Crisis Caverns Island

Poptropica Worlds: Crisis Caverns Leaks!

Hey everyone, it’s Perfect Sky!

So today, we’ll be taking a look at an interesting set of images. Thanks to Shaky Skunk and an anonymous glitcher, we’ve received three new leaks from the upcoming Poptropica Worlds:


These images seem to be from Crisis Caverns, a new island that was never officially announced, and unfortunately never released. Although it could even be renamed, it looks like the island will be remade in the new game. Anyway, let’s check out the first picture:


In this picture, what I find most interesting is the key. Specifically, what appears to be a red rock or gem. Perhaps this key unlocks a matching red door. In that case, there must be other keys with different colors scattered across the island. Maybe not, but that’s just a thought. Now, on to the next image:


Those blocks are stacked in a way that resembles a staircase, so this could mean we’ll have to climb up. With the lava behind us, and probably no way to fall in, this seems a bit too easy (I’m assuming the lava here is just used to enhance the design). But over to the right, notice a sharp, pointy object. Possibly, some kind of cannon will shoot sharp objects at the player, as we try to dodge them. Finally, the last picture:


Hey look, those red rocks are back! Interesting.. Compared to what we saw in the previous images, this big structure looks very important. Since the door is currently closed in the picture, we’ll probably have to find a way to get it open, whether that would be a regular key, or something totally different. Maybe we will have already passed this place earlier in the island quest, but return towards the end with a way to open the door. Perhaps this is the final destination, where the island comes to a conclusion.

Well, that’s all for the leaks. Be sure to share your opinions or theories about these images in the comments below!

– Perfect Sky ✨


12 thoughts on “Poptropica Worlds: Crisis Caverns Leaks!”

  1. I’ve been up all night reading all creators posts and I cant wait till potropica worlds comes out i’ve downloaded the unrealessed version on my tablet and they were right it is unstable I wonder what poptropica worlds has to bring and its almost summer and the creators said that it would come in spring!

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