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You’ve got a lot of nerve to step inside a busy body

Hey there Poptropicans! In case you haven’t been frequenting the Daily Pop in the past few weeks, this post will catch you up on some of the sneak peeks. Currently we’re seeing a biology-related adventure in the works and it looks like this time, we’re exploring the anatomy! Check ’em out:

(Click on an image to enlarge it.) Viruses, red blood cells, molecular structures, and more await in this island! Science geeks should be pleased. In other news…

Night Watch Island released to everyone last week. If you need a walkthrough, be sure to check out ourΒ Night Watch Island Guide, complete with words and pictures!

The next island will be Back Lot Island, as we know from a post that leaked onto the Creators’ Blog, which has now been reposted now that they’ve officially announced it!

The Poptropica LEGO CUUSOO project for Dr. Hare’s Lair currently has 3,200+ supporters. Dr. Hare is promising everyone a brand-new Bunny Balloon costume for if/when the project reaches 5,000 supporters, so I encourage you all to vote for it if you haven’t already.

How do you climb a body?

With a step bladder!

Night Watch Island

When there’s trouble on Night Watch Island, this is who you call

NightWatch banner

Your favorite Poptropica Help Blog, of course! That’s who you call! We’ve got you covered (and not just the booth from Twin Palms Mall) with lots of resources. (If you’re not a member, there’s a demo available and the island comes out March 14.) Enjoy! πŸ˜€

Also, congrats to the top 10 finishers! Continue down the post if you want to see their lovely faces! πŸ™‚Β  Continue reading “When there’s trouble on Night Watch Island, this is who you call”

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Another French Peek

From the Grapevine

Poptropica creators have released yet another French themed sneak peek. Thanks for the early notification, Zany Moon! All signs point to a new island, or a very large grape. The picture seems to be some kind of grape plantation. My guess is this ‘French’ island has something to do with food.


Blog Post Title: From the Grapevine
Description: If crepes aren’t your thing perhaps you’d rather have a nice tall glass of grape juice. Everyone knows that purple grape juice is a good source of antioxidants. Delicious!
Image URL:
Image Name: grapeJuice.jpg

Also, the Paint War guide has been added to Poptropica Help Blog! Go check it out when you can. πŸ˜‰

Other Sneak Peeks This Week
For all your rocket needs…
The Old Captain
France In Poptropica?

It looks like Poptropica has at least 4 different islands in the making! Looks like a very busy year ahead. πŸ˜›