all your enemies in two seconds. Then you turn on Super.
    “Now, why did you keep the deaths of my sisters from me?” JJ asked bitterly.

  164. super grape says:

    (Continued from young)
    “I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to be sad, You see what happened was someone poised me and then Young said some sort of chant, and then she fall to the ground and well they died trying to save her” Super explains.
    You stare in disbelief.
    “She risked her life for me JJ, and as long as we live I promise we will avenge them” Super said.
    You hug Super.
    “I love you sis” You say.
    “I love you too bro” Super said.
    “Aw now isn’t that sweet” Came a familiar voice.
    You look to see…….
    (To be continued)

  165. Fast Fire says:

    You turn to see Young Flame! “Young!” you and Super hug Young Fame. “Not ONLY me!” she says happily. MIGHTY comes from behind her! “MIGHTY!” you all hug. “But, who said- ‘Aw, now isn’t that sweet?’? you and Super ask. “I don’t know.” Strange mutters in the corner. “What happened, Strange?” Mighty asks. “Clean. Is. Missing.”
    “Aw, man.” “Wait. POPPUS TROPICANA!” you scream. “Yes, JJ. It’s me.” Poppus Tropicana says. “Wow. I’m guessing you, um, uh, eh, what do you say for that word-ed Young and Mighty?” Sneaky, who was VERY-VERY-VERY-VERY quite. “Yes, I revived Young and Mighty.” “Strange.” “What? Strange looks up to see Clean! “WOW! This is amazing.” Strange says. “Everything’s happy now.” you say. “I wanted to give you all rest.” PT smiles.
    “For how many days?” you ask. “A week.” Tropicana says. “A WEEK?!” “Yes.” “YES!” you all scream. “May peace be with all of you.”– Fast Fire

  166. super grape says:

    (Continued from fast fire)
    “Good I could use a break from fighting villains” You say.
    “So now what?” Strange said.
    “I have an idea let’s play hide and seek JJ can be it” Super said.
    “Alright I’ll count and you guys hide ready?” You ask.
    Everyone nods.
    You close your eyes and start counting.
    “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten” you count.
    You open your eyes and everyone is gone.
    “Ready or not hare I come” You say.
    You start looking.
    (To be continued)

  167. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    However,you take out your book instead and look into it. You suddenly see something.

    But after a while, Super sleeps, and a crate lands on the ground. you had amnesia so you forgot it was the Poppus Tropicana.
    A letter is released, and the crate disappears. You read:
    ‘Jumpy Jumper,
    you have to restore your memories and find the antidote in 24 hours, or else you will be permanently gone. I cannot tell you how to do it or else I will be the one who will be gone forever. JJ, please cure yourself!’
    But midnight comes, and it was almost morning. The crate looks at you with deep sorrow, and chooses to sacrifice herself. She restores your memory and cures you. But after you’re cured, she disappears forever. She leaves you his Ultimate Power, which is the heart. It will help you to control anyone’s mind.
    You cry all night, but suddenly a roar shook the ground.

    You feel your pocket and you see the heart. But…if Poppus disappeared forever…

  168. super grape says:

    (Continued from strange)
    But before you can react you hear someone scram.
    You go looking around and find Super on the ground.
    Clean comes over.
    “Looks like she fainted” Clean said.
    Super wakes up.
    “Super what happened?” You ask.
    “Well you see….
    (To be continued)

  169. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    “I choked on my chocolate.” “That’s it?!”,you groan. So you all just do something else for the rest of the day. Later you all eat. But you find something queer after you finish. You sneak up back and find Strange eat something. Is it…a mechanical mouse?! You decide not to confront him about that.

    But yet you remember something about mechanical mice….you take out your book and look into it,and there it is:

    “Mew.” you hear. “What’s with the cat?” Clean says. “Oh, that’s my cat. He likes to eat mechanical mice.” Sticky answers. “Wow, a Strange Cat and a Weirdo.” Clean says. “More like Strange Cat, Weirdo.” you say. “Finally! I found you guys! Hopper found the Queen Cobra, and he’s fighting her now! We gotta go!” Big Bubbles says. While everybody was going, Sticky thought to himself, “Strange Cat, Weirdo… I like that.”

    So Sticky’s/Strange’s old cat liked to eat mechanical mice. But whatever happened to the cat?You immediately hit yourself on the head. Of course! He’s been here all along! But then…what happened to Sticky? You immediately decide to talk to Strange.

    (Please do not continue yet. I’ll do the next part,then when I’m done with that,I’ll tell you,K?)

  170. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    But you suddenly find out that he is gone! You frown,but decide to talk to the Hopeople about old times. You find STICKY’S wife and son,Red Lizard and Bendy Pear,Big Bubbles,your best friend,Friendly Turtle and Shaky Bee in them. Later you go out and suddenly find Strange’s footprints.You follow them to a cave. You find Strange…talking to himself?!

    “Well,Stickster,suppose it’s time.” “Yes,it is.”,comes a deep familiar voice,in an annoyed tone. You realize that the second voice is Sticky!You suddenly realize the difference between the two. Sticky had a deeper voice,and was less annoying. He also not an adventurer,but a shopkeeper. He wouldn’t adventure,he was the guy who was supposed to help for some money. (I hope I clarified this.)

    Strange,was somehow adventuring with you all the time. Now you know why. Suddenly SC shimmers,and a cat appears. You know now,that the mechanical mouse-eating cat was Strange all along. Sticky suddenly notices you. “Ah,JJ. It is good to see you again,after so long.You must be wondering what is going on.I’ll tell you while I travel with you back to your friends and then leave.”

    “Leave?” “Yes,I am a true fashionista. Strange is on vacation,but not me. A tailor has to earn money by stitching,not by adventuring. Now,Strange,do it,please.” “Mew,”Strange complains. “No excuses,”he says. Strange grumbles. Suddenly he seems to grow bigger,and bigger,and bigger till in his place is a huge white tiger.

    “Now,”,Sticky says,climbing on him,”come on,JJ. I will explain things along the way.”

