The PHB’s 12th Halloween Costume Contest: 🦸‍♀️ Heroes & Villains 🦹‍♂️

This contest is now closed. See our Hallo-winners here!

The Poptropica Help Blog presents

Halloween Costume Contest Twelve:
🦸‍♀️ Heroes & Villains 🦹‍♂️

Now in our 12th year of this tradition, we’re once again thrilled to announce our annual Poptropica Halloween costume contest. This year’s theme: Heroes & Villains. Which side will you choose?

Whether you’re inventing your own characters or emulating icons from pop culture, we invite you to get your creativity flowing by assembling a Poptropica costume (or two, or several) based on either (or both!) of these themes. And one more specialty for this year…

👯‍♀️ Group costumes are encouraged! Get some friends together (or make some new ones on the PHC or in the comments section of this post) and plan your costumes as a group. All it takes is two or more.

As an example, the PHB team decided to band together this year to form the Colors of the Rainbow! 🌈 In keeping with the theme, we’ve split into the Warm Warriors (heroes) and Cool Criminals (villains)—but that’s optional for group costumes. They just have to be related.

📝 Here’s what you need to know about entering:

  1. 🦸‍♂️ Assemble your costume for either (or both) categories on Poptropica, including for group costumes. You may enter each category (heroes, villains, group) as many times as you like. You may concurrently submit an entry for both the hero/villain categories and a group costume (which may be considered its own category of sorts). However, each individual person is eligible to win just once per category.
  2. 📸 Take a screenshot of your costume entry in the Costumizer window.* Here’s how to take a screenshot — the instructions will vary depending on your device. For Windows, you’ll also need to paste it somewhere to save it as an image file on your computer. Also, use the in-game Costumizer window (pictured below) as that will display your character at a high resolution. Ideally, crop the image to show just your character.
  3. 🔗 Upload the image to the web and share the link in the comments of this post. You can use a site like imgur or Discord to upload your picture and obtain a web link for it that can then be shared so others can see it. Once you’ve got a link, comment on this PHB post you’re reading right now with the link. Include details such as what category you’re entering, what you’re naming your costume, and anything else you’d like to share about it.

*Note: Though we’ve used Avatar Studio (AS) links in the past, many of the newer items in Poptropica are not visible through AS. If your entire costume is still viewable by AS, you’re welcome to provide a username (not link, as those don’t work with AS anymore) in lieu of a picture. However, since AS is no longer a complete guarantee for displaying costumes, we recommend taking a screenshot.

Share a screenshot of your costume in the Costumizer window, like so. You can access this screen from the green shirt button in the menu if you’re in Flash, or from costumizing one of your clothing items in Haxe.

📝 Things to Note ✨

  • 💻 If you send us a username for us to look up on the Avatar Studio, you’ll have to keep your costume intact until Halloween so we can see it throughout the month. That’s something you won’t have to concern yourself with if you send a screenshot instead, and it’ll be easier for you to capture multiple costume entries!
  • 👯‍♀️ Group costume rules: Group costumes are encouraged to match the heroes & villains theme, but this is not required. An individual entry within a group costume entry may also qualify for the singular-costume hero/villain categories, but we will take care to honor group efforts by prioritizing awards for this category before others, as each individual person may only win once per category.
  • 💡 Tips for seeking out costume parts: We know Poptropica has changed a lot in the past couple years, making lots of old methods obsolete, but there are still places you can go for cool costume parts. The Flash version of Pop has more options, but Haxe has plenty of store costumes too. Dig through old store items, buy new store costumes, crank the switch in the New You shop on Home Island, snag something off an NPC from PoptropiCon, sneak your way into old islands with idk’s directory, and use MAP (for individual parts) or the ASG Machine (for full costumes) along with usernames from our ASG collection.

👑 Prizes ✨

  • 🗓 The contest closes on Friday, October 30. We’ll announce the winners the next day.
  • 🎃 On Halloween (October 31), we’ll post our favorite costumes from each category on the front page of the PHB for all to enjoy.
  • 🌟 A grand prize winner will be selected for each category, plus one group. Each grand prize winner will receive a 1-month Poptropica membership. Up to 6 memberships for the winning group will be awarded, with one month per participant.
  • 🕺 Winning costumes will be immortalized on our Costumes page, but we’ll also have honorable mentions for just the post, not page.

🦹‍♀️🦸‍♂️👻 There are no heroes without villains…
…and no villains without heroes 🦹‍♂️🦸‍♀️🎃

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Sweet creations from all dimensions 🎨🎥🎂

Hello, everyone! It’s been an eventful birthday month for Poptropica, and the festivities are still going strong. Now, the Pop Creators have introduced a mini contest on Instagram with a prize of 10,000 credits!

