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Pop 5: Best Dressed Characters in Poptropica

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post from Purple Paw, who’ll be sharing a list of her favorite fashions in Poptropica. The following is the author’s opinion only. Enjoy!

Heyo! I’m Purple Paw. You may know me from Discord, and also from my Ramble Review on Twisted Thicket Island. I’m back with a second guest post, this one highlighting the best-dressed characters in Poptropica! 

We can style our own Poptropicans any way we wish, with hairdos, accessories, clothing, facial markings, and more. But it’s not just our avatars who have a sense of fashion; popular preexisting friends and foes from across the islands also rock some spectacular looks, and they’re who we’ll be talking about today. So grab your camera and don your flashiest outfit, ’cause we’re going on a tour of Poptropica’s greatest fashionistas!

5: DJ Saturday Nite (Zomberry Island)

We start off the show with none other than the disco star of Zomberry Island, DJ Saturday Nite! With that swirly pink-and-purple dress, giant silver star glasses, and chunky headphones, there’s no way I could lead a fashion tour without including her. Despite the zombie apocalypse that’s swept her island, this star shines on. Hers is an outfit that’s fit to boogie, that’s for sure!

4: Director D (Spy Island)

Surely this is a look we can call fashionable. It may seem simple at first glance, but that crisp white suit and formal bow tie make for quite a tidy, prim outfit. And who would’ve thought that the stylish hairdo is really a toupee? As the leader of the Bald And Dangerous (B.A.D.), he may be up to no good, but Director D has got a fashion sense to rival even the greatest Poptropican stars.

3: Scheherazade (Arabian Nights Island

Now this is a look you can’t ignore. First off, that hairdo is one of the biggest eye-catchers in Poptropica, with a shiny golden band propping up that poof of hair, alongside a wisp of shiny bangs to top it off. The elfish ears and gold earrings give off a true Arabian Nights genie look, as do the smoke-like tail in place of legs! But the bursts of flame on her hands tell you that she’s no dainty fashionista. She’s the dangerous leader of the Forty Thieves, and she’s not to be messed with!

2: Medicine Man (Shark Tooth Island)

The best and most exclusive part of this outfit is, of course, the giant blue tribal mask covering the Medicine Man’s entire head. The shock of green leaves, rows of teeth, and large eyes tell you that he’s no ordinary tourist. The smiley-face necklace and prim grass skirt adds to the tropical island look that is essential for Shark Tooth islanders, and the wooden spoon lets you know his profession: standing on a platform atop a palm tree, cooking up healing potions! For a spiritual healer, the Medicine Man sure has a spectacular style. 

1: Poseidon (Mythology Island)

And here it is, winning the Poptropica-wide fashion show in the number one spot: Poseidon! This Greek god may live in an underwater cave, but the sea water hasn’t ruined his good looks one bit. With his starfish-bearing crown and powerful trident in hand, he lets you know right away that he’s king of the seas. The glittering pearl necklace just adds more to the ocean theme, as does his teal-colored skin and pristinely wrapped purple-and-white cloth. The main attraction, of course, is the mustache, resembling kelp as it waves gently in the tugs of the tide! No, Zeus — Poseidon is not “all washed up.”

That just about concludes our fashion tour! I hope you enjoyed traveling from the deserts of Arabian Nights, to the tropics of Shark Tooth and more as we admired some of the greatest fashion styles throughout Poptropica. Let me know in the comments who your Pop 5 best-dressed Poptropicans would be!

—Purple Paw

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Purple Paw. If you did, be sure to check out the many other Pop 5 posts on the PHB!

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Pop 5

Pop 5: Islands I want to see return to Poptropica

Good day, Poptropicans! It’s Lucky Joker here popping into 2020 with one of my first non-news posts, a Pop 5 list. It’s a new decade and that means a new era for Poptropica.

With the new version of Zomberry Island on the horizon (or is it? we’re still waiting…), it feels like the perfect time to start compiling my list of islands I hope to see return to the game one day, in full sound-updated glory. Let’s begin! (If you haven’t played all the old islands: beware, spoilers ahead.)