  171. super grape says:

    (Continued from Strange)
    You get on the tiger, the tiger started running.
    “You see JJ Strange here is a magic cat he can transform into anything” Sticky explains.
    “So where were you the whole time?” You ask.
    “Running my shops of course” Sticky says.
    Soon you reach your friends.
    “Well goodbye Jumper, come along Strange” Sticky said.
    Sticky disappears with Strange.
    You explain everything to your friends.
    “What so Strange is a cat?, I did not see that coming” Clean said.
    Super comes up to you with a scroll in her hands her face was pale for some reason.
    “JJ I found this near a lake, you might want to read it” Super said.
    The scroll read…
    (To be continued)

  172. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    Tomorrow at dawn,bring a sibling’s finger at hand,
    if you listen to my command,
    everything shall be explained,
    if the essence you can sustain.

    “A sibling’s finger?”,Clean says. “That’s the only thing that worries me.” “But which sibling?” “I think one willing to give it to you.” “But who?”,Super asks. “Mother had so many children.”
    “I will give it to you,JJ.”,comes an echoing voice-male,this time. You look behind,expecting to see White Dragon,Lucky Snowball or even Hopper,but it is someone that you do not recognize. A new sibling of Big Hero’s.

  173. super grape says:

    (Continued from Strange)
    The new sibling had blond hair and was wearing a jersey jacket with jeans.
    “Who are you?” You ask.
    “I’m Incredible Flame I’m your long lost brother” Incredible said.
    “Are you sure you want to give up your finger?” You ask.
    “I’ll risk being killed” Incredible said bravely.
    “Dawn is 12:00 JJ” Super said.
    “What time is it?” You ask.
    Clean gets his watch.
    “Let’s see it’s….
    (To be continued)

  174. renaldiinfernus says:

    (Continued From Strange)
    “So you WERE Strange/Sticky all along?”, you say.

    Sticky replied cooly,”Yep, that was me – me and my strange cat fuse into each other to form my adventuring twin. I do it by – hold on let me get off Strange.” Sticky hopped off Strange and got into a focused stance. Strange – the tiger/cat – somehow did the same, even though he anatomically shouldn’t have. “Now, me and Strange say-”
    Sticky and Strange chanted the spell – Strange’s, however, sounding more like “MeoW GROWL HISS HISS MEOW GROWL GRR NO JUTSU!!!” – while doing rapid hand movements, and started to glow orange. Then, an intensely bright flash of light illuminated the area. You turn away, nearly blinded.

    As the light faded, replaced in Sticky’s and Strange the Tiger’s places, you see Strange Cat, Weirdo and adventurer. You find the words to simply say, “Wow.”

    Strange Cat spoke, this time also sounding like himself and Sticky at the same time. “Now you know my secret. I’ve been leading a double life as a fashonista and adventurer. Come on, let’s walk and talk. I’ve got somewhere to be.”
    You and Strange start walking back to the camp. Strange continues, “You’ve spent more time recently with Strange. When we fuse or split apart, our memories are synced, so we know what the other was experiencing. Recently, I’ve been thinking about having another set of Sticky/Strange – you know, one to run the shop and one to fight bad guys. So far all I know is that it will cost a lot of MOOLAH. Fortunately, due to my passion being a fashionista, I have plenty of that. So now my quest is to find someone to clone me. But first!”

    The same orange light comes back and envelops Strange, who was doing the same hand gestures as before, but in reverse. Then the same blinding flash appears and you see Sticky atop his Strange tiger.

    “Alright, JJ,” Strange said. “You can come with me to find this scientist who can clone me. Or, you can stay here and do what ever you do. Your Choice.

    You ponder the question for a moment, then suddenly think about your Ultimate Weapon. (How long has it been since I got this?) you wonder. You pull it out of your pocket and glance at how battered it’s gotten since you first got it in that epic boss battle with E. Vile. The gold plating is tarnished. MANY scars are on it. And it’s been losing its power with the elements. (Maybe this scientist can fix my weapon. Or maybe even upgrade it!)
    You make your descision. Sticky, I’m coming with you. But it’s getting dark. Let’s get some sleep. Sticky agrees.

    You have a strange dream as you sleep. For once it isn’t filled with monsters or E. Vile or Super being tortured or crazy visions. It strikes you odd that the vision isn’t fraught with danger. Anyway, all you can see is a man in a lab coat/inventor’s apron, hunching over what seems to be a blue and gold orb of energy. It keeps morphing into many different types of weapons – a Spud Gun, a staff, a samurai sword, a creeper head? – pretty much every weapon you could ever think of. The man mutters and modifies the orb, occasionally dropping item cards of other weapons into the orb, which then absorbs the cards and turns into a blue gold version of it. The man says, “Come, come Chosen One. It’s high time that you get the UW2.0.”

    Then you fall intto deep sleep.
    (TO BE CONCLUDED!!! PSYCHE! Continue this please!)
    (seroisly, though, i wrote this on the 16th and didn’t see this get updated. I spent so much time on it too! I know your far into the story already, but could you PLZZZZZZZ consider it? Thank you!)

    • renaldiinfernus says:

      (By the way,, if you’re wondering about the creeper head, it’s a reference from Minecraft, in which virtually ANYTHING can be used as a weapon, and creepers are things that blow you up. Lol!)

  175. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from myself)
    “Almost 2am” Clean said.
    “Wait who’s command are we suppose to follow?” You ask.
    “That would be mine” Said a familiar voice.
    A guy in a clock walks up to you.
    He removes his clock to revile……
    (To be continued)

  176. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from myself again)
    Mr. Grim!
    “Figures” You mumble to yourself.
    “The time has come follow me children” Mr. Grim said.
    You follow him to…
    (To be continued)

  177. renaldiinfernus says:

    (Continued from Myself…I will be very persistent with this storyline!)

    You open your eyes and sit up in your tent to see that, for once, you had a peaceful slumber. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and everyone is joyful and happy. You suddenly feel like bursting into a musical number. So you, and everyone else, perform a tune from The wizard of Oz. (For the safety of the readers’ ears, we have omitted the musical number.) Everyone was singing and dancing and jumping and generally sounding like a masterpiece of stage choreography.