And it gets better: the subject is none other than the iconic Dr. Beev, the Mocktropica pseudo-character turned celebrity who even made a brief appearance in the game earlier this week. The challenge for the contest is to draw Dr. Beev in your style (be sure to post with the tag #drbeev).

Check out that high-res pic of the Beev straight out of the bin! You know what they say, one Creator’s trash is an entire community’s treasure.

The trash bin on Mocktropica Island, featuring “discarded” character parodies like the great Dr. Beev (who’s arguably cooler than Dr. Hare).

Share your Beev tributes from now until September 30 (next next Wednesday) for a chance at those sweet credits!

September has seen a plethora of Poptropica content, from surprise fan art features to the ongoing Poptropica Month video event. Let’s take some time to highlight some of the wonderful stuff that we (and the Creators) are loving.

The Creators shared two more pieces of fan art on their Instagram story. This time, we have an Poptropican persona drawing (a.k.a. a Popsona) by @petalshere and a 24 Carrot illustration by @ihatefridaysihf.

The fan features don’t stop on Instagram! The Creators’ Blog also shared a YouTube video by happyclonetrooper, who created a 3D model of her Popsona, Maroon Ring. Cool to see Poptropicans in the third dimension!

On the topic of YouTube, let’s take a moment to appreciate a few of the many Poptropica Month videos made so far!

Our first feature is from Theo of Dimension Bros, who posted a video on his personal channel in which he bakes a Poptropica birthday cake. Delicious, and reminiscent of Poptropica’s own 9th birthday cake! 😋

Next, here’s one from TheOrangeHe answering questions from MaryannTheConqueror‘s Poptropica Month tag. Several other creators have joined in on the tag as well, so that could be a good place to start if you’re interested in participating as a creator in Pop Month!

Finally, here’s a short and sweet animated meme by Kid Whom Has A Hat, featuring the song “Weak” by AJR amid a slight spoiler for Octavian in the Poptropica graphic novels (read the first one on our Comics page!).

We’ll leave you with one more thing to contemplate, a question that was also the subject of a recent Instagram story from the Pop Creators: How would you explain Poptropica in a single sentence to a friend?

As always, share your thoughts in the comments and on our PHC Discord server! After all, the Dr. Beev shenanigans certainly showed us the Creators are lurking…

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

—Gentle Dolphin 🐬

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Recap: PHB Tribal Tournament 2020 🏹🔥🏅

Rise up, Poptropicans! It’s time to find out which tribe reigns supreme!

The PHB’s 2020 Tribal Tournament has come to an end, and it’s time to recap the results, which were also announced earlier at our closing ceremony. We hope those of you who came had as much fun at the party as we did! It was a great time mingling, cheering, and going head-to-head in different games — this time just for the sheer fun of it. 😉 Did you make it into the photo collage?

Above all, we’d like to thank those who participated with dynamism and unquestionable team spirit the whole way through. It sure was an exciting event and we couldn’t have pulled it off without you. Now, onto the results!

🔥 Creative Competitors 🎨

For our first round, which transpired throughout the entire event, it was all about art and creativity. Many Poptropicans sent in their written works, visual pieces, musical compositions, and more Poptropica-based fan creations!

We looked for effort, so players earned 10 points for their tribe for every creation they submitted. Here are the results:

  1. Black Flags – 570
  2. Wildfire – 240
  3. Nanobots – 190
  4. Flying Squid – 180
  5. Nightcrawlers – 120
  6. Seraphim – 40
  7. Pathfinders/Yellowjackets – 30

Scroll down near the end to view the impressive Art Gallery of the Games, a selection of our favorite creations submitted for this event. So much good stuff!

🧠 Genius Games 💪

In Genius Games, there were three outlets to obtaining points which included: the Caption Contest, Tricky Trivia, and Trace That Place.

The Caption Contest was exactly what it sounds like. We provided a photo of a funky Poptropica scene and it was your task to come up with a caption that best captured the essence of the picture. There were entries that were witty, outright laughable, and some even brutal in their honesty. Here are the stats along with a collection of some of our favorites:

  1. Wildfire – 170
  2. Black Flags – 130
  3. Nanobots – 110
  4. Flying Squid – 90
  5. Pathfinders – 30
  6. Nightcrawlers/Seraphim/Yellowjackets – 0
  • “Everyone once quarantine ends” – Tall Melon (Nanobots)
  • “Oh, this? Just a normal day in Poptropica.” – Incredible Fire (Wildfire)

