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Zomberry: Day Zero – Part Six of Six

The final installment of the Zomberry: Day Zero comic is here!

(click here to enlarge the comic)

…And it looks like poor Joe’s soul has been claimed as well. The cause of the apocalypse, as we now know, is eating fruit! Now, how to save the town of Eastman is another story, which we’ll find out soon in the upcoming Zomberry Island. This ending is only just the beginning.

If you want to catch up with the rest of the comic, check out: part 1part 2part 3part 4, and part 5 right here on the PHB. Stay alive!

38 thoughts on “Zomberry: Day Zero – Part Six of Six”

  1. oh noez no more guy oh well life continues on untill all zombies conquer the earth and drain our blood till we are dead… jk! (monster)

  2. the lunchbox is from the daily pop and if you look at it has a note the daily pop lunchbox one the title of the daily pop lunchbox is pail imitation and its in the sneak peek section check it out

  3. Officer Sponge Is Now looking for suspects!

    Jingle Dragon! Have you got any clues?
    Christmas clown! Are you the Zombie leader?
    Slanted fish! I’m just watching you….

      1. Hmm.. Your in the clear! PLUS! Free fruit! * Shoves in mouth * Happy apocalypsing! MWA HA HA HAAA!

      2. And thanks for the fruit! *eats fruit* *becomes a zombie* *starts an apocalypse* roaaroaroar! (Translation:Now,we zombies will elect our leader by seeing the no. of islands he has finished!)

      3. UGHH! Translation: I have been elected the new zomberry leader, cause I ate the blueberries, turned into a zomberry, and I’ve completed all 32 Islands! ) Plus I’m sick at the time, I think it might be those blueberries I ate. (Actually I haven’t eaten any blueberries before, but my Poptropican has)

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