    Then it hits you: there’s a reason you and the crew doesn’t sing and/or dance often. Usually it turns into one big train wreck and a lot of sore throats. But all of you are singing and dancing like you came off of Broadway.
    Something’s up, you think. You concentrate and realize that when you woke up, it wasn’t just birds tweeting – there was the sound of a flute, too.

    You try to stop dancing, but your feet refuse to listen. Straining with all your willpower, you manage to half dance, half stumble to your tent and get your Weapon, then yell at the top of your lungs,”EVERYONE STOP DANCING! COME OUT, WEIRD MUSICIAN!!!” Everyone freezes, literally. They rigidly stare at you and strain to move.

    Plunk. Plunk. Plunk.

    You are suddenly now aware of a figure with a gleaming silver flute slowly making his way toward you. He is dressed in a Robin Hood-esque huntsman’s outfit, in midnight black. His face had a mischievious smirk and long, dark hair. “Who are you?”, you ask.

    The musician replyed,”I am the Pied Piper, and I am going to make you dance all the way to E. Vile’s mansion – all of you.” Sticky interjects,”Good luck, pal. You’ll have to get through me–” he whips out a trumpet from nowhere “–and my magical laser trumpet!!”
    The Piper coolly counters,”Elementary. I could do that with my hands tied behind my back while i’m asleep.”

    “So it’s a duel then?”

    “Let’s battle.”

    The two musicians began playing notes, which started to form in the air and turned into laser daggers, laser bullets, laser missiles, laser bombs, laser shurikens, and laser flying swords! The two deflected each others’ attacks almost perfectly. The battle escalated into a symphony of weapons and intense song. It was clear that neither of them could keep this up much longer. So Sticky played the decisive jingle and disappeared like he mysteriously does. The Piper looked around in confusion and a mannequin dropped on his head and knocked him out cold.

    Sticky reappeared and dusted off his clothes, sweating profusely. The tension in the air disappeared. “Phew. That was interesting.” He gave a look at the unconscious Piper and muttered,”I barely beat him. Come on, JJ, we’re going out. We’ll get breakfast on the way.”

    So you and Stick climb onto Strange and ride into town, while your friends interrogate the Piper.

  178. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    (Lol I like renaldi’s storyline better sorry Super!)

    You tell SC/SC2 about your dream. “Ah,don’t worry,JJ,we’re almost there.Ah,look,there it is!” You see a lab. Strange stops and you and SC1 get off him. There is a small robot,possibly inactive. You go and ring the doorbell and the door doesn’t open,but the robot suddenly wakes up. You notice that his right arm is shaped like the ultimate weapon. It glows. A laser shoots.The robot roars like a dragon is about to attack when…

  179. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from strange)
    When a guy in a lab coat comes out of the door.
    “Astrobot stop!” The guy in the lab coat shouts.
    The robot obeys.
    “Sorry about that he’s programmed to attack intruders, and my name is Dr.Shadow” Dr.Shadow said.
    That’s a weird name you think.
    “Please come in don’t be shy” Dr.Shadow said.
    So you follow him into the house.
    (To be continued)

    • renaldiinfernus says:

      (Continued from super – YAY! my storyline is accepted!!)
      You walk into a fantastically furnished living room with a HUGE library, a bunch of expensive paintings, and lots of – cats? Dr. Shadow rambles on during the house/restaurant/lab/garage combo, as you look around and see a lot of famous people having a party outside. It’s like someone stuffed a mansion into a 2-story house! You ask Shadow, “Where did you get the space for all this?? Did you buy all the houses here just to fit your huge house in here?”

      “Ah, yes, precisely. My, ahem, vocation allowed me to expand my lab into this entire town. I rent out some of the houses to people, and the rest serve as extra rooms for me. O, I am so dearly sorry; I had no idea you would be coming from the back entrance! Astroboy was just doing his job. Now, what was I saying, O right!
      “Dr. Mohammed Not. Vile Jumper, but you can call me Mr. Shadow. It’s so very nice to finally meet you,” said Mr.Shadow. “I’ve been meaning for the longest while to contact you. You know, I’ve been watching you throughout your VERY long journey – you are a true hero.”

      Mr. Shadow’s ramblings hit you all at once, making your head spin. You ask, “Wait, how did you get so rich, what do you mean by ‘watching me’, what IS Astroboy, why were you waiting for me, and what is your last name again??” Mr. Shadow chuckled. “All these questions and more will be answered in my lab.” He leads you to an alley outside the complex, passing into a door marked, ‘DO NOT ENTER W/O PERMISSION YOU WILL BE ATTACKED BY ASTROBOY,’ then a series of hallways, until you all walk into a…..janitor’s closet. You think, Why are we going into a janitor’s closet?, until you realize that the janitor’s closet was descending into the ground – much like an elevator….

      You stop moving and enter into one of the most awesome and messiest labs ever made. Countless experiments were set up on tables in random arrangements. Other scientists in the lab are working on other gadgets, like a better-tasting cough medicine with extra strength(what? that stuff is NASTY!), a teleporting device, various chemicals and potions, some mechanical creatures, and other things. Shadow led you, Sticky, and Strange to a round, glowing orb in the back of the lab. “Come, come, Chosen One. It’s high time that you receive the UW2.0.”

      Your heart skipped a beat. You realize that this man was the same one that was in your dream, and-
      ” –that he also made the original Ultimate Weapon, interrupted Shadow. You stammer,”H-h-how could you read my THOUGHTS!?!” Shadow grinned. “One of my inventions,-” he plucked an earpiece from his ear “-,that was designed to allow the wearer to hear other people’s thoughts. Interesting, right? But that’s only the start of my epic inventions. This lab is owned by me, and I get paid lots of moolah to develop high-tech solutions for Poptropica. Like this!”
      He pulled out a blue handheld device that looked sort of like a phone. “This is the PopDis – Poptropican Display! It powers the heads-up display that most players see on the top of their screen – comics, games, news, new places, the inventory, and your item cards! Few people who become immersed realize that everything they carry gets absorbed, virtualized, and added into their card deck. And everyone has a PopDis! Look inside your pockets, JJ!”

