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Poptropica Membership? / Sneak Peak

While searching the Internet for Poptropica. I came across a page from the creators of Potropica, Pearson Education, with some interesting information.
The page was talking all about whats good about Poptropica. But we all know that 😛
It gave opinions from children who play, the knowledge you learn but it was only near the bottom of the page that my eyes opened wide.
This is what it said:

In early 2009, Poptropica will begin to charge for premium services – early access to new islands, for example.  This will provide an additional revenue source while keeping the core of the site free, assuring that Poptropica will publish to even more kids while also strengthening its brand and licensing value.

But what does this mean. Obviously we will still be able to do everything as a free player, but what don’t we get, not being a member.
Members getting access to islands first. Maybe this will come out before Big Nate comes out.
In my opinion i dont like the idea of Poptropica getting memberships. But sometimes games have to do this.
Ill get the membership if it comes out though :D.

Whats your opinion?

For the full page from Pearson visit here.


Sneak Peak Hotel
Today Poptropica posted another sneak peak. We don’t know what its of but it might be either Reality TV Island, a new island or the French Themed one. Thank you Shiny Leaf for telling us. This Sneak Peak was posted on the Poptropica Creator’s Blog:

Blog Post Title: Checking In
Description: This looks like a nice place to stay. Hopefully the rooms are as nice as the lobby.
Image URL:
Image Name: luggage.jpg

By what the picture can show us it that its seems to be a Hotel. Maybe a rich Hotel because of the marble columns. This is why it could be from the French Themed Island.

What do you think?

If your into Pirates, or Pink Panthers, or maybe even cool movies. Check out all the other posts. Theres been some good ones.

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A truck pays a visit…

Yay – it’s the grapes again! Must be a sneak peek of the food-loving French-themed island. Thanks to Mitchell Brett for the update! In this picture we have a grape field very similar to this other sneak peek, but this time a mysterious truck seems to be driving by. Anyway, here it is:

Blog Post Title: Getting Around
Description: Look both ways before crossing the road on this island!
Image URL:
Image Name: foreign_truck.jpg

Based on the information given, the Creators seem to be hinting at a lot (or they’re just random titles). The blog post title seems to say that we might use this truck as a means of transportation. The description hints that there may be some dangers on the road, and the image name points out that the truck shown in the picture is not French, but possibly from somewhere else (foreign). Or this is just a false alarm… but either way, we’ve got some new mysteries about this awesome island coming soon! 😀

Want a bear hat, or meet someone named Nice Bubbles? Check that all out in the post below. Or if you’d like another island sneak peek, why not visit this Big Nate seagull? 😛

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Another French Peek

From the Grapevine

Poptropica creators have released yet another French themed sneak peek. Thanks for the early notification, Zany Moon! All signs point to a new island, or a very large grape. The picture seems to be some kind of grape plantation. My guess is this ‘French’ island has something to do with food.


Blog Post Title: From the Grapevine
Description: If crepes aren’t your thing perhaps you’d rather have a nice tall glass of grape juice. Everyone knows that purple grape juice is a good source of antioxidants. Delicious!
Image URL:
Image Name: grapeJuice.jpg

Also, the Paint War guide has been added to Poptropica Help Blog! Go check it out when you can. 😉

Other Sneak Peeks This Week
For all your rocket needs…
The Old Captain
France In Poptropica?

It looks like Poptropica has at least 4 different islands in the making! Looks like a very busy year ahead. 😛

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France In Poptropica?

Hi Poptropicans!

Poptropica Help Blog hopes you are all having a wonderful 2009 so far. Meanwhile, it looks like the Poptropica Creators have been working on a French-themed island! Thanks, Nervous Lizard for keeping everyone informed. Could it be related to this other sneak peek on France from before, called ‘First Steps‘? Notice the Eiffel Tower and flag of France in the blog picture below:

Blog Post Title: Crepes Anyone?
Description: When waffles, pancakes, or eggs just don’t hit the spot, try a more foreign taste like crepes. I like mine with strawberries and whipped cream, yum!
Image URL:
Image Name: crepes.jpg

Sadly, we don’t know the official name of this island yet. It looks pretty cool though! 😀

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On the 9th day of Christmas…

Poptropica gave to me, two coloured elves and one island ‘First Steps’ sneak peek.
(Ain’t we all just good singers!)

Red Elf

Walmart Ad
Today Poptropica brought out another ad with two elves, a green and red one. Looks like Codien was right 😛 .
If you talk to the elves they will give you a ‘Walmart Wish List”. Christmas Holiday Wishlist CardSimilar to the Wall-E one.

The traveling ad with elves can be found on all islands.

The only question is: Will they make a Santa?

First Steps
On the Poptropica Creators Blog, they have posted another ‘Sneak Peek’.
This time it’s about how they design a new island.
Maybe Poptropica are also giving us a sneak peek of an island they may be working on. By the looks of the image it might be a “French Theme’.
But it might be just a prototype.

Blog Post Title: First Steps
Description: N/A
Image URL:
Image Name: francais_ile.jpg

Down For Maintenance?
Earlier today, something strange had happened – when people tried to play Poptropica, they saw a Down For Maintenance sign as soon as they’d enter and couldn’t access anything, although the Creators’ Blog was still working. Here’s what it looked like:


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