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Pop 5: Islands Resembling Movies 🎥🍿

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Barefoot Knuckle. Enjoy!

Okay, so I don’t know about you, but do you ever play a Poptropica island, and you’re like, “Huh, this reminds me of that movie I saw last week.” If not, then let me show you some of my favorite comparisons. These comparisons are probably just coincidental, and some of these islands were made before the movie, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to talk about!

Green Screen: Nothing like the magic of special effects.

1. Escape From Pelican Rock Island = Muppets Most Wanted (2014)

I mean, this movie is practically the island! You’ve got the evil doppelgänger who frames the hero for a crime they didn’t commit. Next thing they know, they’re in one of the most top guarded prisons in the entire world with a very committed warden with no hope of escape.

And while the hero tries to come up with a plan to break out, they make friends with the inmates. In the end they get to kick their evil twin to the curb on top of a tower and restore order. If you take away the musical numbers, the globe-trotting theme, Josh Groban, and the other guest star appearances from Muppets Most Wanted, you’ve got Escape From Pelican Rock Island.

2. Time Tangled Island = Mr. Peabody and Sherman (2014)

I loved playing Time Tangled Island when I was younger (and before non-players weren’t allowed to play it). I also loved watching Mr. Peabody and Sherman with my parents as well. My dad watched the original Mr. Peabody and Sherman shorts when he was a kid, so this movie means a lot to the both of us.

In terms of similar plots, you have a time machine gone haywire, a journey through several time periods, and meeting famous people. Although we didn’t get to go to Egypt or the French Revolution, we did go to France to the Statue of Liberty. There may not have been a genius dog or a creepy wooden child (watch the trailer, you’ll see what I’m talking about) but the approach of a time-traveling adventure in both forms of media are very similar. In both, the characters got to try out Leonardo Da Vinci’s flying machine so, yeah.

There’s also a Meet the Robinsons (2007) feel when you get to fix the future and meet your future self.

3. Night Watch Island = Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009)

I mean, it’s about a character who’s hired as a security guard being alone in a mall during a robbery that occurs at night. I’m honestly surprised they didn’t put in a Poptropican that looks like Kevin James on this island. Paul Blart: Mall Cop is rated PG, but there is a scene where, because Blart is diabetic, he starts getting a little crazy when he accidentally ingests alcohol. It was cool to have a hero who has a health condition though. Represent!

I do know for a fact that the movie was really funny and the segway scenes were boss. Unlike Night Watch, though, there was no snake. But there is a spray tanner scene and you get to see him just hanging out in the mall like you can do on Night Watch Island.

4. Cryptids Island = Missing Link (2019)

This is such a sweet film. And a very interesting island. Though they both have their differences, these two go hand in hand. Both involve the discovery of many different cryptids and they both investigate the Loch Ness Monster (the one in Missing Link is a lot meaner though), the Yeti (in both, the Yetis were a dead end), and of course, Bigfoot.

There is also the presence of a rich man spending his fortune on finding these creatures. And may I say, both forms of media do a brilliant job with their villains. Missing Link has two villains, but Poptropica’s Gretchen Grimlock makes up for being just one with her ability to pop up from nowhere. She was more like Missing Link’s hitman Stenk in the novelization of Cryptids Island in that she was always trying to attack the main character wherever she went. In the game, she’s closer to resembling the movie’s boss villain, Lord Piggot Duncey, because she appears at the beginning and the end to claim what is hers. Surprisingly in both, you get to watch the villains fall to their deaths thousands of feet in the air.

And talk about Poptropica globe trotting! You get to take a boat out on the loch in Scotland to find Nessie, you get to meet Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest, and you get to climb the Himalayas to look for the Yeti.

5. Astro-Knights Island = Star Wars: A New Hope (1977)

Just look at these two pictures. To quote The Office, “They’re the same picture.” In the first Star Wars movie, unlikely heroes take to the stars to rescue a princess and save a galaxy. Along the way, they battle aliens and come face-to-face with a half-robot villain who has the princess held captive and harbors a dark secret about their identity. Sounds like whoever developed the storyline for Astro-Knights Island was a Star Wars fan.

