April Fools 2019: Smashed, Crackled, POPPED!

Aaaaaapril Fooools, Poptropicans!

You might’ve guessed that yesterday’s post introducing a brand new Poptropica gaming experience, titled “Smash! Crackle! POP!”, was an April Fools’ prank. But if you didn’t, we’re popping that bubble for good: as smashing as it would be, we don’t have any plans to make a Poptropica-style Smash Bros spin-off. We hope it at least made you crack a smile, though. (And yes, the name is inspired by the mascots of Rice Krispies.)

The PHB team did put in some thought into creating the idea of the game, though, so even if you missed it, we hope you’ll still check out our prank post! Gentle Dolphin especially worked hard on making illustrations of fighters, including the roster of PHB staff that’s available as downloadable content (DLC), and a battle arena of Mount Olympus.

Thanks for sticking around with the PHB amid our shenanigans. We’re still committed to being your go-to source for the latest and greatest in Poptropica news, and we’re still hoping to see Poptropica committed to bringing us an excellent game experience—preferably in the form of islands, but hey, some Legendary Swords-style battle would be pretty cool, too. Until next time! ⚔️

Keep fighting the good fight, Poptropicans. ✊

— the PHB fighters —

Introducing: “Smash! Crackle! POP!”

Heeeeey Poptropicans! Big news ahead!

From pets to clubhouses to arcades, you’ve probably noticed that, these days, Poptropica has been trying to branch out beyond islands. And now, we’re excited to announce a brand new Poptropica gaming experience.

We’ve been working behind-the-scenes on a BIG project, and we’re finally ready to show you the details. Introducing…

“Smash! Crackle! POP!” is the fist-smashing, bone-crackling, enemy-popping fighting experience with all your favorite Poptropica characters thrown in. It’s like Poptropica meets Super Smash Bros. Or, it’s like the Legendary Swords battle arena we’ve all been waiting for. It’s going to be awesome. Are you ready??? Cue the sneak peeks

First, check out some of the fierce fighters, corralled from all over the Poptropica islands and illustrated by our very own Gentle Dolphin! Each one comes with a special item capable of great destruction—yes, even Ned Noodlehead and his unsuspecting hot dog.

Our “Smash! Crackle! POP!” roster includes 50 fighters to choose from:

  1. 8-bit Pilgrim (Early Poptropica)
  2. Medicine Man (Shark Tooth)
  3. Shark Boy (Shark Tooth)
  4. Vlad the Viking (Time Tangled)
  5. Dr. Hare (24 Carrot)
  6. Ned Noodlehead (Super Power)
  7. Copy Cat (Super Power)
  8. Speeding Spike (Super Power)
  9. Sir Rebral (Super Power)
  10. Ratman (Super Power)
  11. Crusher (Super Power)
  12. Betty Jetty (Super Power)
  13. Director D (Spy)
  14. Binary Bard (Astro Knights)
  15. Sir Cador (Astro Knights)
  16. Black Widow (Counterfeit)
  17. Balloon Boy (Counterfeit)
  18. Bucky Lucas (Reality TV)
  19. Zeus (Mythology)
  20. Athena (Mythology)
  21. Captain Crawfish (Skullduggery)
  22. Sprocket (Steamworks)
  23. Bigfoot (Cryptids)
  24. El Mustachio Grande (Wild West)
  25. Yokozuna (Red Dragon)
  26. Ninja (Red Dragon)
  27. C.J. (Shrink Ray)
  28. Harry Houdini (Mystery Train)
  29. Holmes (Game Show)
  30. Daphne Dreadnaught (Ghost Story/ Spook Central)
  31. Count Bram (Vampire’s Curse)
  32. Cactus von Garlic (Vampire’s Curse)
  33. Elf Queen (Twisted Thicket)
  34. Big Blue (Zomberry)
  35. CC13 Influenza (Virus Hunter)
  36. Dr. Lange (Virus Hunter)
  37. MFB Mecha (Mocktropica)
  38. Ringmaster Raven (Monster Carnival)
  39. Myron van Buren (Survival)
  40. World Guy (PoptropiCon)
  41. Gold Face (PoptropiCon)
  42. Elf Archer (PoptropiCon)
  43. Omegon (PoptropiCon)
  44. Scheherazade (Arabian Nights)
  45. Mya (Mystery of the Map)
  46. Oliver (Mystery of the Map)
  47. Jorge (Mystery of the Map)
  48. Booted Bandit (Escape from Pelican Rock)
  49. Amelia (Monkey Wrench & Home)
  50. E.Vile (Legendary Swords)

Better yet, you can play as any of the PHB staff in the game, as we’ll each have our own fighter available as downloadable content. Get ready for Slanted Fish and her fighting fish, Sporty Boa and Rusty the cat (his assist trophy), Fierce Flyer and his ninja kicks, Spotted Dragon and her scimitar, Lucky Joker and his can of practical jokes, and Gentle Dolphin with a lovely set of bow and arrows. The team will be available as downloadable content (DLC)!

And of course, there are plenty of arenas to do battle in! Whether you’re ascending the steps of Mount Olympus, cowering in the nooks and crannies of Captain Crawfish’s Phoenix Warbird, or hopping about on the red bridge of the red dragon of Japan, you’ll get to fight your foes in epic scenery.

The Mount Olympus arena in Smash! Crackle! POP!

Sounding pretty cool yet? You don’t have long to wait—you’ll hear more about this very soon. For now, we’re looking at a release date of—oh, say, April 31. 😉

In the meantime, smash that like button, give those knuckles a good crackle, and pop on over to the comments to let us know what you think!

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April Fools, Poptropicans!

Yesterday, on April 1, the PHB declared that, inspired by the Poptropica Creators’ rehashed blogging and frivolous tweeting as of late, we were going to change things up here on our own site. Over the course of the day, we released over 10 silly posts on our blog, replete with hashtags and cute pics galore. We hope they made you smile. And don’t worry—it was all just an April Fools Day prank. Did we fool you?

You can catch up on the badly-inspired posts by scrolling down if you’re reading this on the homepage, or by clicking the links below:

The PHB team had fun coming up with these posts, and we hope you liked them too. Some of you even commented with your own hashtags—thanks for the love!

Rest assured, the Poptropica Help Blog will not be going the way of the Creators’ Blog—at least, not like this—and we’ll be leaving the tweeting style to Twitter. We plan to keep bringing you quality content and staying on top of things—and we hope the Creators will, sooner rather than later, get back on that track too. 😉

Thanks for sticking with us. Keep popping on, Poptropicans.

#peace #aprilfools #srslytho

– slantedfish 🐠 –

It’s never too early for Early Poptropica Island 🐷

Who cares that this island came out forever ago? It’s a classic and we’re going to make sure you know it. Tbh, no new islands are coming out anytime soon, so nothing left to do but to keep putting out the old stuff.

Plus, you can check if you’re a top finisher—though, let’s be real, the whole world probably beat you to it.


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