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Poptropica Membership? / Sneak Peak

While searching the Internet for Poptropica. I came across a page from the creators of Potropica, Pearson Education, with some interesting information.
The page was talking all about whats good about Poptropica. But we all know that 😛
It gave opinions from children who play, the knowledge you learn but it was only near the bottom of the page that my eyes opened wide.
This is what it said:

In early 2009, Poptropica will begin to charge for premium services – early access to new islands, for example.  This will provide an additional revenue source while keeping the core of the site free, assuring that Poptropica will publish to even more kids while also strengthening its brand and licensing value.

But what does this mean. Obviously we will still be able to do everything as a free player, but what don’t we get, not being a member.
Members getting access to islands first. Maybe this will come out before Big Nate comes out.
In my opinion i dont like the idea of Poptropica getting memberships. But sometimes games have to do this.
Ill get the membership if it comes out though :D.

Whats your opinion?

For the full page from Pearson visit here.


Sneak Peak Hotel
Today Poptropica posted another sneak peak. We don’t know what its of but it might be either Reality TV Island, a new island or the French Themed one. Thank you Shiny Leaf for telling us. This Sneak Peak was posted on the Poptropica Creator’s Blog:

Blog Post Title: Checking In
Description: This looks like a nice place to stay. Hopefully the rooms are as nice as the lobby.
Image URL:
Image Name: luggage.jpg

By what the picture can show us it that its seems to be a Hotel. Maybe a rich Hotel because of the marble columns. This is why it could be from the French Themed Island.

What do you think?

If your into Pirates, or Pink Panthers, or maybe even cool movies. Check out all the other posts. Theres been some good ones.

174 thoughts on “Poptropica Membership? / Sneak Peak”

  1. Have any of you been on the Creator’s Blog lately? Maybe they changed their mind and the Poptropica store thingy is enough (I hope, I can’t afford a membership either).

  2. yeah they need the money. anyways i won’t pay after all everything is still free i guess i will wait for new islands to come out for more credits.

  3. Well… if you dont have the membership it doesnt matter. You csn do the same things you could of done before… unlike club penguin.

  4. i hate memberships it is not fair at all! my mom and dad never buy anything on the internet!

    Hyper Star: I’m sure they have their reasons. 😉

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