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As a reminder, the following rules should be noted and followed when writing comments on our site.

  1. Keep to the subject of Poptropica. After all, this is a Poptropica community!
  2. No inappropriate content. Please do not swear or use bad language, post insulting or offensive content, or debate controversial topics unrelated to Poptropica. Keep everything child-friendly.
  3. Stay on topic. Put your comments in the right categories. For example, if you want to talk about Spy Island, it would be more appropriate to do so on the Spy Island pages rather than the Shark Tooth Island pages.
  4. Be respectful towards everyone. Especially if you want people to respect you back. If you want to chat in a friendly environment, you will have to be nice as well. This includes but is not limited to no bullying, calling people names, spreading false rumors, etc. Out of common courtesy, we would hope that you would have the decency to treat others well.
  5. Don’t spam. This means no typing random trash like “bcskndnv” that makes no sense, asking things that have already been answered over and over again, typing with ALL-CAPITAL LETTERS, typing too many comments in a row on the same page (you can keep them all in one comment!), advertising your site blatantly, using too many needless exclamation marks, or having a comment comprised of smilies ( 😀 😛 ) only. And again, stay on topic.
  6. Do not share personal information, and don’t ask for any from others. For example, your full name (first name only if you want to use your real name), your specific address (saying what state or country you live in is fine, but you shouldn’t get too detailed). Please keep it safe if you’re going to share your details.
  7. Don’t deceive others. Nobody likes to be lied to, cheated, or scammed! Posing as someone else (stealing another identity/impersonation) is also strictly against our rules.
  8. Don’t ask to be a staff member. Our staff will be looking out for active, helpful community members and will hire someone if we feel that they can do a good job. You may contact us with Poptropica info you’d like to share even if you aren’t a staff member. If we use your help, we will acknowledge you. Remember, you don’t have to be a staff member to help out! Replying to questions you see posted around our site and getting involved with the community is a good way of showing us your dedication.
  9. Use proper grammar. When typing your messages, please keep them relatively simple to understand. Keep your shortcuts (“lol”, “u”, etc) or smilies ( 🙂 ) to a minimum, and use correct punctuation (?.:,!) where it is needed. If your comment is not readable, it’s considered spam.

These rules are subject to change at any time, and new rules may be added, so please check back and make sure you comply with our policy. Comments seen to be disobeying rules will be deleted, and you may possibly be banned from commenting in our Poptropica Help community. Stay safe!


116 thoughts on “Comment Policy”

  1. werent these rules on the About Page? Did u move them to make it shorter?

    Hijuyo: Yeah, I think it’ll be more convenient this way. 😉

      1. your rules are really sensible. can i by any way tell other people of PHB?
        plz answer 🙂

        Slanted Fish: Of course you’re welcome to tell others about the PHB! That’s how the word is spread. 🙂

    1. Who posts these kinds of comments ST? Ive seen them on a number of posts and pages on this blog, and other blogs also! I dont know if its automated or if a person is posting them.

      Hijuyo: They are automatically there; you can just ignore them. Those comments are called ‘pingbacks’, and they appear when a post/page links to another one.

      1. What does ST mean?

        slantedfish: Scary Tomato, the name of my first Poptropican (no longer in use). 😛

  2. I don’t understand some of your rules:
    1) If I forgot to make the comment longer and I have to post it in two. Is it ok?
    2) Can people tell their age or height?
    3) Can people ask off-topic stuff like Club Penguin?
    4) And why you make this blog Poptropica-only blog?

    1. 3amcp –

      1) If it is really important, then yes, submit one more comment. (To avoid spam, don’t post more than 2 in a row.)
      2) Yes, you may talk about your age or height if you want to, but it must be in the right section (usually the About page). Not posting in a relevant location is considered spam.
      3) No, unless we make a specific post or page for this reason.
      4) For the most part, this blog is for Poptropica only, but if the Poptropica Help Team allows you to talk about something else at a certain time, you can.

      1. And why you delete all my comments? (Except this comment)

        I follow all the rules but you delete! This is kinda communist-ic

        Hijuyo: Check over the rules again. You may not have been following all the rules, which makes your comment liable for deletion.