      You shove your non-existent fingers into your jeans, and pull out a PopDis. How could I have not found this before, you wonder in bewilderment. Shadow continued his rambling,”Most of the time, the PopDis is in hidden mode, and the world of Poptropica feels realistic. But for a special few, I allow the PopDis to be unlocked, along with extra features built in. Have you really ever thought about how you and your friends are able to teleport at will? That’s PopPort – the super exclusive power to teleport anywhere – which I give only to worthy explorers like yourselves.
      And you can also use the PopDis to scan certain things – which could very well help you on adventures and journeys. Unfortunately, it isn’t very specific. Maybe it is only activated by fate, maybe by specific signals. It can, however keep track of your friends and help you meet new ones. And there’s so many more features and gizmos and junk I crammed in there, I can’t even remember.

      “Now, JJ, we will get to the real reason you’re here: to clone SC and give you the UW2.0. Come this way.” You follow him to a machine with 2 chambers and a sign that says, CLONING MACHINE. “Yes, Sticky, you and your cat just step into this chamber over here, tell me how many clones you want and faster than you can say the first 100 digits of pi, you’ll have clones! Hopefully this time they won’t be made of metal….
      (To be continued! Im gonna finish writing this so nobody continue until im done, kay, please? Also, this may be one of the longest comments here!

  180. renaldiinfernus says:

    (Continued from me)

    Sticky said,”Ok, i guess I’ll have like 30 Stickys – WAI, HOLD UP! – what do you mean by, ‘I hope they aren’t made of metal’?” Shadow cringed. “That,” he said,”was one of the times my inventions fell into the wrong hands. I sold a model of my cloning machine to a guy named Horrid Hare – he had the most buck-toothed I’d ever seen – who was actually Dr. Hare. Earlier in the quest, when Clean betrayed you, he put the cloning machine to evil use – and modified it to the point where it could kill a Poptropican! Clean stole your, JJ’s, Hopper’s, and even a lock of his own hair to create the Robot 4 – evil, metallic doppelgangers who refuse to be eliminated. He also used it to turn innocent poptropicans into mind-controlled E. Vile bots and himself into a fully robotic bunny. And E. Vile also stole my own version to make Popular into a ro-bat-borg. I didn’t put the peices together until I saw the 4 robots in the news, terrorizing Poptropica. O, how my inventions serve to mess up this world,” Shadow lamented.

    Shadow, looking like a droopy flower, said, “Oh, right. Commencing cloning process. Could you give me a minute? I need to be alone for a while.” Shadow went into his private room. Meanwhile, Sticky and Strange were howling in agony, and being spun around quite dizzyingly, due to the cloning process. “WhY- Didn’t- He- Tell- Me- This- Would Hurt- I think I’m- Gonna- Be SiiiiiCK- BLEUUUEGGGGH!!”

    A disgusting bile of low-carb pastrami, breakfast, and hairballs splattered on the inside of the tube. You try not to barf yourself. Then Sticky/Strange slowed down and, disorientedly, stumbled out of the chamber. The other chamber opened out and a cloud of mist spilled out. You look closer and see about 30 Strange Weirdos walking out.

    You say in disbelief,”Wow, the cloning chamber WORKED! Sticky and Strange, when you get up, you should see this!” The 30 Strange Weirdo clones say in unison,”But I am already up.”
    “Not you,” you say,”THAT Sticky/Strange.”
    “Which Sticky/Strange?”, the SC Weirdos, in confusion, reply.
    You faceplam. This is going to be annoying real fast, you say to yourself. Then Shadow comes back, running, breathless. “You two, er, 32, we’re under attack! Grab this, JJ!” He throws you the glowing UW2.0. “Put it and your Ultimate Weapon together to upgrade it! It can turn into many things – just concentrate! I’ll take care of the original Sticky. And you, Strange Weirdos-” he tosses them high-tech armor and Electro-swords “-put these on and follow me!’ He leaves with the SC Wierdos and the unconscious Sticky + Strange.

    You stare at your weapon, thinking, This is it. The upgrade to an epic weapon to make it even epicer. I wonder how to use it… Slowly, you bring the orb and Weapon toogether, until suddenly they fuse together, emitting a blinding light. When the light subsides, it reveals one blue/gold, glowing, morphing orb of power, that changes into a watch, for safekeeping. Then you hear a whispering voice in your head.
    JJ, Chosen One, I am your Ultimate Weapon. I was forged for your use, to be used as you see fit. I will always return to you no matter what happens. And, in times of trouble, I’ll allow for a worthy hero to use me in your place, to whom I see fit. I’m also connected to your PopDis, which is telling you to get into battle. Remember that I’m always at your side, and that my power is limited only by your imagination.

    You pull out your PopDis, answering the video call, which shows a horrifying scene – All but one of the Sticky Weirdos are knocked out, the exception being the original Strange, who seems to have turned into a tiger man in a hipster outfit. (like this maybe: http://thefwoosh.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/DSC_5146.jpg) He and the Dr are tied up and beat up. Standing in the battle scene was the terrifying Robot 4, no 5! (Cyborg Shark, Robo Jumper, Bionic Hopper, Sticky Robot, And Popular) was a villian, laughing evilly. “Hello, JJ. Wondering how I got my hands on a PopDis? I’ll tell you, once you come here and fight me, or your friends die. Capieshe?”


    You get yourself ready to face….(TO be COntinU3d!! Who is the villian that has assembled the robot 5 and defeated the Stickys!?)

  181. Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

    The master mind. But you do not know where Popular is. Suddenly Astrobot goes bizarre and seems to run off in a direction. You follow it to a mysterious lab. You enter. Suddenly Popular appears,with his hand on his bad leg. “Ah,I see you have arrived,JJ.Thanks to my robot now,Astrobot.” You turn back to the robot holding the right hand/ultimate weapon at you.

