Followers of Poptropica hope for Dragon Answers

Hey Poptropicans!

We thought it might never happen, but Poptropica Original (not Worlds) has gotten an update! But before you get too excited, it’s just on the mobile app, not desktop.

If you update your Poptropica Original app, you’ll get a free Dragon Follower! This little creature is pretty cute, eh? Would’ve been cool to have it on desktop and Worlds as well, so let’s hope it shows up there too.

Thanks to Young Hippo for the in-game screenshots.

There isn’t much else to the latest from the Creators, except to say that whoever made the blog post managed to make two typos: one in the title that was fixed after being pointed out, and another with an extra space in the hyperlink. Speaking of which, why not hyperlink some words instead of posting the entire URL?

Now, this wouldn’t be such a big deal, but with many players feeling a drop in overall quality from the Creators since the release of Worlds, what we’d desperately like to see is for them to step it up – and a higher degree of professionalism would definitely help.

Since Skinny Moon’s departure as Poptropica’s social media manager, we haven’t had any introduction to the new social media staff, and that along with their noticeable differences in communication has only added to the growing impersonal feeling between Creators and players.

naps dragon

fan art by naps (astroknightsisland on tumblr)

With Poptropica’s 10th anniversary coming up this month, we sure hope they’re planning something big for sometime soon, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Not too much has been said about it – Skinny Moon sounded excited about the upcoming 10th anniversary when she was running the social media a few months ago, but now that we are into the month itself, Pop’s social media has been eerily silent on this topic so far.

Still, a few earlier tweets have hinted that something big is coming this September, so perhaps we’re close to a big update soon…

All we ask for are a little more answers to our questions: What’s Poptropica working on these days? Who are the new social media staff? Could we have some more interesting updates, blog posts, and community contests?

If you are someone who shares these feelings, leave your questions and concerns in the comments below. The Creators have been known to consider our feedback, so let’s give them some suggestions!



Discounts for Poptropica Books, from Screen to Home!

Hey Poptropicans!

For all you voracious readers waiting to get your hands on the Poptropica graphic novels, it’s your lucky day: books 3 and 4 are currently on sale on the digital marketplace Amazon, at 45% off and 25% off respectively.


Book 3, The Secret Society, is currently on sale on Amazon at 45% off from its usual US$9.95 list price, making it US$5.47. Now would be a great time to pick up the book! If you’re unsure, check out our book review for The Secret Society.

Book 4, The End of Time, is still in pre-order and will be shipping next Tuesday, September 12. It’s currently 25% off from its usual list price and is being sold for US$7.54. We’re not sure when either of these discounts will end, so snag this deal while you can! It’s going to be the last book in the series.

Thanks to Mitch Krpata, the books’ author, for tweeting about the deals! If you’d like to hear more from Mitch, check out this interview we did with him earlier this year!

In other news…

Over the past week or so, there have been some sightings of a possible makeover for the Poptropica home screen. Some players have reported seeing this new screen (pictured below), which promotes Poptropica Original at the front and makes you click through another button if you want to get to Worlds. Since the release of Worlds, it’s been the other way around.

I personally like this newer one better, as Poptropica Original – 9 years in the making – is a much more fruitful offering than Pop Worlds is thus far, with its few months of existing. Though Worlds has some neat things to offer, it’s got a lot to catch up on when it comes to content, and that, to me, makes the original game worthier of representing what “Poptropica” is able to offer over the newer game. Or should the home screen be evenly divided between the two?

pop homescreen

However, not everyone has been seeing this newer screen, so perhaps this is just something they are testing out. For others, clicking to go to Poptropica Original on the original Worlds-promoting home screen brings up the login screen as expected. But recently, it’s acquired a noticeably bigger spot on the side for animated ads.

In my own opinion, it feels like another sign that the Creators are investing less into the original game, by giving up a part of an otherwise cohesive aesthetic that they had held onto for so long before. At the same time, I do empathize with Poptropica’s need to finance itself, and ads are a way of doing that. Fortunately, it’s only there until you log in.


Anyway, that’s all that’s new for now! What do you think of the home screen changes? Have you preordered The End of Time yet, and will you take advantage of the almost half-off deal on The Secret Society too? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Pop 5: MiniGame Collections

This post originally appeared on Poptropica Fun Zone and is being shared on the PHB courtesy of the author, Hyper Gamer. See the bottom of this post for how you, too, can write for the PHB!

pop5 minigames

Hi everyone. Today, I will be talking about the best mini-games you can play, categorized by island. These mini-games require getting to a certain part of the island before you can play them, and many of them are collections with lots of games in one island. Plus, you can play them even after you have completed the island.

