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PHB Special: #MyPopsona from the PHB Team!

Hey Poptropicans!

A while back, Skinny Moon posted on the Creators’ Blog (twice, actually) about Popsonas, which is shorthand invented by the Poptropica community to mean Poptropica personas. Such creations have been a longtime tradition among the fandom, and this fun practice continues to this day. In fact, you’re invited to join in.

One’s Popsona tells the story of their Poptropica character, and the details are up to you: you can create a backstory, personality, likes/dislikes, and more! Some of the staff writers here on the PHB wanted to create and share their own Popsonas, so in this post, we’ll be doing just that. Here we go!

 Slanted Fish

Slanted Fish hails from Shark Tooth Island, where she has always admired the swimming fish, including the bright blue betta she adopted from the sea. Born as Friendly Fish, she acquired the nickname Slanted Fish in her youth as a wordplay on her Chinese name. This Fishy finds her home in both land and ocean; bustling cities and secluded islands.

She went on to study many of her passions, including art and writing, at Ephraim University on Mocktropica Island. These days, Slanted Fish works as the editor-in-chief of a Poptropica publication known as the Poptropica Help Blog. She is often traveling around various Poptropica islands to promote the PHB, but also travels to relax and catch up with Poptropicans all over the community.

Spotted Dragon

sd popsona

Born on Monster Carnival Island, Spotted Dragon grew up in an apartment off main street with a distant view of the carnival. Not being much of an extrovert, SD admired the carnival from afar and often just stayed within the comfort of her own home, occasionally visiting the Lazy Sundae Ice Cream shop for a sweet treat. She did small jobs for the local newspaper to earn money and gradually found an interest in photography. Sadly, she had lots of insecurities, especially about her hair that seemed to constantly change shades of brown.

As an only child, SD grew bored of her aging parents’ simple lifestyle and as an adolescent decided to leave home in search of her passion. Inheriting her grandmother’s blimp, she started to fly around Poptropica as a loner, eventually learning how to maintain a constant set of odd photography jobs. Today, Spotted Dragon resides on Home Island, in a house she bought herself. After really finding her personality, she managed to become widely known throughout Poptropica for her tendencies to help everyone she meets, snapping pictures along the way.

She briefly attended Ephraim University, expanding her knowledge on subjects like journalism and discovering her non-traditional name translation of Sydney Doragon, but soon dropped out for financial reasons. Thankfully, she met Slanted Fish and much later earned herself a job working for the Poptropica Help Blog as an author and photographer. SD continues to travel for her work and personal adventurers and has acquired lots of confidence in herself. She shows a great interest in the arts, casual soccer, pride advocacy, and of course her trusty hoodie. She is asexual and panromantic, has a varying INTJ-T and INFJ-T personality, funny in the stupidest of ways, became best friends with Silver Wolf, and loves music.

Slippery Raptor


Who am I? You sure you want to know? The story of my life is not for the faint of heart. If somebody said it was a happy little tale if somebody told you I was just your average ordinary guy, not a care in the world… somebody lied. But let me assure you — this, like any story worth telling, is all about a Poptropican….

I grew up in River City, one of Shrink Ray Island’s cities. I attended River City High, where I was one of the kids on the honor roll. CJ was one of my study buddies back then, and I actually helped her with her shrink ray project. Sadly, I never got to attend the science fair because there was an interstate debate that I had to compete in.

My family later moved to Red Dragon Island, and that’s where I met Jack and Annie, who were my neighbors next door. They showed me the joy of reading books! I instantly fell in love with books, and sometimes you can find me hanging out in the Frog Creek Library past dusk.

Later, I moved to Mocktropica Island to attend the ever-prestigious Ephraim University. The university life was bizarre for me, and I met Slanted Fish, then a college senior who also attended my journalism classes. Upon reading one of my essays, she invited me to take part in the journalism club, which then grew into the renowned Poptropica publication, the Poptropica Help Blog.

Today, I continue to quench my thirst for learning, travel to many Poptropica islands, write poetry, and watch world-famous musicals on Back Lot Island.

Lucky Joker

Lucky Joker was born on Back Lot Island and lived on the overlooking hills of the island for most of his life. He’s an only child and often did things on his own since he didn’t have many friends to play with. He found various ways to entertain himself like coloring and solving puzzles, but what he likes to do most (and still does today) was learning.