They both have a smart, strong, and independent princess who can defend themselves (Princess Leia using a blaster and Princess Elyana kicking Mordred to the curb), awesome spaceships, a cyborg villain, and at the end, the heroes receive medals in a fancy ceremony.

Any Star Wars fans in the Pop community will definitely enjoy the return of Astro-Knights Island now that they know the Jabba-weight it carries. In a way, I guess we always had a Star Wars Island. Too bad “Jedi Knight Island” would run into copyright issues.

Bonus: Fairytale Island (2021) = Happily N’Ever After and others

Check out my previous post where I compared Poptropica’s latest island to various movies and more: Fairytale Island: A storybook of many pop culture references.

That’s a wrap for this Pop 5! Stay tuned for the next posts about Pop Culture Islands where instead of comparing Poptropica islands, I’ll be comparing Poptropica characters to their popular media counterparts. Be warned, the next post may get a little… villainous.

(Try to guess who her Poptropican counterpart is in the comments.)

Oh, and also let me know what Poptropican villains you want me to draw for my next post. By the way, here are my drawings of Poptropican princesses with their Disney princess counterparts. (Click to enlarge!)

P.S. Before I go, let’s just take a moment to thank the kind soul who decided to put Napoleon Dynamite in Poptropica.

Now that was pure poetry.

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Barefoot Knuckle. If you did, you might also enjoy her other guest posts here, including her Pop Fan Artist Spotlight!

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Guest Posts, Pop 5

Pop 5: Creatures of Poptropica 🐶🐴

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Smart IcicleEnjoy!

Hello again, Poptropicans! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Remember the poll I made last month about “Who is your favorite Poptropica creature?” Thanks to all the people who participated, including a few PHB staff, and especially to those who made whole lists!

Now I’m here to announce the top 5 creatures based on the poll. Note that #5, 4, and 3 were all tied with the same number of votes, so they are ordered randomly here. Anyway, let’s get into it, shall we?

#5: Narf (Mocktropica Island)

Ah, the hilarious and adorable creature, Narf. Narfs can be seen in Mocktropica Island if you toss them some cheese puffs. Their last known location: the bridge. Try not to feed this funny creature.

#4: Fluffy (Spy Island)

Adorable but vicious, Fluffy is one out of the three dogs the player has to pass on Spy Island. Fun fact: guard dogs have better hearing than humans.

#3: Whiskers (24 Carrot Island)

Next we have Whiskers from 24 Carrot Island! In 24 Carrot Island, the player encounters this pet and has to get it back to Charlie. Fun fact: Cats can detect vibrations and earthquakes.

We are almost there! Keep reading for the last two winners!

#2: Elmer (Wild West Island)

In second place, it’s Elmer from Wild West Island. This tamed horse helped the player travel from place to place on the mission to capture El Mustachio Grande. Fun fact: Horses can communicate their feelings by showing facial expressions.

Finally! We’ve made it to the big one. And the winner is…

#1 Merlin (Astro Knights Island)

In 1st place, it’s Merlin from Astro Knights Island! This adorable robotic creature was seen multiple times in Astro-Knights and helped the player defeat Binary Bard at the end. Fun fact: Owls are a sign of wisdom. And yes, robotic birds are real.

Congrats, Merlin! But there is one more creature spotlight award to give out. This was first started by PHB guest writer, Dangerous Dragon, so I’ve decided to make it a category for him. Time to announce…

Favorite Poptropican Creature: Minotaur (Mythology Island)

This award is given out to the Minotaur, who is half Poptropican, half creature. In Greek mythology, the Minotaur is a half human, half bull hybrid. In the game, the player needs his nose ring to help Zeus. Many players might like the Minotaur because of his fun yet challenging labyrinth maze.

That’s all for this post! It’s been a blast doing these PHB polls and I’m glad readers enjoy them! If you haven’t already, please check out my other guest posts on the PHB as well as my new blog about Poptropica and other things I enjoy.