This was originally published as a “Pop 6” list, but in keeping with PHB tradition, this is post will give the “Pop 5,” with the full list on the original. Now, onto the list!

#6: Wimpy Boardwalk

pop6 boardwalk

There are a lot of mini-games you can play on Wimpy Boardwalk: Himalayan Hurl, Fastball Fury, Circus Soaker, Space Fling, and Pirate Panic. These mini-games are fun and somewhat of a challenge, but they really aren’t that hard.

In order to access these games, you have to be a member, since non-members can only play a demo of the island. Also, you need to obtain a certain item in order to win Himalayan Hurl. You’ll also need to accrue tokens, found around the island, to play these games.

#5: Wild West

pop5 wildwest

There are a lot of mini-games you can play on Wild West: Slap-Jack, Shooting Contest, Spit-N-Time, and Slots. They can be found on various parts of the island.

In most of these games, you get to play against other characters, except Slots where you play against the machine. This makes for more of a challenge as you have someone to compete with, even if they are computer-controlled.

#4: Wimpy Wonderland

pop5 wimpywonderland

There are two mini-games you can play on Wimpy Wonderland: Twisted Wizard and Bingo. Bingo is only available for members. Twisted Wizard is available for anybody that has completed Wimpy Wonderland.

Personally, I think Twisted Wizard is a really fun game that you can play on any non-SUI island once you unlock it. You can find the CD in your games or island inventory.

Bingo, found in Leisure Towers, is also a fun game, but takes some concentration. I’d say Twisted Wizard is more fun, though.

#3: Game Show

pop5 gameshow

There are a lot of mini-games you can play on Game Show Island: Mr. Yoshi’s Super Terrific Challenge, Kerplunk, Spin for Riches, Scardy Pants, and Brainiacs.

These games are a mix of games based on skill in doing challenges and games that use knowledge. The knowledge-based games tend to repeat questions, but the skill-based games have challenges that you can play over and over.

#2: PoptropiCon Ep. 2, Spoiler Alert

pop5 pcon

The Mighty Action Force card game is the biggest game talked about in PoptropiCon. The MAF card game is super fun. It is a game I keep going back to play. You even have the option to change your deck with the cards you found so you can make it better.

There are two people you can choose from to battle on the island. The game is simple and very easy to access from the end of the episode.

Want to find out what #1 is? See the original post over on Poptropica Fun Zone!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Hyper Gamer! If you did, be sure to check out his blog, Poptropica Fun Zone.

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My Place in Poptropica: Wild Wing

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Wild Wing, a player from Spain who has improved her English through Poptropica, and also blogs at Poptropica AllSee below to send in your MPIP!

Hey all! I’m just a person in the world who likes Poptropica and writing on blogs (about Poptropica). I thought I’d share my Poptropica story with you, so enjoy!

The Start of All

It all started one year, I don’t remember when exactly. Anyway, I’m from Spain, but my father wanted me to learn English so that I could get a good job in the future. He sent me an e-mail with directions to a game site that was in English. That site was FunBrain.

I got really addicted to that site, and then I found an ad on the Math Arcade. I just clicked on it and a few moments later, I had registered for my first Poptropica account! I don’t remember my first account, but I do remember my Poptropican on Shark Tooth Island, standing on the top of a coconut.

More Homework, Less Poptropica

As I got older, I had more homework to do, and the free time I did have, I spent with my friends. So I started to forget about Poptropica and its magical world.

I started playing other games, and Poptropica was at the end of my list. My friends told me about some other games, and I talked a little about the things I remembered about Poptropica. However, I think that they didn’t like it too much, and I agreed with them at that time.

Re-discovering Poptropica, and Membership

About two years later, I remembered Poptropica. At the time, I didn’t have too much homework, so I started playing it more. That’s when my current character, Wild Wing, was created.

I completed almost all of the islands, but I couldn’t finish Virus Hunter or Steamworks. Later, on my other accounts, I think I finished Steamworks, but since it took so long to complete, I didn’t play it again on my main account.

My parents let me have a one month membership. When I became a member, I said to myself that it would be as cool as in the ads. But I was a little bit disappointed. I bought all the cards from the store and did all the things members could in that time. But there wasn’t much for members back then: there weren’t any early access islands or the seven (now six) members-only islands. So, I didn’t like membership too much.