#5: Mystery Train Island 🔍

Starting off this list is Mystery Train Island, which is possibly one of Poptropica’s most popular adventures — and among my personal favorites. Every island has a theme; and the theme of this island is a classic, yet compelling whodunit set in the late Victorian era. How appealing does that sound? Right up my alley, that’s for sure.

I can just imagine how calm and soothing the soundtrack would be with a soft piano playing beautifully if it was sound updated. And can we talk about how awesome the boss level is (or should I say was…)? It’s one of the most climactic scenes in the entire game in my opinion. A crescendo would go along brilliantly with it I’m sure.

#4: Wild West Island 🌵

Popping in at the number four spot comes another Poptropica fan favorite — Wild West Island! This Old-West-inspired escapade is full of many fun and exciting moments. With the multitude of western mini-games, lingo, and scenery, this island makes for one special and enjoyable experience that you can 100% immerse yourself into.

As for the soundtrack choice, it’s undeniably unquestionable — western folk music of course! Give Jeff Heim a banjo, a guitar, and a harmonica and I’m sure he could create at least a dozen hillbilly hits. It’s a sound we have yet to hear in Poptropica, I believe.

#3: Super Villain Island ⚡

Smack dab in the middle at third place is the super Super Villain Island! I mean, how could an island featuring four of Poptropica’s most prominent wrongdoers not be in this list? In my opinion, SVI has one of the most creative and out-of-the-box concepts — it’s like a cool sci-fi movie or something — and of course, some of Poptropica’s coolest characters.

The roaring storm over the ocean, each of the villains’ dreams, the colossal battle at the end — there are so many great tracks to be made here! I can already hear them now. Super Villain needs to return and there should be no doubt about it.

#2: Game Show Island 🤖

Just behind the top pick is the remarkable, robotic extravaganza that is Game Show Island! Sure, it’s not the absolute best to have graced the screen in the past 12 and a half years, but Game Show is arguably one of the most fun islands in the game; I don’t think there’s one Poptropican who doesn’t like it (even if it’s not their favorite). All of the mini-games and funny looking robots totally make the island interesting and amusing. I think having it sound updated would enhance that.

Each location could have a different background song. A modernized gypsy-like tune would be a good choice for the city of Istanbul. It would capture that unique Turkish sound perfectly. As for Japan, I’d like something kawaii, or something highly electric to really get my heart racing during Mr. Yoshi’s Super Terrific Challenge. Russia’s pretty diverse, so perhaps a remix of the national anthem would suffice? In Miami, a rad hip-hop track would definitely work well. And you can surely count on the vibrant sensations of tango to create an atmosphere in Buenos Aires. You could hear the world in one island! (Not to mention all of the mechanic and techy sound ops throughout.)

Honorable Mentions

Alright, before I reveal my number one choice, I wanted to honor a few other beloved islands that almost made this list. Give it up for Super Power Island, Nabooti Island, and Counterfeit Island! They’re all wonderful classics, and totally deserve to be in the top five as well.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Taking the trophy for the island I’d love to see return most…the astounding, the stupendous, the one and only — it goes to none other than…

#1: Astro-Knights Island 🚀

Astro-Knights Island! This thrilling quest is one like no other and is definitely one of my all-time favorites (along with Mythology)! This intergalactic island is jam packed with mythos, action, and adventure — everything Poptropica is all about.

Can’t you just envision a dreary, medieval melody accompanying the crummy streets of a fallen Arturus as you played? I certainly could! In addition, we could get some celestial tunes for when we’re journeying through the stars and an intense orchestral symphony with a battle like dynamic for when we’re defeating the evil Binary Bard.

Astro-Knights is an absolute must play for any Poptropica player and it undoubtedly needs to grace the map once again. What do you think?

And there you have it — the full list of islands that I think should make an epic comeback to Poptropica! (Psst, creators, if you’re reading…I’m sure many others would agree with me, so you know…)

Thank you so much for reading as always and I’ll talk to you all soon. Happy Easter to those who celebrate! 🐰🐤

My aim is egg-cellent, hehe

– Lucky Joker 🍀

Pop 5

Pop 5: Scariest costumes/items

Ghostly greetings, Poptropicans! 👻 It’s Lucky Joker creeping in with a fang-tastic little treat for you all. Today, I’ll be presenting the top 5 scariest costumes/items in Poptropica (based on my personal opinion) and explaining why. Grab your teddy bear and hug it tight because it’s about to get frightening… mwahaha! Let’s get into it!

