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The PHB Presents: Amelia in Poptropica 📺

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post with—Amelia in Poptropica?! Yup, the one and only. We’ll let her take it away…

Bonjour, Poptropicans, it’s Amelia! You remember me, right?

Ya girl from Home Island is about to go BIG! I mean, I’m already pretty pops on Pop, but things are about to get bigger. Today I’m chuffed to announce that I, Amelia Earhart, am partnering with the Poptropica Help Blog for an exclusive TV series all about my life in Poptropica!

The show’s got everything: comedy, drama, unicorns, rivalry, and even romance (guess which ones the infamous Baron is tangled up in?). And in this series, I’ve got a big ambition: expansion. Not of islands — you don’t really still think Poptropica is bringing any new islands ashore, do you? — rather, the time is ripe to expand my brand. Weekly store rotations were just the beginning!

Right now, my store Adventure Outfitters is just a little building on Home Island, but I’ve got plans to bring it to every island on Poptropica. It’s going to be a massive business, and no ringarde sky pirate with an ephemeral curiosity cabin is going to be able to mess with that!

I’m also embarking on my journey as an influencer, bringing my native Home Island perspective to all the other islands of Poptropica. (I’m sure they’ll love me.) Along the way, I’ll be documenting my très bien girlboss adventures on social media. Follow me! Here’s a preview with some behind-the-scenes shots from this exciting upcoming series:

Anyway, Amelia in Poptropica premieres here on the PHB on April 31 and I can’t wait for you all to watch it! Until then, au revoir! 😘

Unicorns in ubiquity,
Amelia in Poptropica 💋🦄

Hope you enjoyed this, uh, totally legitimate guest post from the Poptropica aviator icon herself, Amelia Earhart. If you did, tell her what you hope to see in her show! Amelia loves hearing from her fans—who doesn’t?

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10 thoughts on “The PHB Presents: Amelia in Poptropica 📺”

  1. Amelia, not to be rude or anything, but you don’t need more attention! You are way too overrated as it is.

    But while I have you attention, I have a couple of questions:

    1. Why in Poptropica did you buy an entire island?

    2. Why do you need more stores when your first hardly ever has any new items?

    3. Did you throw a wrench in the Baron’s plane first?

    (I apologize for the nature of the last question)

  2. Nice totally legitimate blog post, PHB. Can’t wait for these probably-real-and-definitely-not-an-april-fools-day-joke building plans to be carried out!

  3. This “totally legitimate guest blog” 😀 makes me look forward to April. because I’m super curious now…

  4. Wait, this is a prank, isn’t? How did I fall for it?

    I was even expecting the PHB to pull off a prank today, and I did my own prank before reading this post! I’m cracking up at the fact I fell for it!

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