Sneak Peeks

Things that go hoppity-hop and skitter in the night

Here’s a rarity – the Creators’ Blog has posted some animated sneak peeks! All we know is that “they come out in the night,” but look at them! Aren’t they just so cute to watch? 🙂

This hopping, cawing red bird appears to be a wind-up toy based on the knob on its back, but it’s moving quite realistically for a gadget!

And then there’s this mysterious, seemingly metallic scorpion crawling back and forth in a cage. The description at the end says “Somebody’s getting up to something…” What could it mean?

Could these creatures be part of the upcoming Zomberry Island, or something else entirely? Maybe we’ll know more soon. ‘Til then, they’ll be stuck in this continual loop! 😛

*skitters away*

16 thoughts on “Things that go hoppity-hop and skitter in the night”

    1. But I’m just as capable of checking the Creators’ Blog myself and reporting on the PHB…

      Usually though, if it’s not on the Creators’ Blog (eg. new ad) and I didn’t know about it before reading the comments, I’d give credit. In this case, I don’t think I need to. Hope you understand.

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