Discovering More: The Social Aspect

This part is when I discovered the social part of Poptropica. Videos on YouTube, the Poptropica Help Blog, other interesting fan sites… the more I found, the more addicted I became to reading about Poptropica and playing the game.

I just love reading all the funny and interesting blog posts out there, and discovering new Poptropica blogs. I love knowing and thinking about all the different points of view.

Less Pop Original, More Worlds, and a Blog

When Pop Worlds was released, for some reason, I couldn’t enter Poptropica Original anymore. I checked Flash and all that stuff, but nothing worked. So I have to play Poptropica Original on my father’s computer. He’s usually on it, so I can’t go on Pop Original most of time. Right now, when I do play, I can only really play the few things that are available on Poptropica Worlds.

With the release of Poptropica Worlds, and of all the new features, I decided I wanted to create my own Pop blog, called Poptropica All. Check it out!

Anyway, I don’t know what will happen in a year or more. But I do know I would like to continue with Poptropica. In addition to being fun, Poptropica has also helped me with learning English, and that’s been pretty useful to me!

If you want to add me on Poptropica, my username is magicandmagic (don’t ask me why). Well, thanks for reading!


Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story!

If you haven’t already, we invite you to send in your own. Please include your username and a minimum of 550 words, typed with good spelling and grammar, and divided into labeled sections. If you send in your story, we will continue to post new community MPIPs!

~the Poptropica Help Blog

Pop Petition: Bring Tribes to Worlds!

(Hey Poptropicans! This is a guest post written by Poptropica community member MT, wherein the idea of bringing Poptropica Tribes to Worlds is discussed. Enjoy!)

Pop Petition Header

Hello, fellow Poptropicans! I am honored to speak to all of you today. Let me introduce myself. Call me MT: short for Moody Tuna, and I’m not this MT.

As you may or may not know, Poptropica is a map made by the “Creators”, a group of psychiatrists psychologists physiatrists physiologists psychics that can tell the future (because they create it). They created the past to ensure the future, and they succeeded. But as the Poptropica graphic novels will show you, Octavian has been messing with the timeline for the sake of saving his loved one. But there’s another mystery about the Poptropica timeline: when did the tribes form?

Tribes came to Poptropica for the ancient Poptropolis Games, but tribes had already been existing for a time. The tribal system has also separated Poptropicans and given us awesome common rooms. So, it was pretty awesome in Poptropica Original, and I’d love to see the concept continue in the newer Poptropica Worlds, especially with more expansions on story. Of course, having tribes will require jerseys and running shorts, and that, of course, will show those hideous knees. *shudder*

Still, choosing a tribe would be a great way for Poptropicans to show a bit of personality to their friends, and unite Poptropicans in some friendly competition.


Spear me the details.

As we know, islands on Worlds each get their own museum, and now I’m wondering out loud what the museum would display if there was one for a remastered Poptropolis Games. Of course, it should talk about the ancient warrior in the members’ bonus quest, as well as the sinking and resurfacing of the island.

And what about the common rooms? We have yet to see an actual common room in Worlds, even though the Creators have talked about bringing multi-player features to Worlds. One of the original picture previews for Worlds even says “Challenge your friends!” Well, I think it’d be cool if we had a common room on our Home Island that corresponded to the tribe we were in. But what do you think?

I have to go, so… BAM!! *a golden robot looms closer, red eyes gleaming with delight* “Mwahahahaha!!”

The end?!?!?

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by MT!

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My dearest Balloon Boy, it’s a Poptropica Worlds trailer!

So, my dearest Poptropicans,

Today was a weird day. Not like talking cats weird… more like meeting a chipper little boy who takes selfies with immortal gods and hangs out with identical spies kind of weird. These bizarre antics and more are captured in this new Poptropica Worlds trailer:

Well, this video is certainly… interesting. Clearly, one of the aspects that stands out most here, for better or worse, is the running dialogue narrated by an excitable young child named Manfred who’s writing to Balloon Boy about his adventures on Poptropica Worlds. Since Poptropica has never been one to use voice acting, this change has definitely perked some ears.

From the sound of the kid’s voice, the video sets a very clear vibe of being something that hopes to appeal to children. And while Poptropica is a game targeted to kids, there is also an older player base around, many of whom grew up with the game from when they were children, for whom the attempt to appeal is lost in the childlike voice acting.