Also, feel free to suggest what you thought of the results, and what other topic I should do a poll on. Bye everyone!

~Smart Icicle 📚❄️

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Smart Icicle! Check out her original Who is your favorite Poptropica creature? post and visit the comments to hear more votes on other critters from the game.

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Guest Posts, Pop 5

Pop 5: Popular Villains of Poptropica 🦹‍♀️

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Smart Icicle. Enjoy!

Hi! Smart Icicle here, and I would like to share a Pop 5 list for the greatest villains of Poptropica. They’re based on all your votes in my poll a while back. Now to announce these fan favorites:

#5: Zeus

“Angry Zeus” by BrittScarlet

The lightning king of all Greek gods! Zeus is infamous in Poptropica, having (spoiler) tricked the player twice in both Super Villain Island and Mythology Island. Mythology fans can’t help but be intrigued by Zeus!

#4: Myron Van Buren

“Myron Van Buren” by Brave Tomato (1313cookie)

The main hunter (and stalker) of Survival Island, Myron Van Buren is well known for hunting down the player for sport — as well as for his iconic cry of “Tally ho!”

#3: Binary Bard

“Binary Bard” by Gentle Dolphin

The cyborg Poptropican himself, and also a former alias among the Poptropica Creators, we have Binary Bard in third. Binary Bard, also known as Modred, reveals himself at the end of Astro Knights Island. People might favor him if they enjoyed the plot twist or his style — if anyone knows how to look good as a cyborg, it’s Binary Bard.

#2: Ringmaster Raven

“Ringmaster Raven” by ray-of-flight

The one who hypnotized the carnies of Monster Carnival Island out of a tragic past, Ringmaster Raven is a dedicated villain. Many fans are of the opinion that Ringmaster Raven was good because he helped the player and Edgar, and the monster he became was a result of how unjustly he was treated, while others may think that’s he’s nuts and definitely evil (the comments of a recent PHB Pop Petition post sure had a lively debate on this!). After looking at his past as Bird Boy, Raven definitely deserves a soft spot in our hearts.

We are at our final stop. Now to introduce the greatest villain of all time!

#1: Dr. Hare

“Dr. Hare and Dr. Beev’s first date” by HfEvra

It’s the evil bunny himself, Dr. Hare! Since his first debut in the original 24 Carrot Island, Dr. Hare has been saying that he will one day rule the world. But despite all the iterations of 24 Carrot we’ve seen over the years, he’s never succeeded in his villainy.

Recently, Dr. Hare’s had a new friend: Dr. Beev! Like a dynamic duo, Dr. Beev has everyone’s attention while Dr. Hare is busy making plans. Both Beev and Hare have been celebrated by fans and in Poptropica events like Hoptropica. Congratulations, Dr. Hare, on the title of fan favorite villain — and Dr. Beev for being a recent fan favorite sidekick of sorts.

What did you think about the results of my Favorite Poptropica Villains poll? Did it match your list? Share in the comments!

That’s it from me, Smart Icicle out. ️📚❄️

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Smart Icicle. If you did, you might also enjoy looking back on the rest of the results of her poll: Vote for your favorite Poptropica villain!

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Pop 5: My Favorite Islands 🏝

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Dangerous DragonEnjoy!

Hello, DD here! Today’s hot pop-topic is all about favorite islands. I’ll be sharing my “Pop 5” picks in this post, but I’m also looking forward to seeing your comments about some islands that you love. (The PHB has a whole list of islands.) Let’s get started!

Map full of islands (picture: idk)

#5: Monster Carnival

I wished I could rank this island higher, but there are so many good ones. Anyway, the story starts out with a carnival needing your help, and the art really makes you feel like you are at a real carnival. At first I wonder, “where’s the monster part?” Then comes the delightful twist: they all are monsters, thanks to Ringmaster Raven! Scary!

