Arabian Nights Island, Steam Bundle

Dungeons & Dummies & Dr. Hare 📚

Them Steam island hints keep coming, and we’re already halfway to 13! (Keep up with past hints here: 1, 2345, 6.) 

The seventh hint ups the challenge with a more obscure reference: “Bypass ‘Spell Casting For Dummies’ and ‘How to Survive In A Dungeon’ while searching for another bizarre book. Your medallion depends on it!”

You’d be forgiven for wishing on an older classic island — maybe Astro-Knights, where a library leads into a dungeon, or Red Dragon, where a book transports you to old Japan and you end up in a dungeon at some point — but don’t let the hint’s change in background fool you away from the AS3 islands theory, which continues with this reveal:

The book titles mentioned are from a shelf in Arabian Nights Island, Episode 3. Careful what you wish for! (Thanks for the tip, Sean30303.)

Poptropica currently only has Episodes 1 and 2 of Arabian Nights (with the latter being members only), so having the Steam bundle serve as our magic carpet access to the full set will be nice. We’re not sure how that’ll tie in with membership, but we do know the Steam bundle won’t be free.

Arabian Nights may not have a ton of nostalgia, but this recent tweet from a former Pop Creator might! Nate Greenwall, sometimes known as Shark Boy, was one of the OG Pop Creators (see his Pop Portfolios 1 & 2) who invented the character of Dr. Hare. Here he shares an early sketch of the goggled bunny, and a note that he’s glad he’s still out there:

That’s all for now. Join us on Discord to share your theories, and stay tuned with us for the next half of the Steam island hints as they come!


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