      2. I tried posting comments like this: “Say my name first before posting this comment” and “You mean I will be banned forever from posting comments if I disobey the rules” and you keep deleting them!(Don’t delete this one) I tried to follow the rules!

        Slanted Fish: Why should we need to say your name before a comment? It’s not really relevant and therefore off topic.

      3. If you say my name before a comment, it will make it better.

        Slanted Fish: People don’t have to mention you by name every time they speak to you. They’ll say what feels natural.

      4. I accidentally posted too many in a row O_O I was just trying to learn about the Ongoing Story. It’s not like I just posted comments over and over to spam O_O Am I going to get temporarily banned or something?!?!??!?!?!?

      5. @Bony Catfish

        NU is actually talking about THE PHB Ongoing Story Creation which started last year. Not exactly popular,but it did get over 1500 comments thanks to our friend Young Flame.

    2. And why did you get rid of all my comments? (Don’t delete this one)

      Slanted Fish: Comments that don’t follow the policy outlined above are subject to deletion (in your case, often posting comments irrelevant to the topic of the particular page).

      1. Hey Fishy. Yesterday, I commented on a new ad post on this blog, and then the comment I posted wasn’t in the Recent Comments list. Was I banned or anything?

      2. PS: It wasn’t awaiting moderation, the comment wasn’t on this post.

  3. I’m getting rather annoyed. Some people around here go on about how they deserve to be a staff member here, and say stuff like “I really want to be on here, and I deserve it. I…” and they complain that no-one replies and that their comments are deleted. Personally, I think if they really wanna be on the PHB, than they should READ THE RULES!!! (Sorry I’m just really annoyed.)

    Hijuyo: Well said, Orange Tummy. 😉

      1. Thats what no ne understands! The PHB is awesome blog! They need the best authors they can find to keep this blog with the latest of Poptropica!

    1. I know! It’s so annoying.(I usually read all the comments when you guys post)And almost all of them is like”Oh, can I be a staff member?Pleasepleaseplease??” and stuff like, “I really deserve to be a staff member can?huh?” It’s just a waste of my time now..

      1. really because i usaully read all the comments too and i never see that am i in the wrong pages?

      1. Fishy, why did you delete all my comments that said “Gangster Suit!” (Don’t delete this one)

        Slanted Fish: They were completely irrelevant, and it’s funny how you answer your own question below.

      2. Because It is completely off topic, and nobody wants you to say that again.

    2. Okay, so I was just wondering, can non-staff members answer questions that other people have about Poptropica too (I know, it’s a really dumb question sorry for taking up your time)? Yeah, about the staff member thing, I really wish people will realize that if they keep asking, it isn’t too likely to happen. Besides, we already have a great team and being a staff member isn’t everything. There is a lot of responsibility to it and you have to keep a close eye out on the Daily Pop and the Creator’s Blog and stuff to do a good job. You can still help out too, even if you arn’t a staff member (although I highly respect the staff members and Slanted Fish, a.k.a Hijuyo)!

      1. Yes, of course non-staff members can help answer other people’s questions! In fact, it would be a great help to the person you’re helping and for the PHB team, so it’s definitely encouraged. 🙂

      2. Although it would be an honor to be a staff member of the PHB, it isn’t the greatest thing ever. And besides, if I even wanted to (which I kinda do) be a staff member here, I’m much too busy. I just like being a passerby, saying my thoughts about stuff! I don’t suggest you inviting me by email if you think I would be a good staff member. Besides, your staff selection is already full! 😉

      3. Also on the chat, if you break any rules, you will be kicked off.

    3. I’m just getting annoyed because they don’t even know that you need a WORDPRESS account to work on this blog! (please correct me if you can work on a wordpress blog without a account.)

  4. Hijuyo, for example if I’d see someone advertising their blog for poptropica on a Counterfeit page and you guys haven’t said anything can we say something like, “(person’s name on here) if you want to advertise please go on the poptropica directory. Thank you!” or will that be spamming?

    Hijuyo: You can help warn the rulebreaker, but we will usually check every new comment made on the PHB, and we will mark a comment as spam if it is not following the rules.

  5. Hijuyo, I would like to post these rules on my blog. If this is allowed, where should I mention the PHB?

    Hijuyo: You are welcome to use the general ideas on this page, but please don’t copy from us word-for-word. You can give a link to the PHB visibly at the top of your post. 😉

  6. Um, Hijuyo or Coskit or Neat Whale or whoever reads this first, just wondering, but how old do you have to be to be on the PHB staff?