For Tricky Trivia, team members worked together to answer 20 trivia questions (each worth 10 points) regarding Poptropica — both in and out of the game. Most were fairly simple, but a few were pretty challenging as well. Regardless, many tribes were able to get most, and even all, of them correct! (list in alphabetical order; not by score)

  • Black Flags – 200/200
  • Flying Squid – 190/200
  • Nanobots – 200/200
  • Nightcrawlers – 110/200
  • Pathfinders – 190/200
  • Seraphim – 50/200
  • Wildfire – 190/200
  • Yellowjackets – 0/200

Trace That Place was a scavenger-hunt-esque game where participants had to put their scenery observation skills to the test. There were 16 screenshots from various different islands, and it was up to the players to collaboratively figure out where they come from. Here are the results:

  • Black Flags – 160/160
  • Flying Squid – 160/160
  • Nanobots – 160/160
  • Nightcrawlers – 150/160
  • Pathfinders – 160/160
  • Seraphim – 0/160
  • Wildfire – 160/160
  • Yellowjackets – 0/160

To view the trivia questions we asked, visit the Genius Games post. And for their answers, visit the Gamers’ Gauntlet post. How many did you get right?

🏃‍♂️ Gamers’ Gauntlet 🏋️‍♂️

The final round captured the true essence of what makes Poptropica so great — completing Islands! In this case, the medallions from Poptropolis Games, Reality TV, and Reality TV: Wild Safari were the ones to go after. For each completion of an island, the tribe would earn 10 points. Here’s the list:

  1. Black Flags – 1360
  2. Nanobots – 340
  3. Seraphim – 130
  4. Flying Squid – 120
  5. Pathfinders – 30
  6. Nightcrawlers – 20
  7. Wildfire – 20
  8. Yellowjackets – 0

What a finish! As most of us know by now, Flash’s imminent fading by the end of 2020 means many of the islands will not be playable for much longer (unless the Creators bring them to newer tech). So competition or not, make the most of the moment and play the heck out of your favorite islands while you can!

🏁 Final Rankings 🏆

Ouch! Coming in at last place with a mere 30 points are the Yellowjackets. That must sting quite a bit. Looks like you’re gonna have to bee better next time, guys.

They may not have gotten the win, but at least they’re not last — it’s the Seraphim! 130 points are all for this tribe but don’t be discouraged, seraphs. Just keep on soaring!

6th place isn’t anything to write home about, but the Nightcrawlers‘ effort in and of itself is still worth celebrating. What you gonna do with those 400 points? Wiggle wiggle wiggle…

The Pathfinders couldn’t seek their way to the top this time, but it was one heck of a journey! At the top of the bottom, the navigators stand confident at 5th place with 480 points.

Here comes a green wave, and we’re not squidding, because snorkeling in at 4th place is the Flying Squid. Not half bad, guys!

Things are heating up as we boil down to the top three. The Wildfire finished off hot racking up a total of 780 points! Way to bring some fire to the competition!

*beep* *boop* And I oop! Don’t let these little crabs deceive you. Nanobots defeated all odds by coming in 2nd place and pulling in a solid 1000 points. That’s no easy feat, so kudos to you guys!

Arrr you mateys ready to find out who took home the treasure this year? You guessed it — it’s the rowdy and ruthless Black Flags!

Winning by an absolute landslide — with over double the amount of points of their successors — these scallywags have more than deserved their reign as champions until the next games. Ahoy!

  1. Black Flags – 2420 (570 + 490 + 1360) 🥇
  2. Nanobots – 1000 (190 + 470 + 340) 🥈
  3. Wildfire – 780 (240 + 520 + 20) 🥉
  4. Flying Squid – 740 (180 + 440 + 120)
  5. Pathfinders – 480 (30 + 420 + 30)
  6. Nightcrawlers – 400 (120 + 260 + 20)
  7. Seraphim – 130 (40 + 50 + 40)
  8. Yellowjackets – 30 (30 + 0 + 0)

3️⃣ Round III: Most Valuable Player 🏅

And for the last result of the tournament, we’d like to award Pegs (Muddy Kid) with the third week’s MVP prize! Thank you for your never-ending dedication, and congratulations on your membership! You’ve done the Nanobots proud, so enjoy every second of it and feel free to take your bow.

🖌 Art Gallery of the Games 🎨

You guys never cease to amaze us with all of your artwork. To celebrate that, we’re showcasing some of our favorite pieces from the event here for everyone to enjoy! (Click to view the full images.)

And with that comes the end of the PHB’s second Tribal Tournament! It sure was a blast and we hope it was as fun for you as it was for us to host.