Lucky gained an interest for Greek Mythology, in particular, and in the pursuit of his own happiness, packed up his bags and moved to Mythology Island. Currently, he studies Greek history, art, literature, and mythology, while still having the time to enjoy the peaceful environment his new home offers him. He also writes on the widely-known Poptropica Help Blog to practice his writing – another favorite pastime of his.

Happy Lobster

hl popsona

Happy Lobster was born and grew up in Ghost Story Island. There weren’t many children who lived on the island, but he made friends with a boy who held a perhaps unhealthy interest in tinfoil hats, and another boy with a red bolt across his face who had come from Astro-Knights Island with his parents. But Happy Lobster was intrigued by all the Poptropicans who came by on yellow blimp to try and solve some enigmatic problem the island harbored.

When he reached 18, he visited the Trading Post at Wild West Island, where he discovered an old yellow blimp – just like the ones he had seen arrive multiple times on his home island! He received it in turn for giving up one of his modern ghost comics, which the owner was more than happy to read about, seeing as he was from a totally different time. At once, with his new blimp, Happy Lobster decided to roam around the world of Poptropica, and stop off at islands where there were unusual rumors, such as dangerous forest creatures and vampires kidnapping seemingly random girls – who knew Poptropica was such a mess nearly everywhere these days?

Happy Lobster eventually came to Monster Carnival Island, where he prevented the sinister aims of the mysterious Ringmaster Raven. After Raven decided to become The Incredible Chicken Man with a lot less villain aspirations, Happy Lobster moved from Ghost Story to Monster Carnival Island, where he had made friends with (nearly) all the carnies from The Monster Carnival – and hey, the Lazy Sundae Ice Cream Shop was pretty sweet, too!

Soon afterwards, Happy Lobster attended Ephraim University, and met Slanted Fish, Spotted Dragon, Slippery Raptor and Purple Claw… the last of which looked very similar to one of his childhood friends. Towards the end of his time at the university, Slanted Fish decided to make a blog about all the wonders of Poptropica – and invited some of her university friends, including Happy Lobster, to join her in writing it!

Silver Wolf

sw popsona

Silver Wolf was born on Mystery Train Island and lived there until she saved the Chicago World Fair from peril in 1893. At the time, she was defined by her iconic purple hair and inspector-like clothing. The event sparked a desire in her to solve more mysteries, so she traveled all across Poptropica to help others, gaining small amounts of money along the way. Once she saved enough, she bought her own private island to live with her many pets: cats, dogs, parrots, hamsters, you name it!

She settled down on her island until the 21st century, when she decided she wanted to do more with her (very long) life. That’s when she started to blog about the world. She also changed her 19th-century outfit to a more modern one, including a joystick t-shirt and headphones.

Since she hasn’t seemed to age, no one knows when exactly when she is going to fulfill her dreams of being a veterinarian, as she seems content as she is. However, what is known about her is that she mainly keeps to herself, enjoys reading fantasy and adventure books, and plays a multitude of video games; it seems as if she keeps interests of the old and modern.

Purple Claw

pc popsona

Purple Claw was born in the great land of Arturus of Astro-Knights Island, and lived there with his mother until he became seven. They moved to Ghost Story Island after PC’s 7th birthday to take care of his grandparents. Over there, he only had two friends, one of them being Happy Lobster.

When Purple Claw turned 18, he got an email from the PND (The Poptropica Nature Defenders) to go on a trip to Nabooti Island to find the missing jewels. PC was absolutely stunned by their proposal, and joined the adventure. Besides the jewels, Nabooti Island had so many beautiful places to visit, that he even made a blog post about his adventure! And ’til this day, he still documents all of Poptropica’s wonders whenever he goes on adventures on his blog!

A year later, Purple Claw attended Ephraim University, and met Slanted Fish, Slippery Raptor, Happy Lobster and Spotted Dragon. The best part was that he met one of his childhood friends there, him being Happy Lobster! He also became an author on a Poptropica publication: the Poptropica Help Blog, run by those friends, a couple of months later.

During his free time, PC likes reading, drawing, writing, playing video games, or taking long walks with his owl, Silver Acorn. Or, if he’s not doing any of this stuff, he’s probably sleeping. 😛

Thanks for reading our Popsona stories!

Now tell us, what’s your Poptropican’s Popsona like? Feel free to share down in the comments, or post on social media with the hashtag #MyPopsona so even the Creators can see it and possibly re-post it! We’d love to hear your story!