    You make a wild guess and think that Popular reprogrammed him. Then…

  182. renaldiinfernus says:

    (continued from sticky – well, now you know what the ultimate weapon looks like…)

    …….You see a lot of metal faces and and evil doppelgangers.
    Standing with Popular was the group of robots and the master mind, along with the fallen Strange Weirdos, and Sticky and Dr.Shadow. The master mind stood hidden in the shadow, even in the video call, so he could be anyone, for all you know. You size up the enemy, knowing that this would not turn out well. According to your PopDis, everyone up in the complex had been taken hostage by robots. The door that you entered through sealed and bolted itself. You could literally feel the malice emanating from the evil group.

    You realize with growing certainty that your going to have to use the new Ultimate Weapon – and fast. There is only one problem: you have no idea how to activate it. Hey, UW, you think, How on Earth do you even turn on???

    Suddenly, your wristwatch glows, and you take this as a sign that it is activating. You say with overconfidence, “Hey, you rustbuckets!” The robots growl. You begin to charge the group, bringing what you think to be a glowing ball of energy down on Popular’s head. “Eat plasma!!!!!”

    Your glowing wrist watch, which was sadly not a ball of plasma, just clangs off of Popular, given that he is essentially a cyborg-that-became-more-robot-than-human. The awkward silence echoed throughout the room. Then, robots included, all the villans laughed. And laughed. And laughed. “The master mind chortled,”Do you think you can beat us up with a wristwatch? Ha! I’ll defeat you and clean your clock with YOUR clock! HAhhahaa!”

    All this mockery only infuriates you. You look at your watch in disdain, thinking, What exactly happened back there, UW? Not only are you slow, you made me the butt of a clock joke. A LAME clock joke that was still hilarious. What gives?

    The UW says in your brain, I’m sorry, JJ. I’m just warming up. This is my first time like this. There is a big difference between that sword/scepter/medallion thing you came to love and me. Give me time, and I’ll do my job proficiently. For now I’ll just turn into the old UW…

    The UW opens up its watch face and begins to become enveloped in the blue/gold orb. Then it changes into a scepter/spear with a electric-sword hilt, blade and a medallion near the top – the Monster Carnival Medallion. Then you looked closer at your weapon. It turns out that all this time, you had the Ultimate Medallion instead of Monster Carnival – better known as Island X. Your confusion registers on your face. But no matter!

    You grab your Weapon and jab it at the group. “Okay, playtime’s over. We’ll see who will win this TIME!” The awkward silence returns. “Sigh. Whatever,” rolling your eyes as you charge at the group. First you dodge by a hair all of the robots lasers (When did they get laser hands?), impaling Sticky Robot and slicing Popular in half. Cyborg Shark attempts to deafen you with his mike, but you only counter the reverberations with your Weapon and he shatters and explodes. You fire ice at the mastermind, preventing him from getting away. Now all that’s left are Robo Jumper, Bionic Hopper, and Astroboy. You look at Astroboy and get a bad feeling for some reason, as if you’ve seen him somewhere before. But you shrug it off as Bionic Hopper and Robo Jumper grab both your arms in a death grip. Luckily, you were able to blast both of them in the face, and they fell, as still as stone.

    You say to Astroboy, “Well, this is it. Do you have any last words before I knock you out of commission?” Some thing still bugs you about Astroboy, but you can’t shake the feeling. Then Astro starts talking and you find out why.

    “JJ, I doubt you will be leaving this place in one piece, much less unharmed. I have joined the side of the Robot 6 now. There is nothing you can do. You see, I have the REAL Ultimate Weapon. That weird wristwatch? An alpha version of what the real UW was to be. This UW is actually yours, though. I stole it from you as you made your way inside the house and replaced it with mine. Yours is actually due to self-destruct in 10 minutes, extinguishing the spark of that HORRID voice and forever unlinking you to the Chosen One’s tool. O, and also, it’ll blow you up. Meanwhile, I’ll be glorying this battle to all the world that we have enslaved while holding up your severed head. Don’t that sound glorious?”
    All this Astro spoke with the calmest expression you had ever seen – and in your voice – and that was terrifying.

    “You-y-YOu’re a cyborg copy of ME!!”, you sputter.
    “Well, duh, Captain Obvious,” Astro coolly replied. “My father designed my inferior brother, Robo Jumper, over there, as a miserable attempt to emulate you. Very metallic with fake skin – dreadful! He was used as a model for the metal-clone that that mad Hare made, along with everyone else. I, however, am a silicon/carbon-based lifeform, with a heart pumping electrified blood and a brain 10x faster than normal humans’.
    My father had such ‘high hopes’ for me – “BE the Jumpy Jumper in places he can’t go! Assist him in his adventures! Become his counterpart to a dimension he can’t touch, and yadda yadda yadda. I actually wanted to be all that my dad had said – a hero. I’vealways wanted to meet you. But all his blathering about you, you, YOU!, got to be too much, that it planted a small seed of hate in my heart.
    Then, when this evil mastermind over here, who by the way, isn’t so smart, came to me and offered me the chance to be bigger, better than even you, I couldn’t refuse. Then my goodness was sucked out of me by a chip of darkness and grew in me the most evil this world has ever seen! I began to hate my father, and began causing trouble for his guests, his family, the town, even his business – I’m the one who referred Dr. Hare to him and sold him Robo and the cloning machine in the first place! And my evil only grew, until I found, well, stole,these bots around you in a very sorry state and fixed them with my UW. Like how I’m going to do right now.”
    Astro promptly zapped his weapon at every bot and the master mind, and returned them to normal instantly. “And now we have decided to take over the universe – the INTERNET universe! And you’re in my way, so if we would get to fighting…”

    If this chapter of the Ongoing Story wasn’t ridiculously crazy, you didn’t know what was. But you did know that you were running out of time. JJ, the Fake UW whispered. You must save me if we are to have a chance to win this. My spirit is tied to the power of the Chosen One and the Ultimate Weapon. If I die, part of you will, too. And my full power will release, making Hiroshima look like a firework. And you won’t be able to stop E. Vile. All you have to do is will the other Weapon to you and let me absorb it. For the sake of this hemisphere, try not to mess up.

