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PHB Sneak Peeks: Never Shaken, Never Stirred

While looking around, I stumbled upon a picture of these two unseen costumes – Stealth Agentย (with super-epic night vision headgear) and Spy Agentย (with toilet plunger gun). As it turns out, new Spy Island figures will soon be added to Poptropica’s lineup of 3-inch figurine toys, and come with these!

New Spy Items!

UPDATE: Reader Nicholas (Squeezy Wing) tells us that he messaged Poptropica about these toys and was told that it was buyable for a limited time, and now that the time is over, it can’t be bought again. Strangely, though, they’re still listed as “Coming soon”!

The page for these upcoming Spy Toys is already up, though not yet listed with the rest of the Poptropica toys. Like the other 3″ toys, they’ll probably be sold as an island pack together and only have one actual set of arms and legs (the other is just clothing you can switch on it to customize).

Here’s the official description and picture of the toys:

Spy Island’s top operatives are ready for their next assignment! Disappear into the shadows with the undetectable Stealth Agent, or take center stage with the unflappable Spy Agent.ย Coming soon!

Spy toys

I have to say, though, the Stealth Agent toy is rather lacking compared to its ultra-awesome-looking online code-redeeming counterpart. ๐Ÿ˜› What do you think of these toys? How about the costumes?

Side note: James Bond likes his martinis shaken, not stirred.