It was very disappointing to see Raven tortured by his town. I wrote more about this in my other guest post, “Why Ringmaster Raven is a real hero.” The island could’ve been better if he’d gotten a better ending, with the town giving him some much-needed love. Still, the story is fascinating, the designs are impressive, and the difficulty is suitably challenging

#4: Survival

Survival reminds me of survivor shows, and I can feel the dangers of being out on the island as if in real life! The art is fabulous, and it’s good they don’t show too many ads, so it gives you the feeling of being stranded.

The story is truly chilling — and what a twist to find that we are the hunted. Scary and surprising! All in all, a really good and challenging island.

#3: Mocktropica

Mocktropica reminded me of Back Lot Island but with games instead of films. The jokes were fun, and interestingly, one feature they made fun of made it into Pop: the pets!

As for the art, it really feels exciting and adventurous. Everywhere you see Mega Fighting Bots and you wonder what’s up with that, but then you find out the twist — shocking! The people running Pop were the people destroying it!

And the story itself is a unique, creative concept: you have to basically save Poptropica by bringing in the people who worked there to fix it. It’s also highly difficult — I still remember Thinknoodles groaning when he played this island.

#2: Mission Atlantis

I loved how Mission Atlantis mixed fiction and nonfiction. It reminded me of the book Thea Stilton Special Edition: The Journey to Atlantis.

The first episode was simple, but it was fun getting to know many animals in the sea. The art is amazing: the creatures look very detailed, our submarine pod looks cool, and the water design is epic.

The story starts out with us getting a simple job but we soon discover much more: an entire ancient underwater city! Things get a lot more interesting, and it makes you feel like you are an explorer. It’s a difficult island, but that’s what makes the challenge fun.

#1: Time Tangled

Time Tangled was my first island, so I think of this as my birth island. It’s all about exploring the world, from caves to the Great Wall of China! This was the island which made me love Pop. I love stories about time traveling and the future! 

The story is basic but it is creative. We find all the objects in random places, with hints from the Oracle, and overall it engages you in checking everywhere to search for the items.
The art is really good too, and I enjoyed the Fact Monsters back when that was a thing. And the whole island really takes your attention, but it’s not too difficult, with no twist.

That’s my list, now what about yours? There are a lot more good islands but I prefer these. Anyway, tell me about your favorite islands! 

And if you’re feeling especially passionate, try writing for the PHB! Writing is a good habit, especially when it’s about what you love. I love Poptropica, and look where I am now! Thank you to Jeff Kinney, because if he hadn’t created Poptropica, we wouldn’t be here.

Also, surprise: today is my birthday! If you want to help make it special, please share your ideas in the comments below on how to celebrate a pop-tastic birthday, Poptropica style!

A Poptropica cake is a great idea!

This is DD popping out! Keep popping, Poptropicans! ~DD

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Dangerous Dragon. If you did, you might also enjoy their guest post “Popspiracy: Theories on how Poptropica villains turned evil.”

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Guest Posts, Pop 5

Pop 5: Islands From an Artist’s Perspective

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Mud Bub, who’ll be taking a look at Poptropica islands from her perspective as a college art student.

She shared with the PHB, “Poptropica allowed me to get more in-tune with my passion for art. Similar to other Flash or After Effects products like Wow Wow Wubbzy or this video, I get the most thrill out of flat yet bold and colorful designs, and this has greatly affected my art style.

As a college art student, having an influence such as Poptropica is very much needed for me, both with art and being a general stress reliever… I may be older… but time has given me a better understanding, excitement, and idea-fueled drive for the game. This [guest post] is more than just a Pop 5 list to me, but finally articulating the artistic passion that I’ve had for over a decade. Without the openness of the PHB accepting blog post submissions, I would not have finally gotten to express that.”

Thank you, Mud Bub! And with that wonderful intro, let’s get into the post

Greetings! I’m Muddy “Mud Bub” Bubbles, an art student at Ephraim University and collector of black-framed glasses. Professor Max McPatrick assigned me to analyze only the finest of Poptropica’s island artistry, and I can only hope that he won’t deduct points for not including his native island, Mocktropica.

