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What’s your popping Popsona? (+ Pirates of the Caribbean ad!)

Hey there, Poptropicans!

It’s Happy Lobster here, and there’s been a new post over at the Creators’ Blog – this time about our Poptropican’s Popsonas: our Poptropican’s very own persona, including backstory, personality, like and dislikes, and other small aspects that make each individual character unique!

Skinny Moon featured some of these Popsonas in the post, made by fellow Poptropicans, posted over on social media.

Funny Icicle.jpg
Hanie F.’s Popsona of Funny Icicle

“Funny Icicle is a super villain! Her name is Black Widow 2.0. She is a clone of Black Widow that was cloned at Super Villain Island, but Zeus (Professor Jupiter) upgraded it — he made a better version of Black Widow. Black Widow 2.0’s favorite island is Counterfeit Island. She wants to avenge Black Widow. She likes to steal and she likes art and fashion. She doesn’t like heroes and having friends.”

Fearless Shell.jpg
Yumgirl’s Popsona of Fearless Shell (drawn by IceSquared)

“She had a rough life… by the time she was 12 she and her father moved away to Paris, where her father grew up with her grandfather. This is also the time she met Mademoiselle Moreau, who was one of her only friends during that time. When she was 16, Fearless Shell and her family moved to San Francisco, where she developed a crush on Ned Noodlehead — she is the only one who can ignore his flaws. By the time she was 24, she was taking care of two orphaned children, Super Goose and Little Pear.”

Purple Tiger
Purple Tiger’s Popsona

“Purple Tiger is a dragon / unicorn / Poptropican hybrid who loves Star Link and Soupwords. She fights evil monsters in her downtime and loves to roller skate on top of clouds.”

Additionally, Skinny Moon included an amazing Popsona reference sheet about her character, using her new Worlds avatar!


So, what’s your unique Popsona? Well, unlike a couple of the Popsonas featured here, there’s no need to draw them – all you have to do is go the Poptropica Avatar Studio and type up your Popsona alongside your avatar’s picture!

Make sure to use the hashtag #MyPopsona when posting it – whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms – so that the Creators can see your very own inimitable Popsona!

In other news, there’s a new ad awaiting you over on Home Island for the upcoming Pirates of a Caribbean movie! Your trusty yellow blimp will have received a full PotC makeover, and in Amelia Earhart’s usual place will be a new Poptropican dressed in a conventional pirate costume. (Thanks to Bendy Flyer for the pic!)

You may also notice an aesthetic change to the Map which is now textured like an old treasure map as another promotion for the movie. (Thanks to Jacob_Da_Boss for the pic!)

Watch the video trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and you’ll receive a Pirate Transformation card. You can Costumize from it, plus press space bar to turn everyone into a pirate!


Alright, guys, that’s all that’s new for now. See you soon, and stay popping!

21 thoughts on “What’s your popping Popsona? (+ Pirates of the Caribbean ad!)”

  1. Sticky Clown was born sometime in 2012. He wasn’t born on any special island, he was born from the weird box like everyone else

    He originally completely sucked at every island, but today he only mostly sucks at them

    He is a narcissist, and a very impressionable one at that. Hence his infinite number of costumes and clones with the same initials

    Currently married to Red Lizard, with son Bendy Pear

    He is a costume master. Don’t doubt him

    Don’t mention Imperfect Clown to him. He won’t be happy about that

    He hates peaches

  2. I like what the Pirates of the Caribbean ad adds to the map. If only the Pirates theme song played with it.

  3. Tall Cactus’ Glorious and Totally Original Popsona

    TC was born and raised in her childhood home on, duh, Home Island. Her real name is Mary Sue and she’s perfect in every way imaginable. Everyone liked her except for some certain Poptropicans who became known as “villains” even though they were all just misunderstood. She defeated all of them and became popular again. She currently lives in that mansion on Cryptids Island with all her medallions.

    She also enjoys writing parodies such as this one.

    Lol look I never really made TC into an actual OC. Don’t ask me why because I honestly don’t know myself.

  4. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of a backstory for Magic Snowball… I need to do that.

  5. OMZ. NOW THEY REALIZE WE MAKE POPSONAS? I’ve been working on a storyline for almost 3 years about my Popsona, PW. Maybe a biiiiiit overboard? lol too late

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