Nintendo DS Game, Zomberry Island

Release dates for Zomberry Island and a knight in lightning armor

The countdown to the release of Zomberry Island is now on the Poptropica homepage! Members get to enter in just five days, which will be December 19th, 2012! Everyone else gets to play starting January 10th, 2013.ย Thanksย Samwow5ย andย Ayman351!

Zomberry countdown

If you’re looking to expand your Poptropican’s wardrobe, get the Poptropica Adventuresย video game for the Nintendo DS, which will come with codes you can use to unlock two exclusive costumes – the Lightning Knight and Medusa Surfer! A great holiday gift in addition to a new island to play. ย And if you need help, feel free to use the PHB’s walkthrough for Poptropica Adventures.

Also, in case you haven’t checked it out yet, you can visit any of our Poptropica Help Network sites with the links at the top of this blog, for example the Chat. Explore, collect, compete! ๐Ÿ™‚

52 thoughts on “Release dates for Zomberry Island and a knight in lightning armor”

  1. first comment
    1 and awesome we get to enter early(since im a member, not trying to brag)

    1. People shouldn’t and hopefully WOULDN’T just give away a code that you can get yourself if just buy the game. It’s unfair to the people who spent good money on it.

    2. The codes are one-use-only and different for each person, so I don’t think someone who paid money to get the video game (which comes with a code) is going to just give that away.

  2. SF (Slanted Fish) How much does it cost to have a cool blog like this? I really want one because they look fun, but I don’t want to pay to much.

    1. I have a blog, but the worlds bigest honour woud be to post on this blog (sighs.)
      But: was used to make this site, because when i wanted a blog slanted fish told me.
      He rocks!

      1. Here is how to make it:

        Robes and crown:From King of Arthurus.
        Zombie eyes,mouth and face:From the zombify item you get for completing haunted house.
        Jacket:From the leprechaun costume in the store.
        Shirt and pants:From the Frankenstein guy in the Ghost’s Gala (aka the underground tunnel in haunted house).
        Knife:From the pirate captain costume in the store.
        Lightning Bolt/Staff:From the store.

        Also,if you add this to the costume page,please remember to give me credit! :p

        And if you go to steamworks island,jump on the mech so you can look even better! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

        See ya. ๐Ÿ˜‰


        (CC also stands for my name)

  3. theres a new post on the creators blog: about poptropica offical guide can be read on the ipad

  4. There’s a new AD !! I found it on Early Poptropica. It’s about Monsters, inc., returning to theaters in 3D december 19, watch the trailer and you wil get the Mike Wazowski Hat (costume) !!!

  5. theres new ad of the come back of monsters inc in 3d coming out on wednesday 19 also you get a Mike Wazowski Hat if you watch the trailer

  6. Hi i am joshliza!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the lightning knight armor. Don’t believe me? Satisfy yourself!

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