Poptropica islands are known for their vast adventures, but their visuals are also notable. I’ve discovered that they are all worthy of praise, but there are a mighty few that stand out in their attention to detail and interactions with art.

#5: Counterfeit Island

This wouldn’t be an article on Poptropican art without mentioning Counterfeit Island! This island arguably offers the most extensive art collection of them all, although the genres are a bit narrow, and seeing less represented forms of art would have been nice. It does beat Early Poptropica’s Pop Art Museum by a mile, though. There may be French stereotypes, but Counterfeit Island’s store logos and calming interior design of the abandoned house make for an authentic island experience. Most of all, it allows for literal hands-on experiences with fine art and learning its value, which makes for a great introduction to art history.

#4: Mythology Island

It’s no myth that this island has lovely Greek and Roman art. Although the meandering may be overdone, they make the island more unique and memorable. The fonts and architecture also stay true to ancient form. Hades, Zeus and Poseidon have their own icons that are presented consistently, from the island logo to the Mythology Surfer costume. These are examples of brand design, a modern form of art, that other characters use as well, such as Dr. Hare and his rabbit gimmick. The pictures above show how two forms of art (wall art and iconography + sculpture and iconography) can merge into one to truly showcase the personalities of the gods.

#3: Steamworks Island

This island is more inventive than just its gadgets! Steamworks Island takes on a truly vintage and trinket-y form that makes it hard not to love. The color palettes perfectly show the dullness of the tools in a somehow bright way. There are banners with gears and stripes on them, as well as buildings covered with beautiful vines. So many bits and bobs to be found that make it easy to understand the intricate stylings of steampunk. Exploring this town can get kind of isolating though.

#2: Red Dragon Island

This island truly deserves recognition for the interactions with art it allows us. From literal bridge-building to bonsai trimming and calligraphy, Red Dragon Island is an authentic celebration of Eastern art. Despite the wild ninja adventures, one can feel relaxed, too, while wearing a beautiful kimono as cherry blossoms fly in the breeze. Seriously, this island could be Black Widow’s next strike. The land of Edo leaves Jack and Annie’s neck of the woods in Frog Creek with a little more to be desired, but that stark contrast may make ancient Japan look all the more unique.

#1: Nabooti Island

This island is a real gem, and I’m not just talking about its logo! Nabooti Island allows you to explore many environments and rare items of Africa. It’s also a rarity to see how an entire continent can fit in one island, and note how the starting point isn’t even a separate piece of land. Still, there are artful features such as masks, sculptures and animal photography that allow us to see the beauty of the island’s culture. This is also shown in its fashioned natives, shimmering minerals and detailed hieroglyphics. Nabooti Island gives its players a diverse and unforgettable artistic appreciation of Africa.

Honorable mentions

  • Arabian Nights Island: This island proves that there is beauty to be found everywhere—even in a desert hijacked by forty thieves! The mansion in particular shows bold application of Middle Eastern architecture and design.
  • PoptropiCon Island: Yes, PoptropiCon, and this is not just because of my love of puns! This place is riddled with costume-makers, comic book writers, and other artists that connect over their craft. PoptropiCon is a testament to the ever-changing mediums of art and its content. That said, they could have shown more of the communities that conventions have to offer.
  • Big Nate Island: This unique island allows us to jump in a graphic novel. What it lacks in detail it makes up in its dynamic character design and a bright, consistent style. If nothing else, this one wins for the most colorful and characteristic island logo.

This list was so difficult to narrow down. Will you fight for the royal aesthetic of Astro-Knights? Maybe I wimped out on the Wimpy Kid islands and owe Greg Heffley an apology. Or will you be bold and claim the best art comes from your own Home Island? Share your favorite art from Poptropica in the comments!

– Mud Bub

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Mud Bub. If you did, you might also like the PHB’s tour of the art museum on Counterfeit Island or our Pop Places IRL series, which explores the real world inspirations of Poptropica islands.

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