ParaNorman and the paranormal

There is a new advertisement game building for ParaNorman, an upcoming 3D stop-motion adventure film about a boy who can speak with the dead and takes on ghosts, zombies and grown-ups to save his town from an old curse.

(Thanks to SnowBall for the picture!)

The ad can be found on Main Street of islands such as Wimpy Boardwalk. Click here for a video walkthrough from Loud Shark.

Fuzzy-B provided the following description of what you need to do and a snapshot of the prizes below:

When you walk in talk to Norman. He says that he has a problem, that the dead are rising from their graves! He then says to talk to his friend Neil. After you talk to Neil you start the game. You have to click to dig holes to “return zombies to the ground” so they don’t reach the archive building.

There is a maze of graves that zombies walk through, but the catch is that you can’t dig a hole in the same spot twice, so the zombies make a safe path to walk on (also zombies see holes coming and don’t go that way, so dig the holes as close as you can to the zombies). Once all of the zombies are reburied you win the prizes, Special Zombie Power and Bub Follower. Here is a photo.

Zombies, wanted dead or alive… or just undead.

-slanted fish

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