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Zomberry Island Trailer and Goldfish Fun Ad

The trailer video for Zomberry Island is up! Now that zombies have taken over Eastman, an eerie atmosphere hangs in the city air as one by one, victims are lost to the Zomberry plague…

It should be coming out very soon! When it does, the PHB will definitely be prepared to keep everyone alive with cheats for Zomberry Island.

In the meantime, there’s a new Goldfish Fun ad on Main Streets. (Thanks Mad Tornado and Strange Beetle!) You can find it on islands such as the recent Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but it appears that older players don’t have access to the new building. Inside, you’ll find two games!

Goldfish Fun 2 Games

The first is Jetpack Dash, which is an off-site game that takes you to so you can compete there. The other is Space Race, and all you have to do is get to the finish line first! Move your character (the bigger one) up and down with your cursor to avoid obstacles and get speed boosts (the portals) to go faster. When you win, you’ll be awarded a Space Racer Suit (pictured above) and Flying Fish Power, which sends the goldfish flying across your screen for a few seconds.

Also, the Balloons gold card item from the Store has been updated with a balloon for the Poptropolis Games. Thanks Ayman351! With all this flying around, you might just escape being turned into one of the zombies in the quickly-rising army of drones who proved that you really are what you eat…

15 thoughts on “Zomberry Island Trailer and Goldfish Fun Ad”

  1. thanks for giving me the credit! i appreciate it! anyways cant wait till zomberry island

  2. The Zomberry trailer reminded me of last year’s Ghost Story Island trailer music-wise. Anyways, After sceamer elf and soul-staring Binary Bard, I was expecting something to happen, and stuff. But… luckily nothing happened. 🙂

    1. The ad only appears for a certain audience. It seems that older people won’t see it (I didn’t see it on my regular account). Boys and girls aged around 6-10 should be able to access the ad, maybe more. You can always create a new account with those details. 😛

    1. Yes, If you just leave a comment it doesn’t get “connected” to the thing you were talking about. Hope that helps! 🙂

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