A commenter on the video, Messy Wolf (WonderfulFilms), writes that “the voice acting was a little bit overdone and catering to a much younger demographic.”

However, another commenter, Kenzie Backlin, had a different opinion, suggesting that “they should do voice acting for all characters.”

Whatever your thoughts on the kid’s narration, we’ve also got the rest of the video to look at. Something that’s more of an unequivocal observation among Poptropicans is that the animation continues to impress, in keeping with the Poptropica style with perhaps more detail than before, especially with the Worlds-style avatars. Good stuff!

dr hare shock

gif by naps (astroknightsisland) on tumblr

Another element that’s important to take note of is the actual content being displayed in the trailer: namely, the islands. We see the boy, Manfred, writing his letter on his desk in his house on Home Island, where he also spins the daily wheel and decks out his place, which he calls his “clubhouse.”

Anyway, could this letter-writing business be a sign that the currently unreleased “Inbox” feature on Worlds is soon to arrive? And that we get to send messages to Balloon Boy, who’s up in the stratosphere? It’s nice to see his presence continued in Worlds, at least.

worlds menu

We also see Manfred run through the other islands currently on Worlds, Crisis Caverns and 24 Carrot. However, he also meets Zeus on Mythology Island, which exists on Poptropica Original but not Worlds – could Mythology be the next island? And perhaps more curiously, how did he get the irritable Zeus to smile for a selfie?!

zeus selfie

gif by naps (astroknightsisland) on tumblr

Beyond that, there are a couple more that are not so familiar: in one scene, a “phantom” colored in pitch black jumps out at him from what appears to be a stage. In another, a horde of spies appears, then disappears in the next moment. The background is that of Zomberry Island with a side of a soundstage from Back Lot, but these characters don’t appear anywhere in the original game, suggesting that these will be brand new islands.

Anyway, what do you think of the new Poptropica Worlds trailer video? What islands are you looking forward to next on Worlds? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Pop 5: Poptropica Places We Wish Were Real

This post originally appeared on Pop Blog, which recently won Best Fan Site in the 2017 Poppies! It’s now being shared on the PHB courtesy of the author, Mia, and this list represents only the author’s opinions. See the bottom of this post for how you, too, can write for the PHB!

Hey fellow Poptropicans!

So, this post is about islands – maybe somewhere in Hawaii, where it’s peaceful, quiet, calm– wait, not those islands… Poptropica Islands! You know, fighting crime, wreaking havoc, saving lives, and heck, even ruining lives (for evildoers of course). Anything but peaceful! Yes, there are some Poptropica islands I wish were real places on this very Earth and here’s 5 of ’em! 😀

(Side note: I know some Poptropica Islands take place in real places on Earth, usually straight from the past or realistic places that aren’t specifically named. So yeah…  just makin’ sure you guys know that I don’t doubt the existence of things like caves. xD)

#1: Time Tangled Island

First off, there’s Time Tangled Island. From here, I’d basically like to be able to time travel to all of the different time periods! I mean how great would it be to shake hands with Thomas Jefferson or meet Ancient Vikings!

Time Tangled: Apollo

#2: Ghost Story Island

Secondly, Ghost Story Island! Now, normally people wouldn’t want to live in a place with ghosts or supernatural beings, but how cool would it be to be able to see ghosts! Same thing goes for the vampires on Vampire’s Curse, but I won’t count that as one of my choices since the reason is practically the same. 😛 And hey, who says ghosts don’t actually exist? Boo!

#3: Mythology Island

Then there’s Mythology Island! Greek gods and goddesses roaming around – magic and mythical beings, amazing items and acts being witnessed every day! Enough said! Who wouldn’t want Mythology Island to be real?

#4: Shrink Ray Island

Fourth, Shrink Ray Island! Of course, I would like the ability to be able to change back and forth between normal size and tiny, but wouldn’t it be fun to jump on marshmallows like trampolines and be able to fit in a dollhouse? And who knows? Maybe someday science will get there!

#5: Monster Carnival Island

Last but not least, Monster Carnival! Not your run-of-the-mill carnival, that’s for sure! In this carnival, you’re walking along side disguised monsters and having this old-timey creepy feel. Sure, it would be scary at first – but who doesn’t love a good scare?

Ringmaster Raven’s Tent, Monster Carnival Island

I hope you guys could relate with some of these choices! What other Poptropica places would you want to check out in real life? Until next time!


Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Mia! If you did, be sure check out her site, Pop Blog.

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