    The UW turns into a watch with a blade and hilt. The time was set to 7 minutes remaining, and counting. You gear up to fight one of the most epic boss battles ever: your mirror image. And the clock slowly counted down….(To be very extensively continued)

    • PhineasIzzy says:

      “6:59…6:58…6:57…” You tremble at each shrill blare of the time, counting each seconds. You, too, are counting the seconds…for a dastardly villian, a very scary and terribly awful…
      “Wait, who are you!?!?” you scream. “I am a mysterious villian of MOCKTROPICA!!! Nyah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” You whisper to the UW, “Please, bring some of our favorite Hopeople back! NOW!”

  183. super grape says:

    (Continued from PhineasIzzy)
    Then all of the people you forgot about appear out of nowhere!
    Super was with them.
    Super sees the timer on your weapon and gasps.
    “JJ what should we do?” Super asks.
    “All we need to do is combine Astrobot’s tail with the weapon before time runs out” You explain.
    (To be continued)

    • PhineasIzzy says:

      A nameless mysterious hooded figure appears out of the shadows.
      “Which means we need a chestimicalor, Jumpiest Man of of Jump.”
      Nobody says that to you. A chestimicalor? What’s that?
      Suddenly three more hooded figures appear, possessing the same qualities as the one before them, nameless and mysterious. One is suspiciously
      “Who are you?” you ask.
      “We are from PSSSS, a very secret organization. We are the only hopes of the Hopeople. We and our friends shall help, for we have already discovered and explored Mocktropica. We are ready to help.”
      “What?” says the Mocktropica villian. “Oh, it’s only you little ratty fiends. Didn’t I tell you to get outta my island? I suppose you will be destroyed along with that rotten little jump guy I was about to fight.”
      “Hey, stop it!” you say. “Okay, nameless Mocktropicans, we gotta combine Astrobot’s tail with this weapon. Lead the way.”

  184. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from Phineaslzzy)
    So the nameless mocktropicans lead the way to Astrobot.
    Astrobot try’s to attack you but you doge his attacks.
    Super grabs hold of Astrobot’s tail.
    “Now!” Super shouts.
    You combine your weapon with the tail.
    They both start to glow.
    “What’s happening?” One of the Hopeople ask.
    Before you can answer an explosion of light fills the room.
    (To be continued)

  185. super grape says:

    (Continued from Strange)
    You pick up the weapon and see that the timer is gone.
    Where did everyone go? You wonder.
    Then you remember that you have the magic mirror.
    You take it out.
    “I would like to see where my friends went” You say.
    The mirror shows your friends on island x safe and sound.
    So you go back to island X.
    (To be continued)

  186. LOL(not) says:

    (continued from super)
    But as soon as you arrive, an intense earthquake happened and you fall into a deep hole, leading to many pathways.
    You just go through a path, then another, and another, and another one, through a path, another path…’till a map floats in the air from an unknown source.
    You gasp in shock. It a map of the monster carnival island! You see a note in the corner:
    Deadline: TOMORROW, DEC.31,2013”
    You spent your time figuring it out, ’till you receive another map.
    This time, it was the map of the pathways. At the end of the correct paths, there was a small sketch. You look closer…
    You suddenly lighten up, remembering…..
    (to be cont.)

  187. super grape says:

    (Continued from LOL)
    Remembering that Island X was never completed.
    You decide to keep going down the paths to see what you would find at the end.
    So you take the map of the paths and start walking.
    When you reach the end.
    You are shocked to find…..
    (To be continued)

  188. super grape says:

    (Continued from myself)
    A bell.
    A bell? You wonder.
    You look closer and see it’s a jingle bell.
    A note was with it.
    It read: This belongs to one of Santa’s reindeer return it by Christmas day.
    You pick the jingle ball up and somehow mange to get back to the surface.
    (To be continued)

  189. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from myself again)
    After a while you find your friends.
    Super hugs you.
    You show them the jingle bell and the note.
    “Question how are we going to get to the north pole?” Clean asks.
    (To be continued)

  190. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from myself)
    But before you can do anything Icy comet comes out of nowhere!
    “Oh no!” Super shouts.
    “Jumpy I challenge you to a showdown!” Icy said.

  191. super grape says:

    (Continued from myself)
    You accept the challenge.
    You bravely walk to her.
    You get ready to enter a boss battle.
    (To be continued)

  192. Fast Fire says:

    She charges at you, but then you’re like: “YOLO!” and she flies away like BOOM.
    And everyone says: “lolz so cool”
    “Okay why are we talking like this?” you say
    “I don’t know.” Super sighs.
    “Aye look look, there’s an ice trail!” Young says. “Wow.”
    “Let’s follow it. It’s going north.”
    And of you go.

    May this not die down.

    • super grape says:

      (Continued from Strange)
      You think this as you follow the icy trail.
      Then a minute later you stop because you see something that takes your breath away!
      Because in front of you stood a palace made completely out of ice!
      “Wow an ice palace you don’t see that everyday!” Super said.
      “Let’s go inside and check it out!” Clean said.
      (To be continued)

      • Me,myself,and I says:

        (continued from super)
        You knock on the door, and it opens by itself.
        The palace’s entrance revealed a complete ice castle with elegant, exquisite furnishings. You all walk in admiring the different ice accessories and furniture, when you hear a whisper. “Come,” a beautiful, familiar voice whispers in your ear.
        You look to your right, seeing…
        “ELSA!?” (lol, has anyone watched frozen?) You gasp.
        She says, “I am Icy Comet, aka Elsa. I have the original power of water and mainly ice. But I am sometimes trapped in the evil persona of…”
        A blizzard occurs, and you close your eyes. After a few minutes, you open your eyes and see…
        She transformed into the evil Icy Comet, holding up an icy spade. She was about to hit you, but you use an ice mirror as protection.
        She screams. You look at her….
        Half of her was freezing, while half of her had also two halves: evil black half and pure white half.
        She looks at you. “T-t-this-s is my time of d-des-destruct-destruction…”She whispers, “I hand someone, a friend of yours, JJ, possibly more powerful than you or E.Vile,” She holds her crystal dagger up in the air,
        “This crystal dagger, that proves that ice is the most powerful element, second to love. This is an honorable weapon that presents bravery, love, power, kindness, and the beauty of ice…” She says, her voice getting weaker. But she adds, “Although it may bring you kindness and power, bravery and beauty, it may also be your worst enemy…” She whispers her final words…
        She passes away in your lap, the crystal dagger in the air, landing in the hands of your friend…the friend that was always treated insignificantly…
        (to be continued! Please accept my storyline! Please make it someone unexpected!!!)

