Night Watch Island

Camping In Line At The Mall – Suspicious?

Hey everyone,

SkyBoy303 here; I just wanted to introduce myself before this post. I’m a new author here and you might know me from my Poptropica blog, anyway Slanted Fish has added me as an author to the awesome Poptropica Help Blog team so hopefully I can help out around here!

That being said, it appears something suspicious seems to be going on at the mall. If you take a look at this picture you can see a bunch of people are waiting in line outside of the mall…

Mall lineup

There’s a few thing that stick out to me and I’ll let you be the judge about what they mean.

First off these aren’t just people waiting in a line, but they are people camping out in a line.  You can tell by the fact that they have chairs, a tent (towards the far left of the picture), and even a computer set up.  That’s kind of suspicious, isn’t it?

Second the more I think about it the more the new Night Watch Island seems to be very “movie” heavy. From the Chinese Theater to the Back To The Future stuff, I feel all these movie references are more than just a coincidence.

What do you all think is the reason for all of this? Leave your comments on this post and maybe we can figure out a good theory by working it out together!


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