Poptropolis Games Island, Snapshot Series

There Can Be Only One Winner…

Ha! Bet you thought I was talking about Poptropolis Games, huh?


Well, I’m not. You see, humans tend to have self-centered thoughts at times. This is no exception for Shark Boy. For example, if someone were to declare him “Best Shark”…

Well, I bet he’s thrilled. He made a whole post about it, just to get the point across. According to Shark Boy, “I’d like to thank the little people.”

Did anyone happen to notice that Shark Boy is, ah, smiling? Yes, smiling! Well, anyone would be smiling if they won a contest. Do you think Shark Boy is the best shark, or do you think there’s a better shark in town, uh, Poptropica?

And, if you areย having trouble with Poptropolis Games, and you fear that theย one winner can’t be you, remember to check out our Island Help. There, you can find the Poptropolis Games Guide (or click HERE) written by PHB author Icy Cometย and you can be the one and only champion! Just keep in mind that there’s no tribe like Pathfinders. ๐Ÿ˜‰

~Super Thunder