Stealing more snapshots! (Round 3.1)


What you seize is what you get. Am I right? Well, the thief has struck once again and stole some snapshots along the way! Before I begin, I have to share today’s news headline:



Two weeks ago, Poptropica detectives have agreed to do double-time in the search for the stolen snapshots, and the search will now be done biweekly. Thanks to Poptropica’s Police Headquarters Bureau, the search will be on full swing.

Welcome to another round of Stolen Snapshots! This is our third round, first for the month of June! Once again, Stolen Snapshots is basically a hide-and-seek game that tests your knowledge of Poptropica scenery, where you guess where it came from!

Last time was quite fun, I believe everyone had fun guessing where it came from! With no further ado, here are the answers for last month!

Answers for May 2016:

  1. Home Island, a toy car in the store from the Poptropica app (I took a picture of it before it was patched on the web version, sorry for that!)
  2. Cryptids Island, the window of the convenience store in New Jersey.
  3. Super Power Island, one of the edges of The Daily Paper building
  4. Game Show Island, the blinking light above the door of the Robot Museum.
  5. Arabian Nights Island (Episode 3), the bowl in front of the secret passage in the hall. (painting)

Now, let’s see how everyone did! According to my record, everyone got at least 50% correct on the snapshots; thanks to everyone who tried guessing! Now, the results! Only one of you got all the answers correct, and that lucky Poptropican is…

🌟 Dr. Suriv! 🌟

Dr. Suriv sure is one lucky guy! He will be immortalized on the Stolen Snapshots page shortly. Congratulations!

Now for the moment that you’ve all been waiting for…the first 5 snapshots of this month’s hunt! It’ll be a set of 10 each month, so 5 snapshots every two weeks!

Stolen Snapshots: June 2016 (Part 1)

The mechanics and the reward of the game are posted below. Make sure to read them, do your best, and get on to guessing! Go!


  1. You are only allowed to have 1 answer for each picture. You may leave your guesses in the comments of the post or the PHB’s Stolen Snapshots page.
  2. If you think the answer is wrong, you can try and comment again.
  3. Answers will be revealed each round in the post, not the comments section.
  4. There are 5 winners each round, to be featured in the next post.
  5. Anything unrelated to the snapshots will not be accepted.
  6. Of course, enjoy the game!

Reward 🏆

Check back next month to see if you made it to the Hall of Famers! All of the winners will get a chance to be immortalized on the Stolen Snapshots page, right here on the PHB!

Y’all stay awesome, okay?
-Slippery 💦

26 thoughts on “Stealing more snapshots! (Round 3.1)

  1. KpKomedy51 says:

    1. S.O.S. Island- The beacon where the captain and the other survivors are.
    3. Wimpy Boardwalk- The top half of the “Fastball Fury” sign
    5. Arabian Nights- Can’t remember where it is tho 😦

  2. KpKomedy51 says:

    Ignore my previous versions- here’s my revised answers:
    1. S.O.S Island- The beacon where the captain and the other survivors are.
    2. S.O.S Island- I think it’s one of the rooms.
    3. Wimpy Boardwalk- The top half of the “Fastball Fury” sign.
    4. Mocktropica- It’s the only place that makes sense to me.
    5. Lunar Colony- The alien city Salerno went to at the end.

  3. LGfullofValor (Messy Dragon) says:

    1. SOS
    2. Mission Atlantis
    3. Wimpy Boardwalk
    4. Reality TV
    5. Arabian Nights

    (same as what Muddy Kid said but he had two guesses.)

  4. ѕιlly pelιcαɴ ♪♫ says:

    2.Astro Knights
    3.Wimpy Boardwalk
    4. Poptropicon (?)
    5. arabian Nights
    Well, I tried my best ^^;

  5. Nice-Penguin7 says:

    Here it goes…
    1. Zomberry Island.
    2. Steamworks Island.
    3. Mocktropica Island.
    4. Poptropicon Island.
    5. Mission Atlantis Island.

  6. Lucky Joker says:

    1: S.O.S. – Light post near the surviviors
    2: Astro-Knights – The Crop Inn
    3: Wimpy Boardwalk – Fastball Fury Game
    4: Reality TV – Inside of Mike’s Market
    5: No clue. lol.

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