If you enjoyed engaging with other Poptropicans, chatting, and sharing artwork and all the shenanigans, you should totally stick around the Poptropica Help Chat on Discord. It’s always open and moderated to ensure a fun time for all!

Until the torch is lit again… 🔥

the Poptropica Help Blog

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PHB Tribal Tournament: Gamers’ Gauntlet 🏅🏃‍♂️

The time has come, Poptropicans… welcome to the final round of the 2020 PHB Tribal Tournament. Allow us to introduce the Gamers’ Gauntlet!

In this round, you’ll need to put your Olympic energy to the ultimate test, and you’ll be doing it in the most competitive Poptropica way: completing islands. But not just any islands! For these Games, the challenge is to beat Poptropolis GamesReality TV, and/or Reality TV: Wild Safari Island. As much as you can.

Once you’ve finished one of the aforementioned islands, take a screenshot of the result and make sure to include the date and time in the corner of your screen. Then, share the screenshots with us either on your tribe’s channel on the PHC or by sending us an email. Let us know which tribe you’re repping!

Here’s an example of a screenshot with the time and date included to help us verify that the island was completed during the time of this round. Your computer may display the time in a different corner of the screen.

Every island completion earns 10 points for your tribe. You can replay any of the islands as many times as you want — and the more you do, the more points you’ll earn for your tribe. And a few other notes…

  1. Here’s a guide on how to take a screenshot.
  2. For Poptropolis Games, you are only eligible for points in the tournament if you place in the top 3.
  3. Poptropolis Games is only on the Flash version of Poptropica, not Haxe. You can use the Format Loader to switch from one to the other.
  4. The original Reality TV Island is currently officially available to members only, but non-members can try accessing it via the Old Island Directory.
  5. Out of the 3 islands, only Reality TV: Wild Safari is available on mobile, but your device may not show the time when in the game app. However, your progress will sync to your computer, so you can log in on your computer and take a screenshot there if you’re playing on mobile.

By the way, it’s more fun on Discord. Join us on the PHC to play alongside other Poptropicans and share your victories with your team! 😄🏅

For anyone curious, here are the answers to last week’s tricky games. How many were you able to get?

Tricky Trivia: Answer Key

  1. Who created Poptropica? Jeff Kinney
  2. What was the 32nd island released? Zomberry Island
  3. Poptropica’s in-game currency is called what? Credits
  4. What year was the Friends feature implemented? 2012
  5. How many islands have a bonus quest? 14
  6. When was Early Poptropica (the pilgrims’ settlement) founded? 1982
  7. Who was CJ’s role model on Shrink Ray Island? Marie Curie
  8. Why is Crusher wanted in prison? For smashing bugs
  9. What are the nine flavor variations of PopGum that exist? Classic, Cinnamon Fire, Spooktacular, Grape, Vampire Bat, Lucky Shamrock, Winter Blast, Helio, and Psychedelic
  10. Which iconic character had their name changed due to legal issues? Shark Boy/Guy (check out our article on the Mystery of Shark Boy!)
  11. What event, on Mystery Train Island, is the train headed to? 1893 Chicago World’s Fair
  12. Where did Flambe, the prison chef, receive his/her culinary training? Le Cordon Bleu
  13. What weight does the weight guesser incorrectly predict your Poptropican to be on Monster Carnival Island? 115 pounds
  14. On Counterfeit Island, how long was the museum security guard’s break from his Monday night shift? 12 minutes
  15. How much does an ECO-Bike cost at Twin Palms Mall? $3599.99
  16. How could one originally gain access to play the Blimp Adventure mini-quest? By purchasing the blimp toy and using the code that comes with it to unlock it
  17. Who is buried in the plot A42 at Hemlock cemetery? Humility Goodman or Percy Brewster
  18. What are Zeke Weke’s three favorite musical artists? The Banana Heads, Popzart, and The Roaches
  19. On which island is the Grease Monkey building located? Spy Island
  20. How many islands has Smokey Chinchilla completed? 18

Trace That Place: Answer Key (see labels)

Presenting the Genius Games MVP

It’s time to crown another MVP (Most Valuable Poptropican)! This person swarmed in with an immense amount of team spirit by taking on almost every possible method of earning points. Congratulations to Celeste (Purple Paw) of the Nightcrawlers — you’ve done your tribe proud!

Will you be the next MVP? Are you willing to accept the challenge and contend for victory in the medallion marathon of the Gamers’ Gauntlet? This round ends next Tuesday, August 25, so get going!

