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My Place in Poptropica: Azure (Little Heart)

This is a guest post from Azure sharing their My Place in Poptropica story, which is all about oneโ€™s Poptropica journey. Enjoy!

Hey everyone! I’m Little Heart or Azure, I’m currently 19 years old, and this is My Place In Poptropica, from when I barely knew how to use a computer to current date.

2008โ€“2009 | The Bag of Rocks

I was about 5โ€“6 years old around this time and I saw my older sister playing a game on the family desktop. So I asked her, “What are you playing?” and that was when I learnt about Poptropica for the very first time. I vividly remember she was playing Time Tangled Island in that timeline where you had to collect the bag of salt rocks off that building.

As a confused 5-year-old, I quickly returned the game back to my sister. I also remember around this time, I physically hurt myself because I was struggling with Shark Tooth Island (of all islands…).

2011 | Grandmother’s House

Around summer 2011, I rediscovered Poptropica whilst at my grandmother’s house, and it was honestly some of the most fun I had ever had. I wouldn’t get frustrated with islands anymore, because these blogs would have walkthroughs for all islands.

On Friday and Saturday nights, I would stay up until 3 a.m. playing an island, to the obvious and understandable dismay of my parents. This was also the time I developed a habit of faking illness to go over to my grandmother’s to play Poptropica.

Home Sweet Home: Just a quiet house in the suburbs. Or is it? Yes, it is.

2012 | Creating My Accounts

Nearing the end of summer 2012, after another full summer of grinding Poptropica, I made my very first save account under the alias “Orange Hero.” Unfortunately, I have no screenshots of that character (you’ll find out why later on). From September to December 2012, I would have a different island completed every couple of days, and by Christmas that year, I had completed 29 islands.

However, during the last week of 2012, I made a mistake no one with an account in any video game should do: I dropped my password in an active Poptropica blog. Somehow, I was absolutely perplexed to find out, on the very last day of 2012, that my account got hacked. Luckily, back in October 2012, I had created Little Heart as a backup in case anything went wrong with my main account. Going into 2013, I immediately kicked it off with my new account, and was granted membership for the first time during that month.

Camping Is in Tents: That looks like a dangerous place to camp.

2013โ€“2015 | The Golden Years

This was when I truly started taking Poptropica seriously. Back then, with a membership, you had early access to islands before they were released to everyone, so I would always try to be one of the first people worldwide to complete it. Still, only once was I a part of the first 100 to complete an island.

April 2013 was when I first discovered the Poptropica Help Blog, and I honestly wish I did sooner. From then till now, I can’t think of anything I don’t like about this blog. I must admit, however, around this time I had a massive ego and truly thought I was above everyone.

You could find me being cringe under old posts under the name HatersLoveMe4897. ๐Ÿ˜‚

2014 and 2015 was more of the same, with me being obsessed with Poptropica, I did not mind the then-new Sound Updated Islands, also known as SUIs, as all of the old stuff was still there.

Archive Immediately: You don’t have to micro-fiche for compliments with us!

September 2015โ€“present | Quitting?

When I began high school (which basically starts at 7th grade where I’m from), I knew I had to reduce my time playing drastically, to a point where I had almost completely forgotten about Poptropica.

Every year in July, the Poptropica Help Blog hosts a party to celebrate its anniversary. I promised myself to be present at all of them post-2015… and then completely forgot about it for the next 2 years. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I did attend the annual party in 2018 and 2019, but the game felt completely different compared to 5 years ago, and not really because I was older.

Screenshot taken on July 26, 2019 (the PHB’s 11th anniversary)

The above image is the last screenshot I have of my account from Poptropica as I remembered it. I especially wish I was still able to check through those photos… and I still don’t know how over 5,000 of my friends got deleted lol.

More memories: Gentle Dolphin from the PHB’s Poptropica Help Chat on Discord drew this absolute masterpiece of my Poptropican, and honestly, I was obsessed with this image for a while.

In October 2020, I created this banger of a costume for the PHB’s Halloween contest, and that was pretty much the last time I logged on to the game.

Room with a View: This office looks like it has seen better days.

Current thoughts: I’ll never bring myself to say that a game that was the biggest part of my childhood is bad now. It’s definitely not a bad game, but everything just feels different. The disappearance of islands that I really enjoyed, like Skullduggery, Reality TV, Red Dragon, Mystery Train, etc, due to Flash’s end was upsetting, but I guess it needed to be done.

I hopped onto my account for the first time in ages earlier this year, and I was surprised to see the common room on Home Island being just as active as any common room was a decade ago.

My username is knucklehead5249, feel free to add me!

~Peace, love, Azure out โœŒ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ’™

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