– the PHB team –


38 thoughts on “PHB Special: #MyPopsona from the PHB Team!”

  1. Geez, these are so cool! My Poptropican is actually very different from me. Which you all would know if I had actually written it. *Facepalms* Which is why I need to write it!

    1. I may.. yea, my popsona is utterly confusing and quite sad. If only I had the time to start it.. Or a blog to send it out to the world.. Wait! That’s a great idea!

  2. Honestly I’m too utterly lazy to use a fancy editing system so I might as well write it here:

    Perfect Sun:

    Born: Back lot Island

    Personality: a bit of a drama queen, sassy, kind

    Pet:A Yorkshire Terrier named Lilly

    Likes: Herself, Kirk Strayer, Fashion, The PHB, Winning, Shopping, Pink, her BFF Perfect Sky, Movies

    Dislikes: Losing, People that are better than her, people that think they’re better than her, mean people, carbon copies, the color orange, Slanted Fish (formerly), non-vegan food

    1. Oh yeah! I also forgot to do her story! here it is:

      Perfect Sun was born and raised in sunny Back Lot Island. There, she obsessed over cute celebrities and Quequeg’s. She went vegan when she turned 14 due to her “self-image”, and she many insecurities about herself. Everyday she would look in the mirror and point out everything wrong with her.

      One day, she got invited to sit with one of the most popular girls at school, Perfect Sky. They realized that they had so many things in common, they both loved Beauty, shopping, makeup, etc.They eventually became Best friends.

      Years later, Perfect Sun attended Ephraim University to study Acting. For a while, she held a grudge for Slanted Fish, mainly because she wasn’t used to someone else in the spotlight other than her.Perfect Sun Graduated alongside Perfect Sky, Slippery Raptor, Slanted Fish, Purple claw, Spotted Dragon, and Happy Lobster.

      To this day she still has insecurities, but in the end, she always has her best friend, the PHB, and everyone around her who she can lean on.

      1. Actually, SD dropped out of college and never graduated! Oops.
        Perfect Sun sounds very fashionable though! Bet she would give great beauty tips.

  3. I have a Popsona. A really good Popsona. But I’m not talented enough to make a Popsona card like y’all did.

  4. Honestly, i don’t think this will turn out well but here goes nothing

    Yellow Joker

    Born:Mocktropica Island, moved to Home Island

    Personality:Shy, Adventurous, Smart

    Pet: A cat named Hotdog

    Likes: Computers, Video Games, her friends, school

    Dislikes: Dresses, Makeup, Girly Stuff, Hard Video Game Levels

  5. And here’s the brief story:

    Born on Mocktropica Island, Yellow Joker moved to Home Island as a child and is currently on vacation but is teaching herself programming. She has not achieved much as
    she is still at least ten. She has high hopes of achieving her dream of becoming an amazing
    (the ten part and programming part are actually true)

  6. Here’s my Popsona, created from the avatar of my Poptropica Worlds:
    Captain Strange Typhoon

    Born E. Graham, Strange Typhoon lived in the age of piracy in Poptropica (this was two centuries before a new law forced it to the Skulduggery Archipelago, more commonly called Skulduggery Island, in 2010), and he grew up in the Royal Poptropican Empire Navy, but had a secret love of pirates. When he turned 13, he ran away and was able to get a job as a cabin boy on the S.S. Sea Chicken. He soon rose to the position of first mate thanks to the training of Captain Crawfish the First (Current Crawfish’s great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather), and soon took his own ship, the S.S. Secret Explorer. During the end of the Golden Age of Piracy in 1937, Strange Typhoon and his crew was sailing near Arctic Island (the location of S.O.S. Island), when he was attacked by the navy. He fought bravely against them, only to fall deep into the sea with his legs chopped off and several bullets shot through him, putting him near death, and the ice in the water froze him perfectly preserved. 265 years later, Strange Typhoon was found, revived, and repaired with cybernetics by a strange, unknown alien race. He now sails through the air with his new blimp, the S.S. Secret Explorer II, exploring and finding adventures in his home land of Poptropica.

