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At last, Poptropica Worlds: the FAQ!

Hey everyone, it’s Perfect Sky!

After the announcement of Poptropica Worlds, most players have had many questions regarding the new game. Although some of our questions were answered in a Q&A with Skinny Moon on the PHC last month, more information has been revealed in a new Creators’ Blog post, which looks at some frequently asked questions (FAQ).

This FAQ could very well be the Creators’ way of responding to the PHB’s earlier post, Thoughts on Waiting for Poptropica Worlds, in which we commented on their silence on the matter of the big new game. The PHB post is linked to within the FAQ.


The post also included this cool preview image, in the new Poptropica Worlds art style. It’s interesting to see some familiar sights in the background, like the classic Poptropica blimp, and mountains that resemble Survival Island. Some newer, interesting observations include:

  • the newer Poptropican anatomy: with four-fingered hands, thicker limbs, shoes, and more 3-dimensional shading
  • islands in the background, with a twist: Astro-Knights with a knight calling up to the princess, a skull island (Skullduggery or MOTM?), Survival, and a ferris wheel (Monster Carnival?)
  • a park ranger like the ones seen in early Crisis Caverns sneak peeks, further suggesting its return – and she’s sharing a map with Oliver, which may either be a hint at connecting that storyline with the graphic novel (especially considering the map), or may just be an artistic decision

Anyway, let’s take a look at the FAQ:

Will Poptropica be shut down when Poptropica Worlds comes out?
No. You will still be able to play Poptropica when Poptropica Worlds debuts.

Can my Poptropican play Poptropica Worlds?
Yes! Your Poptropican can play both Poptropica and Poptropica Worlds.

What can my Poptropican bring from Poptropica to Poptropica Worlds?
You can port over your Poptropican’s basic look and name.

Will there be a Poptropica Worlds app?
Yes, and Poptropica Worlds is cross-platform. That means when you play through some of an Island in the app, you can continue it on the web, and vice versa. If you change your Poptropican’s look on the web, they’ll look the same on the app.

Will you put any new Islands on Poptropica?
All new Islands will be released for Poptropica Worlds only.

Will Poptropica Worlds have some Islands from Poptropica?
There will be a mix of remastered Poptropica Islands and brand new ones in Poptropica Worlds! They won’t be released all at once — remember, it took 9 years to build all those Islands on Poptropica — but you can look forward to lots of cool stuff in 2017!

Is it true I’ll have my own house in Poptropica Worlds?
Yes, when we launch Poptropica Worlds you’ll be able customize the inside of your very own home. As the year goes on, we’ll be rolling out more features and customization options.

Can I customize my Poptropican?
Yes, you’ll still be able to customize your Poptropican’s hair, skin color, and clothes — and you’ll be able to pick your own first and last name!

Will Poptropica Worlds have memberships?
Yes, and membership will give you access to lots of awesome members-only stuff!

Will Poptropica Worlds have multiplayer features?
Yes, but not right away. One of our first priorities: Giving you the ability to invite friends to your house.

Will there be other things to do in Poptropica Worlds besides playing Islands?
Yes! You’ll have to wait and see what we have in store for you…

By the way, what’s taking so long for Poptropica Worlds to come out?
We care very much about our players and take your blog posts to heart. We want to make the game as good as we can for EVERYONE — that means people who play on mobile and on the web. And perfecting all of those platforms takes time.

And one more thing: It drives me crazy that Poptropica only goes up to age 15. Can you fix that in Poptropica Worlds?
We hear you and yes, you can pick your age in Poptropica Worlds!

Wait! One more question! Will Dr. Hare still be in Poptropica Worlds?
Oh yes, and he’ll be badder and schemier than ever!

And there we have it, Dr. Hare is confirmed in the new game! I’d assume all the other main villains will make an appearance in Pop Worlds too, but who knows? We’ll find out soon though.

Well, that’s all for the FAQ. Have all your questions about Worlds been answered, or is there more you’d like to ask the Creators? Comment below! Perhaps Skinny Moon will return for another Q&A session sometime soon.

– Perfect Sky ✨

29 thoughts on “At last, Poptropica Worlds: the FAQ!”

  1. Some questions for Skinny Moon…
    -Will there be sponsored islands in Worlds?
    -What other villains can we expect to see?
    -Any info on the storyline?
    -Can you transfer your membership from the original Pop to Worlds?
    -Once Worlds releases, will the original Pop stop getting updates? Will membership still be on there?
    -How many islands/worlds can we expect there to be on Worlds at release?
    -Will the islands/worlds in Worlds be longer or shorter than the ones on the original Pop?
    -Will any new Creators join the team?

    1. ‘Storyline’? Poptropica has never had this huge overall plot. It’s just had several islands with their own unique plots,some correlating to others. It’ll be a pity if they decide to go with an overall story for this one. IMO,Poptropica doesn’t need such a huge thing. Just let the players do their own thing.

      1. Poptropica mentioned in their original announcement of the new game that they were “exploring the idea of a unified story that connects all of Poptropica in a way that we’ve never done before.” Personally, I think that would be pretty great (assuming they think up something cool and execute it well) – although you’re welcome to your opinion. 😉

  2. So will the old islands be on Worlds,then? Will they be the same or will they have slight differences?

    How will the houses be? Will you be able to customise them to the extent of Realms,mayhaps?

    If you update your character’s look on Worlds,how will they appear in old Pop? Will they look like a glitchy mess?

    There are other questions,but these three are the ones that irk me.

    Oh yeah,and how will membership work for old Pop and Worlds now?

    1. Thanks for addressing some of our questions and responding to the PHB post! Totally understandable that you guys would want to maintain some surprise – we’d just love to see some more info/behind-the-scenes every once in a while! 😉

      1. I understand! There hasn’t been much to share because we’ve been building Poptropica Worlds from scratch. All the back-end work has to come before actual Island development, and then the beginning parts of Island development don’t have anything visual to show — so that’s why there hasn’t been anything to show for a long time! Soon, my friends. Soon!

  3. Omg I’m so dang excited for this!! I got into Poptropica again last year and I finished almost all of the islands and I started to get bored because they weren’t releasing any more islands. But now that worlds is going to be released I’m just waiting and waiting for it! It’s going to be so cool!

  4. Hey, Perfect sky! My name in poptropica is very close to yours! My name in poptropica is zippy sky!

  5. Wait. What exact date is poptropica worlds coming out? It’s almost summer already! In China, it was summer 3 weeks ago!

    1. We don’t know the exact date, but we have been promised a spring release date, and the official start of summer in the US is around June 20. (Though many schools will have started their summer holidays before then!)

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