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In da HOWOOSS!!!!!!!

Tyrian’s here! =D Yep, I’m here to take over for Gazek while he’s away, and I hope I can do a great job! I send thanks to many people, Cool Wing, Hijuyo, Coderkid, Smockers, Seph, Codien, CyberGeek, and several others, for believing in… naw, no speeches.

Parties. We have a party now. YES, PARTY!!!!!! W00T!!! I’m out for now! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! *runs into party room*


110 thoughts on “In da HOWOOSS!!!!!!!”

    1. wellcome!!! im the energetic poptrpican who-HEY!i do NOT spazz out!

      well i wish u said new-years and chanukah…

    1. u notice u an just reply and it looks like the 2nd? i do that alot…OH NOEZ THE SECRET IS OUT!!!

    1. and happy chanukah or new years or kawanzah or whatev from maryland..
      my computer is not stuck on caps lock any more lets- darn now its stuck on lower case…@##$$% well …welcome to the phb!

      1. mine IS a break down..so i got a new one for chanukah and it rocks but i cant play poptropica on it D:

  1. Okay, no offense to anyone, but I have been trying to get on the staff here for a while and my post has either been deleted or I do not receive a reply. Just fyi, I have been on Poptropica since it opened in 2007, and I know a lot about Poptropica. I am 13 years old and a girl. I really hope you read this as I love Poptropica and the PHB and I would really appreciate being welcomed to the staff here. By the way I do not check my email often as it is also my parents’ email so the best way to reach me is through a post here. Thanks anyway and happy holidays to all.

      1. I’m trying! Honestly! I actually know a ton about Poptropica, having been there since it opened. Ahh, I can remember the days of “Coming Soon: Shark Tooth Island”…. so long ago. What do you mean by “community involvement”, Deathstalker?

      2. but I can also remember the day when me and my sister whent online on my first poptropican and how she squeeled with delight…the good old days when sharktooth came out…

    1. Community involvement refers to staying actively involved with the rest of the Poptropica Help communities (PHB, PHF, PHC/chatroom).

      Making friends, helping each other, following all the rules, sharing discoveries and information would be awesome. 😉


      1. Well, I’m definitely involved then.

        Also, you know the hard part of Counterfeit, where you sneak past the guards in the Black Widow’s hideout? Well, if you have a balloon, it is a lot easier – you can just jump right up to the card scanner without being seen.

      1. Yes, it is New Zealand, and December 26 is Boxing Day there. Happy Boxing Day, Nervous Lizard!

  2. Welcome! Wow, 8 authors. Cool!

    Hijuyo: Tyrian’s replacing Gazek (unless he comes back), so it’s really only seven authors on the team. 😉

    1. Hijuyo,where is Gazek?

      Hijuyo: We haven’t heard from him in over 2 months, so we’re letting Tyrian take his place unless Gazek comes back.

      1. If Gazek comes back, will Tyrian still be on the staff?

        Hijuyo: Probably, unless Gazek is no longer interested.


  4. You sooooooooooo stole my idea because I was thinking about telling Hijuyo if I can join the blog to take over Gazek…
    Anyways, Yeah sure- Congratz on being in the PHB.

    Hijuyo: Actually, we suggested that to him…

  5. Congrats… ^_^ rofl…I remember when Early Poptropica was the only island and all you got was a congratulations when you won XD

  6. Let us rejoucie YAY!!!!!!!!…….MERRY X-MAS ( Santa came to my house )

    Silver Sword out!

    ( im white and christmas was yesterday )

      1. CHEESE Churros!!!??? I had no idea they even existed!!! My life is now complete!!! *eats entire platter of cheese churros and receives harsh looks from the other party guests*

  7. Tyrian, if you don’t mind, could you tell us a bit about yourself? Nothing too personal, just your age, where you live, etc. like the others have done. If you don’t feel comfortable, that’s OK too.

  8. everyone clap for Tyrian because he just got lucky becasue the creators stalked him! YAY TYRIAN! HADES IN DA HOWWWOOOSSSS!!!

    1. As you can tell by that link, Tyrian only contributed one post to the PHB before leaving, and that was his own introductory post. I don’t think that’s quite enough to qualify him as a “Poptropica Help Blog author.” :\

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