  193. Me, myself and I says:

    (continued from myself)
    But its glitter stopped and it was just there floating in the air, not landing on anybody. But you realize you still have to find that person.
    Your friends (who were obviously frozen, haha), though, heard the whole conversation. And suddenly Young Flame feels angry and convinces the others to try to destroy the ice dagger and the power of ice and make fire rule the entire world of Poptropica, and gives her other companions little pieces of her fire power.
    And so while you let yourself be guided by the sword, you are then trapped in the forest, because wolves surround you.
    But the crystal dagger attacks them and it leads you to a small cottage in the distance. An old, feeble woman lets you in and her three daughters are introduced to you.
    The eldest, Prickly Octopus, had dark brown, curly short hair and green, creep eyes. She was slender, irritable, and snobby.
    The middle child, Blue Octopus, was a redhead, with many zits on her face and purple eyes. She was a bit geeky and ignored you.
    The youngest, Clean Octopus, had jet black wavy long hair, and bulging eyes. She was pale, and she was too shy.
    But the crystal dagger didn’t land in any of their hands. It led you to the basement and opened the locked door.
    Inside was a beautiful girl, who seemed pretty familiar…
    “Who are you?” You say in amazement, as the crystal dagger landed in her soft hands.
    She looked at you as if you were a danger to her, and quickly held the dagger up above.
    “What are you going to do?” She gasped breathlessly.
    You were perplexed, creeped out of the eerie beauty of the girl. You backed off, jumping out of the window behind you.
    After ten hours of running away, you rested on a chair that appeared suddenly. Then the unnamed girl appeared, holding her dagger.
    “I-I’m sorry for making you scared. But my job for now is to save you from the traitor, the fire queen.” She whispered, “I’m the unnamed Ice Queen.”
    You stared in shock, but agreed to go with her anyway.
    Meanwhile, back in Young Flame’s new fire palace, she struts around, waiting for her flame dagger to form.
    “You, Ice Queen, will disappear forever, and you must also perish, JJ!” She muttered to herself, ad the flame dagger finally formed and landed in her hands…
    (to be cont.)

  194. Me, myself and I says:

    (continued from me)
    You and IQ (ice queen) flew through the air with the crystal dagger, then suddenly a huge fireball went flying towards you.
    IQ cut the fireball in half and transformed it into iceballs, throwing it at the fiery castle below.
    You gasp in shock, as several fireballs, upgraded, flew towards the dagger. But IQ manages to freeze them and turn them into humongous iceballs, now with spikes, and aims at the other Flame Queen that you don’t know yet.
    Then the familiar Ice Queen and familiar Flame Queen launch into an epic battle using their powerful daggers, slashing each other, holding up shields, throwing powerballs, and summoning more ice/fire handy dandy weapons.
    Then when FQ was getting weak, she summoned…
    Then realization dawned on you that…
    “Young Flame? B-but I th-thought we were…” You gasped. “What about-the others!?” You yelled.
    She looked like as if she didn’t care, but IQ, absorbed in listening, was suddenly attacked by FQ, causing IQ to have a burn on her shoulder.
    You managed to catch her, but the crystal dagger, losing its strength, fell into the deep depths of the lands, which were turning into…ice!?
    Even Young and the others were shocked and stunned. Then Young Flame abandoned her flame dagger and slowly turned herself and the others into their normal selves.
    You watch the Ice Queen’s mournful death, and you suddenly realize who she really is…
    (to be cont.)

    • Me, myself and I says:

      (cont. from myself, I don’t wanna make this story destroyed!)
      but your thoughts are cut off and you realize that the crystal dagger flew up in the air again with the flame dagger, uniting together.
      It then inches closer to you, until it finally lands on your hands and gives you the real ultimate weapon no one can ever replace or invent.
      It’s all yours.
      The ice queen disappears, and you and the others fly off and move on to fight villains off for good and making Poptropica a better place. Because you all know this battle will be endless.
      The End-or is it really the end?
      (to be continued (?) who do you think is the ice queen? will it always stay that way? what about the time 1000 years later?)

  195. super grape says:

    (Continued from me, myself and I)
    “Okay so we have to fight all the villains all over again?” Super asked.
    “Afraid so” You say.
    “Where do we start?” Clean said.
    Suddenly something flashes.
    “What was that?” Young asked.
    Then something walks towards yells it’s a robot.
    “Not another robot and it’s looks like Super!” Clean said.
    “I am Cyber Super E.vile sent me to destroy you!” Cyber said.
    (To be continued)

  196. SMALLY says:

    three273, are you a fan of warriors? beacause i saw youre full name was redfoot of riverclan. i love warriors also, and have the ultimate guide!

  197. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from myself)
    Using the ultimate weapon you destroy the robot that looked like Super.
    “Well can things get worse?” Clean asked.
    Sunndenly you all hear a mechanical cackle.
    You look to see the Briny brad.
    “You can’t defeat us” Briny brad said.
    “Us?” You ask.
    Director D steps out from the shadows.
    (To be continued)

    • yahoozers says:

      The Briny Bard? Does Mordred suddenly find he has a passion for pickles, or is this a completely new character? Also, the whole fan-fic is totally confusing me. How does Minecraft and Percy Jackson and a guy named Cumulo Nimbus and everything else all make sense?

  198. super grape says:

    (Continued from myself)
    Director D gets out a gun.
    “Alright no one move Jump jumper is coming with us” Director d said.
    The Briny brad grabs you.
    They take you to B.A.D headquarters.
    (to be continued)

  199. Clean Shark, News Reporter of 2014 says:

    (Can someone please summarize what’s been going on, because I’ve been gone for a while.)

