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PHB Sneak Peaks: Pirates Have Landed


Welcome to the new posts of Poptropica Help Blog Sneak Peaks. On these new posts there will be Sneak Peaks that only we have. And only we post them. These sneak peaks are classified and are very secret.
So to kick off PHB Sneak Peaks we would like to present our first: “Pirates Have Landed.”

-Pirates Have Landed-
I’m only joking pirates haven’t landed on Poptropica…Yet.

On January 26,  Codien was slowly having a nice walk through the jungles of Shark Tooth Island. The sun was high in the air and its rays were pouring through the leaves burning his skin.  He’d been out for ages in the jungle searching for old treasures. Finding old pots, Artifacts and sculptures from lost Poptropicans of the past.  It was near the end of the day and he was about to head home when he found an old photo under a Shark statue. Looking at the old and crumpled photo he realised it was very old. It was only when he looked closer that he discovered something even more amazing:

Old Picture of Pirates

In the picture were three Poptropicans. They were wearing old shabby clothing and carried swords. Codien had never seen such strange clothing. The only thing that they could be were…Pirates.
But how on earth had Pirates gotten to Poptropica and will they ever return?
What do you think?

If your wondering how I found the “Picture”, I actually made it. But the costumes are all real. They were labeled ‘FL Pirate’.

Latest Update –  Fruity Golden Bars
Fruity Golden Bars
We think we know what the pirates are. We have just got information that Froot Loops has a new ad that involves Pirates. This would make sense because of the FL= Froot Loops. This would mean that it would be an advertisement/mission they will be bringing out. Like the Pink Panther 2.
The ad is advertising Froot Loops new cereal ‘Froot Loops: Fruity Golden Bars’. The new ad is called Treasure Island and is about the birds finding Froot Loop treasure. You can play games and find out more information on there site, here.
Thank you Graham for this information.

Well I’ve got some more Sneak Peaks in the future for you guys that only Poptropica Help Blog will get. I will post another Sneak Peak in 3 days.




 Also, Speedy Speck sure was speedy today and managed to pop 7 balloons in a game of Paint War before Shark Boy did! This was Shark Boy’s story:

I was visiting the Fly-By-Night Airlines and had some great battles against Speedy Speck. We were really close on all of the battle games, but in the end she beat me at Paint War. Thanks Speedy Speck, that was fun!

Keep an eye out for the sneaky Shark Boy – you never know when he may turn up! 😉

Remember to look at all the other posts. There’s heaps of stuff happening all around us!


46 thoughts on “PHB Sneak Peaks: Pirates Have Landed”

  1. OH MY GOSH! I wonder if this has something to do with a picture of a Poptropican meirmaid I found… DUH DUH DUUUHHHH!

    yea i’m the first comment!! 😀

    Codien: Im sorry to burst your bubble but the Mermaid Picture was made and drawn by a person on the internet. This picture isn’t.
    But the mermaid picture is pretty cool. 😛


    Codien: Im sure Poptropica know about it. They made everything in Poptropica. But this is not on there blog 😀

  3. I think I know what FL stands for. Fruit Loops. They have been doing a pirate thing. I think it is a room mission. Maybe I am right maybe not.

    Codien: Thankyou SO much Graham. You are probably right. Ill will add this information to the blog and credit you. Thankyou 😀

  4. when it comes out I hope you can get the i pach

    Scary Tomato: An eye patch would be cool! I don’t know if there will be any, but let’s hope there’s a lot of good loot with this pirate stuff. 😀

  5. Wow, this is so awesome, Codien! Nice discovery! The pirate gear looks like something I would want to Costumize when it comes out. 😀

    1. Yeah, it would be awesome to have a tail on Poptropica.

      ST: There are a few tails on Poptropica, like the Cheesy Mouse costume’s tail from the Poptropica Store. No mermaids yet, though. 😦

  6. wait…
    Sometime back, Poptropica creators did a Q & A for what u wanted to see on poptropica. First was underwater, second was magic, thrid was mid-evil, and forth was pirates.
    Do u agree with me? Do u think THAT is what they are up to?


    Scary Tomato: All those possible islands sound pretty awesome. I hope you’re right! 😉

  7. Codein, did you make up the story at the top? like vald in the sanpshot sagas? please reply…
    P.S. can i join ur blog??? i really want too!! PLEASE?!?! thanks!! 🙂

    Codien: Yes the story is made up like the Vlad snapshot sagas. But it makes the picture about pirates cooler with a story.
    Im sorry no one can join the blog at the moment. Im just curious what you would do on the blog? Because with have a graphics guy/ideas (meiw), a poster and idea man (Smockers), and Scary tomato as the creator and poster/idea. Whats things could other people do?

  8. Giant Berry:
    Scary Tomato already said that you shouldn’t ask to b a part of the Blog Staff. I really want to be part too, but you can’t get it by just, asking, like Smockers + Codien got in because Scary Tomato trusted them.

  9. Shiny Leaf: oops! It must be my cousin again! If you see messages like those, please tell me! Remember, I had homework. SORRY TO ALL, ESPECIALLY THE HELP BLOG! DO NOT MARK ME AS SPAM!! 😥

    Scary Tomato: Ok… but your cousin shouldn’t need to share your E-mail address / account. 😉

  10. ST, while Zany Moon was doing her homework, her cousin got on this site and post under her name and e-mail. 😉

    Scary Tomato: Right, but what I’m saying is that it shouldn’t happen. If they’re going to share the same E-mail, they should both use it to comment properly. 😉

  11. ok…….. codien………sorry…..i could up date from the creators blog…….but its ok……..:( i could also reply to comments…. if you want to contact me….

    Codien: Please don’t write your email on a comment.
    Our system already has your email saved under Giant Berry.

  12. From on my comment on number 15…
    and number 5 was electronics. Ho ho! I think I’m starting to get something!
    And that’s this: Maybe that’s what they r making for that Midevil-mcanichal island!!! Do u agree, dudes? 😀

  13. Hey! I like the pirate idea! I also have an Idea too! There should be an alien island where poptropicans try to stop these martianss from getting to the money vault! I hope My idea comes true someday!

  14. why is it that u always make up these “stories” 2 go with the pics

    Scary Tomato: It’s more interesting with stories. :mrgreen:

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