🏃🏾‍♀️ On your marks, get set, go! 🏃‍♂️

– the PHB tribe reps –

Noveen (Black Flags), Sporty Boa (Flying Squid), Spotted Dragon (Nanobots), Slanted Fish (Nightcrawlers), Lucky Joker (Pathfinders), Gentle Dolphin (Seraphim), Fierce Flyer (Wildfire), & Silver Wolf (Yellowjackets)

Join us for more fun on the PHC Discord!

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PHB Tribal Tournament: Genius Games 💪🧠


Welcome, Poptropicans, to the second round of the 2020 PHB Tribal Tournament! (Don’t know what’s going on? Check out our introductory post.) Note: The first round, Creative Competitors, carries on for the rest of the month, so keep sending in the awesome artwork.

“No pain, no gain”? More like “no brain, no gain” because this round is here to get you thinking. And you’ve got to think fast, too, since this round ends in just one week (Monday, August 17). It comes in three parts, so opportunities abound to earn points for your tribe. Let’s dive right into it!

Caption Challenge

In this challenge, you’re presented with a picture, and your task is to come up with a caption to go with it. The concept is simple, but the execution will require some careful thought. Your caption can be funny, serious, and anything in between. Just be sure it’s not longer than two sentences!

Each person can enter up to three captions for the contest, with 10 points earned per caption. You could speak from a character or even an inanimate object in the scene, narrate as an onlooker, borrow a line from something in pop culture, make a self-aware comment—as long as it’s interesting, and it suits the picture. So what’s the pic? Here it is!

Caption this!

Tricky Trivia

For this segment, there are 20 trivia questions about Poptropica; some are easy while others are more difficult. You don’t need to answer all of them, but do your best! For every question you do answer correctly, you’ll earn 10 points for your tribe. That’s up to 200 points!

Points for this game are earned collectively as a tribe — not on an individual basis. So, if there’s one you’re not sure about, chances are that one of your tribemates is, and can score the points for your team!

For this specific game, make sure to send your responses to your tribe representative via direct message on Discord, or send us an email, so as to not spoil the fun for your fellow tribe members. It’s fairer for everyone to be able to guess at their own speed. 🙂

  1. Who created Poptropica?
  2. What was the 32nd island released?
  3. Poptropica’s in-game currency is called what?
  4. What year was the Friends feature implemented?
  5. How many islands have a bonus quest?
  6. When was Early Poptropica (the settlement) founded?
  7. Who was CJ’s role model on Shrink Ray Island?
  8. Why is Crusher wanted in prison?
  9. What are the nine flavor variations of PopGum that exist?
  10. Which iconic character had their name changed due to legal issues?
  11. What event, on Mystery Train Island, is the train headed to?
  12. Where did Flambe, the prison chef, receive his/her culinary training?
  13. What weight does the weight guesser incorrectly predict your Poptropican to be on Monster Carnival Island?
  14. On Counterfeit Island, how long was the museum security guard’s break from his Monday night shift?
  15. How much does an ECO-Bike cost at Twin Palms Mall?
  16. How could one originally gain access to play the Blimp Adventure mini-quest?
  17. Who is buried in the plot A42 at Hemlock cemetery?
  18. What are Zeke Weke’s three favorite musical artists?
  19. On which island is the Grease Monkey building located?
  20. How many islands has Smokey Chinchilla completed?

Trace that place

Oh, the places you’ll go! We travel far and wide across Poptropica aboard our little yellow blimp and see so many wondrous things. But, how well do we really pay attention to the details? For this game, your task is to pinpoint which island each of these snippets is taken from.

All pics are open to all tribes to guess! Each correctly guessed photo counts for 10 points within a tribe, not per person.

As with “Tricky Trivia,” please send your answers to your tribe rep through direct message or email. Be sure to clarify which picture(s) you’re guessing, using the labels.

Presenting the Creative Competitors MVP

Last week in our initiatory post, we said for each round we’d be recognizing a Most Valuable Player (MVP), someone whose dedication and enthusiasm stood out from the rest. This week’s shining star, who so far has already entered a number of costumes based on her tribe’s colors, as well as a few of her drawings, is Magic Flipper of Flying Squid!

Congratulations, you just won a membership! Keep up with the good work and high energy. You’re doing awesome. 👑

Could you be the next MVP? We’ll all have to wait and see. Until then…

Have fun, and best of luck!

– the PHB tribe reps –

Noveen (Black Flags), Sporty Boa (Flying Squid), Spotted Dragon (Nanobots), Slanted Fish (Nightcrawlers), Lucky Joker (Pathfinders), Gentle Dolphin (Seraphim), Fierce Flyer (Wildfire), & Silver Wolf (Yellowjackets)

Join us on the PHC Discord and let us know which tribe you’re in!