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My Place in Poptropica: Dangerous Dragon

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Dangerous Dragon, who found Poptropica during the pandemic. See below about sharing your MPIP story!

Ok, this is Dangerous Dragon and welcome! Poptropica Creators and Poptropicans, this is my story of how I discovered Poptropica. Get ready… get set… Go!

Bored for a game…

Yeah so, I’m from India and I’m 9 (well, almost, since my birthday is in February) sometimes it’s exciting, sometimes it’s boring. When India was on lockdown in 2020 it was obviously boring. Our classes were going online, and a few months later there was a problem…

Exploring the web

In the area where I lived, the internet network connection got very bad. So we got wifi! Now you will know: how did I discover Poptropica?

Some advice: when you’re a kid and you get wifi… the first thing you do is EXPLORE AND HAVE FUN! That’s what I did! I opened one thing I wanted to do: YouTube! Now a few days passed, and I got some games. I kept looking for a game where you could explore and do your own thing, but couldn’t find any. I got tired and opened YouTube again. There was something recommended from my favourite channel: it was from Thinknoodles a.k.a. Speedy Catfish… and the video was about Poptropica. And I was like, “Wha?”

Counterfeit Island docks (Thinknoodles on YouTube)


I decided to download Poptropica on my tablet, and when I did… I could not believe it. It was a game where you could explore! At first I thought that we just had to do everything on Home Island — just customize and buy stuff. 

A few days later, I got bored just customising, and then I wondered how Thinknoodles was playing on that island. With a bit more exploring, I discovered the Poptropica blimp. I hopped on, and then it showed me that precious screen: the Map.

Getting good at the game

From there, my journey truly began. My first island was Time Tangled, and I got through 4/5 of it before getting stuck. I searched on YouTube for the walkthrough and there was Thinknoodles playing Poptropica! After watching his video, I really started to understand how the game worked.

By now, my knowledge of Poptropica has grown even more. I’m even writing this post about it by myself! I also have a lot of things in my clubhouse and lots of credits.

Here is a quick picture of me in my clubhouse.

I’ve started to play many more islands, including Reality TV and Monster Carnival and Survival. While playing PoptropiCon, I got stuck and looked up a guide. That’s how I found the PHB!

Well, that wraps up my journey on how I discovered Poptropica. Ciao, Poptropicans!

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! If you did, you’ll probably enjoy our other MPIP stories here on the PHB.

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16 thoughts on “My Place in Poptropica: Dangerous Dragon”

  1. So you’re telling me that you discovered Poptropica all because of a Youtube recommendation.
    Interesting. Also you said that you are from India so नमस्ते दंगेरौस ड्रागोन। मैं खुशी हुई क्योंकि आपने पोप्त्रोपिका मिला। मुझे आशा है की आप पोप्त्रोपिका खेलने का अनांद लेगी । 🙂

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