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Teen Titans Go for a Crossover Show

✨ Hey Poptropica heroes! ✨

There’s a new common room ad on Home Island’s Main Street for the upcoming Cartoon Network television crossover special event between Teen Titans Go & Powerpuff Girls – aptly titled Heroes vs. Heroes; or, as one might point out, Reboot vs. Reboot. Thanks to Yujo_Jacy_the_Jumpy_Coyote for the ad write-up, and both Yujo and Hyper Gamer for the pictures!

The advertisement seems to restricted in some way, since it is possible you may not see it at all.

Poptropica Heroes! vs Heroes ad

The waves at the bottom are animated, even allowing your Poptropican to swim. Clicking on Beast Boy’s snail form at the top right corner will give every Poptropican in the room a temporary Beast Boy floatie, which will vanish once you leave the Common Room.


Grabbing Cyborg’s Foot at the bottom left will earn you the Teen Titans Costumes item and grabbing Beast Boy’s fish form will earn you the Beast Boy Power. The Teen Titans Costumes item allows access to costumes of Robin, Cyborg, and Raven respectively. The Beast Boy Power is a hand held item that will display Beast Boy transformations of either a dog, a gorilla, or a tyrannosaurus rex once spacebar is pressed.

Poptropica Heroes! vs Heroes prizes

Oddly enough, both items are Teen Titans Go themed – even clicking on the outside of the ad will link to a Teen Titans Go webpage. Perhaps the Powerpuff Girls already had their fair share of advertising items from their last appearance on Poptropica.

In addition, Poptropica glitcher WimpyKidFan has been able to load the ad into Poptropica Realms- albeit on a blank dark blue background.

On the subject of ads, Poptropica Creator Skinny Moon has been hanging out in Home Island’s Arcade common room with Poptropicans wearing the Finding Dory ad prizes! Check out her tweet:

In other news, Poptropica glitcher idk recently shared with us some item cards from the currently-cancelled Crisis Caverns Island: a button for the fictional Caldera State Park and an Island Medallion.

Also, Cool Octopus recently found a way to play the Poptropica Adventures DS game on his iOS device (such as iPhone). To do so, you will need to download a DS emulator for your device and find the Poptropica Adventures game from there.

Here at the Poptropica Help Blog, we have not tested this option, but it does appear to be possible, and if you would like to try it out, try this guide for downloading Nintendo DS games on iOS.

Anyway, don’t forget about the PHB Summer Kickoff Party this Monday on the PHC – more details in our invitation post! We hope to see many of you there!

Stay popping!

–slantedfish 🌊🐠

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Finding Trappers for an Adventure

Hey, Poptropicans!

There’s a new ad in Poptropica for the upcoming Pixar movie, Finding Dory, which as you may know is a sequel to Finding Nemo! I’ve known about the movie for a while now, and I can honestly say I’ve been excited for it ever since.

You can find the ad on Home Island by running to the right until you spot it. By watching two short video clips, you’ll get two neat prizes. One is a Hank Hat – yup, that’s a squid on your head. The other prize is a Coffee Pot… and yup, that’s Dory in a coffee pot. Poptropica is realistic. Totally. I know.

Also, another filler post has appeared on the Creator’s Blog, in which the Creators were discussing a new character for an upcoming island – but instead of giving sneak peeks, they compared characters from previous islands together, too. Most likely this is for Crisis Caverns Island, which has yet to be officially announced.

In this “sneak peek”, there’s a “crazy trapper”, “puzzled trapper”, and the “angry trapper”. Can you guess where these characters are from? (See just below this picture for answers!)


Answers: Crazy Trapper is Ed the janitor from New Jersey on Cryptids, Puzzled Trapper is Myron Van Buren from Survival, and Angry Trapper is the distressed guy in Loch Ness whose vehicle you fix, also from Cryptids.

In other news, PHB author HPuterpop recently pieced together the soundtrack for Poptropica Adventures for Nintendo DS. Here’s the video down below for those who want to take a listen. We also have a guide for the DS game if you’re interested!

All of them are great, but what are your favorites? Mine are Mini 01, Mini 02, Myth, and… well, most of them are great.

That’s pretty much it for this post.

Until next time!

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Shrink Ray reborn, comic surprise, & more!

Hey Poptropicans! There’s lots going on over on Poptropica’s official Twitter, especially with behind-the-scenes peeks and info, which will be covered below. For the latest in Pop, follow the PHB on Twitter! 🙂

Shrink Ray Island: the remake!

Among the many projects Poptropica is currently undertaking, Shrink Ray Island is being remade into an SUI (sound-updated island) – but not just that, there are going to be new characters/costumes! Like all the classic islands, it will still be a full island, rather than an episodic one. Poptropica tweeted this screenshot of a couple of characters wearing recycled trash:

shrink ray 2 chars

That’s not all – they’ve also created a new YouTube playlist called “Inside Poptropica”, and of the clips currently in there, two now three of them are new! The first one shows Creators attempting the audio for different weird voices for “I’m a skull in a jar” (for the Lockwood & Co ad), another one shows the rendering of the Milk Box Head character depicted above, and the last video is just a silly ten-second clip of a Poptropican with a disco afro affected by the Big Blue Zomberry power dancing inside the Club Nouveau Riche on Game Show Island. Watch the playlist below:

Behind-the-Scenes: Dr. Lange rejected art & Poptropica comic book?