    Hijuyo: There is no age requirement. We don’t judge people by how old they are – we hire them if we believe they are capable of handling the task.

  7. Are people supposed to talk about Poptropica related stuff only on the chat page? Because I see random stuff written a lot.

    Hijuyo: On the Xat chatroom itself, you don’t have to talk about Poptropica. But on the comments, you do.

  8. Good rules… I need help. On Reality TV Island, I always get voted off the first time! Help needed ASAP.

    Hijuyo: Just keep trying until you last all the way to the end. If you win the challenge, people can’t vote you off, so that helps.

  9. Comments have become more off-topic, huh?

    Hijuyo: Yeah, sort of; we’re being more free with the comments made so it encourages discussion. 😛

  10. A few questions :

    1)Can we talk about Anything else besides poptropica in chat?
    2)If you break the rules,will u be blacklisted ?If so,then where will u and every other blacklisted Poptropican will be shown?

    1. On the Chat page’s comments, you should only be talking about Poptropica. However, in the Xat chatroom on the page, where you can chat live with others, you can discuss other topics that aren’t related to Poptropica if you wish.

      If you break the rules commenting anywhere on this blog, your comments may be deleted. ‘Blacklisting’ only applies to the blog comments and means that any time a person comments, the comment will just disappear. However, on the chat, if you break any rules, you may be kicked off or banned.

      1. Is your name Slanted Fish or Fishy, since you’re not Hijuyo anymore?

        Slanted Fish: Yes, I don’t go by Hijuyo anymore.

      2. And do we copy other people’s comments? One time at the Magazines page Cheerful Cloud copied Screamer’s Annoying Orange comment.

        Slanted Fish: No, I don’t see much point in spamming with the same comment.

  11. I have a question. Can you look at my website? I really like this website, and I think it woud be fantastic if you could tell me if I need to add anything to mine. My website is linked to my name. Even if you don’t look at it, that’s fine. I was wondering if you could be an author… Thank you for your time.

    1. Not bad for a start. Some suggestions: change the background to a more eye-pleasing shade (lighter, less vibrant), and of course more posts and content, but that comes over time. I don’t have the time to be an author there, but I wish you luck with your site. 🙂

    1. I don’t share personal information such as street address publicly, nor do I remember writing my name on here (maybe someone else did), and I’m fine with people wanting to use their first name. I tell people not to share personal information here for their own safety.

      You should try to make sure you’ve said what you wanted to before submitting your comment, but as long as your other comments are not spam, it’s fine. Also, replies to other people may be separate comments.

      1. That’s just the pronunciation of my Chinese name, which I wrote to explain the meaning behind “Slanted Fish.” I also have an English name, and I didn’t give out my full name, which would be personal info.

      2. 1)And also,in the same post,in a comment,you said,”Scary Tomato is a common Poptropican name (and the initials ST are used by two of the PHB staff right now xD), and Hijuyo includes “ju” which was formed with my brother’s name, but I wanted to have my own name. 🙂

        I’m sorry to ask this,but you have a brother?Was he the original founder?And I think I read somewhere that he resigned and gave this blog to you,Fishy.Is this true?Did he give a resignation note?

      3. Yes. We both had a part in creating this blog originally, but everything written by “Scary Tomato,” “Hijuyo,” or “Slanted Fish” is still one person – me. People had assumed that this person was a boy because at the time I had a boy Poptropican (at the time, I thought they had better customization options, though I use a girl one now). When I changed my name to Hijuyo in order to incorporate me and my brother’s names and therefore have the two of us posting under one name, it was actually still just me, though you might see ‘contradictions’ saying otherwise (I preferred to write “we”). So, people thought Scary Tomato was the boy side of Hijuyo, which was not the case. This is all very confusing but I’m just one person (a girl, no less), so I made that announcement and also later changed to Slanted Fish because as I said in the comment you quoted, I wanted to have my own name. There wasn’t a resignation note from any of these names.

