Blasting off with top toy trends!

Excited for the upcoming Lunar Colony Island? The wait won’t be long now, as the Creators have announced that they are putting on the last touches. Just in time with current news, as you may have heard that NASA’s Curiosity rover has landed on Mars. As for the new Poptropica island, members will get to play first with early access.

PHB reader Muddy Axe shared with us this interesting picture from an article about Top Toy Trends of 2012:

Pictured: These goofy Poptropica figurines and plush toys are designed by Diary of a Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney and each item unlocks extras in a dynamic online island-based gaming world built just for kids.

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If you look closely, some of the toys shown are currently not out yet. (Click here for the official Poptropica toys page.) On the right, we see the unreleased keychain plushes of a black-haired boy and ginger-haired girl. Maybe we’ll see them soon.

-slanted fish

2 thoughts on “Blasting off with top toy trends!

    • All Hallow's Undefined! says:

      Update: I got the Dr. Hare 6 inch and have started to make my own Dr. Hare travels!!! His first stop next week: DISNEY WORLD!!!

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