Teen Titans Go for a Crossover Show

✨ Hey Poptropica heroes! ✨

There’s a new common room ad on Home Island’s Main Street for the upcoming Cartoon Network television crossover special event between Teen Titans Go & Powerpuff Girls – aptly titled Heroes vs. Heroes; or, as one might point out, Reboot vs. Reboot. Thanks to Yujo_Jacy_the_Jumpy_Coyote for the ad write-up, and both Yujo and Hyper Gamer for the pictures!

The advertisement seems to restricted in some way, since it is possible you may not see it at all.

Poptropica Heroes! vs Heroes ad

The waves at the bottom are animated, even allowing your Poptropican to swim. Clicking on Beast Boy’s snail form at the top right corner will give every Poptropican in the room a temporary Beast Boy floatie, which will vanish once you leave the Common Room.


Grabbing Cyborg’s Foot at the bottom left will earn you the Teen Titans Costumes item and grabbing Beast Boy’s fish form will earn you the Beast Boy Power. The Teen Titans Costumes item allows access to costumes of Robin, Cyborg, and Raven respectively. The Beast Boy Power is a hand held item that will display Beast Boy transformations of either a dog, a gorilla, or a tyrannosaurus rex once spacebar is pressed.

Poptropica Heroes! vs Heroes prizes

Oddly enough, both items are Teen Titans Go themed – even clicking on the outside of the ad will link to a Teen Titans Go webpage. Perhaps the Powerpuff Girls already had their fair share of advertising items from their last appearance on Poptropica.

In addition, Poptropica glitcher WimpyKidFan has been able to load the ad into Poptropica Realms- albeit on a blank dark blue background.

On the subject of ads, Poptropica Creator Skinny Moon has been hanging out in Home Island’s Arcade common room with Poptropicans wearing the Finding Dory ad prizes! Check out her tweet:

In other news, Poptropica glitcher idk recently shared with us some item cards from the currently-cancelled Crisis Caverns Island: a button for the fictional Caldera State Park and an Island Medallion.

Also, Cool Octopus recently found a way to play the Poptropica Adventures DS game on his iOS device (such as iPhone). To do so, you will need to download a DS emulator for your device and find the Poptropica Adventures game from there.

Here at the Poptropica Help Blog, we have not tested this option, but it does appear to be possible, and if you would like to try it out, try this guide for downloading Nintendo DS games on iOS.

Anyway, don’t forget about the PHB Summer Kickoff Party this Monday on the PHC – more details in our invitation post! We hope to see many of you there!

Stay popping!

–slantedfish 🌊🐠


19 thoughts on “Teen Titans Go for a Crossover Show

    • luckyjokerpoptropica says:

      Do you know why Crisis Caverns Island got cancelled?
      P.S.: Can’t wait for the Summer kick-off party! 😛

      • SlantedFish says:

        We don’t know why exactly, but my guess is that the Creators decided to focus on other projects for the time being and/or they reached a point where they weren’t sure how to complete it.

      • luckyjokerpoptropica says:

        Oh. Yeah, that’s probably why. Especially with the new Poptropica coming out and all. 😉

      • greedyshadow says:

        The sneak peaks they did for Crisis Caverns before it got cancelled, they made it look awesome.

  1. Yujo_Jacy_the_Jumpy_Coyote says:

    Really neat to see my monster-sized comment take up a considerable part of the blog post 😉 .
    It’s rather unfortunate that Crisis Caverns was cancelled – one could say that news is quite the crisis for those that were looking forward to it 😛 . Hopefully this is like the second coming of a Monster Carnival island scenario where it’ll return from cancellation some time in the future. Since Crisis Caverns will not be the 48th island, I wonder what kind of island will come out in its place? And will it be released on the New Poptropica? Only time will tell. . .

  2. Tallmeloniscool says:


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