You’re invited to the 2019 Poppies awards party!

Salutations, fellow Poptropicans!

For those who’ve been keeping up, we’ve counted your Poppies nominations and voting is well underway. There’s still a bit of time to punch in your votes to help dictate the victors of the 2019 Poppies! Voting ends on Wednesday the 24th, so cast your votes while the ballot is open.

Per tradition, there’ll be a party on the PHB’s birthday, July 26 (Friday), in which we’ll announce the winners. All are welcome to attend and celebrate Poptropica and its incredible community. Below are the details of the event:

🥳 WHO: Every Poptropican is invited! PHB staff will be there too!

🏆 WHAT: Hanging out in Poptropica clubhouses and arcades, chatting and cheering on your picks for the awards on the PHC, and tuning in to a livestream on the PHB’s YouTube channel co-hosted by Fierce Flyer and Sporty Boa, where we’ll be revealing the winners of this year’s Poppies!

🕖 WHEN: July 26, 2019 (Friday) @ 7 p.m. Eastern 6 p.m. Central 5 p.m. Mountain 4 p.m. Pacific. If you live in a different timezone, you can use a time zone converter to see what the time will be where you live.

💻 WHERE: The Poptropica Help Chat (PHC), our moderated chat server on Discord. If you’ll be on the go, make use of Discord’s mobile apps! The livestream will be on the PHB’s YouTube channel, MyPoptropicaHelp.

🎉 WHY: To announce the winners of the 2019 Poppies, have fun, and celebrate 11 years of the PHB!

Again, go vote if you haven’t already! And if you have, perhaps tell some friends and family to join in on the fun this year. The poll closes Wednesday, and the party is Friday, with a recap post to follow the event.

Remember to bring your snazziest outfit, your most exciting attitude, and maybe a bag of popcorn as we announce the winners for this year’s Poppies! Stay tuned, and until then…

🔹 We’ll see you on the blue carpet! 🔹

– the Poppies Help Blog team –

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Poppies 2019: It’s voting time!

Welcome back, Poptropicans, to more Poppies fun! Now we’re getting into the full swing of things as we commence the second round…

The voting round!

Not sure what’s going on? Catch up on what the Poppies are all about!

We’ve read and tallied up all of your nominations and narrowed them down to the most popular for each category.

This round will determine the winners of the 2019 (5th annual) Poppies, so cast your votes before Wednesday, July 24 in our survey!

We’ll be announcing the winners live at our PHC party later this month on Friday, July 26, the PHB’s 11th birthday! We’ll let you know the rest of the party details next week, so stay tuned. For now…

Keep calm and vote on!


The Poppies 2019: Om Nom Nominations

Hey Poptropicans, the pop-arazzi are here… and that means the Poppies!

🏆 What are the Poppies? 🏆

The Poppies are an annual Poptropica community awards event, hosted by Poptropica fans for Poptropica fans. This will be our fifth year celebrating, and as always, we welcome you to participate in the festivities and tell us where you think the spotlight deserves to shine in all things Poptropica.

First, we begin with the nomination round where you get to nominate your favorite picks for certain award categories. This round starts today (Saturday, July 6) and will end next Friday, July 12. It’ll be followed by a voting round, then culminate into a PARTY on the PHB’s birthday (July 26) — more details to come! But first, the om nom nominations…

Part 1: The Nomination Round

Today marks the start of the nomination round. Each award category will be announced below and followed by a brief description.

To keep the nominations a surprise, you’ll be putting your choices in our survey anonymously. However, you’re welcome to leave a comment in support of your choices. Maybe you’ll convince people to pick your faves, too!

This year’s 11 categories (to celebrate 11 years of the PHB!) are…

Poptropica Gameplay Awards

Funniest Character: Whether it’s a random NPC, a villain, or a hero, there have been many instances where a character cracks a joke that makes you chuckle just a bit. Who made you laugh out loud?

Worst Character: Poptropica is full of iconic characters, but not every character was great. Whether they brutally betrayed you or their personality just fell flat, which, in your opinion, was the worst of them all?

Most Underrated Island: We hear about our beloved Astro-Knights, Mythology, and Mystery Train Islands a lot, but is there an island with a great story and adventure that you feel just doesn’t get the attention it deserves? Nominate it!

Most Overrated Island: On the flip side of the above, what are the islands you think get too much praise that weren’t really all that great? Throw in your nominations!

Best Store Costume: Of all the amazing costumes Poptropica has released over the years, which one do you think was the best? There are hundreds to choose from, so make this count!

Cutest Pet: At the beginning of the year, the Pet Barn had its grand opening and we were introduced to five of the cutest critters in Poptropica: the puppy, kitten, bunny, lizard, and goat. And now just recently the pony has made it’s debut! (Note: Because of the limited options, all of them will automatically be nominated.)

Best Sidekick: Throughout our Poptropica adventures, we’ve had our fair share of sidekicks to help us along the way on our quests, Poptropican or not. Who was the most helpful and loyal by your Poptropican’s side?

Community Awards

Popular Poptropican: Many awesome Poptropicans make up our community, whether they’re frequent commenters, fan artists, fan bloggers, or just someone well known in the online Poptropica world. But who should we recognize as this year’s Popular Poptropican?

Best Fan Art of 2019: Many astounding masterpieces have been made throughout the year so far, but which one do you think deserves the title of “best”? We suggest searching for your favorite pieces of fan art in our DeviantArt group and Community Creations posts! (Please only nominate works created/published in 2019.)