    • A Miner says:

      (At this point no one can summarize what happened,Clean. You’ll just have to read it by yourself.

      Don’t worry,you just missed a couple of 100 posts! : ) )

  200. Super Grape says:

    (Sure thing best I can tell Jumpy jumper went to a ice palace where he battled icy comet, And now he has to defeat all the villains again,
    and he just got captured by The Briny Brad and Director d and was taken to the B.A.D lair hope that helps.
    Super out!)


    You fall asleep, dreaming that Slanted Fish was reading the Ongoing Story Creation (OSC). She stumbled across the last page, and the words faded slowly, and she gasped in horror. You see something appear in your dream:
    “If nothing exciting happens, Poptropica will be in grave danger of being a lousy, dull, deactivated website.”
    You wake up, seeing binary bard and director d.
    “Look, guys, I know we’re enemies, but can you please call my friends and your fellow villains? Poptropica’s in danger!” You yell. Yu then explain what happened in your dream. They agreed and the next day a meeting was held.
    Then, half of the OSC had faded! You quickly decide to start.
    “Everyone, let’s make something happen! I mean-” You stop and gasp with the others as you see Prickly Starfish’s body disappear.
    Suddenly a roar shook the ground, and everybody was shouting and yelling. Suddenly you see a hand appear in the sky, holding an eraser.
    Voices were heard. “This story’s the only way to make Poptropica alive. But it is dying!” The first voice worriedly remarked.
    You gather your friends and enemies, and all of you cry. But you have a plan.
    “I know! Come on, all of you, let’s get cracking!” You get your sword out, saying, “Let’s have a…” You sadly say, “WAR.”
    You all prepare, knowing that this massive loss of lives is the only way to make the OSC and Poptropica alive again.
    You sigh “Ready,Get Set,” You all look at each other. “Go.”


  202. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from the osc etc.)
    Some poptropican’s start throwing spears.
    Others get out large hammers and start smashing.
    Some start shooting lasers.
    Some get out light sabers.
    You get the weapon out and start hitting stuff with it.
    But in the middle of the war someone shouts “Stop!”
    You look and see Super.
    “War is not the answer to everything there’s got to be another way” Super said.
    (To be continued)

    • Me,myself,and I says:

      (continued from super)
      “Then what?” You ask. The OSC had one final fading paragraph.
      You all look at each other.
      “Our final words?” You exhaustedly kneel, nearly falling to the ground. The others dropped to the ground, and only you and a person you forgot was standing.
      “Prickly Starfish?’ You gasp. Then something hits you like an enormous missile. You look at the final paragraph. On the corner of the book, a sentence was etched.
      “True love is the most powerful power that could control anything.”
      “Prickly,” You smile, reaching out to hold her hand. Suddenly everyone else wakes up, and A giant portal appears in front of you all.
      It swoops all of you in, getting teleported in a new world, as an eraser slowly lands on Poptropica.
      “We have to do something!” You yell…
      (please continue, anyone?”

  203. super grape says:

    (Continued from Me, Myself and I)
    “But what?” Clean asked.
    “There’s only one thing to do” Super says taking out the necklace.
    “How did you get that back?” You ask.
    “It’s a long story there’s symbols on this” Super said.
    You read the symbols
    “When Poptropica is in it’s darkest hour the chosen one must use this necklace to save it” You read.
    You take the necklace from Super.
    You say something in the chosen one language and something amazing in a good way happens.
    (To be continued)

  204. Popular Typhoon says:

    There is a sudden chill, and out of nowhere, a little piggy-tailed girl in a leather jacket stepped out. “I am Popular Typhoon, a glitch, and proud of it, and I am here to help.” She gave a quick smirk at JJ. “I am ten, thank you,” she said, almost proudly.
    “This is the creators waiting room, basically. They decide if they want you or not. And if they are erasing an area that you are in, you get erased too. They keep me here because- well, lets say that the writers have a soft spot for me,” she smiled sadly. JJ couldn’t help liking this little girl. “I have a plan, so listen up, please. Here we go.” (To be continued. BTW, my character in the Pop is named Popular Typhoon.:)!)

  205. super grape says:

    (Continued from popular typhoon)
    “So I think we should talk to the creators and see if we can convince them to not erase Poptropica” Popular typhoon said.
    “Sounds good to me” You say.
    So you go see the creators.
    (To be continued)

  206. Friendly Lion says:

    (CONTINUED from super grape)
    (sorry, im new here. pls explain everything to me)
    BLAM! You look up… only to see someone falling from the sky. Everyone execpt Popular Thyphon (who was freaked out) started gaping at the kid. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail, she was wearing a heart shirt and white pants. She got up, tidied her bangs, and ran towards PT (Popular Thyphon) and said “Bad news, Monster Canival is coming out soon….- oh, hey! My name is Friendly Lion.” You look at her and say
    “You sound familiar..”
    “Of course!” she said with an annoyed tone. “Mystery Train. I’m a time traveler.”
    Wow, you think, her time stopwatch was Way more advanced than yours. But she seems to be keeping secrets of her own…
    “anyway,” PT says, intterupting your train of thought, “this is bad news. If Monster Carnival reopens….”
    (to be continued)

  207. Super Grape says:

    (Continued from friendly lion)
    “Hopper will be erased” She finished.
    “What!” Hopper exclaims.
    “You see since your the ringmaster you will have to be erased and recreated” Friendly explains.
    “What! no! we got to do something!” You shout.
    (To be continued)

  208. Friendly Lion says:

    (continued from strange cat, weirdo)
    “Be careful. The creators are villains put under a good spell for a while.”. Friendly turns to you and says “I gotta go. I will come back when you need me most” and dissapears in a flash if light so bright you close your eyes.
    When you open them again, you and your friends are standing in front of the Poptropica headquarters. You enter the building only to realise Popular Typhoon was still outside. “go without me. that place is anti-glich” she said.
    “okay, warn us if there are any dangers outside!” Clean Shark says as you walk around the lobby looking for a corridor….
    (to be continued)