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Vlad’s Sleepy Friend and Poptropica Links is Open!

Who’s that drinking their soda? It looks like… Vlad the Viking and Sleepy Whale!

Congratulations to Sleepy Whale on being featured for Snapshot Sagas! Thanks for this news, Mousyblack. It looks like Vlad has another big tale, too:

Soaring among the clouds was amazing! The friendly pilot from Nabooti was kind enough to aid me in my search for more Poptropicans to photograph, and we took to the skies. The noisy contraption, called an “airplane”, took us swiftly through the air, and for the first time I was silent with awe. My bliss did not last long, however, as the pilot shouted for me to put on a pack containing a “parachute”. I didn’t hesitate to don this parachute once the flying machine started making sickly sputtering noises while it sped toward the earth. I jumped and pulled the parachute’s rope.

Landing on the clouds, I came across a purple giant with a golden egg. I found my way to the ground by following directions given to me by the giant, and was overcome with a terrible thirst!

“The Soda Pop Shop is the best place on Early Poptropica to find a soda!” A friendly Poptropican informed me.

I was soon sipping a soda and chatting with a talkative fellow named Sleepy Whale. We spoke of the weather and of all things ice cream. It came time for me to go, but before I left I took a photo of my new friend! Thanks Sleepy Whale!

Remember to keep your eyes peeled, you may be the next one featured on Snapshot Sagas!

Poptropica Help Blogโ„ขย  presents…

Poptropica Links!

With Poptropica Links, you can advertise your Poptropica webpage, and it’s completely free! Just send us a comment on the Poptropica Links website with the following information:

  • Website Name
  • Website URL (link)
  • What you want your website to be known as
  • Your nickname
  • Nicknames of other authors on your site, if you have any

It doesn’t matter how good your Poptropica site is, just feel free to share it with the rest of the world! ๐Ÿ˜€

Here’s the link:

Good luck and happy Poptropica exploring!

P.S. Have you heard? There’s a strange rumor going on that Poptropica will beย charging for premium servicesย sometime in early 2009… read more about it now!

15 thoughts on “Vlad’s Sleepy Friend and Poptropica Links is Open!”

  1. If he knows what a camera is, then how can he not know what an airplane or a parachute is?

    Scary Tomato: Maybe he’s too used to sailing on his Viking ship. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I have no idea, Grumpy Wolf. Maybe he hasn’t read the Dictionary. Wait… does he know what a book is? ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Fourth comment! Wow. Vlad the Viking never fails to surprise me. He always has crazy stories up his sleeve.

    Scary Tomato: I agree! ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Oh. My. God. I just came from school, so I went on and saw what the new comments were. I read what legodude12 said about Astro Knights, so I went to the home page, and there it was. This is big. I mean, super big. Btw, I have to say that Astro Knights sounds better then Mechanical/Medieval Island.

  5. People!!!! i found a cheat!!!!! first jump. then in the air press hold randomizing cheat. (ctrl shift r)then keep jumping up!!then you can moon jump!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Giant Berry – Yes, but it will completely change your poptropican. I recommend the Ctrl+Shift+S button. And you should post that on the Cheat Codes page.

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