Night Watch Island is out for members!

** The PHB’s NIGHT WATCH ISLAND GUIDE (written walkthrough) is now up and has pictures! **
Thanks Samwow5 and Skyboy303! ~slanted fish

Hey guys, yeah, you read the title right. Night Watch Island is now available for Poptropica members! It’s available to everyone on March 14 (Pi Day!) but there’s a demo if you’re not a member. Well… it seems like the Creators surprised us with this one, huh, peeps? Well, let’s go check it out!

Segways are useless. ._.

Let’s go see if we have larger-than-s’mall problems going on in the Twin Palms Mall!

…yeah. I know. That was really bad.

BT out!

35 thoughts on “Night Watch Island is out for members!

  1. Blue Berry (yes, that's my name on Poptropica!) says:

    I found that redirects to Poptropica! Possibly Theater of the Absurd will be this new movie island?

  2. Clean Shark, Angry Birds Lover says:

    Wait, where’s the usual PHB Sunday Special?

    Slanted Fish: It’s not “usual.” They’re only posted whenever we feel like posting them. 😛

    • Clean Shark, Angry Birds Lover says:

      I should’ve thought of that in the name PHB Sunday Special. (Pretend that I underlined the Special part)

  3. Amy says:

    is Night Watch Island still available? I have a membership but it just keeps loading, loading, loading. I don’t know what to do. I am playing on PC thru google play Thx

    • Tall Cactus says:

      Yes, it’s still avalible. I would try reloading the page, or trying a different web browser or computer. And it’s out for everybody, not just members. This post was written nearly 3 years ago.

      • Amy says:

        Thank you. I will try that. I usually play with my son on my tablet but we are setting him on his own pc he received for the holiday and have gotten him a membership so he is excited to try islands he hasn’t played yet.

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