#5: Skull Pirate

Aarrr! Coming in at the number five spot is the bone-chilling, spine-tingling Skull Pirate costume!

In widespread culture, pirates are known to be barbaric, fearsome, and menacing criminals who will stop at no cost to obtain valuable items or properties – so they’re already pretty scary as it is. Remove all flesh from the face and they become even scarier. Seeing a bare skull as opposed to the normal Poptropican face we’re used to is quite unsettling. Shiver me timbers!

#4: Cyclops

Moving on to number four… we have the Cyclops costume!

This is probably one of the freakiest costumes in the game, period. Just look at it! That gigantic bloodshot eye, the pointy fangs, the unusual green skin – this thing is something I’d for sure never want to run into. And that large wooden club in his clutches doesn’t help either.

I believe this costume has the potential to be in the top 3 (or even number one!) on this list. However, the sluggish face expression takes a away from the scare factor just a bit, so at number four it will stay.

#3: Creepy Puppet

Yikes! Take a look at the Creepy Puppet – the number three spot!

Have you ever watched Dead Silence, Child’s Play, or Triloquist? Well this is Poptropica’s resident murderous doll, and it’s just as terrifyingly eerie. The thought of a toy coming to life – especially one with such a deranged and jarring grin – I’m sure makes everyone’s blood run cold.

#2: Zombify/Pale Zombie

Hide your brains! Back from the dead in second place are these zombified monstrosities! Get ready for an apocalypse…

Zombies are one of the most mainstream monsters in pop culture today, so it makes sense that they’ve made their way into the online world to begin invading Poptropica. The horrifying faces on these guys can send anyone running way in the opposite direction. Both green and pale versions are equally as shriek inducing and definitely deserve this high placement on the list. I’d say they’re number one material if it weren’t for…

*BEEP* We interrupt this message to showcase a few honorable mentions before I reveal my top pick.

Honorable Mentions:

…And now, for the scariest costume in all of Poptropica…

#1: Birthday Candle

The 11th Birthday Candle! Aaah! What is it?! Haha, I’m kidding… that was just a Halloween prank. They don’t call me Lucky Joker for no reason. 😉 Onto the real number one…

#1: Bog Monster

…the Bog Monster!

Okay, this costume is petrifying in virtually every conceivable way, my goodness. Poptropica really tried scaring kids with this one. The slimy, swampy texture, wide grimace, and eyes that look like they’re gonna pop out and land on your lap at any second just make me want to retch. I mean, this costume is straight up nightmare fuel, and that’s why it’s here at number one!

So, what did you think of my list? Anything I missed? I’d love to hear your opinions so leave them down in the comments if you dare. I hope you enjoyed. Pop on and stay spooky! 🦇

– Lucky Joker 🍀

Pop 5

Pop 5: Tear-Jerkers in Poptropica 😢

How’s it going, Poptropicans? I’m Lucky Joker and today I’ll be counting down the top — or should I say pop — 5 most tear-jerking moments in Poptropica! Keep in mind that this list represents my personal opinion, so your list may differ from mine. Anyway, let’s get right into the waterworks! (**Warning: Spoilers ahead)

5) The Wreckage of Poptropica (Super Villain Island)

After the job of collecting the totems from Poptropica’s most evil villains is done, it’s revealed that Dr. Jupiter (the person who sent us on this journey) was really Zeus all along! He betrays us and steals the totems we’ve retrieved in order to make himself the most powerful villain who’s ever lived, and to take over all of Poptropica.

Once he gets away, a cutscene plays out showing Shark Tooth, Mythology, and Mystery Train Islands completely destroyed. There’s something tragic about seeing the beloved past islands we’ve once explored and saved laying in ruins. I could imagine if this island was sound updated and had a sad piano or violin track playing over it, it would make the scene even more dramatic.

4) Count Bram and Annabelle’s Reunion (Vampire’s Curse Island)

Unlike all the other picks for this list, this moment is actually not a sad one, but still manages to get you emotional. After years of being cursed as a vampire and having Katya — who he believes is his wife — not want anything to do with him, Count Bram is finally happy when we break the curse and reunite him with the love of his life, Annabelle. We witness a very heartwarming moment as he finally is able to rest in peace.