Poptropica continues to tweet more behind-the-scenes images, as they have been doing recently. Check out this cute doodle of Dr. Lange from Virus Hunter Island! (It wasn’t quite the look the Creators were going for, though, so it was rejected.) Still, what a cheery doctor. 😀

dr lange rejected art

Another sneak peek they tweeted was this illustrated comic page (not strip!) of an untold Jorge & Oliver adventure with Vikings – and apparently, it’s coming January 2015! The colors are more saturated, too, so if this is what it looks like, perhaps they’re planning to make Poptropica comic books available in print! (They didn’t exactly confirm this yet, but that’s my guess!) It would be pretty rad. 🙂

jorge oliver vikings

Forgotten Islands to 3DS next week

Some time ago, we mentioned here on the PHB that Forgotten Islands, the fetch-questy Poptropica game currently available on iOS, will be made for the Nintendo 3DS as well. Well, this upcoming video game has a release date now: October 14th, which is next Tuesday!

The storyline of Forgotten Islands is not the same as any island on the online version of Poptropica, and if you’d like to check out what it’s like, take a look at the PHB’s Forgotten Islands Guide under MiniQuests! The 3DS version is likely to be the same as the iOS version, however.

Poptropica app to Kindle Fire

Poptropicans with a Kindle Fire, there’s good and bad news: Poptropica is working on an app for this device, but it won’t be around until early next year. (If everything goes according to plan!)

Poptropica Land “WOW!”s

Poptropica has tweeted some pretty cool Poptropica Land creations just in the past week or so (they’ve been calling them “today’s Poptropica Land WOW!”). Here’s a gallery of the latest “WOW!”s:

Great uses of the new Props feature! For more tips and tricks on making the best out of Poptropica Land, be sure to check out the PHB’s Land guide. 🙂 Stay popping, Poptropicans.

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Thursday wrap-up: Land pets, DS trailer, & CatCF pics

As you guys know, a lot of stuff happened this past Thursday. This post will be a wrap-up of all the updates/announcements, other than the release of PoptropiCon and Mission Atlantis (already mentioned by Samwow5).

However I do want to say that PoptropiCon has to be one of my favorite islands right now. I love how there were random Poptropicans (that you could customize) that just roamed around the island (along with the Poptropicans you could actually talk to). It made it feel more like real life, ya know? 🙂

landAnyway, let’s get to it, shall we? First off, PopLand has been updated to include animals. Most of them will harm you, but a few are nice and will mind their own business. (For the PHB’s guide to Land, click here!) Sadly, the furniture that we saw in the sneak peek was nowhere to be found or earned. Hopefully they will be added soon because in my opinion, the animals aren’t that big of a deal. They can hurt us, but while we can’t tame them, we can get rid of them by bringing them to lava. Click to enlarge the images:

To emphasize the update, the PopLand tour page now reads:

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself face to face with a blue-feathered tigerphant or an elusive fox monkey while exploring in Poptropica Land! Strange creatures will be showing up in the next version of the Poptropica Land labs project. Just be careful, they’re not all friendly!

You may also get an invitation to take a survey about Land, which you can check out here. From past experience, the Creators do listen to our suggestions, so be sure to let them know what you’d like to see in future Land updates!

In other news, the Forgotten Islands 3DS game that was recently mentioned now has a trailer! The title of the video indicates that the game will only be available in North America (at first/for now?).

As the video says, it will be released on October 14, 2014, but you can pre-order it now. According to the Creators…

The 3DS version of Forgotten Islands includes all of the content from the iOS game, including seasonal costume packs, and is presented in stereoscopic 3D! You’ve never seen Poptropica like this before.

…so if you’ve played it before, it’ll probably be the same game, just on the DS. 😉 To see what the iOS version of Forgotten Islands is like, check out the PHB’s walkthrough here!

Now onto our last big subject. The Creators wanted to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by showing us some of the concept art (and their final versions) they made for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island, which came out in 2012.

We will show you the pictures below, but to see what the Creators had to say, click here. Poptropica also got to post on the actual Roald Dahl website, which you can read by clicking here. Note that the two posts are not the same, so you probably want to check out both of them (click to enlarge images). 😉

What did you think about everything on Thursday? Pop in by commenting on this post! 🙂


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Forgotten Islands (DS) & Land: what’s to come

forgotten islands 3ds

Is that a new Poptropica video game?! Hmm… remember Brave Tomato’s post where she mentioned a certain part of the Creators’ Blog that hinted at a new video game in the sidebar?


Well, her findings have paid off! According to a recent tweet from the Creators, this new video game will be coming soon. Specifically, the game is for 3DS and is called Poptropica: Forgotten Islands. Sound familiar? Yep, it was an iOS app. Below are previews to what the game will hold:

Poptropica: Forgotten Islands for the 3DS will come out on October 14, 2014, but you can pre-order it now for about $30. By clicking the link in the previous sentence, you can also see the synopsis and other details for the game. If it’s anything like the iOS version that already exists, though, you can read all about it and see plenty of screenshots in the PHB’s walkthrough!

In other news, we are expecting another Poptropica Land update soon. A recent Poptropica tweet gives hints for what will be added in the update. (Click to enlarge the image.)

popland update

As you can see, the sneak peek shown above features furniture (a table, an armoire/cabinet, and a suit of armor), plus various animals. Hopefully we will get to play with these features (and more?) soon enough. Plus, will we possibly be able to customize parts of the animals? They do look fairly Poptropican size. 🙂