    Name: E. ‘Strange Typhoon’ Graham
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human/Alien Cyborg Hybrid
    Age: 15 (280 in actual age)
    Race: Poptropican
    Occupation: Pirate Adventure-Explorer
    Hobbies: Journal-ling
    The Arts
    Likes: Being by himself
    Sailing through the skies
    Dislikes: When people annoy him
    Working in a group
    Favorite Islands:
    Virus Hunter Island
    Mythology island
    Steam-works Island
    Ghost Story Island
    Super Power Island
    Super Villain Island
    Zomberry Island
    MockTropica Island
    Monster Carnival Island
    Mission: Atlantis Island
    PoptropiCon Island
    Cryptids Island
    Crisis Caverns Island
    Astro Knights Island
    Total Medals: 54

    1. Wow, Captain Strange Typhoon sure has adventure following him wherever he goes! 😀 And there have definitely been many generations of Captain Crawfish… it’s said they’re very sought-after for their crawfishy flavor. 😉

  7. I have MY popsona, largely based on myself.

    Name: Mighty Warrior {susannaMA24}
    Gender: Female
    Family: Muddy Club {JackieIII} (older brother)
    Pet: Monkey named Charlotte the Choco-Monkey
    Likes: Pizza, fries, the color green, TLOZ (especially TP and MM), dogs, animated movies, writing, Soupwords, Balloons, Sudoku, Pathwise
    Dislikes: Muddy Club (sometimes), Sky Dive, anyone messing with her scythe or using trollish items on her

    Born in 2007 on Early Poptropica , Mighty Warrior grew to see her home expand and new Poptropicans take shape–which irritated her. Why? Because every time she goes to a common room, all any of those plebeians want to do is Sky Dive this, Sky Dive that. Mighty Warrior places a very high regard on skill, strategy, and intelligence, not well-timed clicking. Despite winning almost every challenge ever issued to her, a glitch has caused her star ranking to be frozen at 4 stars for the past 3 years. Not nearly as much as has been earned, yet enough to get the point across to would-be contenders. Being a jealous girl, any time Mighty Warrior comes across her brother Muddy Club in a common room, she challenges him, knowing him to be a worthy opponent. But Muddy Club is a troll and will cheat on his sister with people who are below him just to infuriate her. But this is easily solved–just hack him and his challengers to shreds with her trusty scythe.

    Outside of her training, Mighty Warrior enjoys island hopping and working on her prestigious realms. Her favorite islands to visit are Mocktropica and Arabian Nights. During her time in the realms, Mighty Warrior built statues of two of her favorite fictional characters. Unfortunately, the statues are so enormous that it takes forever to get around them.

    Months later, Mighty Warrior saw the Halloween photo contest on Home Island and got the idea to make her own pictures. She won nothing. In revenge, she built effigies of all five winners on a parched desert realm and surrounded them with tortuous walls of fire. They remain there to this day. After that, when the winners were rewarded with being character options for other peoples’ pictures, she and her friends Grim Reaper and Vampire Victor threw their bodies in piles while burning them and stabbing them and squirting them with ketchup.

    Last year, Mighty Warrior saw a Poptropica fan art contest and decided to try it. But she had a moment of stupidity and almost breached a copyright. After being anonymously mentioned on Twitter between the PHB and the Poptropica Creators, she realized that she was a terrible artist and dropped out. However, her temporary fame filled her with a sense of misplaced pride, even though it was for an embarrassing cause.

    Not long after, Mighty Warrior had another brief moment of fame when she got the week’s high score on Snow Line 2, a Daily Pop minigame.

    Ever since that day, Mighty Warrior has had a peaceful life creaming everything that comes her way. While the arrival of Poptropica Worlds leaves her in doubt as to the future of her home, she hangs on and takes life one day at a time.

    1. Wow. Mighty Warrior is quite the character. Quite the entertaining read, though!

      By the way, it takes about 1500 more wins after reaching a 3-star battle ranking to get to 5 stars, which is a lot. Some other players have tricked their way into a 5-star ranking using a tool called iPop, which you can find on our Glitching page, if you feel inclined.

      If the art thing is true, don’t worry about it – practicing can improve your skills so you can get to be as good as you want to be, and of course, being aware of the rules helps too. 😛

      Anyway, thanks for sharing your Popsona!

      1. Thanks. When I said on another page that I had a bad personality, it really shows here. Also, two of my other Poptropicans who are around one or two years old have both reached halfway between four and five stars, even though they haven’t been around as long and I don’t win with them any more than with Mighty Warrior.

  8. Popsona time LOL

    Name: Spotted Thunder
    Birth island: no one knows!!!!!!
    Age: 11 but nearly 12
    Likes: Greek mythology, Dragons, anyone that is good and her good friends, Slanted Fish and Speedy

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