Best Fan Video of 2019: Whether they’re personality-fueled playthroughs, helpful walkthroughs, or nostalgic discoveries, the internet has its share of Poptropica videos made by creative people. Which videos stand out to you? (Please only nominate videos published in 2019.)

Best Guest Post of 2019: The PHB staff encourages fans and readers to share their ideas on the blog by guest posting. In 2019, there have been a collection of great guest posts on the PHB from Poptropicans like you! Which ones did you most enjoy?

Once again, the nomination round starts now, so be sure to fill out our survey and let us know who/what you think is deserving of the awards! Please limit your nominations to a max of three per award. Also, you’re not required to nominate for every category, though it is encouraged! 😉

Remember, the voting round starts next Saturday on July 13, and next week’s poll options will be made up of this week’s most popular nominations. So, be sure to check back in a week to cast your votes, but for now…

📝 Make your nominations on our survey! 📝

Keep popping in to keep up with Poppies events throughout this month! 😀

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Reflecting on 10 Years of PHB, and a Recap of Poppies 2018 🎉

recap poppies2018

A message from Slanted Fish, creator of the PHB

Wow. Ten years. A whole decade of the PHB.

Ten years since a little girl of 11 (me from the past) discovered the untaken WordPress URL that started this blog — poptropica.wordpress.com. Ten years since the release of Super Power Island, the fifth Poptropica island, and the first island to get a guide on the PHB. Ten years since she started blogging about a then-small game and clicking publish, many times over—the words traveling from an apartment in Hong Kong to reach millions of kids all over the world. The rest, as they say, is history.

We’ve shared a lot of fun memories over the years—this blog has celebrated in Poptropica parties like the one we just had, hosted contests (like the Poppies), and gotten to talk with some cool Pop Creators. We’ve brought you exciting news of island releases over 50 times and grieved with you when Poptropica wasn’t shaping up. And we’ve had the delight of sharing your amazing creations, making meme faces out of your Poptropicans, publishing your guest posts, hanging out on the chat… and more.

Perhaps it sounds clichéd, but it’s much more than I dreamed of when I first started blogging. I simply started out of a desire to write—to help others with the power of words, which I put into guides that, back then, didn’t even have pictures; to share a joy for a simple game that I watched become a pretty big and beautiful enterprise. I couldn’t imagine where it would go, and I still don’t know where it will go. And that’s okay.

Ten years ago a kid who’d just finished elementary school started a website for fellow kids to share in a common joy. Today I’m just a couple of semesters shy of an English degree, in part because this community gave me a platform to nurture a little creativity and love for the written word. And I hope it’s been a place of joy for you, too.

Thank you to every Poptropican out there who’s been a part of the PHB journey. It’s been pretty great, and 32 million views later, we’re still making history. There is good in the world, and we can all be a part of it. Here’s to a poppin’ decade. ❤️

Slanted Fish
Editor-in-chief, Poptropica Help Blog

During the party, the PHB staff hosted a livestream to announce the winners of this year’s Poppies. You can revisit it in the video above, or look down for the results:

And the Poppies Awards for 2018 go to…

That’s 10 for 10 years, folks! Thanks for all your nominations, votes, joining us at the party—and, even if you didn’t do those things, thanks, at least, for being a part of the Poptropica community and our PHB adventures. We’re glad you’re here. 💙

Best Fan Art nominee gallery

One visual representation of the wonder of the Pop community is the fan art it produces. To celebrate that, we’re including this gallery of this year’s “Best Fan Art” nominees:

Thanks for popping by on the Poptropica Help Blog!

Here’s to ten years. Cheers. 🍻

— the PHB —



You’re invited to the 2018 Poppies Awards Party!

Hope you had fun at the Poppies! Catch the recap to see the winners.

poppies 2018 party

Hello, Poptropicans! The time has almost come…

As I’m sure you know, this month is a big month for the PHB as we approach the 10th anniversary of the blog’s launch! To celebrate, we’ve been hosting our annual Poptropica community awards event, the Poppies, throughout the entire month.

With nominations over and voting now underway, the fun is just beginning because all of that has been leading to the best part of this whole operation—the party! All of your votes will help determine which of the aspirant award-seekers will be bringing gold home, and it’s about time to announce the winners! Here are the details:

  • 😎 WHO: Every Poptropican is invited! PHB staff will be there too!
  • 🎉 WHAT: Hanging out in Multiverse rooms on Poptropica, chatting and cheering on your picks for the awards on the PHC, and tuning in to a livestream on Brave Tomato’s YouTube channel co-hosted by some PHB staff, where we’ll be revealing the winners of this year’s Poppies!
  • ⏰ WHEN: July 26, 2018 (Thursday) @ 7 p.m. Eastern 6 p.m. Central 5 p.m. Mountain 4 p.m. Pacific. If you live in a different timezone, you can use a time zone converter to see what the time will be where you live.
  • 🎈 WHERE: The Poptropica Help Chat (PHC), our moderated chat server on Discord. If you’ll be on the go at this time, make use of Discord’s mobile apps!
  • 🔟 WHY: To announce the winners of the 2018 Poppies, have fun, and celebrate the 10-year milestone of the PHB!

Multiverse room codes will be posted on the PHC during the party, and we’ll also announce the link to the livestream there when it starts. Until then, mark your calendar, prepare your most extravagant outfit, and get ready to cheer for the winners!

✨ We’ll see you on the blue carpet! ✨

– the Poppies Help Blog team