Night Watch Island

When there’s trouble on Night Watch Island, this is who you call

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Your favorite Poptropica Help Blog, of course! That’s who you call! We’ve got you covered (and not just the booth from Twin Palms Mall) with lots of resources. (If you’re not a member, there’s a demo available and the island comes out March 14.) Enjoy! πŸ˜€

Also, congrats to the top 10 finishers! Continue down the post if you want to see their lovely faces! πŸ™‚Β  Continue reading “When there’s trouble on Night Watch Island, this is who you call”

Night Watch Island

Night Watch Island is out for members!

**Β The PHB’s NIGHT WATCH ISLAND GUIDEΒ (written walkthrough) is now up and has pictures! **
Thanks Samwow5 and Skyboy303! ~slanted fish

Hey guys, yeah, you read the title right. Night Watch Island is now available for Poptropica members! It’s available to everyone on March 14 (Pi Day!) but there’s a demo if you’re not a member. Well… it seems like the Creators surprised us with this one, huh, peeps? Well, let’s go check it out!

Segways are useless. ._.

Let’s go see if we have larger-than-s’mall problems going on in the Twin Palms Mall!

…yeah. I know. That was really bad.

BT out!