        Moral of the story: Make sure your Poptropican’s gender is the same as yours. 😛

      4. Someone asked about tips for their blog, so can you give me some tips for mine? It’s really going downhill, so I would really like to get it better than it ever was. Thanks in advance Slanted Fish!

      5. On your blog, I’d suggest putting your images on a different line from your text for better formatting, a better color scheme (not with super-bright colors), deleting posts you don’t need, and writing posts with more substance. Hope this helps!

      6. Ok, but how do I change my color? One of the former admins did it for me so I don’t know how.
        Also, what do you mean by more substance? And how do You do those links to go to like the Boredom Busters thing? I thought that it would be good to have some links on a page so I can save all these pages.

      7. You can go to your Appearance settings to change various aspects of your blog’s look, such as background. Adding more substance would include more content like words, pictures, media, etc; rather than just a couple lines. To hyperlink text, highlight it and click on the link button, then put in the URL you want to link it to. WordPress support has plenty of articles about how to use WordPress.

  12. I don’t understand #5.

    Slanted Fish: Think of spam as ‘stupid, pointless, annoying messages.’

    1. You see- Spamming is like posting too many comments, using one with only smilies, and putting too many smilies in your comment. If you want to learn more you have to look in Typing Tricks.

  13. Is a comment spam if someone says something like:
    1. i dton no can u do it 2? thx!
    2. And I know, but she said, And I know, but she said, And I know, but she said,
    You get the idea!

  14. Why do my comments with one smiley is always awaiting moderation?

    Slanted Fish: Sometimes even comments that are fine automatically go under moderation, but they’ll get approved eventually.

    1. @hatersloveme4897/hatersloveme2490

      Usually, if one of your previous comments were approved by the creator of the site, it is most likely won’t be moderated and that it will be posted automatically.

  15. Um, Slanted Fish, is it ok to post links to other sites? and what about off-topica? should you stay on the subject of Poptropica too?

  16. I accidantly wrote too many comments in the ”about” section( I wrote so many, that I can’t remember how many I wrote in the sections). Also, are you going to delete this comment because I think I misspelled accidantly? Please reply.

  17. i think that poptropica should have a dork diaries island. They have 2 different diary of a wimpy kid islands why cant they have a dork diaries island

    1. In order to make islands based on existing franchises (for example, Big Nate Island), Poptropica would need permission from its owner. They’ve been able to make two Diary of a Wimpy Kid islands because its creator (Jeff Kinney) works at Poptropica. As for Dork Diaries, there’s currently an ad building for it on Poptropolis, so check that out if you haven’t yet. 😛

  18. Hi Slanted Fish,
    I’m sorry if I’m wasting your time, but I’m going to make a Poptropica blog soon (I think) and I was wondering if you could help by answering these:
    # Do you have any tips on using WordPress?
    # What is an ideal post size?
    # Should I get some of my friends from school to help and if so how can I set it up so they can edit it too, from their own computers?
    # How can I attract people?
    If you can help, please reply. Thank you.
    Fast Flame (P.S. If you want to add me my user is fastflame528)

  19. Hello PHB, I was wondering if I could tell you that I may have broken one of the rules: “Don’t Ask To Be A Staff Member” I’m telling you this because I don’t feel that I’m paying the respect back that you’ve given to me/ everyone. Truthfully I should be banned if that’s the case.

  20. You should really add on to mythology island like if we can actually go to mount Olympus and stop the titans when they raise back up and take over poptropica please this would be very awesome

    1. Daryll, the authors of this fansite aren’t Poptropica creators. And the actual Poptropica Creators generally don’t make changes to existing Islands unless there is a major bug.

  21. But also, you don’t want to be underinsured either.
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  22. I’m starting a website. On the site, I’m giving people suggestions for fun, educational, blogs, and social websites. Can I mention this one? Please reply, I’ll really appreciate it!

    slantedfish: Yup, of course you can! Thanks for mentioning this site. 🙂

  23. hey, i was wondering, when did you place the ‘no author asking rule’? i’ve asked a few times in 2011 and 2012, and most seem to have been deleted.

    slantedfish: It’s been in place for a long time, almost since the beginning of the blog. We prefer to choose our own staff.

  24. You probably won’t get temporarily banned. I don’t think it’s even possible. Your comments may be deleted if the PHB staff feels like they do not follow the rules and therefore are considered “spam”.

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