3) Scheherazade’s Confession (Arabian Nights Island)

Scheherazade demanded Samhal the genie to relinquish his magic abilities to her, and after, went on a rampage ignited by her hunger for power — becoming a mere reflection of her father, the sultan. It’s later revealed that she was only acting up because she was yearning for something she missed greatly: her father’s attention. After he became sultan, he rarely showed her any affection because he was too concerned about his riches. When she opens up about her feelings, he begins to cry. That’s a sentiment everyone felt in that moment. I mean, c’mon, just look at her adorable little drawing of them happy together.

2) The Destruction of the Magic Orb (Twisted Thicket Island)

At the climax of the island — after you’ve gotten past all of the creatures and into the center of the forest — you encounter the Elf Queen and discover that the woodland creatures have been the victims of this story all along. All they want is to live in peace. The Elf Queen explains the orb’s importance to us when all of a sudden, the developer and his construction crew raid the forest and destroy the magic orb, leaving the woodland creatures in a vegetative state. Tsk tsk, greedy Poptropicans.

1) Ringmaster Raven’s Story (Monster Carnival Island)

Though this one is more of a series of moments, there’s no doubt that it’s a very sad tale: that of a boy who just wanted to feel welcomed and accepted by those around him, but wasn’t because he was different. Sure, he went about coping in the wrong way as he sought to seek revenge on the citizens (most of whom were innocent) by making them his servants through hypnosis — but really, all he wanted was acceptance, and I think that’s something we all can resonate with.

At the end of the island, we turn him into a laughingstock of a circus act through more hypnosis. So it’s on with the circus life for Raven, now dubbed “The Incredible Chicken Man.” The poor bullied bird boy never got his happy ending. 😢

Need a tissue? No judgment. Anyway, that’s it for this Pop 5! Do you agree with my choices? What other moments from Poptropica do you think deserve to be on this list? Sound off down below! Pop on…

– Lucky Joker 🍀

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Pop 5: Most Overrated Characters

This is a guest post written by Red Tomato, a Poptropican who’ll be sharing a “Pop 5” list of Poptropica characters who take up too much of the spotlight among the fan community. Enjoy!

Hi everyone! It’s Red Tomato and today I have the sequel to my Pop 5: Most Underrated Characters from last week. This list is all about the overrated characters—the ones who get a little too much attention. Let’s go!

#5: Zeus

Zeus aka Spruce aka Moose aka Santa Claus is the Greek god who is the main villain of Mythology, Super Villain, and Greek Sea Odyssey. This deity is probably one of the most popular characters in the fan community. It’s easy to see why, though! Just look at that beard!

#4: Balloon Boy

No, not the one from “Five Nights at Freddy’s,” but the kid from Counterfeit Island! Ever since you gave that a boy a balloon and he floated away, we’ve caught glimpses on him, still in the sky, in the island adventures that followed. Is he still up there? We may never know….

#3: *gasp* Your character?

Think about it… most of the fan art and fanfics in the Pop fandom are about somebody’s own Poptropica character! (Also known as someone’s “Popsona,” or Poptropica persona.) Anyway, my Poptropican (Red Tomato 🍅) is very happy to make it on this list!

#2: Dr. Hare

Ah yes, the first Poptropica villain besides the Early Pop spiders and Booga shark. This furry—I mean, mad scientist—gets second most overrated because, well, he’s everywhere! His hometown island, 24 Carrot, was re-made twice: once for SUI format on Pop Original and more recently on Pop Worlds. He also appears on the Daily Pops, in countless fan art pieces, and even Super Villain Island!

And now… the number one most overrated Poptropica character is…



#1: Shark Boy (aka Shark Guy)

It was tough to pick between this guy and Dr. Hare, but I think Sharky deserves the #1 spot because this guy has been around longer than Dr. Hare. And don’t forget the whole Mystery of Shark Boy drama! Shark Boy, do do do do do do do…

Well, that was my Pop 5 list of most overrated Poptropicans! This post is not meant to be negative, but rather to point out some of the more popular characters. Bye!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Red Tomato! If you did, you may also enjoy her other post Pop 5: Most Underrated Characters.

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